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Lloyd - This is for my baby lyrics

we go This goes out to a very special ... anyone special, I feel sorry for you But for those that do, this is for you This is for my ... baby This is for my girl She's my lady Yeah I love her Wouldn't trade her for

Babyface - This is for the lover in you lyrics

it Word is bond I will love you any way baby any way and ... any girl can stand I'm gonna love you baby, baby, baby, baby ... I'm talking 'bout makin' love in the shower At least an

Jason Michael Carroll - This is for the lonely lyrics

and diamond rings, And whiskey drinkin'. Pickup trucks ... of the tracks, The kind of love that always last, But ... tonight I'm singin'... For all the hearts that had to

Classified - This is for lyrics

for the hip hop heads) (for the MC's, for the Dj's) ... up late Tryin' to re-record my dubb tape It's love hate-and ... this game is in a rough state Some kids

K. Michelle - For my cinderellas lyrics

sun ain't gone rise Until it feels right Just ... let him go he got another in his life He got up and got a job ... a man [Chorus] I did it for them heart broken ride or die

Kenny Loggins - This is how my song goes lyrics

give up on me” Oh, mother of my children Anchor of my soul ... thank the Lord And if life is just a tale to tell I don’t ... want a tragedy I want a love story All I’ve ever known

All Good Things - This is for the fallen lyrics

on your feet We are rising from the dirt We are rising from defeat All our ... come to an end CHORUS This is for the fallen destiny is calling This is for the

Blind Witness - This is what my heart will break against lyrics

the first time, I raised up my head to the sky And I've ... comes through the heavens. For the first time, I raised up my head to the sky And I've ... got close enough to feel your love shine on me But I lost it

Extreme Music - This is for the fallen lyrics

on your feet We are rising from the dirt We are rising from defeat All our hopes ... dynasty Will come to an end This is for the fallen Destiny is ... calling This is for the Ones who rose to fight

Emma Stevens - This is for you lyrics

of their dreams And I wish I could help you right now ... This is for you… Anyone broken would ... welcome my smile But you turn away like ... that needs it the most This is for

Joseph Arthur - This is still my world lyrics

whisper hieroglyphics In the ... schizophrenics Haunt my blue dawn With my chute on ... See if you could see through this I'm not the only one I'm ... not his only son Never mind your

Epmd - For my people lyrics

Yes a fact a black nine mil is what I pack In the front of my waist right next to my bozack ... A safety for the suckers that hate me I ... when I cock, I aim straight for the knot I don't miss, I

Hardcore Superstar - This is for the mentally damaged lyrics

Give me a moment I’m leaving my mind behind Friends are u ... Let the rest remain Ref: This is for the mentally damaged For those who don’t wish to live

Motion City Soundtrack - This is for real lyrics

ve got emotion Dripping out my pores and I Thought I would ... night light, Ripping through my wicked world How you make it ... sparkle and glow, Before I lose control There's just

Nelly lyricsNelly - For my lyrics

Yo, uh, you didn't see this one comin did ya All the ... I got nothing outdated If it is it's self rated S-class wit ... L.A. with dime bitches ridin my back [Lil' Wayne] I

Beanie Sigel - For my niggaz lyrics

Drinkin, c'mon HOOK: This for my niggas on the east ... in the streets swervin All my niggas in the street wit ... you claim? Put your glock up This is for my niggas on the west

Cruadalach - For my bleeding friends lyrics

I just believe that what is torn apart Can be healed ... when you discover how to shine No matter ... you’re a broken one... So this is for my bleeding friends!

