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Marvin Gaye - To the ends of the earth lyrics

the ends of the earth I'll follow my star To the ends of the earth Just to be where you are No matter ... far behind Who cares where the path may wind As long as I

Hillsong United - To the ends of the earth lyrics

is lost In all you are And I would give the world to ... tell Your story Cause I know that You've ... Jesus, I believe in You And I would go to the ends of the

Primordial - To the ends of the earth lyrics

am the eye of the storm Axis Mundi, I fall to my ... ve realised my dark dreams, father I have become... I spread ... seed Have I not brought you to these Ends of the earth that

Lord Huron lyricsLord Huron - Ends of the earth lyrics

there's a river that winds on ... gonna see where it leads Oh, there's a mountain that no man ... has mounted I'm gonna stand on the peak Out there's a ... land that time don't command Wanna be the first to arrive

Hot Chip - Ends of the earth lyrics

promised me the ends of the Earth but I don't want that ... I just want you to feel the belief of a man They say ... t let you far All I want is the you that pulls me back You

Nightrage - At the ends of the earth lyrics

superficial words, Anxious to find the real essence Of the human nature. Love, hate, ... disappointment, A rainbow of words so alien for you.

Killing Joke - Unto the ends of the earth lyrics

bleak and empty places we can watch ... from a greater distance - the credulous delighting in every ... Don't lose your sense of humour, entertain the wildest

Hillsong Church - To the end of the earth lyrics

is lost In all you are And I would give the world to ... tell Your story Cause I know that You've ... Jesus, I believe in You And I would go to the ends of the

Phantasmagoria - At the ends of the rest period lyrics

wo ima made no keshiki onaji toki wo ite itsumo koko ni ita ... kedo naku shita toki sabishisa kara nogare yami ... e demo yukeru doko made mo toberu susumu beki kono michi

Rednex lyricsRednex - Wild and free lyrics

Hey! We're heading for the West Not heading for the ... East We gonna live our dream 'Cause we're wild and free We are heading for the West Not heading for the

Lena Meyer-landrut lyricsLena Meyer-landrut - Wild and free (fack ju goethe ost) - cs re-re.. lyrics

if all the chips were down And you feel you've hit the ... ground And truth is to be found There's a place ... where we can go When the time has come we know It's

Damien Rice - Wild and free lyrics

t give me something to hold in my hand Something ... else to believe in Cause I'm over it ... And your reason for wanting to stay Your reason for wanting ... for everything I've done to you... I have tried but I

Seventh Seal ( Ita ) - The ways of the world lyrics

the earth to the sky Make this scream get so ... high Make this world understand Nothing's lost 'till the end ... Blind are the eyes of justice Peace will never

Lonewolf - Wild and free lyrics

is a flame and it's burning bright Deep in ... our hearts and it can't be tamed We know ... well what we want from life We'll stand the fight together we are strong Stand tight

Dark Flood - The voice of absolution lyrics

me the apocalypse For I have ... scorched the remaining ground Or other grand emotions For I have felt the ... all great loving Move the world back to its threshold

Iu - The age of the cathedrals lyrics

In Paris fair, this year of grace. Fourteen hundred ... eighty two. A tale of lust and love so true. We are the ... artists of the time, we dream in sculpture

Sloan - Live at the edge of the scene lyrics

you've got your bags together And you're off into the ... new world The mother is impatient With four ... She wanted four girls The father's wrapped in memories

7 Seals - To forests wild and free - leaving hearth and.. lyrics

will be no king He'll roam the world alone Adventures wait ... for me somewhere In forests wild and free Man that I am I'll ... his own Creating power out of flames A blade for all to

Current 93 - The death of the corn lyrics

the marshes And through the filtering glades Through the ... corn And through the scything fields The summer ... sun Dances and rages The summer sun Flies burning into the light And who shall

Live - The hands of a teacher lyrics

Optimism perished from the face of my Earth Then you ... came along, came along and swept me away She kissed me, ... as we stood on the edge The night made the day as we made

