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Dragon Force - Through fire and flames lyrics

a cold winter morning, in the time before the light In flames of death's eternal reign we ride towards the fight When the darkness has fallen down, and the times are tough all right The sound of evil laughter falls around theworld tonight Fighting hard,

Orphaned Land - Through fire and water lyrics

אף השקר, המוות וקושי הסליחה באש ובמים, אלך איתך בנפול אויבך אל תשמח (משלי כ"ד י"ז למרות הדם, החושך והמלחמה, באש ובמים אלך

Indigo Girls - Walking through fire lyrics

you set a match to your heart fueling it with bitterness and doubt that's a blaze that once it starts no amount of tears can put out i know you're scared but no one's spared when you play with matches you've got me walking through fire you've got me walking through f

Bad Company lyricsBad Company - Walk through fire lyrics

used to see those red tail lights, heading for another town And wish that I was on my way Looking back on these summer nights, wasting time, fooling 'round And there was nothing here to make me stay But that night I met you, the night you came t

Angel (helena Iren Michaelsen) - Lead you through fire lyrics

t you try to change, who I am Don't compare me, to someone else To disappoint you, on the purpose Want to introduce myself I won't let myself get hurt by a man again. I lead through fire, don't let you slip away I lead through fire, won't left al

Dragonforce - Through the fire and flames lyrics

a cold winter morning, in the time before the light, In flames of death's eternal reign, we ride towards the fight. When the darkness has fallen down, and the times are tough all right. The sound of evil laughter falls around the world tonight. Fighting high, fighti

Pellek - Through the fire and flames (dragonforce cove.. lyrics

a cold winter morning, in the time before the light, In flames of death's eternal reign, we ride towards the fight. When the darkness has fallen down, And the times are tough all right. The sound of evil laughter Falls around the world tonight. Fighting high, fi

Dawn Of Silence - Fire and ice lyrics

my heart in a quest for reason Raging hell, I sold my soul for eternity Will I ever find the key to whatever will set us free Free from the dark that lies behind On my own and the world lies on my shoulders Saints and sinners guide my way come step into our lives As I craw

Conquest Of Steel - Conquest through fire and steel lyrics

nation torn apart so deep by every living soul Their hatred, blood and anger rises from the very soil A single man foresaw a future os peace and harmony Xia Laius wielder of the Stormsword, mighty chosen king 28 tribes this king united in less than 13 years

Overkill - Walk through fire lyrics

a little woozy, feeling shitty Overdone, over tired Waling like you lose, just shitty, wherever you go Are you happy with the congregation Do you find that you always need more Are you wishing on a constellation Do you find that your throat's always sore

Sathanas - March through fire lyrics

the sword of hate Toward heaven's gate! Stained with angel's blood, Gleaming in the twilight... March through fire! Crossing the eternal flame Retribution... Ceremonial that awaits... Reign of darkness, Praised as Shadows fall The hordes come after

Prophanity - Walking through fire lyrics

dressed up for battle we are Holding our swords up high On my shield the sign of Thor For power and protection in war I raise my skull to the skies A sign on the horizon is given My roots are near The power fills my heart and soul I have walked through fi

Impending Doom - Walking through fire lyrics

I am! Yeah... A dangerous man. Father God, give me strength to fight this to the end, then to jump in faith and to break every stronghold in my way. The time is up; the time has come, quit playing it safe. I spit in your face. The end is coming, but not yet. You’re not th

Reinxeed - Through the fire lyrics

running from left to right trying to find a way to survive when the water draws near and all the lifeboats are almost gone But sadly to say there's no way When they save all the people According to the class they live All hope is gone and the only thing left is to pr

Machine Head - Take me through the fire lyrics

drum beats on as I fall in trance Stepping away from the endless dance My enemies in the endless abyss The snakes slithering out of the mist No subtleties truth is all that I ask No pleasantries you can take off that mask This world has left me bruised and callous Empty h

