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Raz Simone - They'll speak lyrics

Simone It's 3 a.m. and these are what feelings sound like ... Why do we lie? Where do us bad people go when we die? ... Is it a lie? Or should I just pray just incase they were

Chris Brown lyricsChris Brown - Don't think they know lyrics

Chorus: Aaliyah] I don’t think they know the truth Say they saw (A-A-to the L-I-Y-A-H) ... I don’t think they know, how could they know I ... don’t think they know the truth Say they saw I

Lil Eazy E - They know me lyrics

Now everybody waving like they know me Fake ass niggas ... old G's gonna respect it Cause they know me, but they don't ... saying f*** the police Cause they know me,but they don't know you Lil E certified G, I'm

Nappy Roots - Know bout me lyrics

like a banjo Shawty I'm just sayin, though A. Leon the ... eyes, have seen What do you know, bout me Yeah, what you know ... about me Uhh, yeah, what you know about me Uhh, yeah, what you

Fabolous - Think y'all know lyrics

I think y'all know by now it's F-A-B-O-L-O-U-S ... (uh, yeah) I think y'all know by now it's .. [Verse 1] ... large (nah) Motherf*** the house (nah), the nigga's garage is

Nipsey Hussle - They know lyrics

you go as hard as hustle they gonna pay you... And my jury ... up 100.000 dollars plus I got the... Till that ... flying out getting paid 10 thousand a show amen Two wait with

Moriah Peters - Know us by our love lyrics

the poor. This is all she knows. We are the sisters that ... that fight for the weak. These are the hands that lead the ... world to Jesus. Oh, they'll know us by our love. How can

Agnostic Front - Us against the world lyrics

was us against the world We were ... left with no choice It was us against the world Through ... movement we found our voice Us against the world That’s how

Powerman 5000 - They know who you are lyrics

a moment that you'll never know all of these things you can ... t control they know who you are!! they know who ... you are!! they know who you are!! they know who

Run Dmc - They call us run-d.m.c. lyrics

and ? is never wack or lack they call us [Jam Master Jay ... cuts up various samples to form "Run, D ... Don't sneak this peak, because I keep, on taking the lead

Borgeous - They don't know us lyrics

Verse 1] They say we're broken but We're just broke enough They say we're ... all f***ed up Just f***ed up enough [Pre ... Chorus 1] We're not lost, we're all

Calabrese - They call us death lyrics

the dust there's a flame that burns ... watch the meat in turns Because the pain that you alone will ... She lost her life In the end they call us death When the

D12 - Loyalty ft. obie trice lyrics

AAAAAAHHHH!!!! (Motherf***ers think they know us) Guess who's ... Yayo! Motherf*** a Benzino! They don't know we finna blow! ... the most coldest, ferocious niggas that rhyme These bitches

Obie Trice - Ft. d12 - loyallty lyrics

Yeah! Ahh! (Mutha´F***a´s think they know us) G-g-g-g Guess ... Mutha´f***a!, Benzino!, They don´t know we finna´ blow! ... the most potest´ furocious niggas that rhyme These bitches

Notorious B.i.g. - Niggas bleed lyrics

If no money exchanges I got these kids in ranges Believe them niggas brainless All they tote is ... stainless You just remain as Calm as possible, ... If not, here's 12 shots, we know how you do Please make yo

Azealia Banks - Us lyrics

geese with that Karrine If they the geese that act up then, ... hemorrhaging Bring it to these bitches like Alpo Bitches ... scalpel Bitches gettin' vicious when I tell 'em who the sight

Royce Da 5'9" - Gangsta (feat. trick-trick) lyrics

got no god damn parents You niggas better get permission, bitch ... the lab Yung Berg's shoe is Niggas'll ride for you if you ride ... for you and They see it, I got an AK that I

Krayzie Bone - Try me lyrics

Chorus] Try me if you feelin' lucky ... And you think you wanna f*** with me, come ... on (Niggas on the thugline, thugline, ... come on) I'm down to ride on these imposters, fake playa,

2pac lyrics2pac - They dont give a f*** about us feat outlawz lyrics

all ain't never just tripped and pictured And just looked at the whole ... situation Cause once u look at it You know ... (really do) They don't give a f*** about us They don't give a f*** about us They don't give a f*** about us

Ice Cube - Ghetto vet lyrics

... Niggas used to come and get me When it ... the small of my back Where these niggas at I clear the whole ... on a wet cigarette (who these niggas think they are)

