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Till Something Better Comes Along .. lyrics

Browse for Till Something Better Comes Along .. song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Till Something Better Comes Along .. lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Till Something Better Comes Along ...

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Taylor Swift lyricsTaylor Swift - Till brad pitt comes along lyrics

you remember the day I leaned up against your car? And it started rolling down the street. You screamed and ran after it, Tried to open the door and it ran over your foot. And I was too busy laughing on the ground to see; It would take Brad Pitt to leave you, It takes five seconds

Lower Than Atlantis - Something better came along lyrics

those tears Just tell me it's over so I can get over you All my fears You say that you're sorry But you will be sorry soon I feel bad But I can tell by the height of your shoulders That you're glad All along I guess You were just another line in another song A

Pretty Boy Floyd - Till the real thing comes along lyrics

I know you got something on your mind Your eyes are telling what your lips try to deny You can't hide the truth with a disguise We can't go on living out this lie We're just pretending it''s love Till the real thing comes along We're too afraid to let go

Kacey Musgraves - It is what it is lyrics

think were thinking to hard, To put on your shoes and get in your car, Put it in drive and point it this way, We don't have to talk, You don't have to stay, But I ain't got no one sleepin with me, And you ain't got no where that you need to be, Maybe I love yo

Tina Turner lyricsTina Turner - Till the right man comes along lyrics

s time to face the music Tonight I came to use it You never know Who you're gonna meet in here I thought I'd never find it The dark and handsome kind I used to dream of And now you're standing there Though you're looking good to me It doe

Phlake - Something better lyrics

I'm caught up in sense making I tend to go too far I just go on and on guessing to find a reason why I want something better to affect me now (affect me now) To put in big bold letters before I get down (before I get down) I think I need a teacher to le

Jonathan Coulton - Till the money comes lyrics

used to have such a good thing But we were doomed from the start It's a crying shame, the way things fall apart I know you think that it's over You're always telling me so But I never was very good at letting go I'm gonna love you till the money comes It hasn't

Canterbury - Something better lyrics

s funny how the sadness seems to bend and take me half the world away to find my friends Lately I was on my hands and knees, but had no reason to plead Lost focus, didn't take notice the decades kept marching on I was just drifting along and along and along I

Never Shout Never - Till the sun comes up lyrics

up this morning with a grin upon my chin, Damn i had one hell of a night so i confessed my dirty sins. I called a girl, I hardly knew, I only knew her by first name She had a deep down Southern accent, but spoke California slang She wore jaunty shorts

Pixie Lott - Till the sun comes out lyrics

oh, oh Woke up with a feeling, it's got me up on the ceiling And you're not gonna not gonna knock me down I wanna go where the sun shines, I wanna go where the good times Where they're not gonna not gonna get me down So keep saying what ya say it's gonna make me stronger

America - Till the sun comes up again lyrics

I'll write a different song Got a feeling it might take a long time Singin' it over again, I can't recall just how it used to be Voices across the sea Mm, mm, mm. Will she come to me, to keep me company Won't know till the sun comes up again

Jimi Jamison - 'till the morning comes lyrics

breathless in the after glow Through and open window Midnight breezes blow These are such priceless times We own the night Yet sometimes my heart can't help, but wonder It pounds like thunder And I get frightened by the light Girl I just gotta know if you're gonna stick aro

Gavin James - Till the sun comes up lyrics

I've been Lately I've been losing If I don't want to go in the morning I'll stay in Some things you, Some things you can't explain Someone take me out out the water, out of the rain Cos I just wanna come back again And it's a hard fight with these highs and

Grateful Dead - Till the morning comes lyrics

the morning comes, it'll do you fine. Till the morning comes, like a highway sign, Showing you the way, leaving no doubt, Of the way on in or the way back out. Tell you what I'll do, I'll watch out for you You're my woman now, make yourself easy, make yourself

Martin Solveig lyricsMartin Solveig - Something better lyrics

my darling, I'm thinking about how my life has changed, me and you Our passion, sensation, feels like I'm a different man now. Ooh, so strong for too long, I've been searching for a girl like You change it all since I found you, really made it better. I've r

