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Holy Cross - From past to dust lyrics

am I? Sudden changes Time elapses Fear of the future ... Anguish of the past Memories fade Memory ... betrayed Painful return From past to dust Be forward

Amerie - Like it used to be lyrics

of all, cant quite get away from the days we loved so ... get the best of what we use to have now I got to ask you can ... you make it back Chorus Like it used to be(oh please I'm

Crisix - From blue to black lyrics

all behind me Past is gonna die with me Time ... Time keeps beating Time keeps beating on my head ... Never f***in' rest Oh! Time keeps beating on my head

Call Atlantis - "past regrets, future threats" lyrics

keep thinkin’ what you said to me, that without you there ... “I am me” Just take me home to where I want to be And I’m ... It’s 5am, and with trials in town away from everything that

Aviators - From oceans to skies lyrics

ll struggle 'till I'm sore To find escape somewhere ... Nobody's supposed to feel like this One's chance to shine ... fade I need the chance to rise From darkness, from

Aviators - From oceans to skies (vip remix) lyrics

ll struggle 'till I'm sore To find escape somewhere ... Nobody's supposed to feel like this One's chance to shine ... fade I need the chance to rise From darkness, from

Evocation - From menace to mayhem lyrics

bullets we send Late is the time for solutions The soil under ... your feet Is about to be red and nasty Through ... the past we became an obscurity By today we are the beast's you've

Dying Fetus - From womb to waste lyrics

urge to conceive like animals blind in heat But ... same copulation compulsion to breed, just anatomy and ... forth in precarious birth from the womb into the trash.

Gwydion - From hel to asgard lyrics

secrets are kept by this timeless being? How much weight ... their branches have still to endure? With a dense ... of nine worlds! Descending from the heavens To the top of

Destiny's End - From dust to life lyrics

for a thousand eons Shot from exploding fire Ride through ... vacuum Born at the dawn of time Union with nature Follow ... random paths Rising from chaos Becoming part of what

Linear Sphere - From space to time lyrics

universal oceans of darkness From within to from beyond From ... beyond to the reversed past Our paths of grace ... Marking another phase To visit contemporaries Planet

Chomp Chomp Attack - From dreams to reality lyrics

for We will not back down, together we stand out When you ... alone As one we may fall but together we stand strong We ... a dream One life you wish to lead Don't give up this time

Arctic Monkeys lyricsArctic Monkeys - From ritz to rubble lyrics

scary one His way or no way, totalatarian He's got no time ... How he don't want you to So step out the queue He ... say Behind they go through to the bit where you pay And

Everyday Sunday - From me to you lyrics

everything that's not meant to be These prison walls are ... do or die, get me out of this past There You stand with Your ... wide open You're calling me to You I know that Heaven's

Jon Lee - From you to me lyrics

no one around me But you told me I'm dreaming That you ... ll be here to hold me Wherever I go I ... can feel you Just like an angel by my side Shining ... home I gotta tell you now Time won't tear us apart Never too far I'll be right here

Eilera - From pink to black lyrics

blue eyes were staring at me like last time we met So cold and ... days ago only I was in you bed... Was it always a lie? When ... And passion blinded us both ...was it always lie I'm

Glass Cloud - From may to now lyrics

all this time It starts to feel like years inside It ... gets to be just like a day on avalanche These ... you would say Anything to lead me astray Three

Infernal - From paris to berlin lyrics

Paris To Berlin, and Every Disco I ... Left Me Longing For You from Paris To Berlin, and Every ... Insane. it's Quite Along Time Ago , you Brought Me Out Of

Jarvis Cocker - From auschwitz to ipswich lyrics

Well, they can take mine any time they like 'Cos god knows I ... oh, I know I'm so wrong So like the Roman Empire fell away ... All hold hands with our backs to the wall It's the end, why

Thy Art Is Murder - Like a face to a blender lyrics

your soul, And carry you to where rivers flow f***ing ... I cannot take your scent, and from beneath my skin, Your ... hold you down, just by your time! I'll beat you dead; I'll