Ja Rule - Niggas & bitches lyrics

Yeah ... ha, uh huh You know how we do (we're gonna do how ... building) Yeah, haha [Chorus] Niggas! Grip the iron and ... Work your clit keep that p**** hot Cause it's all about

Ruff Ryders - World war iii lyrics

pull out yo best credentals cause this will be the official ... it ain't easy been Diese wit these jealous rap niggas and these ... Man I can remember at what they told me when I first came in

Lil Boosie - They be on a nigga lyrics

To Hop On Them Hoes (Yeah) They Be On A Nigga, Yeah They Want ... A Nigga [X4] Look Just Got My Hair Cut, Just Put My ... Rims Just Got My Throw Back Out The

Lil' B - Im the bada$$ lyrics

Intro:] These niggas think they badasses now, huh? This your ... [Verse:] Can't f*** with me these niggas know my history I can ... into a motherf***in' mystery Niggas wonder why they don't make it

Chris Brown lyricsChris Brown - What they want lyrics

Chris Brown:] These niggas mad, They mugging me I like ... my p**** bowl Mr. Clean, She ... I'm like her vaccine Come to think about it, Vitamin D Her ass ... t bother me, blogs swallow these Oops, now watch that beat on

Snoop Dogg lyricsSnoop Dogg - Snoops upside your head lyrics

I think it's bout' time that we hit these niggas upside the head with ... away for a while but you all know I'm still doggystylin' on ... This a stick up dick up They got yo' shit on the shelf, oh

Drake lyricsDrake - Think good thoughts lyrics

Wonder! Don't judge me man They tend to say that us rappers ... are materialistic They say we lack substance Me, ... 'em wrong though [Chorus: Drake] Uh, we know what you

Ice-t - They want me back in lyrics

[Method Man: Word up, our niggas is strapped, ready for war!] ... Niggaz talking crazy cause they say That I kill one-a ... day motherf***er Sucker ass busters, did he, did not, I got

Jon, Lil & The East Side Boyz - Get crunk lyrics

and creeping up on y'all niggas like a motherf***ing mouse ... Stepping on these tracks like fags and drag ... queens And shitting on you busters like I ate some bake

Pastor Troy - My niggaz is the grind lyrics

you can't f*** with me because my nigga's is the grind ... be flexing All about how they living ain't been through ... Cold pimpin' or King Pin husslin' Knowing half the time

Fetty Wap - 679 lyrics

damn fine though I'm tryna know if I could hit it from behind ... got this sewed up Remy Boyz, they know us All fast money, no ... bucks No one can control us Ay, yeaaah baby [Hook:

Fetty Wap - Fetty wap "679" feat. remy boyz lyrics

damn fine though I'm tryna know if I could hit it from behind ... got this sewed up Remy Boyz, they know us All fast money, no ... bucks No one can control us Ay, yeaaah baby [Verse 2

Rick Ross - "street money" lyrics

Trilla, realer than f*** niggas [Chorus: Flo-Rida] You know me, I walked up in the spot ... babys be goin' crazy While niggas bet he dippin you know they

Lil Wayne lyricsLil Wayne - Get smoked (ft. lil mouse) lyrics

I keep this shit Trill, These Niggas aint forreal,...Like a ... fish gills, I Put all my niggas on, But some of them niggas ... gone, Them niggas callin my phone. Leave me

Busta Rhymes - Doin it again lyrics

We’re doing it again, you know we’re doing it again Back ... And choke the street till they diagnose him with asthmatic ... I burn the blocks and ...cause some traffic And yes we

Dj Khaled lyricsDj Khaled - They don't love you no more (feat. jay-z, mee.. lyrics

People change around you because They startin' treatin' you ... different because of your success We The ... Best Music (Zombie on the track) ... a nigga hit the top (uh) P**** niggas wanna see me in a

Kehlani lyricsKehlani - Niggas lyrics

sprung and Sometimes it's just so damn fast I'm not dumb, ... no I'm not dumb I know exactly what went wrong in my ... of losing parts of me To all these niggas [Chorus] Niggas

Azealia Banks - Yung rapunxel lyrics

whitey hoot for this sis. If these niggas is rich, if these niggas insist, I’ma dig ‘em and dip ... a whiff of this mist. I’m used to this chip. Spit ya

Nipsey Hussle - Actions is everything lyrics

Chorus: x2] I ain't got he patience ... to talk to these niggas cause they slow F*** around and walk on these niggas now they know Niggas ... you empty out your clip Cause actions is everything and

