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Flow Of Voices - Take it away lyrics

relating to the message waiting For the contemplating ... souls today Search to borrow any hope ... tomorrow And divert the sorrow far away ... CHORUS Take it away (no more sorrow) Take it away, take it away (take it away, take it away, take it away)

Dj Maj - Can't take it away lyrics

thinking back on it all, it’s like It’s a beautiful thing, let’s go Yo they can’t take it away Form, they can’t take it away TobyMac they can’t take it away Maj they can’t take it away No they can’t take it away No they can’t take it away

Marillion - No one can lyrics

landed in my life Like a new and brighter light ... That made all my past seem in the shadow I always used to ... believe That beauty was skin deep But I need a new world

Karmin - Take it away lyrics

simple mind games, pushing 'til I'm insane Working through ... the day and night Strutting with my headphones, no one ... knows what I know Got no time to be polite And the

Alan Parsons Project - No one can love you better than me lyrics

am the universal mother The heart of ... the family When you are born in your innocent world You will depend on me Mine are the ... re scared of the dark of the night But soft though the lips

The Butterfly Effect - Take it away lyrics

s with you making me sick I know the reasons why You cut to ... the quick But still I try It's all you can see And so it ... goes What can you take from me You can take it away Take it away.. Take it away

Paul Mccartney lyricsPaul Mccartney - Take it away lyrics

It Away Wanna Hear You Play 'Til The ... Lights Go Down Take It Away Don't You Wanna Stay 'Til ... There's No One Else Around Lonely Driver Out On The Road With A Hundred Miles To Go Sole

Raven - Take it away lyrics

since I met you, been out of my mind ... Never was a bad boy, never unkind Might have been a hurricane once or twice Gonna shoot ... you right between the eyes Run a

Ashes Remain - Take it away lyrics

s hard to breath when you know that you're not alive It's ... hard to live Hard to live when you're dead inside It ... s hard to see Hard to see when your head is down I can

Fu Manchu - Take it away lyrics

m lying to myself and this dagger is my excuse I'm a ... pawn I should have paid up and I left an hour late ... I was laid up I must abuse myself I'm against all that I've made up set

Cosmic Gate - No one can touch you now lyrics

the winter came and went But your ... heart was frozen over And it never thawed again I know ... you Cut you deep And you can feel it When you're dazing in your dreams And all of

Negative - No one can save me tonight lyrics

drive all night, I need a change these neon lights down on my face some things are calling from my past ... Not even you could raise me higher keep me away

Irenne Petrik - No one lyrics

in breath out, there is no doubt that i ... can't see, you're not next to me it's not your ... fault, on my lips wet salt but no, i'm not ... hurt drying tears with your shirt and i can't take off that feeling you laying

Gabriel Cyphre - No one can save me lyrics

m laying on this ground tonight And I feel so cold My skin is shining by the moonlight ... I can't wait anymore Without a hope I'm hearing my ... tears Falling down I want to go leaving my dreams

Elle King - No one can save you lyrics

sorry Don't try to say anything I gave you my everything ... And you threw it all away, away And I try to build you up ... just fall, you just fall And I can't save you no more, no I can't save you from yourself No one can save you, no one can save

Slash's Snakepit - Take it away! lyrics

and I Have been playing this game For so damn long And I don't know why These cards ... are too old So I'm gonna fold Bye bye Bye ... Party's over and all our friends are gone Was it something I said, did we have too

Sing It Loud - No one can touch us lyrics

re getting higher every time that we love A little ... closer to the things we fall back on If you ... come over, then together, willing We'll take over the world

Donkey Rollers - No one can stop us lyrics

one can stop us For we are the ... Donkey Rollers No one can stop us [3x] For we are, the ... As the sun sets, the moon rises The night life awakes In

Barclays Premier League - No one can stop us now lyrics

Chelesa! No one can stop us now! Chelsea, Boys ... love you! Chelsea! Our love is true! No one can stop us now! Chelsea! We're the team! ... Chelsea! We're supreme! No one can stop us now! The boys

