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Brett Anderson - A different place lyrics

sat under London skies on A perfect June day. I touched ... her hand And whispered our names. And all of the birds ... flew by and The clouds blow away The rose oil in her hair

Ride - In a different place lyrics

bubbles lying down waiting for the rain to fall Laughing at the people, wonder ... why they always rush, never slow down And we're smiling when we're ... sleeping And we're smiling when we're waking Even if the rain falls

Pendulum - Different lyrics

see the shadows that are falling from your eyes, Draining your face of everything ... but the disguise, Don´t try baby, let them see your true ... colours, Don´t mind the camera, let them see you´re back out

Rage - Time and place lyrics

my time to die has come Where will be the time ... and the place To return from eternal space Like a shadow out of time ... Everything that lives on earth Has got a mind to start

F.o.b. - Time lyrics

is all i have left. time to give away. time, you are….. you are only the agent of creation. i thought i ... was within you, time to much of eternity your wawes are striking hard against all substance guarded in

Emerson, Lake & Palmer - A time and a place lyrics

is a place, a time and a space Just no one can trace, that non one can trace. ... Somewhere a hill, where things are still ... rain water spill, just rain water spill. Sleep in a dream

Rwby - Time to say goodbye lyrics

s a point where it tips There's a point where it breaks There ... s a point where it bends And a point we just can't take Anymore There's a line that

Gentleman lyricsGentleman - Ina different time lyrics

And so we meet again ina different time and place don't be dismayed your crime has already ... been comitted (repeat) Gentleman: Uno run come ... ya dem a bwoy a gwaan like a dem a run down ya pier big machine dem a use and gun ya

Mother Mother - Modern love lyrics

s the type who likes to leave on all the lights So as I ... start to tremble, she can watch my secrets die. And she's ... the one who likes a different kind of fun. Peel away the layers till you're nothing and

No Doubt lyricsNo Doubt - Different people lyrics

can be broken down In this ... world of ours You don't have to be a famous person ... Just to make your mark A mother can be an inspiration ... To her little son Change his thoughts, his mind,

Joe Cocker lyricsJoe Cocker - Different roads lyrics

I Walk These City Streets And I Think About The Past ... When You Where Mine And Our Love Was Forever I ... Never Thought That You Would Go Never Dreamed ... That You Would Leave Now The Taste I Have Is

Brainstorm - Thunder without rain lyrics

like a thunder without rain, And like a week without sunday, ... Oh, like a book without last page, You want to buy a happy faith. A storm without ... rain, Without any destruction. It´s a good

Asylum Pyre - Different sides, same thoughts lyrics

The timeless story of Manipulation, relativity and closed ... eyes Starting on a metaphor, it slowly appears as today's reality) The story ... begins in a field So far, spotless are all the

Airfare - Sands of time lyrics

a far away place beyond icy waves upon the desert plains I ... sit and I wait As the sands of time fall slowly ... through your hands I'm in a wicked trance caught in a different place Hurry up, I'm seven

David Cook - Time marches on lyrics

see myself down here In the same damn place With the different year I bet the lines on my face Never looked so clear I ... swear You were six feet in On a one way street When you gave

Adramelch - Different times different places lyrics

that our flag is fluttering on top of ... tower of the town, I watch the horizon all around me ... everything around is under my control ... But how can sleep the eye behind the lid

Domine - Another time, another place, another space lyrics

m turning back the Wheel of Time to try to steal some more ... Of passing hours, days and nights, now precious as ... bright gold And as the Wheel is moving slowly,

Masterboy - Different dreams lyrics

believe my love is tronger than it seems I'll stay with you ... if you have to leave in my diff'rent dreams ... you'll be with me anywhere I'll be with you we

Air Traffic Controller - Different lyrics

thought about you every day Since the incident And how ... I couldn’t stay Didn’t want you thinking I’m a bad guy ... Ain’t no need to question my ... integrity The emotion was strong Lasted longer than I

Death Cab For Cutie - Different names for the same thing lyrics

on a train aimless in wonder An outdated ... map crumbled in my pocket But ... I didn't care where I was going 'Cause they're all different names for the same place.

