There Was An Old Farmer Who Sat On Rock lyrics

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Kenny Rogers - There's an old man in our town lyrics

s an old man in our town And I guess he's been around For years and years At least it seems that way. Wrinkled hands and rocking chair Growing old just sitting there Every year he had the sing For youth to say. Youth only happens to you one time An

Aesop Rock - The harbor is yours lyrics

...Throw your babies in the air [Hook: Rob Sonic] Dead men tell no tales (Uh-huh) Up push the daisies till the soil is stale In a powder blue tux for the farmer's sale (Here we go) Mr. Big sleep with the carp and kelp [Aesop Rock] Once upon a time in the

Cocorosie - Tower of pisa lyrics

was an old woman who sat in the tree On the side of the road The other side of the hill There was a river rushing by with no time to say hello And have you seen my daughter No time to say hello Have you seen my son Please excuse me mister No t

Kate Rusby - The old man lyrics

was an old man who lived in a wood As you can plainly see He said he could do as much work in a day As his wife could do in three With all my heart the woman she said If that's what you will allow Tomorrow you'll stay at home in my stead And I go drive the pl

Dolly Parton lyricsDolly Parton - Daddy was an old time preacher man lyrics

was an old time preacher man He preacher the word of God throughout the land He preached so plain a child could understand Yes, Daddy was an old time preacher man He told the people of he need to pray He talked about God's wrath and judgement day He preached about the great

Paul Simon - Once upon a time there was an ocean lyrics

upon a time there was an ocean But now it's a mountain range Something unstoppable set into motion Nothing is different, but everything's changed It's a dead end job, and you gets tired of sittin' And it's like a nicotine habit you're always thinking a

Jim Reeves - An old christmas card lyrics

It's a memory of an old Christmas card) There's an old Christmas card in an old dusty trunk And it brings back sweet mem'ries dear to me 'Tho it's faded and worn, it's as precious as the morn When I found it 'neath our first Christmas tree. [Chorus:] I thrill

Slaughter - Old man lyrics

tell ya a story that happened to me There was this old man started chattin' with me He sat by himself on the side of the road A cowboy hat and them pointed toes He said, hey son what do ya do Ya better pay attention when I'm talkin' to you I've been around here for a long, lon

George Jones - Old old house lyrics

s an old old house that once was a mansion On a hill overlookin' the town But time has left a wreck where once there was beauty And soon the old house will tumble down. But when the leaves start to fall in autumn And the rain starts to drift from the dream And

Donovan - There is an ocean lyrics

is an ocean of vast proportion And she flows within ourselves. To take dips daily we dive in gaily, He knows who goes within himself. The abode of Angels, the mystical Promised Land, The one and only Heaven, the God of man Is but the closing of an eyelid away. There is

Morifade - Ancient prophecy lyrics

"The Message"] [Guard:] "HALT!!...What brings you here?" [Warrior:] "Please let me pass, for I have an urgent message for the king!" [Warrior:] "My Lord, my errand here is of the outmost importance. Evil forces of t

Dolly Parton lyricsDolly Parton - Old black kettle lyrics

I remember when I was just little Mama used to cook on an old black kettle On an old wood stove she'd had since she was wed Well the oven door was sprung a little bit So we propped it up with a forked stick But that didn't matter cause Mama kept us fed My mama and daddy must have

Brad Paisley - Who needs pictures lyrics

s an old Kodak camera in my dresser drawer I ran across it just this afternoon And I realized that I don't ever use it anymore In fact last time I did I think it was with you When we were down in Cozumel We had the whole beach to ourselves And

Cruachan - The old woman in the woods lyrics

was an old woman and she lived in the woods, weile weile waile. There was an old woman and she lived in the woods, down by the river Saile. She had a baby three months old, weile weile waile. She had a baby three months old, down by the river Sa

Brett Dennen - Who do you think you are lyrics

are all my old friends? It's been a long time gone. We've been drifting apart for so many years. I hope they're still marching on. Some of em' probably happy with families working hard to get ahead. Some of them are lost, some are wondering, some of them are already dead.

