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Dark Tranquillity - The bow and the arrow lyrics

left I bear just witness to the forceful push with which you ... hold You are never gone the letters of your name a scar ... that never heals So be the bow and the arrow be the rope

Cavalera Conspiracy - The doom of all fires lyrics

doom, the doom the doom of all fires the ghost, ... the ghost the ghost of all martyrs the ... dust, the dust the dust of empires the roar, the roar the roar of the lion the crash, the trash the crash

Sally Oldfield - Song of the bow lyrics

Never go walking Down by the wide and laughing water!&quot ... You may see him with his bow and arrow, He's seeking for the heart of the river daughter!

The Chase - Fires lyrics

when I am gone. And under these fluorescent lights she ... I'm saved". And under these fluorescent lights she ... she set me on fire. With the spotlight on, I feel so alone

Senses Fail - The priest and the matador lyrics

God I Think he fell I'm the arrow Shot straight to hell ... From the bow of William Tell My body lies ... Kissing the ground Like a cross turned ... to read me My last rites Father you're too late My faith is

Levellers - The devil went down to georgia lyrics

Aand playin' it hot And the devil jumped up on a hickory ... good fiddle boy But give the devil his due I'll bet a ... I'm better than you." The boy said, "My name's

Be'lakor - The smoke of many fires lyrics

From driftwood to blood from the ember Some things were ... hidden while others were seen Yet the man ... Having ambled away from the water's banks to return to

Rednex lyricsRednex - The devil went down to georgia lyrics

and playin' it hot And the devil jumped up on a hickory ... good fiddle boy But give the devil his due I'll bet a ... better than you." The boy said, "My name's

Chrom - The worst day lyrics

are the days of hollows The days of hide and seek I ... heard the news and swallowed I'm ... of sorrows I cannot see the truth behind my mind I can't ... believe That there's nothing else to find

Chrom - The worst day blutengel remix lyrics

are the days of hollows The days of hide and seek I ... heard the news and swallowed I'm ... of sorrows I cannot see the truth behind my mind I can't ... believe That there's nothing else to find

Mayday Parade - A shot across the bow lyrics

happy and you hurt this much Then let me just stick around ... quot; I hope you fall into the ocean And the current leaves ... helpless swimming around As the waves crash over you until

Black Country Communion - The giver lyrics

mother, Lord and maker I am just a ... soldier of the free You know I was once a ... not see Captured with the evidence The seasons come ... I live and die, I take the pressure I wear a coat of

Evergrey - The fire lyrics

came with the harvest I flew with the ... flames We are the same The black seeds of autumn And ... cold winter rain We are the same Come Come tear us ... We're weary, we're cold Are the fires the same? Still

Ceremony - The separation lyrics

of time Thrown from the bow Five years away You never ... feel down When she closed the door You started throwing ... Yourself Can You measure the loss

William Fitzsimmons lyricsWilliam Fitzsimmons - The winter from her leaving lyrics

me out to see The sea The quiet of December To the ... deep I turn From the wreck I bless This mess ... me down this sound Unbound The birds of spring returning

Incubus - The original lyrics

I aim to be more like you There is a ghost in my house ... it is original, Girl you're the original Always were And ... always will be The flowers of adaptation Unfold

Mekong Delta - The final deluge lyrics

up early, I don't know why The world drowned in an ominous ... rest... And I climbed up the old stairs to the room of ... saw, I can't forget Through the old window, overdimensional

John Denver - The ballad of st. anne’s reel lyrics

tiny trace Of fiddlin' in the distance far behind him A ... dime across the counter then A shy hello, a brand new ... friend A walk along the street in the wintry weather

Van Morrison - The great deception lyrics

you ever hear about the great deception Well the ... plastic revolutionaries take the money and run Have you ever ... been down to love city Where they rip you off with a smile

President Romana - The ballad of robin hood and the lady clara lyrics

Robin was a-walking through the Sherwood forests green, He ... seen, She'd a smile to melt the Prince's heart (if he had one ... at all!) And a wit to match the stranger's she was travelling

