Thought You Were My Brother But You Stabbed Me In My Back So I Has To Load My Pistol lyrics

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Biohazard - You were wrong lyrics

were wrong for so long, an empty canvas, filled now with all the pain inside, inside and I swear I still remember looking through ... the hole inside my mind, my mind but you were wrong I don

Blessthefall - You wear a crown but you're no king lyrics

YOUR EMPIRE FALL!!! You'll never stop 'til you get ... what you want You think you have control? You tried to ... take mine! But I won't leave 'til I get what I

Band Of Skulls - You aren't pretty but you got it going on lyrics

re tone deaf but you're singing a song, You feel lost but you know where you're from You ... re not pretty but you got it going on Your head swims in ... electric blues If all fails, you can't lose You lie low but

Nasty Savage - Stabbed in the back lyrics

for the unknown Only searching for trouble Cheating and ... stealing from your best friend No more job, all you do is no good Running from the ... police For stealing a car Mug a lady of a

Eminem lyricsEminem - You can't back down lyrics

Chorus]: Keep on going you just gotta fight it, keep on ... going cause it’s not too late, you can’t back down, you can’t back down. Keep on going you just gotta fight it,

Jimmy Eat World - You were good lyrics

could have been but never was At least the way you thought it'd be when you grew ... up And there's so much of you I love but loving you alone isn't enough You were good You were good Then you were gone

Pinhead Gunpowder - Brother lyrics

I had a brother And we grew up looking out ... other And when he f***ed up I did my best to cover his lies ... I hid him from the cops when he was a ... runaway Put him up when he was on the

Icon For Hire - You were wrong lyrics

thought we were one and the same Us against them and their ... dumb little game Well I guess I got played, head in ... the sand and my heart on stage Missed it, oh

Amy Grant - You were there lyrics

never thought I needed someone Till you came away. How I ever lived without you I don ... t know to this day. There were times I could have done ... letter, I know, But even when I fail you or your

George Jones - You never looked that good when you were mine lyrics

I saw you today and I thought for a while I was dreaming. You were the loveliest girl I'd ... seen in a long, long time You introduced me to him and while we were talking I just stood there thinking you never

Whitney Houston lyricsWhitney Houston - You were loved lyrics

all want to make a place in this world We all want our voices to be heard Everyone ... wants a chance to be someone We all have dreams we ... need to dream Sweeter than any star you can reach Is when you reach

Ring Of Fire - You were there lyrics

were there When I was all alone without a friend You were there When ... everything went wrong You were there To help me to go on ... and not pretend You were there To help me to be

Avalon - You were there lyrics

wonder how it must have felt when David stood to face Goliath on a hill I imagine that he shook with ... all his might. Until you took his hand and held on tight

Joanna Newsom - In california lyrics

heart became a drunken runt On the day I ... sunk in this shunt To tap me clean Of all the wonder And ... the sorrow I have seen Since I left my home: My home, on

Bump Of Chicken - You were here (byla jsi tady) lyrics

ga mawatte tōzakete iku karada to karada tōzakete ... iku komaku ni nokoru miminari to futari de hitori no yoru ... ni modoru shinjirarenai kurai ni sugu sugita mahō no jikan wa sugu sugita atama no

Grim Reaper - You'll wish that you were never born lyrics

you, Yeah you. Come here, You gotta prblem? Have now, ha ... If you're coming to get me, make sure that it's your day ... 'Cause if you're not feeling lucky, then pain's the price

Jon Mclaughlin - You can never go back lyrics

you can never go back Well Jackie you can be ... anything you want Well that's what they ... said when you were young But you never been good at movin on

B. J. Thomas - You were there to catch me lyrics

were there to catch me When I fell in love Fell in love You were there to catch me When I fell in love Fell in love ... The paper moon I was reaching for Was never really there

Head East - You will the one lyrics

you're telling me you're going Why you're leaving I don't ... know I could tell you, you were wrong But you're leaving ... heart and soul But just before you change your life And just before you go

Van Morrison - You don't pull no punches, but you don't push.. lyrics

Da da da....) When you were a child, you were a tomboy Gimme soul satisfaction Way back in shady lane Do you remember darlin'? And it's the ... woman in you, and it's the woman in you Gimme soul satisfaction And it takes