Chelsea Songs - No one can stop us now lyrics

Chelesa! No one can stop us now! Chelsea, Boys ... love you! Chelsea! Our love is true! No one can stop us now! Chelsea! We're the team! ... Chelsea! We're supreme! No one can stop us now! The boys

Melissa Manchester - No one can love you more than me lyrics

t believe that you think it's best that we part We had ... good times but understood from the ... start Time alone won't decide our fate And now you're ... leaving, it's much too hard to take Won

Stefanie Heinzmann - No one (can ever change my mind) lyrics

you treat me so bad all the time you're making me cry ... and you must be out of your mind Uhh No you don't like ... this and you don't like that well I think that's

Ritual Steel - No one can bring us down lyrics

on the left liars on the right Metal out of control ... Masters of corruption hate and grudge Are losing ... their souls Traitors all around exploiting the

Gloria Gaynor - No one can love you more lyrics

you love [2x] I'm gonna give you all my love, all my ... love (give you all my love) Give you love [2x] I'm gonna give you all my love, all my ... love I used to be on my own Every night, every day by myself Feeling so far from home How would

Nivara - No one can stop us lyrics

mon everybody can we dance on this music we know spend long time waiting but ... there is something new what we want

Manic Street Preachers - No one knows what it's like to be me lyrics

who've hurt me To all the life that has left me To all ... the longing that lost me To all the ... To all the words that have drained me To all the questions

Caliban - No one is safe lyrics

one is safe No one can hide It can happen to anyone at any ... time When you cross a street ... Or when you go to school Destiny Is all around Today ... be the last day of your life Take a break, enjoy the day Don't

Killing Heidi - Take it lyrics

feel yourself alight then let go Dream of ... yourself tonight Then I know So where's the way you tried Then I know You feel ... yourself, you're too light to let go So take it away from me I don't wanna see I

Ra - Take me away lyrics

a second you can hear a flower growing in the ... wind But does it reach you when there's ... all around How many days will this go on How many ... thoughts can I obsess Why do we come apart

Danny Fernandes - Take me away lyrics

t-tt-tttake me away, To a place I've never been ... before (place I never been before) Take me away, Girl I promise I can love ... you more. (promise I can love you more) Take me away

Monster Magnet - Take it lyrics

little baby your so f***ed up ... To much of that and there ain't no love Stay in the ... closet and be real still Daddy's gonna feed you another pill Tell me what you

Mother Mother - No one to nothing lyrics

got up today With the thought That I’m not ... what I thought I would’ve been Dot, I’m a little dot In a cosmic spray ... Blue, yellow, and rust Pixie dust I am an abstraction

Gerald Levert - Don't take it away lyrics

so long I've wanted to say You've ... changed the way I look at love And I pray you ... stay here by my side Cuz you see if you leave, forget existence I would rather die,

I Am Empire - Take me away lyrics

never meant much to me. It was all to make you happy or ... something of the sort. Think I'll build a boat sail ... somewhere I can be myself. But who is that? ... who is that Son it's not your fault. You are who you

Joe Jonas - See no more lyrics

was Saturday when I got that call Far away from ... feeling tall I know, I know, I know what the truth Yeah I ... tried to look away from What you did ... Heartache became my friend You walked away from

Tim Mcgraw - Take me away lyrics

body burns like there's a desert deep in me ... A thirsty soul so unsatisfied But there you are like a ... river to the sea The one chance I have to change my life.. Darlin' Take me away

Freak Morice - See no more by joe jonas lyrics

was saturday when I got that call Far away from ... feeling small I know, I know, I know what the truth is, ... yeah I tried to look away from what you did Heartache

Julien-k - No you can't lyrics

saw the sunset in your eyes as I pushed you ... down Never called you after dinner, why the long wait Why ... bye Why the long explanation You left, but you can't take it away No you can't take it away, take it away No

Plain White T's - Take me away lyrics

know we just got here but i think it's time to go I didn't want to believe it but now i know you know who just ... walked in and she didn't come alone I can't