Ancient Bards - The last resort lyrics

seems like the end is drawing near, ... everyone's on the ground and Sendor can't ... decide on who he should drop the sickle first. Rahed is not ... and with firm voice incite the other kings: We need to s

Jag Panzer - The crucifix lyrics

no more it's time to find another door Rekindling flames that ... spread on a whim Look toward the light and fix your eyes, let the white dove fly When your

Lou Reed lyricsLou Reed - The heroine lyrics

heroine stood up on the deck The ship was out of control The bow was being ripped to shreds ... Men were fighting down below The sea had pummeled the boat for

Patrick Wolf - Theseus lyrics

lies beneath the door?] [What keeps you?] ... [Explore!] [Do you take the chance to defeat the source?] ... [The gates are opening] [The choice, the future, the

Battlelore - Bow and helm lyrics

shown by the stars The way whispered by the winds ... To the land of the legends Land of Bow and Helm ... Dread Helm! In the midst of winter They met

Elephant Man - Bow city lyrics

Niggas!!!, Hi I'm your weather man Mr. O'Neil Bryan, and I ... sayin You got a terrible weather taking over di earth... And ... All Jamaicans this ah unno anthem Nuh bwoy never f*** yuh fi

Abney Park - The wrath of fate lyrics

rain was blowing The lightning cracked All the ... With sails scorched or barely there All our hopes were dashed ... With tethered lines and planking charred

Devilment - The seductive poison lyrics

would say plainly, come given the view Of dust devil prairies, ... blue I fell in a bar, like the clouds from afar Seemed no ... more a dream than the stars Gambling, a Lamb of

B.a.p. - Bow wow lyrics

nado moreuge geunyang Bow wow wow wow amuri aereul ... geuttaeppuningeol Yeah Oh, Bow wow wow amu il eobseo Ooh ooh ... geuttaeppuningeol Yeah Oh, Bow wow wow amu il eobseo Ooh ooh

Dragony - The silent sun (feat. zak stevens) lyrics

with me now into the depths of hell Walk with me ... now to where the angel fell Cross the rivers ... ye who enter here Down in the dark he awaits Charon, and

Acheron (usa) - Bow before me lyrics

from perverse actions Bow Before Me, Bow Before Me

Ronan Keating - Fires lyrics

we're locked in time, out on the wire I wish that I could ... fight the world for you I'm always on ... You're not alone in the dark, can you see me Cos I

Band Of Skulls - Fires lyrics

only hands in my pocket And the queen on my money Did you ... you? So leave your locks on the latches If you bring the ... water I'll bring the matches 'cause we are fires in the night We are fires

Blackmore's Night - Fires at midnight lyrics

never understand. On the hills the fires burned at ... Superstition plagued the air, Sparks fly as the fires burn at midnight, the stars ... is here... I wished on the seven sisters, Bring to me

Manilla Road - The fires of mars lyrics

this we all shall learn; The gates unbarred at last ... Banishing the past. The standard raised on high Pen ... rides this night Against the mighty Horde With legion of the Sword......the Sword.

Bewitched - The witches plague lyrics

nights of War and Damnnation Fires from Hell cast upon earth ... Infernal curse forsee the rebirth In the abscene of the holy spirit Bow before the ... in Thrill in Blood and Hate The Spell of Hell and Wicked

Bonobo - First fires lyrics

do you see it? The dreams gone Faded fires, ... on Why do you need it? the waves come Over you, to ... it’s burning again Like the first fire Run from the

Damh The Bard - The wicker man lyrics

Oak and ash and thorn, Tie them with a green willow, ... Blessed by a crown of horn, The corn headless before us, ... Falls down to the scythe, Weave him with thanksgiving

One Way System - Into the fires lyrics

wear the mask hide your face To pave the way for another race See the ... won't set you free Into the fires Into the fires of ... truth and fear Into the fires Into the fires the day is

Satan's Host - The unholy sabbath lyrics

dormant in time Born of the Devil torment your life. ... Conjuring Demons from the un-light, Revolution now ... comes alive. I am the one, the one that you fear In this

