Those Hollywood Nights In The Backseat Of Her Car Never Never Let Me Get That Far Tonight lyrics

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Foghat - Let mi get close to you lyrics

up with a feelin' this morning, Feelin' I was next to you. ... Can't wait another day, got to get on my way, ... And make my dream come true. Stayed up schemin'

Bebe Rexha lyricsBebe Rexha - In the name of love (feat. martin garrix) lyrics

gonna hurt If I warned you that the fire's gonna burn Would ... you walk in? Would you let me do it first? Do it all in the name of love Would you let me lead you even when you're blind? In the darkness, in the

Bebe Rexha lyricsBebe Rexha - In the name of love (feat. martin garrix) lyrics

gonna hurt If I warned you that the fire's gonna burn Would ... you walk in? Would you let me do it first? Do it all in the name of love Would you let me lead you even when you're blind? In the darkness, in the

Jonas Alaska - In the backseat lyrics

ve been a lot to the movies lately The last one ruined my heart I saw the world go ... down and under, Everything just fell apart But in the backseat, In the backseat of the car

Hot Chocolate - Heaven is in the backseat of my cadillac lyrics

s in the back seat of my cadillac - Let me take ... you there yeah yeah. Heaven's in the ... back seat of my cadillac - Let me take you there yeah yeah. ... to you I wanna touch you There are people ev'rywhere

Barbara Mandrell - In the name of love lyrics

who called me yesterday apologized for goin ... away And said I'm still the one he's dreamin' of And did ... I need you so He wants to come back home in the name of love

Tragically Hip, The lyricsTragically Hip, The - Locked in the trunk of a car lyrics

don't know how old I am They found armour in my belly ... From the sixteenth century ... Conquistador, I think They don't know how old I am They found armour in my belly

Machine Head - In the presence of my enemies lyrics

never ask myself why injustice befell me Accepted of the fact, try and live a life of ... m not a violent man, but to those who'd threaten me My

Banaroo - In the name of love lyrics

the name of love I can't get enough In the name of love ... and peace Forever and a day In the name of love We got a ... thing that brings you down But it can also

Anointed - In the need of love lyrics

day, I'm learnin' not compare myself There's ... always gonna be somebody else who's more ... seems to have my wants from me I wonder if they feel the same about me Said we can be

Harry Belafonte - In the name of love lyrics

burns and glows without flame? What lives and grows ... without rain? What brings a smile that lasts for a ... little while That makes me cry without shame? How can

Diana Ross - In a world of make believe lyrics

a world of make believe You can change ... all that you see But in the world of reality You've ... taught me all that I need Time like a river ... flows Twisting and turning all the way Life is an

Alexander Arthur (june) - In the middle of it all lyrics

once was a happy house And the two of us we were so happy ... As I recall But now the rain falls around it And loneliness surrounds it And I I'm in ... the middle of it all My friends look at me

Sara Evans - Backseat of a greyhound bus lyrics

wore a dress with cherries on it Going somewhere where she'd be wanted In a town ... this small all they do is talk No wedding ring, ... chipped fingernail polish She always

Cc Catch - Backseat of your cadillac lyrics

a heart of fool I am my dreams fade ... day. Do you wanna - sentimental lady - do you wanna - be ... my heart over and over again? In the backseat of your ... Oh baby ooh you made me mad so mad. In the backseat

Boston - Let me take you home tonight lyrics

m not like this, I'm really kind of shy But I get this feeling whenever you walk by I don ... you you could see your way to me, come on and let me try Let me take you home tonight

Linda Perry - Let me ride lyrics

sweetness A hundred miles of pure delight When we get together baby My temperature's a ... be your lover Wanna do you in the back of my car Can't

Helloween lyricsHelloween - In the middle of a heartbeat lyrics

who I am? Have you ever seen me as your friend? Anything we ... have is those hungry nights But there's so much left ... unsatisfied All those little things you told me Ain't good enough to show me That we're gonna make it through the time I found out In the

Arcade Fire lyricsArcade Fire - In the backseat lyrics

like the peace In the backseat I don't have to drive I don ... t have to speak I can watch the countryside And I can fall ... My family tree's Losing all it's leaves Crashing