The Weeknd lyricsThe Weeknd - Till dawn (here comes the sun) lyrics

tell myself that I'll take you for the last time I'll be over you eventually Time after time, you seem to push me off I understand what we have become You wash your neck when you leave, now I know your routine I was in love with your mystery Now I just ta

Flyleaf - Something better feat. sonny sandoval (from p.. lyrics

t we all trying to become something better? Oh, whoa, don't you know Every time you take my hand, I become someone better Oh, whoa, don't I know Come spend the night inside our soul It's so beautiful, at all The howling wolves between my ears G

Audien Featuring - Something better (ft. lady antebellum) lyrics

never met you, but I know you're out there If I cross the oceans, would you be there? A stranger's eyes that somehow look familiar I know that when it's you, I'll remember Remember So wait for me; I swear I'll find you Climbing every wall that hides you I know we were meant for

The Kinks - Something better beginning lyrics

said this was the last dance The lights went dim as I looked round the floor Then I saw you standing there Then I walked up to you and I asked for this dance The band had started to play I held you hand and I sighed Is this the start of another heart breaker Or something bette

The Kids - Something better to do lyrics

your eyes and tell me what you see Don't have to tell me because I know that you see me But I don't like this sentimental stuff Don't get too serious Do you think I love you babyu Got something better to do Got something better to do Got something better to do Got something

Olivia  Newton-john lyricsOlivia Newton-john - Something better to do lyrics

try to be patient, I try not to moan But it's driving me crazy, tryin' to live here alone My conversation gets nowhere When I talk to myself I've lost my sense of humour Somewhere here on the shelf The moon is wasting its shine, shining on me Until I see you again

Amanda Blank - Something bigger something better lyrics

ladies who got their own cash know how to swing their hips fast back and forth to the beat don't sleep girl show them how you work that ass my fellas who keep that s**t on lock and know how to keep their lady rocked f**k a two step we break sweats because we're s

Danko Jones - Something better lyrics

want something better When it don't feel right Never seem to stay too long You're never satisfied One day you're gonna wake up Find you're past your prime Realize what you should've kept Is what you left behind Is what you left behind You're looking over you'r

Eminem lyricsEminem - 'till i collapse (neffex remix) lyrics

have one shot on stage What you got to play Generic drops for days Still the people rage Am I not insane Can you stop and explain Why these drops are so lame Is money buyin' your fame? I'm f***in' on I'm killin' it with this song You haters c

Stephen Lynch - Prettier than you lyrics

in hand we walk the city. Beneath the darkened skies. Stealing kisses in the shadows away from prying eyes. Hiding out from those we know. Secrets whispers voices low. Pulses racing hearts aflame, a love that dare not speak it's name. Well we just can't let peo

Eminem lyricsEminem - Tragic endings ft. skylar grey lyrics

Intro: Skylar Grey] I'm stumbling, I can’t see straight And it's my fault I got this way I got my hands on something great And found a way to mess it all up I did my best, I tried to change But it's just in my DNA I got my hands on something great And found a way to f*** it up

4lyn - Hey kids something better lyrics

kids, tell me do you like (what?) what you see in your tv all day? (Hell No!) 4Lyn But kids if you don't like it, WHY DON'T YOU FIGHT it instead? Hey You have do it 'cuz if you don't then noone will! Kids Hey kids tell me do you like (What?) all this bullshit in the

Monica - Breaks my heart lyrics

Verse 1] When I think of what i've done All the pain that I brung Baby you should've walked out on me And when I turned away from you whenever there were hard times How could you still be with me And it was no mistake when I hurt you that day And went out with sombody new

Nashville Cast - When the right one comes along ft. clare bowe.. lyrics

no music, no confetti Crowds don’t cheer and bells don’t ring But you’ll know it, I can guarantee When the right one comes along What they’re thinkin, what your feeling You know longer have to guess All those questions finally put to rest When th