Vanessa Amorosi - You were led on lyrics

u tell she dont feel the same And i know ur just a fool ... that hopes to find That she loves you like you ... love ur dreams To stay 2gether and feel the same Thats how you want it 2 be

Dashboard Confessional - So beautiful lyrics

heard that you were home again, but you don't look like your ... back to me With your focuses changing your gaze is transfixed on a point that I ... can't often see You've got your new ties, i've got my old

Jow,malese - You left me in the air lyrics

should've let me know the reason why You let me go, let me ... go It's been killing me inside Now that I'm alone Get ... down to the point You swear you'll tell nothing but the whole

Kenny Rogers - But you know i love you lyrics

the morning sun streaks across my room ... And I've waken up from another ... dream of you Yes I'm on the raod, once again it ... seems All I've left behind, is a chain of broken dream But you know I love you Yes I

Arven - My dear friend lyrics

I look back I see your face The smile in your eyes ... The moments that we both shared come to my mind Those wonderful times In my life you were the

Matt Maher - You were on the cross lyrics

everything is lost And everything I've ... loved before is gone Alone like the coming of the frost ... And a cold winter's chill in my stony heart And where were

Lyle Lovett - You were always there lyrics

sun comes up The world goes round and ... round There's no bad luck, its Just the luck you found You steal away Into a lonesome ... sun Another day Is lowered in the ground I feel my

Pellek - You were there (ico cover) lyrics

island bathes in the sun's bright rays Distant hills wear ... of grey A lonely breeze whispers in the trees Sole witness to history Fleeting memories rise From the shadows

Michael Jackson lyricsMichael Jackson - In the back lyrics

re just preaching the Bible and they still speakin you ... re a lier And you still deal with the fires That ... dah dah dah dah dah dah, you dah dah dah dah dah dah

Melissa Etheridge - Meet me in the back lyrics

me in the back Don't make me wait too long I could ... change my mind And tell you that it's wrong So meet me in the back Where the light ... don't shine First show me yours Maybe I'll show you mine

Jimmy Cliff - You can get it if you really want lyrics

can get it if you really want You can get it if you really want You can get ... it if you really want But you must try, try and try Try ... and try - you'll succeed at last

Dekker Desmond - You can get it if you really want lyrics

can get it if you really want You can get it if you really want You can get ... it if you really want But you must try, try and try Try ... and try, you'll succeed at last

Art Garfunkel - In a little while (i´ll be on my way) lyrics

know it's late but I can't sleep tonight, 'Cause I got something on my mind. I ... could try one more time to turn out the light, But I ... just can't make myself unwind. 'Cause every time I close my eyes I see your face, And I

Beartooth - Me in my own head lyrics

s a problem then go and fix it It's such a simple phrase but I can't grasp it I lay awake ... at night With the fear of dying if I close my eyes What's

Casketgarden - To relive my carnage lyrics

your life WENT sick I was retreat, I was the wing ... Eyesight, sun in the dawn But you find denied feathers ... Coexistence went sick I don't know that you forgot

Dolly Parton lyricsDolly Parton - But you loved me then lyrics

the castles that we once built in the sand Remember how ... we used to go and visit fairy land Remember how we'd ... for that pot of gold at the rainbow's end But you loved me

L.a. Guns - You better not love me lyrics

take some advice Opportunity rarely strikes twice You’re a lovely thing And you ... make me smile But you better not love me I’m gonna ... run a mile Don’t make me mad Now would you lie for me like I lie for you Cry for me like I cry for you Take a

Brian Setzer Orchestra - My baby only cares for me lyrics

and pearls, black silk stockings In her own world when she ... s rockin' She don't hang out with ... anyone else in the crowd Stiletto heels on the dance floor

Rosanne Cash - You won't let me in lyrics

m staying in your house I'm sleeping in your bed I'm ... walking through your dreams I'm dancing through your head I'm calling from the streets I ... m crying like the wind 'Cause you are there And I

Kill Baby Kill! - Crocodile tears lyrics

bulls***, the rumors and the lies. The talk talk talk behind my back, couldn't even look me in the eyes. When was it that you decided, to start your sick