Evenoire - The lady of the game lyrics

our hands, chain our hearts Feet ... caress earth Touch the breath of trees Feel the ... high Sisters' voices fill the night Forest lives you can ... Mesmerizing melodies When the wind gets colder From mounts

Amon Amarth - The arrival of the fimbul winter lyrics

winter arrived Raging across the world With a fury that ... defied the memory of man Terrible wars where ... fought, the like had never been seen Men ... slew without a thought The ties of kinship were no more

Marillion - The fruit of the wild rose lyrics

my love I'm so alone And so surrounded By your sweet ... I cannot sleep For all these dreams They come to play ... Till dawn comes stealin' them away.. The fruit of the wild rose Hangs here with summer

Hyde - The cape of storms lyrics

cries swallowed up, lost in the ranging sea So where has ... gone? Will I ever reach it? The Cape of Storms echoes the ... You'll never notice The colour of sin Just as the storm clouds close in It's dark

Neurosis (col) - The eyes of the soul lyrics

you die, the mysteries of life Become so clear, eternity is ... soul, rise from earth Flow to the skies, it does not die ... (Coro) The eyes of the soul In life in death remain

Keane - To the end of the earth lyrics

in the old town When my mind is wondering ... Making it easy for me In the old time You'll never be in and you get never get out You'll ... my family You'll never be in and you get never get out To run

Axel Rudi Pell lyricsAxel Rudi Pell - The gates of the seven seals lyrics

there in the distance, the lightning strikes the Earth ... Full moon is rising, the thunder hits the world We're ... so close to the edge of our life Running high and low, trying

Beto Vazquez Infinity - The laws of the future lyrics

place called Zlord, All the villagers were waiting for it ... With tears of anguish in their eyes All the time they ... pray to God Winds of freedom blow in our lives To set

Panychida - The myth of the eternal return lyrics

the moon grows to its completeness I pray to ... gods of old On the mighty hill I stand ... Resurrecting the world In the shine of the north star ... Where heaven meets the earth and hell Imitation of the act of

A Close Second - All ends of the world lyrics

Are closing in on me to say the least About what ... will come to be What will happen if I ... take my chances A passion and a chance only comes once a lifetime If I choose to ride

Enya - The magic of the night lyrics

the stars are in the skies, Make a wish then ... Everything is right. It's the magic of the night. Far ... horizons made of snow, Bring the hopes each child will know.

Eternal Tears Of Sorrow - The law of the flames lyrics

shalt not let the witch woman live, the queen of death and life ... The mother earth, the mother goddess, the feared devil's ... wife From the seven circles of fire she's risen with unholy

Gutter Sirens - The death of the day lyrics

it with your look Warm touch, the joy of the moment, the spark in your eye When you ... something, even million of faults You are the candle’s ... light, the warrior without a weapon

Johnny Burnette - The ballad of the one-eyed jacks lyrics

one-eyed Jack rode to Monterey In the heat of the ... He strapped on his fast gun The sheriff didn't trust the one ... eyed Jack Nor the deadly smile he wore An'

Crown Of Glory - The end of the line lyrics

wrong directions Are we much too blind to understand? This ... is the only ground for living No other planet we can go to (or is there anyone you know?) Realize

Lonewolf - The brotherhood of wolves lyrics

long time ago in the darkness of the woods Two human brothers ... were raised by the wolves One became a wizard, the other a warrior They were the keepers of the iron words

Esoteric - The laughter of the ignorant lyrics

look through their rose-coloured glasses, ... At the beauty of the world. They're so blind and f***ing ignorant, That ... love's all they see. Any sorrow they come

Nasum - The flames of the truth lyrics

Music & lyrics: Anders] Do you believe in ... you believe in equality? The flames of the truth... The ... flames of the truth Are licking your face

Pj Harvey - The colour of the earth lyrics

dearest friend Fighting in the ANZAC trench Louis ran ... forward from the line I never saw him again ... Later in the dark I thought I heard ... voice Calling for his mother, then me But I couldn't

Adramelech - The book of the black earth lyrics

Ancient Worm: rise from the cold red deep As the world ... unnatural finally stands united. Come forth, ... Ancient One: heed the silent call of the words

