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Kalmah - They will return lyrics

in the grass death in my hands Surprise is my only defence ... versus animal instinct And when the flock settles I pass ... my sentence But none will die after the report They

Bloodthorn - They will arise lyrics

muscles come to life They will arise Once dead but now ... corpses, living dead They will arise Crematory smoke

Anathema - They (will always) die lyrics

of a truth? All death will he annul, all tears assuage? ... of life, again with youth And wash with an immortal water, ... age They Die ... They will always

Chroming Rose - They will always find a reason lyrics

Aren't dying in the streets They are all victims Of all the ... Yeah, in this nasty world They're dying of hunger Killed ... Natural disasters That and more Killed by diseases

Hell Is For Heroes - They will call us savages lyrics

lights approaching, they come to point me out, ... Helicopters circling, they'll turn me in, Run with the ... trapped between your teeth, They shine like a razor, a

K'la - They will anyway lyrics

same thing as a ponder point and laugh at the niggas driving ... Speed past them in the benz's they can't ride beside us Chasin ... it So just rewind it, gone and back it up You really

Of Verona - They will fall like roses lyrics

the sun turns cold and starts to fade And you don't ... know where your bed is made And there's a hazy glow you ... When the sun turns red and starts to hurt And you know

Beyond Fear - And... you will die lyrics

talk about you and you don't care The things they tell us, We must beware ... you take your prey You rape and kill them, That's what they ... who are you, You cannot hide They will get you and you will die

Krisia Todorova - #discover lyrics

in all your dreams and they can all come true! And you ... ll see that someday soon you'll find the light inside ... deep down, behind the fear and all the doubts. Let them go

Karliene Reynolds - I will be no mistress lyrics

will be no mistress (I will be no mistress ) I will be ... no mistress (I will be no mistress ) I see ... your eyes a’ wandering, wishing and a’ wanting

Anjulie - Day will soon come lyrics

back Say you don't understand One day you'll understand ... you for everything I tried and tried again but I never could ... I'm drowning in my dreams And I don't know just where I'm

Katatonia - Will i arrive lyrics

day I can hear them coming They walk round my door and speak ... to run My only words how soon you have come And I think ... All I can think is how soon they have come Look at me now they have cut my hair It's a

Simply Red - They dont know lyrics

don’t know They don’t know Driv­ing by two ... lov­ers Kiss­ing and walk­ing, livin’ out a dream ... Mm hop­ing they will make it Beauty out of sync

Blind Guardian lyricsBlind Guardian - And then there was silence lyrics

your head and see the fields of flames He ... move along cause things they will go wrong the end is getting ... been betrayed by the wind and the rain The sacred hall´s

Frank Sinatra lyricsFrank Sinatra - They came to cordura lyrics

came to Cordura, they came to Cordura, In search ... of destiny as wand'rers have always gone. And ... somewhere in Cordura, the hand of destiny awaited a certain

Face Down - Will to power lyrics

most chilling fact is that they are invariably rational and ... calculating. They know what they are doing is wrong but they ... simply do not care. They are essentially without

Falkenbach - Where blood will soon be shed lyrics

to lead them to where blood will soon be shed..." The ... water, the wind blew strong and filled the sails of ... !!! As darkness fell and all was silent the air was

Dj Tiesto - I will be here lyrics

be strong, show resistance And that's what We're led to ... the big world falls apart And you think that the feeling will linger You need somewhere to ... start I will be here And when it all seems to fall

Graveland - And the horn was sounding far away lyrics

the mountain's clan. Pursued and wounded by enemies, Passed ... down. I see my eyes closed And mouths congealed in pain, They will never say anything ... bring the black clouds... Soon the thick snow will fall.