Aeon - Bow your head lyrics

love you Satan my father my pride You showed me the ... right things to do Reject the poison of god I open ... you inside my veins You are the energy I need You make me

Manicanparty - Bow through my heart lyrics

You done left me With a bow through my heart You ya ... left me with a bow through my heart (x4) You ... me When you're swallowed in the flame After all you left me

Uriah Heep lyricsUriah Heep - Fires of hell (your only son)(the futility of.. lyrics

you before this day is done The fires of hell surround me now ... fight for freedom Against their raging guns In all my ... war is wrong and so I write these words Before I give my

Matt Redman - Fires lyrics

will keep the fires burning [x4] We're ... standing in the desert of dry bones But ... Your life Walking through the valley of shadows But ... [Chorus] God who keeps our fires burning Burning through the

Boy George - Bow down mister lyrics

bombay to bangalore All the hindus know the score If you ... hare If you do not take the vow You can eat the sacred ... anyhow Hare, hare, hare Bow down mister Hare rama, hare

Heather Dale - Bow to the crown lyrics

to the crown, Bow to the throne, And bow to the one ... s favour you own. Remember their eyes are watching the fray, ... Then bow to each other and fight as you may.

Folkearth - Solstice fires lyrics

spell of eclipse Summoned by the orb That welcomes winter ... of stones Stands silent on the hill - Brooding Forlorn ... Upon the ancient brow The shadows of midnight Grow

Lil Bow Wow - Bow wow thats my name lyrics

Lil' Bow Wow] Uh, say Uh, uh, say ... (My name is) Say, bow wow wow Uh, uh, bow wow ... (Yeah) Uh, uh, Snoop Dogg (Bow wow) Yeah, uh, my name is, ... pocket full of doe From the C-O representin' So So The

Lo-pro - Bow down lyrics

Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found ...

Loudblast - Bow down lyrics

Good pretext to plan a war The place is full of gloomy ... clowns The crowd takes pride in Big Brothers No penance for past sins ... people are looking up He's the God's father An icon's

Chris Rea - Fires of spring lyrics

face And she's caught in the fires of spring The ice of ... wings And you're caught in the fires of spring You've ... it's gonna last You know the pain and yet you love it's

Beyoncé lyricsBeyoncé - Bow down lyrics

coming down dripping candy on the ground H, H-town, town, I’m ... Coming down dripping candy on the ground [Verse 1] I know ... forget it Respect that, bow down bitches I took some

Eternal Legacy - Fires wrath lyrics

break through the gates of time A foreshadow ... Reckoning of this century The fire swarms like a beast in ... burning within... Chorus: The fires wrath Brings anguish

Shaggy - Bow wow wow lyrics

use to call man dog But I'm the original D.A.W.G. sweetest ... kin, the original pedigree, no ticks ... You want know Me bawl Bow wow wow yippie yo, yippie yay

Frank Zappa lyricsFrank Zappa - Bow tie daddy lyrics

Everything's under control Bow tie daddy dontcha blow your ... fun, you old son of a gun Then drive home in your

Chvrches - Bow down lyrics

Track] Hoping for the pin to drop Cause I can't ... it all Trying to correct the wrongs Say when, say when ... your own So don't just lie there Hoping for the pin to drop

Cocteau Twins - The itchy glowbo blow lyrics

he?) Futile is this fever The spirit of life fires me now The spirit of life fires me now The spirit of life fires me now The spirit of life fires

Dark Empire - The cleansing fires lyrics

Night betrayed the day I collapsed into my ... shell As the scars reshaped my face Mercy ... lost its charm As the cries at once fell dead ... And if in the shards that surround me One

Demon Hunter - The world is a thorn lyrics

gavel has fallen, along with the rest. Are we expected to ... settle for this? Bring us the plague, lead us away. ... ash of today. Can't you see the fabric of our standards

A Forest Of Stars - The underside of eden lyrics

is not so far removed, From the Metatrons' babbling ... insanities. Music of the Spheres bouncing, As ... death, death is god, yes? There is a fear here. Azrael

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