Cauterize - Something beautiful lyrics

away like the color in a blue sky at the end of the day. Night falls and the search begins for something better than this. A scream or a cry, the truth or a lie, I'm not sure they will save us this time. I don't wanna be around when it all comes down to watch

Billie Holiday - Until the real thing comes along lyrics

d wait for you I'd slave for you I'd be a beggar or a knave for you If that isn't love, it will have to do Until the real thing comes along I'd gladly move The earth for you To prove my love, dear And it's worth for you If that isn't love, it will have to do U

Aeternom - Death comes along lyrics

on the ground, it's cold here. Hanging on a life that fades away I can see the clouds above me - Hells gold reflecting in broken eyes That's when death comes along Open your eyes can you hear the angels calling out my name Calling out my name.

Vince Gill - Til the best comes along lyrics

I ain't the best lookin' guy in the world And I ain't got much money at all But when our eyes met, I'll never forget And for you I could easily fall Chorus: So why don't we just keep on dancin' While the band sings an old country song Well I wo

Paul Anka - Hold me till the morning comes lyrics

broken hearts Neither one knows what to say Both falling for love But not quite all the way Look at us now Reaching back to yesterday Longing to know If they are the ones to stay After all I'm the one who said we're through Now I can't live without anymore Out there los

Kirk Franklin - Something about the name of jesus lyrics

chorus:] There is something about the name Jesus Something about the name Jesus. It is the sweetest name I know Oh how I love the name Jesus, Oh how I love the name Jesus It is the sweetest name I know. Some people say I'm crazy but, I can't explain the power that I feel when I

Eurovision Song Contest - Softengine - something better (finland) lyrics

human bound, people rolling dice. Image on the ground, such a novel life, he thought, while knowing nothing at all. Every option noted or tendency made, they will carry on until the perfect date, she said, while knowing nothing at all. All the rules w

Eurovision - Softengine - something better (finland) lyrics

human bound, people rolling dice. Image on the ground, such a novel life, he thought, while knowing nothing at all. Every option noted or tendency made, they will carry on until the perfect date, she said, while knowing nothing at all. All the rules we

Lukas Graham - Better than yourself (criminal mind pt. 2) lyrics

got the letter back saying I can come and see you I really don't have time but promised that I'd come and see you You're setting far away But do you know I sometimes need you I know that you deserve time you got Of all the people I know you never ben

Van Morrison - Once in a blue moon lyrics

in a blue moon Something good comes along Once in a blue moon Everything's not going wrong When you get weary Beating on the same old gong Once in a blue moon Someone like you comes along Once every once in a while Something comes along that feels just right Once ever

Elvis Costello - The beat lyrics

re all going on a summer holiday Vigilante's coming out to follow me. Heard somebody say they're out to collar me. Anybody wanna swallow me? It takes two to tumble. It takes two to tango. Speak up; don't mumble if you're in the combo. On the beat, on the bea

Cypress Hill lyricsCypress Hill - Till death comes lyrics

Refrén) My game so strong, I can't go wrong My dough so long, baby why prolong Baby we get high, Baby we get dough Baby we can party all night till death come [Verse One] We been in the game for a long time Yes we're battle tested With the t

Chicago - Along comes a woman lyrics

is a time when a man needs somebody to talk to Someone to talk to, somebody who'll always be there All alone, nothin' seemed to matter So alone, doesn't get much better Can't explain somethin' that you're feelin' For the very first time There was a time when you needed some

Dio - Along comes a spider lyrics

when you only needed no one Every day’s tomorrow And it’s all right No confessions - not for you Forget the things you’ve done It’s what you’ll do The first time you’re suspicious What’s that gliding down Along comes a spider Suddenly the world has n

Parade - Mr right now lyrics

1 [SIAN / BIANCA] You think, I’m a little addicted And I’m just one of your women That always plays love games I’m not the same, you got me wrong You are kinda like an appetiser No you’re kinda like McGuiver A stunt man filling in for a few good men You c

Blowsight - Standby button lyrics

used to picture you naked on the floor But I just can't do that anymore And I used to love the things we did If God's a witness, God forbid But I just can't do that anymore So what the hell is going on? Take me back where I belong I've been pushing my