Ian Hunter - No one lyrics

used to come home each night to no one - no one All by ... myself, turn out the light - no one - no one One knife, a ... 'n' a spoon An empty bed in a cold room Oooh I needed

Sia lyricsSia - Take it to heart lyrics

are talking, well that's nothing new And some things will ... never change Stories are turning away from the truth But ... people will stay the same It's only natural that we go on

The Offspring lyricsThe Offspring - Take it like a man lyrics

you won't go along Some will feel like you can't find ... your way Heaven knows Heaven knows I've seen it ... all before Now don't get me wrong I've seen many a life gone astray

Foghat - Take it or leave it lyrics

yea, whoa, ah yea Take it or leave it, tell me what ... you wanna do, Take it or leave it, now the choice is up to you. Can't wait until ... tomorrow may be too late, Take away the sorrow, I can't wait

Jackal - No one lyrics

one will ever see him cry No one will ever see him down on his ... beggin knees No one will ever dry his eyes Cos' no one will ever dry out the deep ... he hangs and there he rests within himself There he whispers to you And plants the

Breakin Silence - No one cares lyrics

move to make A little touch of the innocent ... Eyes that I like to see some more Tell a lie Tell ... what they wanna hear A belief Expectations rely on -

Deep Purple - No one came lyrics

it's because I'm only starting That I think it won't take ... too long Maybe it's because I can see you laughing That I ... think you've got it wrong Maybe I could be like

Manticora - 2004. help me like no one can [apathy] lyrics

hurts so much inside, like a lethal chill down my spine The destruction of my pride strangled this heart of mine I have to live with this ... used to everybody’s stare A wilted flower inside of me, I know you no longer care I had

Omi - Take it easy lyrics

Chorus) Take it easy, baby take it easy Can you feel me, can ... you feel me? Take it easy, baby take it easy The ... way you tease, I believe that you can please me

Raymond & Maria - No one notices your brand new t-shirt lyrics

train should leave at 9 but it is always a bit late almost ... every morning you must hurry from the ... station if you take the tunnel it can save you a ... must remember there's a red light at the crossing at the

Blutengel - No one lyrics

live in darkness You live in fear You hiding from me I can see through you Chemical ... warfare Starving children Hunger in the world ... Caused by the system No one lives forever No one can

Fear Factory - No one lyrics

in my head like a thorn that pierced my skin spilling strength on the ... floor where i stand it surrounds me, controls me ... shows weakness inside me they've tried to kill me but they won't succeed

Domain - One perfect moment lyrics

of my life I know that your heart's true All ... of my dreams I wanna share with you And when we touch I know we're meant to Our love will be forever true And in

Beth Hart - Take it easy on me lyrics

bless this, God bless that. God I'll ... miss you now. All the people left, ... the blue sky crashed and I can't do this alone. I am ... To stay the same, When I'm calling out your name.. Take it easy on me, Take it easy

Andrew Jackson Jihad - No one lyrics

do you call on when you have no one. Who do you call on ... when you have no one. This might not be nice to say but I ... ll say it anyway. When you have no one, you are no one. I used to

Black Bomb Ä - No one knows lyrics

one,No No one,No No one can tell me why, why People ... confound pleasure with rape If the walls of these cellars ... could tell us the truth now Now, I want truth Always the

Dave Days - No one lyrics

just want you close Where we can stay forever You can be sure ... that it will only get better You and ... Through the days and nights I don't worry cause everything

Colin Hay - No one knows lyrics

wants a piece of my time, They always ask dumb ... questions, and drink my cheap red wine I get so ... tired I want to run and hide, and scream into my pillow

Koethe - Take it all back ft. eduard frolov lyrics

what else is left? I know what comes next I know ... when Your words and your voice This isn't my choice To ... watch this all play out again Take it all back Take it

Smothered - No one left to kill lyrics

have to quench my thirst, my thirst for blood I ... have to see the streets littered with corpses I have to ... do this, this is my call No one can stop me, so help me God

2unlimited - No one lyrics

] I've been searching a long time and I just don't know I ... try to catch solutions, I try to catch the flow ... Thoughts running through my mind, maybe the man in the front

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