Ximena Sariñana - Different lyrics

It Off Again Don't remember when started ... Failing to communicate Will it see like I'm in half-hearted? There's not much ... to explain When I'm so in my head The

Asaf Avidan - Different pulses lyrics

life is like a wound I scratch so I can bleed Regurgitate my words, I write so I can ... feed And Death grows like a tree that's planted in my ... chest Its roots are at my feet, I walk so it won't

Robbie Williams lyricsRobbie Williams - Different lyrics

deep inside me dies, ’cause I know you won’t get ... better, better… You’d rather be right done with love, ... I stumble through the words as they’re leaving me,

L'Âme Immortelle - Place of refuge lyrics

on wooden stakes of sorrow By masoners of ... hatred risen Out of an unseen tomorrow I find my place of refuge My place of ... .. no room for you to search My place of refuge... that lies within my soul My place of refuge... from the

Gavin Degraw - Different for girls lyrics

you just don't know, what you do to me Oooh, I come ... in close 'til you can barely breathe You're out with ... friends, but it's only you That I'm looking at, thinking baby "yes, I do" Is

Helix - Wish i could be there lyrics

the sky My eyes look out reaching way up high Looking up ... only to find Scattered stars and endless space A galaxy ... full of mystery What could be up there I look at earth and it's violent ways

L'ame Immortelle - Place of refuge lyrics

on wooden stakes of sorrow By masoners of ... hatred risen Out of an unseen tomorrow I find my place of refuge My place of ... .. no room for you to search My place of refuge... that lies within my soul My place of refuge... from the

Dead On - Different breed lyrics

sees himself apart from you and i Is he from down below,or ... ve got their eyes on you Patrolling what you do They ... only want to govern your soul Now ... your time has come to stand, Fight or run No, you can't choose you'll lose Now

Dreamscape - Different lyrics

more things have changed All will stay the same... It's ... not getting easier... Right now i just realize It's hard to try Right ... now this is my greatest fault: I don't know why! The

Bo Bice - Different shades of blue lyrics

in the glare of the neon smoke Always ... mistaken for the light of hope ... Mourning in a lonely woman's eyes She's fallen one ... more time Feeling the weight of the

Evil Masquerade - Different shades of black lyrics

don't want to be the one that can see Through the mist of ... the future I want to be able to see colours of the rainbow After the rain goes away and the sun shows Cause I can only see Different shades

Sasha - Different me lyrics

many times, did you think you knew the answer and how many times - ... did the answer prove you wrong. But ... you're doin' fine - as long as you find someone To put

A Very Potter Musical - Different as can be lyrics

You won't sleep on your back VOLDEMORT & QUIRRELL: ... We're quite a kooky couple you'll agree ... QUIRRELL: We share some hands and fingers VOLDEMORT:

Kid Ink - Time out lyrics

Intro] Mustard on the beat, ho! [Hook] Said it's ... the way that you've been actin' lately I might have to ... put you on time out Poppin' off like you're

Brocas Helm - Time of the dark lyrics

s a shadow on the land Werewolves in high places ... Speak satin words with empty faces ... kneel to the lords of insanity Choosing a god devoid of ... humanity There's a darkness on the land There

Martin Hall - Different kind of love lyrics

ooooh oh oh oh (ooh oh) Such a different kind of Love oh oh ... oooh oh oh A different kind of love Such a different kind of love (x3) When I ... met you, when we started off, It sure was a different kind of love. Should I get

Bonnie Tyler lyricsBonnie Tyler - Time mends a broken heart lyrics

m living in another time another place I knew you then ... It used to be a different world And now I start to ... live again A sight of heaven in a grain of sand Leading me on taking me by the hand Time mends a broken heart Time mends a broken heart

The Classic Crime - Different now lyrics

the blinds reminds me of the time we met You were like a ray ... of sunlight, penetrating my apartment As we walked down by ... the water I remember what you said You said we had so

Egypt Central - Different lyrics

`til my soul got tired Did all I was supposed to do I ... could fool a liar Threw it all away Through it all to ... find redemption Gave it all away Gave it all to who would