Emma Bunton - Something tells me (something's going to happ.. lyrics

tells me something's gonna happen tonight I read in the papers that gemini people will make it tonight Stars will be shining my sign is aligning with love So come on and make it, let's take everything that we've been dreaming of Oh baby, something tells me, something's gonn

Perry Como - Beats there a heart so true lyrics

who would try to understand someone who'd be thrilled to touch my hand an' thru all eternity, she'd be good for only me beats there a heart so true? Someone who could make her lips so warm that my lonely heart could brave each storm someone who'd be miles away, still w

British Sea Power - Something wicked lyrics

the ancient oak leaf clusters grew, the deaths head hawk moth flew, Something wicked this way comes. The swallow is depicted there along your fuselage, Something wicked this way comes. I'm not waiting for you. It's breaking up and getting far away, I used

Bloodhound Gang - Along comes mary lyrics

time I think that I'm the only one who's lonely Someone calls on me And every now and then I spend my time at rhyme and verse And curse those faults in me And then along comes Mary (Mary, Mary) And then along comes Mary (Mary, Mary) And does she want to give me kick

Leann Rimes - Something i can feel lyrics

my heart And I swear the truth Love was dead to me til I met you I spent a lot of time building up these walls Then you come strutting in With your wrecking ball Just another girl defeated Till you gave me what I needed Something I can feel Something I can fee

Sleeping With Sirens - Congratulations (feat. matty mullins) lyrics

Welcome to a brand new generation You don't know So let me help you understand You see, you try to build yourself a reputation So you can prove to everyon...

Marilyn Manson lyricsMarilyn Manson - User friendly lyrics

2x) Use me when you want to come I bled just to have it touched When I'm in you I want to die User friendly f***ing dope star obscene Will you die when you're high You'd never die just for me She says, "I'm not in love, but I'm gonna f*** you 'til

Alive Like Me - Better off lyrics

was never something that you made important Every time I think of you I can't ignore that I’m I’m better off without you You won't get another chance to take it back You left me with a choice now I have to act like I I’m better off without you

The Black Ghosts - Until it comes again lyrics

used to be, it was all I want, my only care Nothing else had a single part to play in my head But now times led my mind astray Something was changed along the way And no amount of tears can bring it back round 'Til it comes again So maybe we sho

Girls Aloud - Something kinda ooooh lyrics

kinda ooh, Jumping on my tutu Something 'side of me, Wants some part of you oo-ooh Something kinda ooh, Makes my heart go boom boom Something 'side of me, Wanting what you do oo-ooh Ooh, when tomorrow comes Baby I won't even known your name Baby so good

Cliff Richard - I'll string along with you lyrics

may not be an angel 'Cause angels are so few But until the day that one comes along I'll string along with you I'm looking for an angel To sing my love song too And until the day that one comes along I'll sing my song to you For every little fault that you have

Nickelback lyricsNickelback - Something in your mouth lyrics

meet the hottie With the million dolar body They say its over budget But you'd pay her just to touch it Come on Needs to hit the big screen And shoot a little love scene If hollywood had her called She'd be gone before ya hollered Come on Dirty little lady with the pretty pi

Evereve - Along comes a fool lyrics

.. along comes a fool. Hey now, along... along comes a fool. Prozac-sedatives-silver shot. Flood your brain, worship the dogs. Tonight your shivering, filled with ease. But life goes on the great deceit. Razors-needles-acid prick. Free your mi

Melanie C lyricsMelanie C - Better alone lyrics

understand your point of view letting me go But I thought you had more faith Everything I've done for you You made the mistakes and now you throw this in my face And I have worked so hard for you all of this time and you cast me aside I understand your point

Mushroomhead lyricsMushroomhead - Along the way lyrics

I'm thirsty - And weary from the heat As the Sands rinse the hands of time I will suck the venom from your wound If you will do the same and suck from mine,) (You and I - Were ruined by This desert between us I walked through the valley and star

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