Mac Dre - From sac to the boonies lyrics

Chevrolet burnin' rubberrrr Like my nigga, Rich the Fact ... when I dip and yoke It's like M-A-C D-R-E Way up in KC ... I come protected Two 4-4 pistols, a mask and vest biatch

Common - Like they used to say lyrics

amp;quot;Like they used to say" *repeated in ... very critical and crucial times Some of the most critical ... and crucial times I've ever seen I wrote Stoney Island on my guy He was

Sarah Connor lyricsSarah Connor - From zero to hero lyrics

now I'm gonna get my message to you And I hope that you ... believe in it, too It maybe take some time ... his heart So this is your time You can take it And love is

Janis Ian - From me to you lyrics

not beg for you Though I'd like to be the one To see you ... with the tide You're torn up and shaken With ... You haven't got the grace To say you'll finally decide

Lord Of The Lost - From venus to mars lyrics

around me I see danger – And too much reality But time ... hands You say that we have to be strong or we will die I ... want to fly from venus to mars I want to slide across

Modern Talking lyricsModern Talking - From coast to coast lyrics

lady, I'm close to lose you You're burning up ... you I know I can't survive, like before Oh lady, I'll always ... miss you Oh, I will swear to you, that I love you From

As I Lay Dying - From shapeless to breakable lyrics

alive for one reason, It's to declare that apart from you I ... I remember who I used to be Like a murderer transformed into a ... I have so far, so far left to go From shapeless to

Demiurg - From laughter to retching lyrics

are narrow, a crawlspace in time Our existence shallow, no time for understanding Just ... Our existence shallow, no time for understanding From

Jung Joon Young - "내가 나에게" (from me to me) lyrics

You can`t rock the world like me modu hana dulssik ... deut munjeneun neoya spit like a rock star georiui aksaro ... noraereul Non stop bulleotdeon geu sijeoreul

Rough Silk - From here to eternity lyrics

run loosers - winners - long time done you're the trigger - I ... m the gun!!! so time will rise and time will fade ... don't get layed!!! a skeleton once free tomorrow to see

Black Lab - Like i used to lyrics

lost it What more you want from me Don't remember, can't ... you I don't love you like I used to I don't love you, ... it's true I don't love you like I used to Love you like I

Camouflage - From ay to bee lyrics

The lonely day I've met you has changed my world I can't exist without your smile You pushed me up you filled my days you realize the right things which can...

Glasseater - From cradle to grave lyrics

are born then we start to experience... with ... experience we begin to age we grow old we look ... back into our days growing up then we ... i wonder what it would feel like to die with someone or at

Lonestar - From there to here lyrics

and dreams That's how we got from there to here A nickel ... heart She waited all that time Today they'll cut a golden ... it all those years It had to be tough, they just said it

Love - Time is like a river lyrics

and get your thing together brother You got it together? Well, I'm gonna love ... I will, maybe I won't The time is near, the time is like a ... people come and go Some had to leave, some have to know

Poisonblack - From nowhere to nowhere lyrics

something I've lost how to feel The table is set for ... there in silence Don't care to speak It's not temporary It ... And we are carved in stone From now-here to nowhere

Arthemis - From hell to hell lyrics

Devil in my eyes So face to face they tried to face me ... fury passed me by Fighting to survive, but no way out for ... me to escape Now you are died ... on you No more disguise, is time for you to feel the pain I

The Beach Boys - From there to back again lyrics

t you run away and spend some time with me On this summer's day ... don't we feel the way we used to anymore There's a place ... we could stay And listen to the waves at my front door

Behemoth - From hornedlands to lindesfarne lyrics

came from the cold north carried on ... bloody acts were only a legend... eternal hate and horned ... sodomy came to the lands of virgin's ... witches called the spirits from forest from hornedlands to

10cc - From rochdale to ocho rios lyrics

Rochdale to Ocho Rios From Ocho Rios to Dorking From ... Dorking its back to Rochdale From Rochdale to Ocho Rios You ... That's all you need Tried to get a flight out to San Juan