Donald Lawrence - Through the fire lyrics

Verse:] I look in your eyes and I can see you've lived so dangerously You're not trusting your heart to anyone You've told me you're gonna play it smart You're through before you start But I believe that -you've only just begun When love is good, There's no saying no I love him so, I'm

Nina - Through the fire lyrics

look in your eyes and I can see We've loved so dangerously You're not trusting your heart to anyone You tell me you're gonna play it smart We're through before we start But I believe that we've only just begun When it's this good, there's no saying no I want you so, I'm r

Keke Palmer - Fire and smoke lyrics

for you. You for me Boy I claim it, Let it be If you need it, Boy I got it Love is right here, In my pocket From the bottom, To the tippy I will go all in as long as you with me Paint another when the color fades To paint you red, when it’s all grey. Turn it up, if

Kenziner - Through the fire lyrics

march through the mud, to the field we’re sure we’ll die As we look around, it’s all we realize To kill in war, the queen says it’s so No reason given, our rank does not know The long bows, swords of valor Well even now, we see the foe’s long lines

Van Morrison - Fire in the belly lyrics

of the wildest, it's got the best of you Fire in my heart, fire in my belly too Got a heart and a mind and a fire inside And I'm crazy about you You, you on your high flying cloud You, you when you're laughing out loud You, you with your hidden surpri

Chaka Khan - Through the fire lyrics

in your eyes and i can see We've loved so dangerously You're not trusting your heart to anyone You tell me you're gonna play it smart We're through before we start But i believe that we've only just begun When it's this good, there's no saying no I wa

Scissor Sisters - Fire with fire lyrics

can see that you're being surrounded from every direction, Love was just something you found to add to your collection, It used to seem that we were number one, But now it sounds so far away, I had a dream we were running from some blazing arrows yesterday, CHORUS You s

Josh Devine - Through the fire (ft. ollie green) lyrics

tell me what are you waiting for Gotta stand up and take it on Cause when I look in your eyes I see a fighter Through the fire Don't turn it down If it's all that really matters Don't let it go If it's what you really want So raise the bar Ne

Day Of Fire - Through the fire lyrics

in the flame again I’ll be there to hold your hand Keeping you safe until the end And when the flood begins I’ll be there with you to stand Walking in faith until the end I’ll see you through the flood I’ll see you through the fire I’ll see you through the storms raging (2x)

Oar - Fire lyrics

on forever was never the plan I'm just passing minutes that I got in my hands Counting down the seconds till my heart it can rest Then something started burning in the back of my chest All I ever asked for was a shot at this life And when you gave it to

2pm - Through the fire lyrics

through the fire mezase Higher tsukame jounetsu de Desire kono mama ja oware na iya tachikire genjitsu no Wire koerare nai kabe nanka nai ano jishin o (Bring it back, Bring it back) hitoichibai sore shika nai te o nobashi te (Bring it back, Bring

Escape The Fate - Fire it up lyrics

through my veins like gasoline So I hit the ground running Fingers grab your thought to calm my disses F*** are we having fun yet? Falling down now! Take the posin before it destroys us! Falling down now! Fates are rising here come the hellions

Method Man & Redman - Fire ina hole lyrics

Ina Hole State your business Come on Let's make it hot Come on (word) Let's make it hot Come on Let's make it hot Come on, let's make it hot (hardcore to make 'em rubbers at cold) Come on, come on with all do respect to tha game im tha ph- enom , not ready for primet

Rihanna lyricsRihanna - Fire bomb lyrics

Whoa Gunfire left a hole In the tank Losing gasoline Fire is on my trail And he's after me Hope it dont get here Before I get where Im going I gotta get where Im going Take off my mask to breathe You couldve been a apart of a Masterpiece Fluid in the bre

Rough Silk - Through the fire lyrics

of working, and years of rain a handful of hope sometimes leads to tears in rain we'll never give - no - we'll never give in we're addicted to that rush city to city - from show to show that's the only way we want to go even though the road is gettin' tough

