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Theres A New Law lyrics

Browse for Theres A New Law song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Theres A New Law lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Theres A New Law.

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Crystal Viper - Hope is gone, here's new law lyrics

came like thunder - Their dissatisfaction Makes them savage ... like hungry beasts. Dissemblers and traitors, a renegade nation Not ... a world that we want to see... Right and

Abaddon Incarnate - New departure to old ways lyrics

step down from jagged precipice Through the ... breaking of the first light of day ... I'm the son of the morning star, but you don't know who ... you are Potent with virtues of

The Exploited lyricsThe Exploited - Law for the rich lyrics

f*** with me They thing we fade away Tory law nazi law ... its just the f***ing same Theres a law for the rich A law ... for people like you and me Theres a law for the rich A law

Grandmaster Flash And The Furious Five - New york, new york lyrics

New York New York big city of dreams And ... everything in New York ain't always what it seems You might ... out of town But I'm down by law and I know my way around,

Gruntruck - New god lyrics

got me another god Got me another god Got me another god ... Got me another god Yeah Got me, well, another god ... Got me, well, another god Got me, well, another god That I cannot

The Kelly Family - New world lyrics

a whole new world I mean round the corner Where men ... will take their hats And children dance again Theres a whole new world I mean ... the corner Where men will take their hats And children dance again So follow me into a

Satan's Host - My will, my law: evil lyrics

Killing Consciousness. Mankind, Might makes right. ... Luciferian, Lords of the Unlight. ... Cosmic Desolation, Bring forth Evocations. ... Spectral Energies, This new Galaxy. Masters of Magick,

Galactic Industry - Law is nowhere lyrics

would like to say to his old man The world has changed rotation You take traditions in ... your mouth You don’t see clarity in new issues Law is ... nowhere sorry fair Your power grows from your

Patti Page - New york's my home lyrics

all you new yorkers Theres a rumours going around That ... some of you good people want to leave this town But you ... with me before you go, yeah 'cause I've been to all

Dagoba - Theres blood offshore lyrics

blood offshore, neverending war... Walking in the ashes of a glorious past Cease the days ... and legends, stories of an enternal night The princess ... been raped and the king should be killed

New York Dolls - Theres gonna be a showdown lyrics

man, they tell me you think you ... They tell me you're pretty fast on your feet you best be at the dance hall down on 14th ... street, you hear There's gonna be a showdown There's gonna

Electric Six - Theres something very wrong with us so lets g.. lyrics

watching you I see everything ... the policeman sees City's on fire, it's a ... degrees Oh oh The policeman he waves me through That's ... the difference between me and you We're watching hot

Kottonmouth Kings - New destination lyrics

you gonna go when you can’t get high now who you gonna call when you feel so low ... where you gonna turn for some inspiration new destinations is where we

Motograter - New design lyrics

woke up today Didn't feel like i had ... slept at all Just another restless night Such a ... wreckless life I wish that i could take it slow Live ... it simple day by day But theres always something new

Amr Diab - Law ash'anny lyrics

Ashaany Kalam Tany Kalam Maadaresh Ya Alby Aleh - x2 Hlam Ya Alby Wa Eshnaha Law Hata Aletlak Ah Dayba Fee Hobo Wa Ashah Esaal Tany x2 Gowaha ... Shoa Wala Kol El Ana Feyh Dah Khayal Olly Afoa Wala Kol

Kill Baby Kill! - Law & order lyrics

your lives as system's servants, as whores from father state. Power taken from your badges, smash us up and getting ... paid. Hooligans in uniforms for power and

Rage - Law and order lyrics

They creep into your privacy, lurk in all corners for ... you Justice - that's what they scream But can they ... Shit, I don't know who or what They say that they're

Antestor - New life lyrics

look for yourself, satan rules this world ... he is the source he is after your soul To save us ... from the hellish pain, God sent Jesus Christ ... Crucified for all our sins, He felt the

New Kids On The Block - New kids on the block lyrics

know you've heard this beat many, many times But we bet ... you've never heard it with such a vicious ... rhyme A rhyme with class and plenty of clout To show

Accuser - Law of war lyrics

- Year of hate The leader took his place - The world ... s fate - live and let die... 1945 - ... Millions died In command of law - The world cried - live and

Derdian - New era lyrics

m a valiant captain, Golstar is my name And I am the ... this reign! Troghlor is my master, obedience I show All my ... life was branded by this law But now a new era is