Pitbull - International love (feat. chris brown) lyrics

around the world Now we're International, so international, international, so international, You ... Cause I rap with the best for sure, 305 till the death of

The Script - This is love lyrics

the children As they leave for the very first time And it's ... of a mother As she takes the force of a blow And its in the ... the father yeah As he works his fingers to the bone yeah I

Bobby Darin - Look for my true love lyrics

way to sea Won't you look for my true love And send her on ... home to me? Whistlin' winds, well, I beg of ... that you see Won't you look for my true love And send her on

Kate Rusby - I wonder what is keeping my true love this ni.. lyrics

wonder what is keeping my true love this night I ... wonder what is keeping him out of my sight ... I endure And stays from me this night I'm not sure Oh love

Jae Millz - This is 4 her lyrics

Intro:] This is for her. Yea. Millzie. [Verse ... top flo' Can't nobody break this bond that we got, and that I ... to tell me something about my lady please don't Because

Mother Love Bone - This is shangri-la lyrics

the sheriff he came to with his little boys in blue They ... been lookin' for me, child But with my ... - it brings me home again This is Shangri-la I'm trippin on

Sarah Connor lyricsSarah Connor - For the people lyrics

hmmmm This is for the people who do understand ... make You'll get in the end This is for the ladies who don't ... and stand by your man" This is for the fellas who do

Kurupt - This ones for u lyrics

(??) Yo! yo i got a message for all y'all motherf***ers mad ... ass, mad 'cause nobody don't love y'all Secretly dingy-ass, ... laughing] To all the homies (for the gangsters, for all the

Smiley - Love is for free lyrics

we don't need any money, We love each other, Cause love is for free. Your love is for ... we don't need any money, We love each other, Cause love is for free. You'r just a child,

The Verve lyricsThe Verve - This is music lyrics

accused - just like you For being born without a silver ... at the top of a hill Over my town I was found I´ve been ... too long Sitting at home on my bed too long Got my things

Bison B.c. - Melody, this is for you lyrics

this is for you and it seemed we never loved you. Enemies through and ... I have vowed. Darkness makes my blood cold. This feeling ... never grows old. A bloody kiss and tape hiss, the sound is

Laura Doyle - This is it lyrics

me at all if you know your lover’s call this is it I’ll ... a letter I’ll say goodbye forever and if you should change ... mind you will see in time this is it And when the moon

Agent Orange - This is not the end lyrics

heart - just one more time for me before we turn to face ... reality don't stop to think this perfect chance may never come ... again this is not the end let me use

Astronautalis - This is our science lyrics

cause we need to move This is our science, we've got ... see you want so clearly to kiss her lips I got friend who ... the strip with a gun on his hip His reason is this: if

Agnostic Front - For my family lyrics

my family for my friends for those that we've lost I sing ... this is a message, this is for you never forget the lower ... we gave birth to a movement this is for the old school and the

The Game - For my gangstaz lyrics

] "Livin in Compton, California C-A" Charlie O, drop ... Motherf***er it's the Game, mister tint the windows wit'cha ... tryin to throw salt in my name, barbers tryin to part my game Niggaz tryin to chalk my frame But I walk on a thin

Golden Earring - This is the other side of life lyrics

your head hang down Try to raise it up to the sky This is ... life my friend I know it ain't far ... from dying Don't hide in mist all day and night To fade

Chasing Safety - This is hell lyrics

not my fault no But it’s how it has ... through thick and thin But my skins not as tough as it was ... back then This is not the way I thought it be ... and broken memories I laid my head down yours then lifted

Evereve - This is not lyrics

stalk your hide No chance for you to get away Without ... WRITHING in shame (But) This is not my burden (But) This is not my cross For it... ... keeps me away... (But) This is not my burden - bathe in

Salt The Wound - I swear the visine is for my allergies lyrics

And I'm not sorry, because this is the path that I choose. I ... know you're not sorry for what your future holds. ... Cause the path that I walk is straight and narrow. Was

Matty B Raps - International love (pitbull) lyrics

International! so International… We’re International.. so International Who would have thought as my story unfurled That I would ... biggest fan of ya I’ve got love for Brazil… ‘Cause all my

Chris Brown lyricsChris Brown - International love lyrics

Wild like Los Angeles My fantasy Hotter than Miami ... I feel the heat Ohh Miss international love Ohh Miss international ... on the globe I didn't know existed In Romania she pulled me