Smashproof - Brother lyrics

... got some questions in my mind. Sid: I got my elbow ... on the window-sill, hand on my face looking out to the world ... A lot of questions lay awake in my brain and I'm still trying

K. Michelle - You should've killed me lyrics

and all the lessons I've learned... I done been ... through it all, I done had people try take my life... Leave me for dead, but ... victories that much greater when you

Cro-mags - Dont tread on me lyrics

to all your friends The trouble never ends You're gonna take a fall And I ... don't care at all Stabbed me in the back Someone I ... trusted Let's get things straight Don't tread on me I thought things were cool But I guess

Azrael's Bane - Brother (never meant to last) lyrics

- Tell me what you have done My brother - Did you pull your ... veil over everyone Brother - Did you find what you were ... looking for My brother - Were the answers there behind the

Eminem lyricsEminem - Miss you (remix of the song "difficult") lyrics

1 They ask me am I ok they ask me if I'm happy ... are they asking me that because of the shit ... thats been thrown at me or am I just a little snappy ... and they genuinely care Doody, most of my life its just been me and you

Razor - Stabbed in the back lyrics

metal scene has gone to piss Boneheads lead the way ... Playing fast because it's in And then they go away Instead of kicking major butt ... They start to slow it down Bringing back the 70's

Stephen Jerzak - Ha to the ppy lyrics

can see your point about breaking up, I can see your point ... that you've had enough of me; I agree, and obviously you ... should leave me I'm sure you'll tell me in a really nice

Joan Jett - Last to know lyrics

was a time I'd given you a piece of my soul Now everything's changed and it's gettin' so outta control Cuz I caught you one time then I caught you

Monrose - Feels so bad lyrics

my dreams there are some things that I can't describe I ... have to speak about or I would keep this lie. When it gets me down oh then I get ... turned around. You stabbed me in the back. Is this something you enjoy, something you

Daniel Farrant & Paul Rawson - I dare you lyrics

dare you to lose control I dare to bare your soul I ... dare you to give to me What you gave to her under the ... sycamore tree I dare you to lose control I dare to bare your soul I dare you to give to me What you gave to her under

Fire And Ice - My brother lyrics

the seeds of strife are clearly sown The poor ... his croft the king his throne But my Brother still stands close to me When ... the lindens close together stand The coward

Juelz Santana - My will lyrics

Intro:] I hope my son's learnt to be not like me If I die tonight I hope my ... daughter never meet a nigga like me If I die tonight ... [Hook:] If I die tonight, just know I lived one

Jughead's Revenge - Stabbed in the back lyrics

feel a deep incision Spine and steel collision All ... these lies I see in your eyes I don't know what to ... believe The truth twists and stretches The

Shearwater - You as you were lyrics

fell on the rocks At a bend in the river With the blood ... from your nose Running hard on your fingers And ... through the rest of your life The electric charge Of

Q Amey - Steal my show lyrics

about to start the show And I ain't heard from you I know You gotta be somewhere running to ... the mall Just feel it in my bones It's hard to believe ... that you're at home Girl, pick up the phone I've been callin' all day long I know you got my message tried to send it bout

Aaron Neville - She took you for a ride lyrics

was just imagination, the temptation that went to your head and now you are a victim of circumstance You've ... beat me to the girl that I always wanted You thought you had her brother but you still

Bring Me The Horizon lyricsBring Me The Horizon - (i used to make out with) medusa lyrics

hands clutch my arms the smell of death fills the air her ... fragrance, her carcass reanimates If you need me i'll be ... tying a rope to the tree were our, where our love used to

Simon & Garfunkel lyricsSimon & Garfunkel - He was my brother lyrics

was my brother Five years older than I He was my brother Twenty-three years ... old the day he died Freedom writer They ... cursed my brother to his face Go home outsider This

La Toya Jackson - La toya jackson hes my brother lyrics

yeah, yeah He's not bad! You may say he's eccentric I will admit that he's quite different You may say he does ... crazy things, oh oh oh He works hard

Lil Wayne lyricsLil Wayne - You aint got nuthin lyrics

Santana) [Fabolous] [Talking at start of the verse] Yess ... What it look like Alc, tryin to show the niggas man It's ... Fam man, we rep that Loso, Street fi-di-di-di-dam yess!

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