Joe Nichols - An old friend of mine lyrics

I did something I never thought I'd do The choice, wasn't easy But I had to All the years together All those cold lonely nights I never thought I'd be strong enough To leave it all behind Yeah, today I said goodbye To an old friend of mine. Well it wo

Keke Palmer - Music box lyrics

Verse 1:] Listen up, turn your box up, gather all around This one's strictly for the ghetto Some of y'all recognize, some of y'all won't Better pay attention and listen close There was an old lady who lived in my hood that sold freeze pops for a quarter Had so many kids t

Elvis Presley lyricsElvis Presley - There's a honky tonk angel (who'll take me ba.. lyrics

was the last time you kissed me And I don't mean a touch now and then It's been a long time since you felt like my woman Even longer since I felt like your man So tell me if you think it's over And I'll leave it up to you how it ends 'Cause if you don't want the love I can give y

Beck - Tasergun lyrics

got a room down in Hollywood Rent was cheap It was this rooming house There was an old man who lived in the room next to me We shared a bathroom in the hall Stare at me through a crack in the door Day I moved in I was playin' my guitar Started bang

Set Your Goals - An old book misread lyrics

hope handed down, spun all around, With ignorance from past generations. How many times and with how many rhymes? How many twisted endings for you, for you to realize? It's not for you to say what every heart should pay, Another body and soul that isn't

Simon & Garfunkel lyricsSimon & Garfunkel - Old friends lyrics

friends, old friends, Sat on their parkbench like bookends A newspaper blown through the grass Falls on the round toes of the high shoes of the old friends Old friends, winter companions, the old men Lost in their overcoats, waiting for the sunset The sounds of the city sift

Small Faces - Mad john lyrics

was an old man who lived in the greenwood nobody knew him or what he had done but mothers would say to their children, ''Beware of Mad John''. John would sing with the birds in the morning laugh with the wind in the cold end of night but people from behind their curtains, said

George Jones - An old love turned memory lyrics

George) I called you today, an accidental mistake And your name slipped out to some friend Forgotten old feelings are brand new today 'Cause I'm right back where I've always been. (Both) You're just an old love turned memory Now I seldom see her around You're just an old love

Alabama - Old flame lyrics

saw you star-ing at each other I saw your eyes be-gin to glow And I could tell you once were lov-er's You ain't hidding nothing I don't know There's an old flame, burning in your eyes That tears can't drown, and make-up can't disguise That old f

Carpenters - An old-fashioned christmas lyrics

I miss that Old Fashioned Christmas! Carols being sung by the tree, Window's candlelight shining bright For the whole world to see Children's eyes of sweet expectations Wondering what each present will hold Lying in their beds and impatient On long Christmas Eves

Flatsound - I've been thinking about you lyrics

there was an old women who said her goodbyes By gathering everyone she knew and telling them her lies "I wasn't faithful to my husband, I lied to my friends But in the end, I was thinking about you" When my mom had my brother, she was no older than me So

Guns N' Roses lyricsGuns N' Roses - There was a time lyrics

glass and cigarettes Writing on the wall It was a bargain for the summer And I thought I had it all I was the one who gave you everything The one who took the fall You were the one who would do anything One who can’t recall Where she was while she was

Lykathea Aflame - An old man and a child lyrics

the high hill sits an old man his eyes are staring down... his mind is calm. His sight he will soon turn to the sky in the while when the last page of that strange book he has finished reading. In the distance he hears the clear and ringing laughter of a

Hawthorne Heights - There was a kid (part ii) lyrics

was a kid who was raised by television. Had an alcoholic father who died from bad decisions. He swore he'd never drink so he'd never end up like him. He didn't know his father cause he couldn't break the cycle. There was a kid who grew up in a trailer. His mother worked so ha