Snak The Ripper - This is international lyrics

The Ripper | This is International feat. Young Sin, Michael

Naâman - International love lyrics

said you're strong enough to love me from foreign I said I'm ... strong enough too but when my skin is under cold rain I ... you baby, nah see you smile my baby Only the moon a my

The Clash lyricsThe Clash - This is radio clash lyrics

all programmes This is radio clash from pirate ... the bill of rights Cuban army surplus or refusing all third ... lights This is radio clash on pirate ... satellite This sound does not subscribe To

Matt Redman - This is how we know lyrics

is how we know This is how we know what love is ... one look at Your cross And this is where we see This is ... where we see how love works For You surrendered Your all

George Harrison lyricsGeorge Harrison - This is love lyrics

to remember what we came here for This is love, this is la la ... la-la love This is love, this is la la la-la love Little ... things that will change you forever May appear from way out

Rbd - This is love lyrics

How simple it can be For this love For this sweetest love ... easy when you know Who you love Who you really love Is it ... this real or is it a game? It's only love

Eva Simons - This is love ( lyrics

you love it like I love it And you feel what I feel ... Say hell yeah (hell yeah) This is love, this is love, this is love Can you feel the love ... Can you feel the love? Can you feel the love? This is love, this is love, this is love This is love for the

2pm - This is love [wooyoung] lyrics

geudaeui kkumeul kkwo Oh This is love nae gaseumi ttwigo isseo geudael bomyeonseo Oh I love you oneureun geudaeege ... Jamkkanman gidaryeojwo hamyeo nal baraboneun Neoui geu

Seventh Avenue - Love goes lyrics

times like these, were love is mostly misunderstood We do ... anything and everything for love But if you haven't noticed ... yet, I can tell you for sure This is the kind of love that

Paul Anka - This is love lyrics

had been friends for a year and a day Always ... around for each other When I got lost ... the way We were like sister and brother But last ... different was born This is it This is love, unlike ever

Paul Baloche - This is love / come thou long expected jesus lyrics

to offer up Your life. This is love, this is love, ... King, begotten Son. This is love, this is love, You choose to ... the sky. Lowly shepherds raised their eyes, Following the

Easton Corbin - This feels a lot like love lyrics

, I never thought I'd feel This feels like somethin' I don't ... wanna miss You know what I'm sayin' ... when I say this Oh baby, this feels a lot like love This

I Am Ghost - This is home lyrics

But we are home now, the room is still warm Fell in love ... with an angel, a heart that isn't cold Say goodnight, we ... one They can't steal our love tonight A century of open

Kutless - This is love lyrics

in a garden weeping Begging His father pleading Take this ... others sleeping Sweat on His brow was bleeding He could ... away, but He chose to stay This is Love, this is real This is more than a hope or a feeling

Maxwell - For lovers only lyrics

ain't for the ones That just love for fun That just love and ... run that just hold the gun This is for Those that bleed That ... want but have no need This ain't for the war this is

Quietdrive - This is love lyrics

words come out And then disappear Your usual way No, ... lecture you About what this could be But I will say ... What I need to say So listen carefully This is love

Robin Schulz - This is your life lyrics

is your life And this is your life and this is your love And this is a time we’re ... gonna rise above There’s no place like ... all around the world And this is your life and this is your

Super Junior - This is love lyrics

EunHyuk] Yeah This is love [Kyuhyun] woo~ [Eunhyuk] ... daneo su cheon gaeui moseupbomyeon tto gateun deureodo gateun ... [Kyuhyun] modu goman goman biseutan seuchim deul ppun

U2 lyricsU2 - This is lyrics

the hands of a tired man, This is the old mans shroud, ... at the maddening crowd This is the face of a teenage ... mother, This is the child she bears, This is

Annasay - This is love (i am yours) lyrics

summers heat it was a party for some friends both of us knew ... was the start of me falling for you now this is love like ... never before without you i can't breathe

Mary J Blige - This love is for you lyrics

How to do right But you love me good Just like you ... Girls that want The kind of love That we got I'll be crazy ... Not to give you ALl the love that I got Just know

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