Astral Doors - Fire in our house lyrics

to begin but clouds made of sin Announced that the building's on fire Met up with the band; we couldn't understand Systems now red alert We looked at a funeral pyre A song for the starlight Tumbling down; but why; There's a fire in our house; no sun at night A fire in

One Direction lyricsOne Direction - Through the dark lyrics

Liam] You tell me that you're sad and lost your way You tell me that your tears are here to stay But I know you were only hiding And I just wanna see you You tell me that you're hurt and you're in pain And I can see your head is held in shame But I just wanna see your smile

Anvil - Fire on the highway lyrics

down the road on an icy storming night (night, night) Doing what we can to surive this horrid drive of fright (fright, fright) Every curve and every hill, holding on in fear (fear, fear) Doing what we can not to break or to oversteer (steer, steer) Wheels spinning, nothing t

Arthemis - Fire, set us free lyrics

by the absence of the light we only feel the terror's rise Condamned to run without a shelter Your torture kills the men and makes them blind, but don't you feel so satisfied My hate is gonna rule forever The flames are burning higher I'm the Keeper of

Mat Kearney lyricsMat Kearney - Fire and rain lyrics

heard you were back in town I heard you would come around Trying to get off the ground Every road you went down Walked down the old street Just to feel the old heat If you're burning on empty I'll be holding a golden ring 'Cause hey hey, they don't know you like I do I

Iron Fire - Follow the sign lyrics

like the road that leads to nowhere Riding the time like there is no tomorrow Obey the voice that speaks from the inside Through the darkness and into the light From the shadows and the underground From the dungeon faith is rising The spell is broken and the curse is gone

Revis - Fire and ice lyrics

my door. there’s a women near by and someone she sings for. and the news at the stand speaks her last song. blue sky, black nights come and go. someone turn on the lights for the evening show. people’s shuffling feat won’t compete with time. words in the air through my w

Kanye West lyricsKanye West - Through the wire lyrics

G they can't stop me from rapping can they? Can that huh? I spit it through the wire man Too much stuff on my heart right now man I'd gladly risk it all right now It's a life or death situation man Y'all will understand how I feel right now man It's your b

Abyssos - Through the gloom into the fire lyrics

is the eve of the new era A dark cold night of autumn breeze The last leaves fall to the frosty ground The pale moon gazes through the thick massing clouds The witches are gathered, a hideous coven In delirious tones, they are shouting Foul mysterious words as they go

Dawes - Fire away lyrics

one's going out to you As the taxi pulls away A song to keep you company for the ride There's something wrong with a goodbye In the middle of the day So pretend I am still sitting at your side And if you want to talk about all the differences Bet

Shadows Fall - Fire from the sky lyrics

sun at day break Burns and blinds the eyes And though our bodies ache We march on or we die Silence of space Is torn by cries Another hopeless world Prepares to die Are those the eyes of god That burn so bright Or the hands of death Reaching through the night The shadow

Artizan - Fire lyrics

s a fire that burns in my heart It's been calling me from the start Time can't take the dreams I have made There's a fire that burns in my heart Pushing forward through all the years Manifesting hope in my fears Clutching the dreams I've betrayed

Kelis - Fire (feat. spragga benz) lyrics

Kelis Making It Outta Here Spragga Benz On The Track Get Over Here Kelis Its Like That Its That Kelis Grazzily Insane Kelis N' Sparaggess Dance Kelis Hollow, Watch A Little [Kelis:] Go Left, Go Right, Go All Day, Go All Night Keep Doing It To The Right, In The Pocket

Bette Midler - Fire down below lyrics

comes The Rose, looking mighty fine. Here comes ol' Nancy, walking right in time. Here comes the stripper, bringing on the night. Here come the boys, faces hidden from the light. Walk through the shadows. Well, they come and they go. Only one thing on their mind: fire

Eddie Money - Fire nad water lyrics

just can’t cool it down I said something to you baby that I might be fed You said something to me baby that I just can’t forget Though we’ve been through this before, love is a reviving goal Give and take a little more Just like fire and water colder than hotter most of the t

