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Riblja Corba - Tito je vas lyrics

Tito je bio svetli lik Drug Tito je posto spomenik Drug Tito ... nije bio ljudski stvor Drug Tito je imo Beli Dvor Drug Tito je ... bio dobar drug I nije on napravio dug Drug Tito je imo Plavi Voz Drug Tito se zove Josip Broz Ja znam u kom grmu

Barry Manilow - The night that tito played lyrics

was a hot night The crowd was hangin' in the neighborhood Everybody there was lookin' so cool Everyone was ... feelin' so good Now, mister puente They said he

Clan Trebol - No le temas a el (feat. hector y tito) lyrics

noches enteras pensando en tu amor Yo deseando que ... no estes con el Pues muy bien sabes que ... Te daña, y terminas temiendole a el El no merece tenerte

F***ing Werewolf Asso - The tito beltrán massacre. lyrics


Big Sean - Tomorrow lyrics

O.O.D Music in this bitch ... achin' Feet will be achin' from dreams I was chasin' Was ... always told "you won't see nathan just waitin'" Like them hatin' ass

Jackson 5 - Time explosion lyrics

Jackson 5] Time is going faster everyday There's a ... time explosion Gotta make the most of love today There's a time explosion ... [Tito] Moving in perpetual motion

Bazzi lyricsBazzi - 3:15 lyrics

Verse 1] Laying next to you, I got a flight in the morning Got me questioning what ... I think is important I can't even lie, think ... of you when I'm with her Look me in my eye, tell me that you feel different Drove two hours just to stay the night

Ace Frehley - Hide your heart lyrics

saw her riding on a street car named Desire, ... his fate was sealed She could see him coming like a ... hundred other liars, it was no big deal Rosa had a lover on

Hoobastank - Prank call to cobalt cafe lyrics

" Yeah, wassup, uh, nigga. ... I was uh plannin' on uh playin with my rap band ... uh somewhere and we heard about the Cobalt Cafe, thought ... it'd be a tit out place to play, and so, I was thinkin,

Kiss - Hide your heart lyrics

saw her riding on a street car named Desire, ... his fate was sealed She could see him coming like a ... hundred other liars, it was no big deal Rosa had a lover on the shady side of town, Tito

Molly Hatchet - Hide your heart lyrics

cover Johnny saw her ridin' on a ... streetcar named "desire" His fate was ... sealed She could see him comin' like a hundred other ... liars It was no big deal Rosa had a lover on the shady

Bonnie Tyler lyricsBonnie Tyler - Hide your heart lyrics

saw her ridin' on a streetcar named &quot ... desire" His fate was sealed She could see him comin' like a ... hundred other liars It was no big deal Rosa had a lover on

Flo Rida - Rewind (feat. jean wyclef) lyrics

you love somebody Put a lighter in the air ... From the hood to the stakes Fry your finger ... in the air Flo Rida up in here Wyclef up ... here (Wyclef Jean) If I could I would pull it up and

Forgot Tomorrow - Dj got us fallin' in love (usher cover) lyrics

back in the club Get that bodies rocking from side to side ... (side to side) Thank God the week is done I feel ... like a zombie gone back to life (back to life) Hands

Hoodie Allen - Let me be me lyrics

Verse 1] Started out in Brooklyn back in '96 When the ... were still in jersey but we loved the Knicks I didn’t grow ... But ain't sayin they didn’t love they kids we ain't some

Hoodie Allen - Movie lyrics

Verse 1] She got an ass like her mama's, call ... that Julia Roberts This pretty lady is ... crazy cause she addicted to drama I'm tryna keep it romantic, I'm like Matthew McConaugh Don't need to be a

Jay-z lyricsJay-z - Do u wanna ride lyrics

Intro] This is the operator with a collect call from "Emory Jones" To accept ... the charges, press one now [Jay-Z] Uhh, woo! Emory

Kendrick Lamar - Celebration lyrics

Verse 1:] Gimme that beat, fool This a full time jack, no ... really this a Sounwave track So really I ain ... t gotta steal nothing all I gotta do is kill it when you

Tory Lanez - Back to the crib (freestyle) lyrics

aha, yup, you know I had to murder this, Shawty type cold, ice froze, no ... preservatives, Young lad, walk into the pad ... a chicks, That's why I don't even talk to em, I just

Lil Wayne lyricsLil Wayne - Rich as f*** ft. 2 chainz lyrics

Verse 1 — Lil Wayne:] AK on my night stand, right next to that bible But I swear with ... these 50 shots, I'll shoot it out with 5-0 Pockets getting too fat, no weight watchers no

New Boyz - Cant nobody lyrics

Chorus - Shanell] Who gon, who gon, who gone love you better ... than me? Who's gonna kiss ya, who's gonna touch ... than me? Yeahhh, can't nobody Nobody, nobody, nobody, nobody baby, can't nobody Nobody, nobody, oohh nobody baby