The Organ - No one has ever looked so dead lyrics

it’s over and i can’t go there anymore And in the backseat of your car You showed me ... every single star And how the zenith and the sounds Change

Butch Walker - The weight of her lyrics

Here come the captain She's a firecracker, skinny ... jeans Two lips of honey, yeah She leaves a ... trail of gasoline She drinks more whiskey Than her

Kristina Debarge - Nights in the city lyrics

put the drink in the glass Thirsty is up, fires ... my... Trynna be up and tell me our pass Moving too slow, ... double take fast Who got the club, turn up, up, up Who

Brian May - Let me out lyrics

gentle Ooh I been sleeping I been hiding Beat my head ... against the wall I been crying just from staring At the ... shame of it all Let me out Let me outa here We

Notorious B.i.g. - Let me get down lyrics

[Notorious B.I.G.] To my motherf***in man 50 Grand, the ... alcoholic man Inject a tall can in his ... if he can Biggie Smalls, the p**** stroker MC provoker,

John Denver - The ballad of st. anne’s reel lyrics

was stranded in some tiny town On fair Prince ... Edward Isle Awaitin' for a ship to come and find ... place, a friendly face Some coffee and a tiny trace Of

Boy Hits Car - In the lateness of a day lyrics

Feel so Detached From anything Or nothing Becomes ... Everything Ahhh (x 4) Everything... ... Ahhh (x 3) When I Looked in The mirror I say I dont

Haken - The point of no return lyrics

the ice has melted into tears of pain or fear, ... pure anticipation. In hope we are, patient for a ... cry. A child is born tonight and love has come to life.

Everything But The Girl - The spice of life lyrics

has come between me and the world that knew what I ... thought wild last is falling apart in the face of something new how can I explain that ... I had no choice the sound of the waves fills her ears and

Jamie Foxx - Let me get you on your toes (interlude) lyrics

I can see what you're working with, So drop it to the..! ... well I can see your back from the front, How did you get out ... to the door? No.. Baby girl, we ain't gonna ask you.. So cold!

Old Gray - Her tongue was tattooed on the back of her te.. lyrics

every moment I lose without you, fighting interference between my mind ... and the tip of my tongue, I am lost. Tripping over my words, over insanity ... racking my every thought, drowning

Overkill - Let me shut that for you lyrics

come Mr. 'I ain't like that', Mr. 'You can count on me'. ... Here come evolution, walkin' with stupidity. Waste a' ... time, waste a' my time. Give it up, lay it down,

August Alsina - Let me hit that (feat. curren$y) lyrics

Verse 1:] You're looking so good right now And I ... you right now But I know that you're the type to make me ... you've got all my homies trippin' on you lately [Hook:] I

A Jealousy Issue - In the shape of stars lyrics

overcome blistering rain the truth of you arrives and i ... wish i could let this die like each wasted ... breath but these things never mend it must always end

Adamantra - In the shadow of the cross lyrics

smiles When she puts the pencil down From her hand ... For the last time She closes her diary And ... says a prayer by the bed Raising her head to the wind She lets the rain wash her face And take away the tears

Bt The Roots - Something in the way of things lyrics

town x3 Something in the way of things Something that ... will quit and won't start Something you know but can't stand ... Can't know get along with Like death Riding on top of the car peering

69 Chambers - The doom of her power lyrics

her Gods die She’ll breathe her last sigh It’s the doom of her power A twilight alive When ... her temples crumble All the stars start to tumble The

Coheed And Cambria - In the flame of error lyrics

hate everything I am becoming. This change is torture There is never enough to give ... take, and this I wage When the ground parts from below Will ... it feel so? How can I gain from another when the other

The Dubliners - The crack was ninety in the isle of man lyrics

weren't we the rare oul stock Spent the ... evenin' gettin' locked In the Ace O' Hearts where the high ... stools were Engaging Over the Butte Bridge, down by the

The Beach Boys - In the back of my mind lyrics

m blessed with everything A world to which a man can ... cling So happy times when I break out in tears In the back of my mind I still ... fears I live my life with her Love her true she knows I'm