Cellar Darling - Fire, wind & earth lyrics

comes the storm Fire was my faith Earth you were my truth Air you gave me life As four we gave birth to the world Now they chocke me Disrupt me As I wither and dry up they're growing stronger The flames are searing through the night The ground be

Artension - Through the gate lyrics

their bags and left that day one way ticket to outer space mohtership has sailed away blinded by the comets fall Faithfully they follow, into the fire they ride fearless hope by their side if only they knew the stories he told were untrue Through the gate it's

Alabama - Fire on fire lyrics

was a stranger in a little town She was sittin' alone in a crowd Listening to the old jukebox playin' a song From the moment we walked through the diner door She felt something like never before A feelin' so strong right from the start It wouldn't stop - it was more tha

Emerald Rose - Fire in the head lyrics

Fire in the head) I'm a flame in motion (Fire in the head) I'm a sword that's sharp (Fire in the head) I'm a drop in the ocean A shield in battle and a string in a harp (Fire in the head) I'm an eagle soaring (Fire in the head) I'm a spoken word

Gaia Epicus - Through the fire lyrics

we have to choose We may not like the choice we have Sometimes we're bound to loose In this game that some call life You feel the heat again You try to run but you have to stay and jump Through the fire we go You feel the flames, but nothing brings you down Through

Kottonmouth Kings - Fire it up lyrics

it up Fire it up Fire it up Salu-Mother F***ing-Tations Glad you came I see you got a reputation Your in for a night full of blunts and beers. Drinks and pits come on in don't fear. Now it might get a little restless But we're all family relax don't stress You best get out y

Red Hot Chili Peppers lyricsRed Hot Chili Peppers - Fire lyrics

alright, Now dig this! You don't care for me I don't care about that You got a new fool Hah! I like it like that I have only one burning desire Oh, can I make love with your fire? Let me stand next to your fire Funky Funky fire Let me st

Crystal Ball - Fire still burns lyrics

for the show tonite Nothing can hold us down We're standing in the light We're ready to strike Blazing flames of rock'n'roll Set the world on fire The power starts to grow Can you feel the heat? Fire still burns Fire still burns Glowing speakers and flashin

Hawk Nelson - Through the fire feat. mike donehe lyrics

can feel the sun before I see its light I can see my breath in the air on a cold night But I can't see Your face or hear Your voice right now All I hear is pain, it's the only sound Why does it hurt? Why does it hurt? Won't You look down and let Your kingdom come? When will

Sean Kingston - Fire burning lyrics

Let’s Go Hey, hey, hey Red One Hey Hey Shawty got that super thing Hotter than the sun of south in spain Got me soon as I walked through the door My pocket started tickle-ing The way she dropped it low that thang Got me wanna spend my

Sean Kingston - Fire burning on the dance floor lyrics

call 911! Shawty fire burning on the dance floor, whoa (fire burning, fire burning) What a gwaan! Kingston, let's go, hey! Red one, hey, hey Shawty go that super thing Hotter than the sun in the south in Spain Got me soon as I walked through the door My pocket started

Laurel - Fire breather lyrics

crier, village flyer Got a skull and crossbones on his chest And I can't resist When he looks like this All his other girls Face on magazines Big blue eyes, oh I don't know what it means, no What does he want from me? We're hanging in the b

Lord - Through the fire lyrics

another fortune fade away Another dream cast to the wind Chronos waits to seize the day So play his game and play to win CHORUS: Take hold of life - walk through the fire Sometimes it seems like time is slipping away Take hold of life - walk through t

Madina Lake - Through the pain lyrics

the Chicago River after dark We watch the city lights tear the sky apart The wind was blowing her hair around As the scenery explodes, I'll tell you how I fell into an old cliche Always on the road, only halfway sane No hospital can fix what I've become. I've

Rebellion - Through the fire lyrics

friend, you are invited to join us till the end Come on in and close the door behind you, take my hand Leave all your sins and troubles out of there blessed walls I'm your show master now, judgement day it's called Hear the wolves outsdide They want us dead, no mercy

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