Raury - Forbidden knowledge lyrics

knowledge can destroy mankind I spend large hours of my days alone I don't ... share this universal space alone I think we got a lot from ... them, they gave us phones Internet and now we all

Paul Brandt - Virtual life lyrics

m bored I need a new topic search the world for another subject and by the time ... I find it I've forgotten where I was iPod and a ... plasma TV on the latest reality series

Chris Brown lyricsChris Brown - Down lyrics

wanna get down, down, down, down Down, Down, Down Get Down ... We can get down Uh...Mr. West is in the ... Call the shrink up, they about to go crazy Hold your

Canton Jones - I am lyrics

Rap:] I am nothing without Jehovah Try to hide it ... but it's obvious like a comb over Nah baby, can't do it, ... take them chances Life is more to me than smoking and

Sunny Choi - Dj got us fallin' in love again feat. usher lyrics

(yeah man) So we back in the club With our ... bodies rockin from side to side (side side to side) ... Thank God the week is done I feel like a zombie goin

Destorm - 2011 rap up lyrics

Intro] According to them fools we got couple months left ... Yeah right [Hook] Now that 2011 over they say "what you gon' do?" Beg

Huey Mack - Just me lyrics

I know I'm fly bitch But they can ... it, but they can never stop me Put this song on replay ... make a couple copies I can rap so slow, ... and they don't gotta chop me I am getting to the money, I'm on my monopoly I am

Limp Bizkit lyricsLimp Bizkit - Creamer (radio is dead) lyrics

all radio is dead) Hey kid, who you ... lookin' at? Why you standin' all up in my face ... like that? You ain't never seen a baseball ... bat? A maniac knockin' on your babeball cap You better

Ll Cool J - It's ll and santana lyrics

LL Cool J] My 12th album launched ... Now everything is carte blanche ... There's only one God Victory is all I want, let's go ... [Chorus: LL Cool J + (Juelz)] Ah one-two and

Lovestruck - Dj got us falling in love lyrics

Usher (Yeah man) So we back in the club with the ... bodies rockin' from side to side Thank God the week is ... done, I feel like a zombie gone back to life Hands up,

Eddie Money - Where's the party? lyrics

you ready? 'Cause I'm ready ... I said are you ready? 'Cause I'm ready ... So where's the party? (it's ... right here) Everybody, where's the party? (it's

N.o.r.e. - Sour diesel lyrics

Intro: also repeat in background] Now take your two step, ... now take your two step, now take your two step [NORE: ... ] Yeah Hey yo Grease, it's your boy NORE [Chorus:] We

Neil Patrick Harris - Put down the remote lyrics

down the remote ‘Cause this song what I wrote Is a welcome ... you should not miss Put down the remote Every note from ... his throat Is like a not-to-be-Tivo’d kiss Don’t touch

Redman - Coc back lyrics

ready?... yes sir... let's do! [Redman:] Hey Yo baby I ... m back like Carter The Don Dada Stuff sour diesel in ... the God Father Go hard or go home Streets on the phone

Redman - Rite now lyrics

] Yeah, Gilla! (Right now, right now, right now, right ... now) Yeah, Gilla! (Right now, right now, right now, right ... now) Ladies and gentlemena_³Al ... Green! [Verse 1: Redman] Yo! Yo dogg! I'mma get this -

Delgado, Hector "el Father" - Payaso lyrics

de la torta, te acueras?, el del combito El que te decia vente ... mata a ese puerquito Saca la 40, vuelvete loquito Pero como sufri cuando me ... mataron a Vito. Vamo a matano de decia, yo tu no

Dizzee Rascal - Spend some money (feat. tinie tempah) lyrics

Hook:] I'm just tryin to spend some money These girls ... tryin to take it from me (Give me that, give me ... me that) I'm just tryin to spend some money (Come on, come on, come on) These girls

Flo Rida - Why you up in here lyrics

Rida Gucci! Bird! I done bought all this ciroc Now ... lil mama on my jock Staring at me up and down ... like when my roley's 6 o'clock Now you know you better

The Game - Love me no more (ft. jim jones) lyrics

Chorus:] Now how u gon´ tell me you don´t love me no more (How you gon´ tell me ... that?) Cause I´m out here getting this bread (You hatin on this paper chase?)