Billy Ray Cyrus - In the heart of a woman lyrics

is all I ever could've wanted her to be She always knew just ... how to give the best of love to me I thought I knew ... a thing or two about the ways of love But it was soon to become so clear I didn't know enough

Cradle Of Filth - The smoke of her burning lyrics

from my screams As I climb into the skies Atop sins ... towered heaven high for me From whence I see no reason ... For storms before were as nothing more Than a breeze next to

Kissin’ Dynamite - In the name of the iron fist lyrics

all times, forever My mindset’s been defined For ... and freedom I leave all things behind If you don’t ... respect me Then you can kiss my ass For ... proud I’m free As hard as knights can be I kill This sleaze

Madness - In the middle of the night lyrics

man George, newsagent on the corner, Not very rich, but never any poorer, Jaunty old ... very tall, but healthier than me. He whistles timeless tunes ... as he saunters down the street, Springs in his legs

Double - The captain of her heart lyrics

t fall asleep This night the dream was leavin' She tried ... so hard to keep And with the new day's dawning She felt ... it driftin' away Not only for a cruise

Dusty Springfield - In the land of make believe lyrics

the land of make believe You're mine tonight Although you are far away In the land of make believe I'm ... holding you tight The silver moon is shining above

Ice Nine Kills - In the throws of a moral quandary lyrics

I'm taking time to realize I'm making myself ... sick With every pill that fills me inside It makes it ... hard for me to quit It's not like I want ... to be a slave to something But somethings got me and I

Sally Oldfield - In the heat of the night lyrics

I'd wait for you No tangles in m ymind And everything was ... new I relive the memory Something in my heart is saying ... It can be if you believe In the heat of the night You're

2 Wolves - The lake of black swans lyrics

place calls me again, for the last time I'm here to take ... Take my hand, it is our time to leave Walk with me On ... this darkest of nights There is no way, no way back home

Pat Benatar - In the heat of the night lyrics

the heat of the night, when you know it ain't ... no one can feel like you Out in the summertime city, ain't it ... a pity There's so much to tie you down ... You're leaving tomight to somewhere you can't be found

Clay Walker - Let me take that heartache (off your hands) lyrics

again he´s left you here crying It hurts me to see him ... hurt you this way Once again here I am trying To make the tears desappear from your ... face For your sake Let me take that heartache off your

Darkwater - In the blink of an eye lyrics

winter, ice and snow One last ... breath then leave forever Once more she ... A dream she knows well A feeling of sorrow just won't leave her side Just a block away He

Dream Theater - In the presence of enemies pt 2 lyrics

tired pilgrim Into the circle We have been waiting ... Everyone's gathered for your arrival All the ... Angels fall, all for you, heretic Demon heart bleed for us

Melissa Etheridge - The wanting of you lyrics

s got her sweet children She's got her home she's got some land Her earthly possessions She's ... got a ring upon her hand She tried to be a good ... She tried to make everything right She tried to kill the voices That haunt her each

Chiodos - Let me get you a towel lyrics

the moment I was born I knew I was ... different Bounded by the proudness of my sight She's ... buildings in my eyes All of the things that we wanted but ... thought we could never have Like I traded it in for

In League - In the absence of onlookers lyrics

need an intervention, we count on our inventions to bring us ... We are taught with lies, never raised to recognise the facts ... were fiction that made us blind. Hear me when I say, I'm

Gordon Lightfoot - The wreck of the edmund fitzgerald lyrics

legend lives on from the Chippewa on down of the big ... lake they called "Gitche Gumee ... quot; The lake, it is said, never gives up her dead when the

Lucifer's Friend - In the time of job when mammon was a yippie lyrics

the time of Job when Joseph was a CHIPPY ... All the sons of Pharaoh's were KINGS The ... word was passed around that Mammon was a yippie And PAPIN had to learn a few things

Metalium - In the name of blood lyrics

seven, You had first seen the light, Hunger and Illness ... Who got poisoned so mean By mothers hands To keep the family clean [Nero's voice ... Heroes never gonna die [Evil Inner voice]

Chris Norman - In the heat of the night lyrics

the heat of the night when you know it ain’t ... no one can feel like you In the summertime city ain’t it ... a pity There’s so much to tie you down ... You’re leaving tonight for somewhere you can’t be found

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