Cky - And she never returned lyrics

s after me) Denial on high, they waited up for her delivery ... in captivity) This mystery will soon destroy this chosen ... her a word wasn't heard...and she never returned No

Asperity - Will they come? lyrics

If I leave the light And get into the dark I'm sure they will be there So tired but ... Afraid of my dreams Even if they seem unreal If I close my

Deathlike Silence - They´ll eat us lyrics

days are numbered, one will be the last, When lived ... start sliding to the past. They await us then under the ... down there abound. They'll eat us Defeat us They will feast with our rotting flesh

Enforcer - Hungry they will come lyrics

♪ Instrumental ♫ ♪ Instrumental ♫ ♪ Instrumental ♫ ♪ Instrumental ♫ ♪ Instrumental ♫ ♪ Instrumental ♫ ♪ Instrumental ♫...

Frank Sinatra lyricsFrank Sinatra - Weep they will lyrics

they will, will the lads down the street ... When they find that you're promised to ... me. Weep they will, as their heart's lose a beat ... free. Oh, smug, am I; warm and snug am I, When you're close

Blaze Bayley - Will to win lyrics

want People don't even know they're truly alive They're just ... All of them fear what they do not know All of that fear ... pour unto you You have the will to win The courage to fight

George Michael lyricsGeorge Michael - They won't go when i go lyrics

wanting tragic ends though they do pretend they won't go ... right here from the start and they won't go when I go and I'll go where I've longed to

Josh Groban - They won't go when i go(bonus-special edition.. lyrics

Wanting tragic ends Though they do pretend They won't go ... right here from the start And they won't go when I go And I'll go where I've longed To

One Direction lyricsOne Direction - They don't know about us lyrics

know about forever But I say they don’t know what they talk ... is only getting stronger And I don’t wanna wait any longer ... that your mine girl, oh They don’t know about the things

Sick Of It All - Will we survive lyrics

lives to ask the question will we survive reach for a ... perspective of what's right and what's wrong bonds that ... were made, in the past hope they survive, hope they will last

A Fine Frenzy - They can't if you don't let them lyrics

of danger? Words of peace, they fall from you freely. Awful ... suffice. Hoping high, they will be kind to you. Fog and ... fears and a mouth full of hot tears,

Draconian - On sunday they will kill the world lyrics

a Sunday they will kill the world And on Monday ... they will cry and shout Then on Tuesday they will just try out What will ... to the burning crowd And you hearing this song You will smile, and think that I´m

Alvin Lee - Let 'em say what they will lyrics

'em say what they will But don't let 'em change ... on some dynamite For all they know you're a bomb detector ... clear you can get up quick And you won't take yes for an

Kenny Rogers - They don't make them like they used to lyrics

don't make 'em like they used to, those guys And I ... to look up to, hard times, and though I try I just can't ... find the reason these days And it seems like the seasons

Mis-teeq - They'll never know lyrics

you hype this Jealousy and the hate is what forced me to ... write this And you still want to spite this ... Mis-Teeq and So Solid - you know that I ... On the road with my flows they describe how my life is I

Crash Test Dummies - And so will always be lyrics

I went out walking And saw a crippled man He couldn ... lips So crippled were his hands I stopped and watched, but ... not Bring myself to lend a hand And so it is, and so it

Hypnogaja - They don't care lyrics

you breaking All your hopes and fears Are here for the ... taking They need you but, they don't give a f*** about They ... bleed you but, they don't give a f*** about They

Hypnogaja - They don't care - acoustic lyrics

you breaking All your hopes and fears Are here for the ... taking They need you but, they don't give a f*** about They ... bleed you but, they don't give a f*** about They

The Dubliners - Will you come to the bower lyrics

Where the mermaids are seen and the wild tempest gather To ... Erin the green, the dear land of our fathers Will you ... come, will you, will you, will you come to the bower Will

Crazy Town - Players (only love you when they're playing) lyrics

for taking ladies home And turning them out. Like ... kissing all the girlies and Making them cry. I’m a ... for the pimp’s players And the playboy bunnies. You

Proof - Sammy da bull ft. nate dogg and swifty mcvay lyrics

niggaz talkin' bout what they gon' kill Heard you caught a ... I heard you squeal Holdin' hands with the D.A. while you made ... your deal 3000 miles away and I can hear you still Half

Kate Bush - And dream of sheep lyrics

light shining, Little light will guide them to me. My face is ... My face is all lit up. If they find me racing white horses, ... They'll not take me for a buoy.