Jay Diesel - Jay diesel - je to jen tvuj boj (prod. by dj .. lyrics

to muj boj tak jako je tvuj boj,je to tvuj souboj muj ring ... bejby boy,brecis jako zenska,nemas co si zanonis ... zebras,vojebavas,ses cista spina smrdis ... na dno si lehnout nejde se zvednout,mam to tito dni je to jen francovka a iron,rodina rozjebana skurvil sis

Jay-z lyricsJay-z - Politics as usual lyrics

know how we do, Roc-a-Fella... forever... You ... can catch me skatin through your town puttin it down y'all ... relatin No waitin I'll make your block infrared hot I'm like

Key Of Awesome - Somebody that i used to know (gotye) lyrics

and then we like to play one guitar together. And ... that’s convenient since we only have the one Tony sold our other instruments to pay ... some gangsta’s but he’s still in

Laibach - Drzava lyrics

skrbi za fizicno vzgojo ljudstva, posebno mladine, v ... svrho dviganja narodnega zdravja, narodne, delovne in obrambne sposobnosti. ... Ravna cedalje bolj popustljivo, dopusca se vsa svoboda. Oblast je pri nas ljudska

Maybach Music Group - Fitted cap lyrics

billionaire [Rick Ross] You know I stick to the script ... Twenty-million dollar nigga, but I do it like ... Maybach Music) [Rick Ross - Chorus] My Jordans high

Nicki Minaj lyricsNicki Minaj - Roger that lyrics

Nicki] I'm in the collard green 6, cornbread in ... the guts. Got da Halloween kicks trick or treatin ... the clutch. Come on nigga is you trickin or what ... Flo-fl-flow tighter than a dick in the

Schoolboy Q - What they want (feat. 2 chainz) lyrics

Intro] This the shit that they ... need, tell me where are you from Drop your pants to your ... knees, yeah, I got the codeine [Verse 1: Schoolboy Q ... up in my bucket This nine holds a good dozen Might slide

Dr-ag-an Rapper - Es lebe der balkan lyrics

- Bosnien - Serbien Mazedonien - Albanien - Slowenien ... Mir ist egal ob du Serbe oder Bosnier bist... Du bist ... mein Drug weil wir alle Ostländer sind... Dobar Dan, Dobar Den - Albanisch Mirdita...

Epic Rap Battles Of History - Michael jackson vs elvis presley lyrics

Michael Jackson] Oooh Elvis Presley as I live and ... breath You stole rock and roll Gave us rockabilly cheese ... You dance like an epileptic Nothing but left feet I’ve seen

Fat Joe - So much more lyrics

is this is.......... [Chorus] I know you came to ... party so get up on your feet Yea baby just truk ... that body and sing along with me come on I know

Future lyricsFuture - Truth gonna hurt you lyrics

Intro:] Future Hendricks My ... music, hear my music It's a cold-cold-cold world baby Put on your coat Preferably, check ... sure 'bout it [Hook:] I didn't wanna lie to ya

Jackson 5 - Abc lyrics

buh buh buh-buh Michael: you went to school to learn, ... girl Things you never, never knew before... ... Jermaine: like I before e except after c...

Jackson 5 - Up on the hausetop lyrics

comes Santa Claus Here comes Santa Claus Here he comes, here he comes Here comes Santa Claus Here comes ... Santa Claus Here he comes, here he comes Up on

Jackson 5 - Up on the housetop lyrics

comes Santa Claus Here comes Santa Claus Here he comes ... here he comes Here comes Santa Claus Here comes ... Santa Claus Here he comes, here he comes Up on

Jackson 5 - Goin' back to indiana lyrics

m goin' back to Indiana Back to where I ... started from Goin' back to Indiana Indiana here I come ... I spread my wings for greener pastures I still ... ain't found what I was after I've got

Jackson 5 - Christmas won't be the same this year lyrics

Christmas everybody! [Jermaine:] Yeah, merry ... Christmas everybody. Big deal. [Michael:] Hey, ... man, what's wrong with you, Jermaine? [Jackie:] Yeah, ... that's no kind of attitude. [Marlon:] This only happens once a year. [Tito:] Hey, fellas, don't bug him.

Jim Jones - Let's ride lyrics

Jim Jones (talking)] Yea, Jones...Capo Status You know ... what this is about! Its about riders... all my states around the countries all my ... niggaz from ghetto to ghetto, my niggaz ready to ride.. R

Mindless Behavior - Keep her on the low lyrics

the girls at the school won't y'all meet us down there. ... We gon' take ya, then gon' show you how we do it round here. ... We got a party on the roof If you miss it, oh well Gotta keep it on the low Ain't

Naughty By Nature - Thugs & hustlers (featuring krayzie bone, mag.. lyrics

Intro: Mag] Aw shit! Here we go! ... Aw there go my niggas over there! Yeah there go my ... thugs over there! There go them bitches over there! Look out for shots for my real

Notorious B.i.g. - I love the dough lyrics

Z, Angela Winbush) [Verse One: Jay-Z] We push the hottest V's, peel fast through ... the city, play Monopoly with real cash Me and ... Biggie and the models be, sugar nase and did he

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