Donnie Wahlberg - New kids on the block lyrics

know you've heard this beat many, many times But we bet ... you've never heard it with such a vicious ... rhyme A rhyme with class and plenty of clout To show

Shadow Gallery - New world order lyrics

day my fellow citizen I don't ... mean to intrude But allow me to get right down to ... the point We've monitored transmissions We calculate your ... moves Did you really think you're hidden from

Infected Mushroom - New clown in town lyrics

all around, there's a new clown in town He's preaching ... for a change but theres nothing going down So bring all your gold and forgiveness ... will be sold And if you're number seven he

Elissa - Law feye lyrics

feye ana ana law feye ensak w 3ish be 7oreye law feye raje3 madi 2eyam el la3b el ... menseye w 2ellak feye bas ma feye shelak men albe w 3enaye ... shou howe eli khalani layli etla2a fik ensa el kel w

Kiyoharu - Law's lyrics

yo, chiku ratai ni sawatte Misery Fui ni iete yuku ... kizuato wa Merry Izure mieru sweet pain tawamurete ita ne Yokuyou ... wa nai nakigoe wa Brightness Ah iki wo kimi

Doobie Brothers - Law dogs lyrics

Dogs Words and Music by Tom Johnston ... Know a little girl she drives me mad ... She loves her outlaw but he don't love back I ... feel bad 'cause she can stay clean The future looks bad

Elissa - Law baset odamak lyrics

Baseet Odamak T3raf Lao Baseet Odaamak T3raf Meen Bet7bak Meen Elly Shayfha Fe A7laamak Lee Mantaash 3rfny Leeh ... Mantaash Shayfny Lao Fakrt Fia Shoya Hat7s Be Hoaaya Bybaan Mn Salaamy Bybaan Mn Kalamy

Elissa - Law ma tegi lyrics

ma tegy 3a naom 3anya w b2edak tehez el3'afa twa3e el7anen ... ely fea ele kan 3al elbo3d entafa law matege sal7tene ma3a eldene braja3etne ... l el waldane tefl s3'ere mshaetane 3al el ard 3am terkod 7afa Ablak alby kan shagra bla

Kmfdm - New american century lyrics

your blessings Walk the line Don't move too fast Or fall behind There are ... They get re-written by the day Don't do this - don't say ... that Your every move is logged and tracked By the all

Jefferson Airplane - Law man lyrics

man--I'm afraid you just walked in here at the wrong time ... my old man's gun has never been fired but there ... s a first time & this could be this could

Paragon - Law of the blade lyrics

across the hot plain Reaching the mountains of black ... Hearing the cries of pain In fear of a coming attack ... Weapons that we take are from the dead As they rott

Alltheniko - Law of the stronger lyrics

an old man, he aims and fires A young girl uses ... sword to survive There was a time of cars, cash, freedom ... The war destroyed all and now we have to live here,

Paragon - New dark age lyrics

landscapes are covering the earth Desolation is complete ... Cities lie in ruins falling to decay Unrest and ... terror start to breed All that we had acheived - is

Kingdom Come - Law of emotions lyrics

time I see your pretty face I keep thinking, am I just ... your slave Holding on, holding on, that is all I can do Every ... time we get into a fight. You start crying and

Nasum - Law and order? lyrics

Music & lyrics: Mieszko] ... I don't look in the right places The law is a joke in this ... system without hope and nobody gives a f***! ... When rapists get one or two years And snatchers are brutally abused By the cops who just

The Exploited lyricsThe Exploited - Law and order lyrics

night out with my mates Speeding out of my head chatting up some birds Then this ... guy started to pick a fight So he got a bottle across his face LAW AND ORDER

Aeternus - Theres no wine like bloods crimson lyrics

fields The sun in it's last breath Providing the shadows of the trees A moment to ... dance before death Still - their makers dance ... In the cold breeze That gives me the stench Of

Chiodos - Theres no penguins in alaska lyrics

she loves me not. My love was my decay. She loves me, she ... loves me not. He repeated to himself over and over. ... These petals decide what's next for you and I...