Nena - It's all in the game lyrics

was an old man who was Robbing himself blind For too many years The only thing he stole was time He gambled with only a moment to spare His destiny close - he could taste it in the air Seized him without warning Disarmed him of his plans But the

Metal Law - The old man lyrics

is an old man lonely on the bench every day The dogs only growl low and seldom anybody turns around to him His glances are empty and unconcerned His old jacket is patched His wife is not here anymore He didn’t understand anything He only said: “It is

Clutch - Who wants to rock? lyrics

Hey Now, What's That Smell? Just Like Cornbread Done Too Well. What You Need You Know I Got. So Hands Up, Who Wants To Rock

The Clipse - There was a murder (feat. kobe) lyrics

wake up-wake up in the morning, 'Cuz them boys come knocking in the morning, Then I have me girl go flush in the toilet, Them say did someone get murdered on the corner? Them say did someone see me, seen someone get shot, Them say they saw me dere.

Gordon Lightfoot - An old friend lyrics

ooh-ooh... Be still you good old friend Be still you faithful one You dare not leave my sight Ooh-ooh-ooh... Be still you good old friend Be still and dream your dreams Of days of youth and love Ooh-ooh-ooh... Be still you good old friend Remember that C

Bsp - An old thick wall lyrics

got a feeling sometimes like a stone Back home ev´rything is slow I can´t simply stop this hurricane You can´t be so unkind ev´ry day You told me one thing - I don´t wanna hear And it seems like the furture´s gonna be so cold I must say it´s all right to ev

Crash Test Dummies - An old scab lyrics

sit each morning Look at my empty notebook The room is quiet The air conditioning sounds like rain falling Manic-depressive composer Robert Schumann When he could not write He'd get down on his knees and he would pray for help It's not as bad as eating your own

Hawthorne Heights - There was a kid (part i) lyrics

was a kid who needed a little mending He never had a friend, he had a shitty father figure He was focused on the end, he never cared about beginnings His mom was never there and he never had a friend There was a kid who was failing all his classes He n

Laura Michelle Kelly - There was a time lyrics

before had I felt so safe I'd open my eyes to see you lying there So insecure I felt just like a fake How could anybody really care Care for me care to see I don't like knowing where I started There was a time I was a lonely highway One of the lights they pass l

Bison B.c. - An old friend lyrics

song of saints, swings low I cannot speak, can't let go Living through death, life's unknown My silence grows My silence is not for you My broken heart is not for you Suffer silence, sickness grew Each time, each fall, each death, chases you

Bright Eyes - Old soul song (for the new world order) lyrics

light, new day leaks through the window An old soul song comes on the alarm clock radio We walk the forty blocks to the middle Of the place we heard that everything would be And there were barricades to keep us off the street But the crowd kept pu

Eighteen Visions - An old wyoming song lyrics

learn. love. hate. fist. f***. remember. rape. flesh. burn. scar. murder. innocent. cry. laugh. face. smash. kill the smile. bones. broken. wound. heal. die memories. gone. you couldn't suffer on an angels wing today. it slowly drains you. paralyz

Decapitated - A poem about an old prison man lyrics

on Death Row People coming in overalls Taking me to the gas chamber Scuffling of feet They took him down the hallway Feeling everyone's heartbeat The central control of the soul Batons and retro-tons Ingrown toenails One time all around you All round you, bump-bump Save

Chava Alberstein - An old violin = כינור ישן lyrics

גיבור ולא בן חיל אתגנב בסתר ליל עם סיפור קרוש על לחי וניגון תשוש מבכי. אימי כרעה אותי ללדת בשדות הארץ החורגת, על פרשת דרכים היא נחה ואני פני מזרחה. אנגנה בכינור ישן את הזמר, את השיר משם הוא תמיד חוזר, בן בית וממזר. אדום, אדום, אדום ליבו מיי