Hustle Gang - Different life lyrics

Verse 1: B.o.B] Coulda flown to anywhere in the ... world Anywhere, anywhere in the world But I'm ... feelin the city tonight Yea, I'm feelin the city tonight

Tracy Lawrence - Different man lyrics

knows what I'm doing here tonight on ... this barstool As if I didn't know where I ... should be Through the darkness of the dim neon and ... lonely shade of blue The light is a

Mama Cass Elliott - Different lyrics

cass elliot as WITCH HAZEL singing “different” (from ... h.r. puffnstuff) This really should be THE NEW Queer Anthem for all the kids out ... tired of listening to this… and Mama Cass wearing a plastic

Blackbear - Different hoes lyrics

a chick named Samantha, She only f***s in the ... morning, Then she gon make breakfast, She know the ... deal you know the story, Got ... Jessica she drive a Lexus truck, She only come

The Exies - Different than you lyrics

used to hate you With no reason why I was so angry So ... of pride Lost in opinions and innuendoes Knew everything ... that you didn't know And i used to think i was sure

Manic Depression - Lost in time lyrics

phenomenon of mine I'm waking every morning In a different place and time Can't recall ... when it's begun Are there any others Or am I the only ... one? I am a drifter in time Present, past and future All confused before my eyes

Secret Service - Different lyrics

Different Different Different Different Different Different Different Different Different Different Different Different Different Different

Acceptance - Different lyrics

ride home. Getting tired, hating all I've known. Holding ... on, like it's all I have. Count me out, when it's ... clear that I, find it hard to say. And you, find it hard to care. I wanted to see

Ian Anderson - Different germany lyrics

lights are down in Germany and Germany is closed to me different somehow this time. The airport's stiff, cold corridors ... ring empty beats through hollow feet that I

Evergrey - Different worlds lyrics

silence awakes me My heartbeat would so easily reveal me ... Who am I what is left is it my mind That ... constantly deceives me I am beginning to doubt me If what I feel and see is real It

Goo Goo Dolls - Different light lyrics

goo goo dolls See me in a different light I think it'll be okay ... Why are you so blind that you Can only see today ... See me in a different space That you'd expect to see

Lucky Dube - Different colours / one people lyrics

those barriers All over the world Was not an ... easy thing Yesterday your mouth was shut yeah ... Couldn't make a sound eh boy But it's such a ... good feeling today When I can hear them from Across the

Simple Minds - Different world lyrics

all right. It’s all right. Let me go high. ... high. Let me go high into a different world. Let me go ... high into a different world. It’s all right,

A Very Potter Musical - Different as can be reprise lyrics

I guess its plain to see When you look at ... you and me were different different as can be VOLDEMORT & ... QUIRRELL: We simply gaurentee When youre looking at

Artist Vs. Poet - Different people -feat.devyn deloera lyrics

is in pieces My sheets have grown cold And I wish you ... But you'll never know Cause you're perfectly perfect And you're never alone And ... you'll be blinded to find what I found In you, in me Cause we're two different people

Egypt Central - Different (demo) lyrics

Until my soul got tired Did all I was supposed to do I ... could fool a liar Threw it all away Through it all to ... find redemption Gave it all away Gave it all to who would

Bangles - Different light lyrics

see you in a different light I see you in a different light I wanna make a movie ... I wanna put you on a silver screen Sit in a darkened room and look at you

Lovex - Different light lyrics

could I see The beauty of your ways You wore ... your crown Alone in silence In silence ... I wish that I could see you in a different light I'm hoping that someday I'll see you Fall in love

Roo Panes - Different child lyrics

re homeward bound for wisdom cos you've ... spun, You're versed in vice and virtue but this time your ... vice has won, But when hopelessness ... would tell you that your better days are done,

Benzino - Different kind of lady lyrics

s a different she's a different she's a different kind of lady [Benzino:] Yo I'd like ... to you two very special women in my life. Let me ... corners in Boston some years ago since we first made contact

James Brendan - Different kind of love lyrics

in a trance through your lost and lonely town Something in ... the air that could blow your whole house ... down Something like a tragedy Something that you think

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