Frank Sinatra lyricsFrank Sinatra - Theres no business like show business lyrics

business I know Everything about it is appealing ... Everything that traffic will allow Nowhere could you get that happy feeling When you are ... stealing that extra bow There's no people like

Frank Sinatra lyricsFrank Sinatra - Theres no you lyrics

feel the autumn breeze, it steals cross my pillow, as soft as ... a will-o'-the-wisp And in its song there is sadness because there's no you ... The lonely autumn trees, how softly they

The Flobots - Theres a war going on for your mind lyrics

s a war going on for your mind Media mavens mount surgical strikes ... from trapper keeper collages and online magazine racks ... girl cutouts throw up pop-up ads Infecting victims with

Gabrielle lyricsGabrielle - Theres nothing i wont do for you lyrics

re feeling blue don't know what to do and need my help i ... ll try, 'cos thats what friends are for i'll open ... my door always to you i'll share your pain, i'll place no blame no knife in the back, no

Vince Gill - Theres not much love here anymore lyrics

rain come on down You're so ... welcome at my door Come on down and ease the pain I never hurt this ... bad before Tears keep falling from my eyes And all I

India Arie - Theres hope lyrics

Verse 1:] Back when I had a little I thought that I ... needed a lot A little was over rated, but a lot was a ... little too complicated You see-Zero didn't satisfy me A million didn't make me happy That's when I learned a lesson That it's all about your perception Hey-are

Jonny Lang - Theres gotta be a change lyrics

there's got to be a change Things just can't stay ... the same If I got any worse off I'd have myself ... to blame I've played the blues so long now ... There ain't nothin' left for me to do

Overkill - Theres no tomorrow lyrics

hands of the wicked They lie and they wait for you ... put us through Living in fear Thoughts that never knew. ... Your day has come and Time has cought up with

A Global Threat - Theres your threat lyrics

our cemetery plot we must have gave what we got guess ... NYSE and them just weren't that but the butcher cut the ... wrong fat better shop and save up cures deadbolt all the

Agathocles - Law and order lyrics

and order, but who's order? All invented for the rich Laws are just made for the rich ... And the rest is kept in shit ... Court and judges, nice to the rich

B-52s - Theres a moon in the sky lyrics

s a moon in the sky It's called the moon And everybody ... is there, including, Saturn, Mercury Saturn, Venus ... Saturn, Mars Saturn, Jupiter The Van Allen

Billy Gilman - Theres a hero lyrics

s a flower in the smallest garden Reaching for the light ... There's a candle in the darkest corner Conquering the ... night There is amazing strength In a willing hand There are victories That you've never planned There

Conflict - Law and order (throughout the land) lyrics

more law and order. Those words they say ... it all Its just one human being denying another of ... self rule The police ain't authority, for all they do is

Paula Deanda - Theres nothing lyrics

Kingston, JR, Paula Hey, hey, haha Sean ... Kingston, Paula D (Chorus) There’s ... in this world There’s not another girl that could satisfy ... in this world There’s not another boy that could make me

Dixie Chicks - Theres your trouble lyrics

have been different, but it wasn't different, Was the...same old story, dear John and so ... long Should have fit like a glove, should have fit like a ... ring Like a diamond ring, a token of true love Should have all worked out, but it didn

Herman´s Hermits - Theres a kind of hush all over the world lyrics

s a kind of hush all over the world tonight All ... over the world you can hear the sounds of lovers in love ... You know what I mean Just the two of us and ... in sight There's nobody else and I'm feeling good just

Miranda Lambert - Theres a wall lyrics

d run away but I can't escape the power of your pride ... Your eyes are cold like an empty soul and I'm burnin' ... nothin' wrong with letting go and you're still diggin' in

Monster Magnet - Theres no way out of here lyrics

s no way out of here When you come ... You're in for good There was no promise made The part ... you've played The chance you took There are no ... boundaries set The time and yet You waste it still

Sara Evans - Theres only one lyrics

t got no money No place to sleep No one has ever ... been down as me I'm just a stranger trouble at my feet ... But through all my trials It occurs to me There's

Jon Secada - Theres no sunshine anymore lyrics

can meant to be Turn into a memory When just yesterday ... We said love was here to stay How does love so strong Go ... right to wrong We don't have to share this fate There's

Jethro Tull - Law of the bungle lyrics

tiger flashes sharpened teeth. Bowlerhatted; ... summer briefs Beneath his pinstriped skin. To ... kill demands a business sense; Economy ... moves nonresidence Approaching from downwind. Being a tiger means you laugh

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