Hour Of Penance - From hate to suffering lyrics

my precious grave, further from where you are, to fall one ... more time again. Isolate, I made walls ... of weakness, I've learned to afford it. Things have

Kris Kristofferson - From here to forever lyrics

sleeping Is the answer to anyone’s prayer Fill your ... heart for the mornin’ tomorrow You’ve still got a ... long way to grow And the love that

Onlap - From dust to ashes lyrics

don't know why I have to worry Still don't know why I ... m in a hurry Why do we need to care about it so much ... Nothing to guide me Sick and tire to ... see you wasting your time Instead of living looking

A Rocket To The Moon - Like we used to lyrics

As she's sleeping next to me Sharing pillows and cold ... feel my heart; Fell asleep to its beat Under blankets and ... When you've seen it a million times? Does he sing to all your

The Backwards - From me to you lyrics

I'll send it along With love from me to you I've got ... everything that you want Like a heart that's oh so true ... I'll send it along With love from me to you I got arms that

Cannabis Corpse - From wisdom to baked lyrics

had no money for fertilizer To use to feed their precious ... plants That's when this story gets absurd.... A ... strange urban legend started to spread In the nearby town,

Nick Cave - From her to eternity lyrics

kno, she lives in Apt. 29 Why... that's the one right up top a ... mine Ah start to cry, Ah start to cry O ah ... night And ah hear her crying too. Hot-tears come splashin on

Excalion - From somewhere to anywhere lyrics

every day I'll find a way to cross every ocean Loneliness ... stay I'm on my way from somewhere to anywhere I have ... learned not to ask when I'll be there

Bad Boys Blue lyricsBad Boys Blue - From heart to heart lyrics

bars. I never found a girl like you babe. Assumed my life ... Only your love can take me to the stars. From heart to ... and hell. Loving you is like a message forever. And I

Be'lakor - From scythe to sceptre lyrics

Scythe to Sceptre I knew you some ... are united An unending row to the grave A single dance ... all eyes are shut Blind to the earthly Begging now to forget who I am Emperor,

The Beatles lyricsThe Beatles - From me to you lyrics

I'll send it along With love from me to you I've got ... everything that you want Like a heart that's oh so true ... I'll send it along With love from me to you I got arms that

Beorn - From here to eternity lyrics

Instrumental ♪♪♪ Instrumental ♪♪♪ Instrumental ♪♪♪ Instrumental ♪♪♪...

Cage - From death to legend lyrics

death we thought the war came to an end With his last breath ... that fell You're the next to be taken He's taking you ... with him to hell Grant his majesty his

Harakiri For The Sky - From yesterday to ashes lyrics

walked throughstony paths to avoid this crystal drought of ... that remain will last from days to years. Daring not to ... nights. This is the time when all I was convinced of

Iron Maiden lyricsIron Maiden - From here to eternity lyrics

heart explode He whispered to her to get on the back I'll ... take you on a ride from here to eternity; Hell ain't a bad ... place Hell is from here to eternity Hell ain't a bad

Manic Street Preachers - From despair to where lyrics

in my head The adult world took it all away Wake up with ... An imitation of dignity From despair to where From ... despair to where Outside open mouthed ... routine Where life falls unatoned The weak kick like straw

Nick Drake - Time of no reply lyrics

a sigh But this was the time of no reply. The sun went ... roadside all alone I turned to speak as they went by But ... this was the time of no reply. The time of

Dolly Parton - From here to the moon and back ft. willie nel.. lyrics

how long I will long for your touch How much and how far ... would I go to prove The depth and the ... of my love for you? From here to the moon and back

Ricochet - From good to bad to worse to gone lyrics


Iron Maiden lyricsIron Maiden - From here to eternity lyrics

heart explode He whispered to her to get on the back I'll ... take you on a ride from here to eternity; Hell ain't a bad ... place Hell is from here to eternity Hell ain't a bad

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