Raz Simone - These kids throw rocks (prod. nima skeemz) lyrics

peers get shown I remember they told me: "spit it in a ... s dreams go to die So excuse me if I have wrinkles on my ... through the things people usually hoot and scream about

Hot Rod - They hoes lyrics

1: Young Hot Rod] Sometimes I think that ya'll be too sprung off these hoes Too sprung off these ... be at the roundtable with my niggas handlin' bidness I got a bad

Meek Mill lyricsMeek Mill - Niggas in paris (freestyle) lyrics

muthaf-ckas wanna fine me These niggas can't find me Cause I ... ya head Make ya head go still Niggas always ask why you rap so ... real Cause I be in the trap sellin'

Bo Burnham - We think we know you lyrics

Bo] Thank you so much, I think that I probably should've, uh ... You can play some songs for us or something Um, I've been ... um, back in the day Um, I know we never talked or hung out

Joel Turner & The Modern Day Poets - These kids lyrics

full of trouble is all that they're getting And nobody knows ... the suffering they go through And you wouldn't ... believe 'em if they told you These kids

3 Doors Down - Us and the night lyrics

that they say I'm so tired of games ... that they play Always pretending that they know What comes at the ... ending Well they brought the lies and ... on Let's enjoy the ride Cause we only know What's inside

Flipsyde - Us history lyrics

and claim it as mine Indigenous people were peaceful it took ... little brother is wild They call 'em The South he's ... mouth Tried to show 'em new business but he don't wanna

Ice Cube - Us lyrics

tickled pink. Laughin' at us on the avenue Bustin' caps ... can't enjoy ourselves Too busy jealous... Of each other's ... wealth Commin' up is just in me But the Black

Scarface - They down with us feat ugk lyrics

game boy [Scarface] [Chrous] My nigga Bun B you know he ... down wit us Short Dog and Doc down wit us Eric B and Pimp C you kwow they down wit us Black Rob and

Jim Croce - These dreams lyrics

have changed Now we're just lonely people Tryin' to ... each other's names Now we're just lonely people Tryin' to ... s names What came between us? Maybe we were just too young

Nappy Roots - These walls lyrics

well, well, well [Chorus] These walls are closin' in ... my sin, hmmmmmmmmmm These walls are closin' in How ... hopeless, totally unfocused Stumbling onto the front

Promoe - These walls don't lie lyrics

Life movin' real slow, you know how things go His friends ... rap group He loved how they represented him yo, the graff ... that he had to download Cause his local record store was

Reema Major - These streets lyrics

streets In these streets keep on calling my ... name. In these streets In these streets, keep on calling my ... universal Yeah I’m still me they say I got .. first class to

Chris Young lyricsChris Young - Think of you ft. cassadee pope lyrics

But all of the toasts just don't feel the same We used to be the life of the party ... We used to be the ones that they wished they were But now it ... s like they don't know how to act Maybe they're

Robin Gibb - These walls have eyes lyrics

your lovin' brings There must be somethin' more Somethin' ... more These walls have eyes These walls have ears The see the ... lies That hide the fears They watch us live They watch us

Gwar - Think ya outta know this lyrics

it snow up GWAR noses, so now they follow me like I'm Moses I'm ... not a Jew but God has chose us So now I'm sitting on the ... riches of Croesus I'm Sleazy and I think you

Victoria Duffield - They don't know about us (ft. cody simpson) lyrics

ice judging our lives, like they know what's going down. They ... wanna read us like a front page story, Up ... in their business like they're paparazzi, They think we

Ll Cool J - Why do you think they call it dope lyrics

? save the bass Why do you think they call it dope? Why do ... you why do you think they call it dope? It seems ... rhymes and then the toy boy thinks that he can come and get

Musical Newsies - The world will know lyrics

KELLY: Pulitzer and Hearst, they think we're nothin'. Are we ... JACK: Pulitzer and Hearst , they think they got us. Do they ... got us? NEWSIES: No! JACK:

Cody Simpson - They don't know about us feat. victoria duffi.. lyrics

ice judging our lives, like they know what's going down. They ... wanna read us like a front page story, Up ... in their business like they're paparazzi, They think we

Hunter Hayes - Storyline lyrics

they think they know us, They think they've got us figured ... out, Waste their words just trying to tell us, How the ... turns out But little do they know girl, we've got a fast

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