Explosions In The Sky - An old peasant like me lyrics

not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available (instrumental

Nargaroth - An indifferent cold in the womb of eve lyrics

was no Life in your Tears as you wept your Grief There was a Beauty in your Death as you lay broken in the Soil There was an indifferent Cold in my Soul as I dreamed eternally in the Womb of

Tom Waits lyricsTom Waits - On the other side of the world lyrics

s a blue eyed girl with a red bow tie and a string of pearls with one good eye in a rainy town the chimney smoke will curl no one likes clowns on the other side of the world and the children know she'll never let me go. there's a one legged priest that tangos with the farmers wife

Hocico - There was a time lyrics

in their wounds there's something strange bad signs of death foretelling the plague While their strength drains out they lose their hope wating for a cure and a blessing wating to be saved Their faith decays, internal struggle altered bloodstream in their veins Their faith

A Great Big World - There is an answer lyrics

am just a sailor in a great big sea Searching for what's meant for me And I thank my lucky stars every single day I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be When the storm begins to blow When I've lost my way back home Oh, there is an answer Oh, there

Magnet - There's an end to this lyrics

s a time for everyone, & today I think mine has come My luck's gonna change now I can feel it, & when it comes 'round, I'll be ready 'Cause there's an end to this, it can't go on forever, nothing ever does Here in this half-light, all my half lies wil

Animal Collective - There's an arrow lyrics

all that you need is a nick You pull out the prick, you pull out the stick and Pow, all that you need is a nick You pull out the prick, you pull out the stick..

Asia - There was a time lyrics

was a perfect time for us, it seems so long ago We were so naïve about the things we both should know The best intentions come to nil when love has lost desire And slowly years will show the dying embers of a fire There was a time when I loved you

Donovan - There was a time lyrics

was a time I thought of mine only Could it be occurred to me while lonely I was noble personage Born to beautify the page If I used time to set it down There was a time I thought of mine only Could it be occured to me while lonely I was of high lineage Cast up in a dreadful

From Inside - There was a time lyrics

your eyes Can't you see your foundations are weak Your conscience fought a good fight ‘ Til the light left your eyes You were gone Open your eyes Walk into the light Out of darkness break free from the night I'm watching and waiting I'm constantly bound By the

Devendra Banhart - There was sun lyrics

I know, I was born, I was born When I slipped out of my mother's womb And I know it was warm, it was warm 'Cause I slipped out on a hot afternoon Oh, waouh, oh And I know there was sun, there was sun When I felt it on my human skin And I know it was done, i

Dokken - There was a time lyrics

was late like the storm Finding it hard tried to carry on Without fear or the shame We could walk in park without being afraid Was a time I believed As the story unfolded so free Now the passion is gone All wrong Down to the lake moonlit d

Nick Kamen - There was a time in america lyrics

used to think I was honest I was raised in a family way To give my brother One love in a special way Well you know I'm only human Flesh and blood Just the same as you Speak the truth Tell the same lies Don't avoid it You know it's true Well you can be mis

Relient K. - There was another time in my life lyrics

I know that I've come a long way My heart's headed in the right place But sometimes your past's hard to face But now I know you There was another time in my ...

Relient K. - There was no thief lyrics

a time I thought there was a thief among us I thought I'd track him down but prior to my pursuit The smoke had cleared and to my disbelief There was no thief cause it was me That lost you I guess it's safe to say you're never coming back (Oh oh oh

Brandi Carlile - If there was no you lyrics

I see myself I'm seeing you too As long as I remember and I'm feeling like I knew That my jokes aren't funny the truth isn't true If there was no you If you were my boat in the deep blue sea I probably sink you down I know I should have thanked you for carrying m

Embalmer - There was blood everywhere lyrics

within, my darkest sin The dead can hear, my darkest fear The murder remembered so plain in my head Back from the grave In my thoughts you are dead The murder remembered so plain in my head Back from the grave I thought you were dead I am the killer of killers A fadin

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