Ian Brown - The feeding of the 5000 lyrics

Lips were red hot At the greatest show on earth At the feeding of five thousand ... Sweet bliss fragrance fills the air Resuscitating all the ... breathless Reviving eveybody there Two fishes as the spirit

Cryptopsy - The curse of the great lyrics

Let us settle with swords The affairs of men: Violence is the answer: «Sis im blut»... ... soiled world We see aspects of damnation On the faces of the killed Instead of gratitude

Neaera - The wretched of the earth lyrics

to the thousands Carried off to dust in brightest day ... displaced Shadows of souls Children of ghosts They make you murder your own They teach you to Kill / Kill

Of Montreal - The march of the gay parade lyrics

look so beautiful While they're marching in the gay ... parade They make friends with trees and animals They ... gather up all the countries flags and they ... burn them There is nothing left on earth to

Ancient - The call of the absu deep lyrics

Belior, thy serpent calls to thee Hear me, mighty Cthulu, ... on a dream Cthulu, Lord of dreams Tiamat, Lord of Seas ... Ariel, City of sleep Cthulu, Lord of the

Bob Catley - The end of the story lyrics

think I saw a light at the end of the road I didn't ... this far I think I heard the sound of a forgotten song ... me feel like we belong Then I see that it’s fine For

Borknagar - The dawn of the end lyrics

like the skull of the sun The way of the hunting moon O storms that reign supreme The ... whisperin' soon Strike the flowers' last gleam In spite ... of desperate fight, their power Leave no shores

Dagorlad - The warriors of the ancient battle of zuljin lyrics

he was, The man from the wood At the border of the ... plain of Vorneas, In front, over a ... distance, the Hill of Agony, With around, the ... legions of death, The sons of Zul'Dahr and the monsters

Current 93 - The teeth of the winds of the sea lyrics

I looked into her young eyes from eighty ... years she looks back into my young eyes and she is ... gone to where? where has her soul ... mark her sign lost it seems to me now though I feel that

Anathema - The gathering of the clouds lyrics

'cause we're here) Searched the whole night long (And there ... s nothing to fear No, there's nothing to fear) (But ... out what's been going wrong (And there's nothing to fear No, there's nothing to fear) Time

Anihilated - The burning of the southern cross lyrics

curses all beneath the cross The symbol ever-changing, same ... ethos See the southern sky, it is burning And ... A single race ruling all others And hold the whip of death

Black Sabbath lyricsBlack Sabbath - The sign of the southern cross lyrics

t light when no one sees Then how can I know what you ... might believe? A story told that can't be real ... Somehow must reflect the truth we feel, yeah Fade

Defleshed - The return of the flesh lyrics

Obviously drifting away like today was tomorrow yesterday ... with enormous power The flesh is mine to devour ... Forced to be wild like fire as the ambitions

Earth Crisis - The wrath of sanity lyrics

of justice, knight of justice. Liberation's ... will have no meaning past the setting of the sun. Demons ... feeding off of the innocents' pain. Generations ... chain. Emancipation from the hands of the deranged.

Jessica Mauboy - To the end of the earth lyrics

Tracing every shadow till the daylight Going off the edge ... just to feel what it's like What it ... I don't mind My feet on the edge and I come alive Come

Karliene Reynolds - The last of the giants lyrics

I am the last of the giants, my people are gone ... from the earth. The last of the great mountain giants, ... who ruled all the world at my birth. Ooh, I

Rotting Christ - The call of the aethyrs lyrics

who dwell into the aethyrs Are all powerful into the earth They execute the ... crisis of him They serve the will they follow the will of them Here / is / the face / of your god Rule of the

Sacred Steel - The chains of the nazarene lyrics

come down from heaven, I bear the key to the pit And with this ... great chain in my hand I shall lay hold on the ... dragon called Satan (The fallen angel :) Is this your

Besatt - The time of the wolf lyrics

trunks in the infinity Trunks are moss ... plaited in embrace Dance of icy wind Among sleeping ... up lonely wolf's track Wild and lonely wolf's track I ... eyes Over deadly scenery of wood Under shiny grey fur There are lethal white fangs

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