David Byrne - They are in love lyrics

disappeared for three days And they say that they are in ... cocaine when she was asleep And friends say he gave half away ... And they say that they are in love Run away, run

Darkness (ger) - They need a war lyrics

years are gone and we`ve learned a lot We`ve ... Step into our paradise so you will agree Nothing`s wrong for ... publicity The truth is what they don`t see They close their

John Denver - Rhymes and reasons lyrics

you speak to me of sadness and the coming of the winter, ... that have escaped you, And the hopes that you've ... you want to be my friend. And you wonder where we're going,

The Dubliners - And the band played waltzing matilda lyrics

young man I carried me pack And I lived the free life of the ... s work to be done" So they gave me a tin hat and they ... gave me a gun And they sent me away to the war And the band played Waltzing

Magica - They stole the sun lyrics

the air is getting cold And yet no clouds are on the sky ... Time is bending Misfortune will unfold And all the kingdom ... truth He has found the means and the only way For heroes to

Novembers Doom - They were left to die lyrics

world One by one, gagged and bound Hollow eyes, they were ... wrong, lines divide Black and White, obey his word Follow ... weak One by one, gagged and bound Hollow eyes, they were

Marwi - They called me diamond lyrics

more violent On me But they called me diamond 'Cause I ... was laughing with us But they didn't know about hundred ... Diamond Uuh Diamond But they called me diamond 'Cause I

Harry Belafonte - Will his love be like his rum? lyrics

love be like his rum, Yes it will, yes it will, Intoxicating ... all night long, Yes it will, yes it will, everybody, ... Yes he did, yes he did, Will her cooking be the best, Yes

Gorillaz lyricsGorillaz - California and the slipping of the sun lyrics

you have any checked bags they will be brought to the front ... the south end of the platform and cross at the crosswalk. That ... should have your bag check handy to show the clerk. Give

Hanni El Khatib - Will the guns come out lyrics

guns come out, out, out Oh will the guns come out and play ... today Oh will the guns come out, out, out ... Oh will the guns come out and play today Oh will the

Kris Kristofferson - They ain't got 'em all lyrics

whole world to worry about They ain't tore 'em all down yet and said every man for himself ... worth keeping is left. They ain't got 'em all If you

Blind Guardian lyricsBlind Guardian - And the story ends lyrics

chance So out of nowhere it will rise Oh, and another journey ... screaming I swallowed hate and lies Through a thousand ... lies At the edge of time And the story ends Insanity said

Heart Of A Coward - And only time will tell lyrics

this time you're gone. I will ever forget your face turns ... cold as you fade away. They will find you broken and alone. I ... life to rise without you. And only time will tell me who

Heart Of A Coward - And only time will tell (ep version) lyrics

pray this time your gone, I will never forget your face... ... Turns cold as you fade away They will find you broken and ... life to rise without you And only time will tell me who

Peter, Paul And Mary - Monday morning lyrics

For marriage brings troubles and sorrows begin So put off ... been waiting against my own will Now I'm determined to have ... my own way And I'm going to be married next

In Aviate - And the world will know lyrics

line between What's wrong and what is right Underneath my ... gone Past the restraints and comfort of circumstance Past ... line between What's wrong and what is right Underneath my

Majesty - Will of the cobra lyrics

times of dawn, a union proud and strong Was born to rule the ... Their eyes were full of hate And than their god accurded: ... my wisdom throughout the land!" [Clan of the Cobra:

My Dying Bride - And my father left forever lyrics

against me, the bodies heaved and stank upon their gore. On ... found me there, ashamed and dying bare. I had spent many ... Do not hope for any other. And he picked up my hand. I

Lady Gaga lyricsLady Gaga - They all laughed lyrics

he said the world was round They all laughed when Edison ... recorded sound They all laughed at Wilbur and his ... brother When they said that man could fly They told Marconi Wireless was a

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