There Nowhere To Go But Up Weill lyrics

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Backstreet Boys lyricsBackstreet Boys - Nowhere to go (uk bonus track) lyrics

for beauty I'm uncertain Finding the strength inside the gray Maybe I'm headin' for a breakdown Or maybe that's okay Could be I'm hangin' on for dear life Maybe I need to get a grip 'Cause you're the only one Makes me feel like this so Save me, I'm fallin

Melissa Etheridge - Nowhere to go lyrics

know a place Down past an old shack On a road that goes to nowhere Ain't nobody coming back We can go there tonight We can talk until dawn Or maybe something else I'll leave the radio on There's no one to hear You might as well scream They never woke up From the Amer

Annihilator - Nowhere to go lyrics

teenage throw-away Sleeping on the street Addicition paradise You cannot defeat Each day a nightmare Surviving, only hope Gotta get some food to eat Gotta get the dope No one to help me They don't wanna know There's nowhere to run to Nowhere to go No protection from the hea

Joshua Radin - Nowhere to go lyrics

stoned, been smoked Been drunk, been bedded now We got nowhere to go We got nowhere else to go All this time, all we wanna know Is where are we headed but We got nowhere to go We got nowhere else to go You see, we can be free If we live in our heads So let's say let it

Mushroomhead lyricsMushroomhead - Nowhere to go lyrics

s gone Echoes of dawn Shaking my soul All but done Delirium The rain with the cold With nowhere to go (Love destroyed this body figureheads and lies Have i survived) Nowhere to go (we've been brought here for a reason Be it fate, or internal treason Souls wi

Evil Conduct - Nowhere to go lyrics

by the law, every day and night Got nowhere to go, got nowhere to hide Say that I'm evil, say that I'm bad Steal the freedom that I have never had [Chorus 2x:] Got nowhere to go to Got nowhere to go This is my country, the place I call home So many people, still I'm a

Shenanigans - Nowhere to go lyrics

me "It's over". That's all I want to know. We are no longer. That's all I need, to let you go. Well now why should I care? When you weren't there. I have nowhere to go, but anywhere is better than here though. The tears dry, let's face it, our lives run

Lisa Hannigan - Nowhere to go lyrics

you’ve so many hearts on your sleeve. One for each feather, though you never see, blue eyes blink bright lights through leaves on the trees from seeds that did grow where you sowed. You’ll never have nowhere to go. Look at this silver and gold,

Eminem lyricsEminem - Nowhere fast ft. kehlani lyrics

Pre-Chorus: Kehlani] Ashes blowing in the air I was on fire but we don't care, yeah Wasted youth, always on the road Never looking back and we’re never getting old 'Cause the skies are black but our hearts made of gold F*** doing what you're told We’re going

Eminem lyricsEminem - Nowhere fast (extended version) ft. kehlani lyrics

Verse 1: Eminem] Sandy Hook, Stoneman Douglas Another lone-wolf gunman Sometimes I don't know what this World has come to, it's blowin' up And this whole country is goin' nuts And the NRA is in our way They're responsible for this whole produc

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - Workin' man (nowhere to go) lyrics

alone in the dark Wastin' my time in a park 'Cause I've got Nowhere to go Had me a job 'til the market fell out Tried hard to borrow but there was no help Now I've got Nowhere to go I need a job for these two hands I'm a workin' man With nowhere to go On

Reba Mcentire - All dressed up (with nowhere to go) lyrics

sign says, "families welcome" At the Oaks Retirement Home But mostly, no one comes 'cept on the weekends Ruby Wilson lives in 303 Where she spends most her time But it's almost noon on Sunday And she's been sitting in the lobby since nine She's all dressed up

Obey The Brave - I am winter lyrics

up my soul! So cold Closed off from what I've been told Slow down Eyes open the ground to break you around Think twice Or you will find yourself on the ice Slow down Eyes open the ground to break you around Once found but now I'm lost Buried inside an eternal frost So cold

Kiss - Nowhere to run lyrics

t know what's been going on in your head, no When you knew that his heart was cruel You closed your eyes and said I was there with a shoulder to lean on It's not gonna happen twice If you go I just want you to know It's alright Nowhere to run, nowhere to run Nowhere to hi

Say Anything - The words you wield lyrics

ve got nowhere to go but up. To where you'll dine with foreign kings. You can't forget about our trist. And all those other fleeting things. And will they train you like a dog And will they walk you down my street The wind will whistle our old songs The ones I'll

Audrey Horne - Nowhere to run lyrics

t know what's been going on in your head, no When you knew that his heart was cruel You closed your eyes and said I was there with a shoulder to lean on It's not gonna happen twice If you go I just want you to know It's alright Nowhere to run, nowhere t

Grand Funk Railroad - Nowhere to run lyrics

to run to baby I got nowhere to hide I got nowhere to run to baby Nowhere to hide It's not love that I' runnin' from It's the heartbreak I know will come 'Cause I know you're no good for me But you've become a part of me Everywhere I go Your face I see Every step I take You

Dominici - Nowhere to hide lyrics

years I've worked this city Where the streets are cold and gray I've let some clean ones walk I've put some dirty ones away But nothing could prepare me for The case I caught today And if I have my way There will be nowhere to hide There will be nowhere to h

The Rembrandts - There goes lucy lyrics

I see a fallen angel, out my bedroom window And she will find me there Among the used and broken-Take another victim Who's to say what's fair? Do you care-Do you have the answer? And who's to say what's love? But THERE GOES LUCY-THERE GOES LUCY HEY NA NA NA NA T

Dead Or Alive - Nowhere to nowhere lyrics

seven days and three long nights, I just can't raise it high enough to improvise For three years and eighteen days I've learnt to get the most out of working it both ways From nowhere to nowhere From nowhere to nowhere Maybe I should stand up and fight abou

Crobot - Nowhere to hide lyrics

hangman’s coming, bring him forth Get your spirit ready to crossover You won’t hide for long behind the dungeon walls There’s no escaping after the hammer falls Hands to the sky cause it’s tumbling down Cracking a smile as it hits the ground Speechless a

Econoline Crush - Nowhere now lyrics

miles to go, teeth grinding Cold coffee and a cigarette Strung out, hung out and driving I'm not ready to quit yet Oh, I'm not ready to lose Oh, I'm tired of crawling back to you I can feel it Slipping away Boiling hot, burning chrome Neon shining on the world below

Joshua Hyslop - Nowhere left to go lyrics

never say it’s unfair, That confidence is not there For everything I’ve known Is everything I’ve sown Father give me freedom, Providence and wisdom For when I am alone, When I am alone I guess you caught me dreaming Though all of your deceiving Was water to

Outkast - Gasoline dreams lyrics

[Repeat 28X] [Hook] Don't everybody like the smell of gasoline? Well burn motherf***a burn American Dream Don't everybody like the taste of Apple Pie? We'll snap for your slice of life I'm tellin' ya why I hear that mother nature's now on birt

Sinergy - Nowhere for no one lyrics

is my wake up call Another day of suffering Waste time staring at the wall Nowhere to go, no one to see So many voices are stalking my mind I can't sleep because they're screaming at me I can feel eyes that are staring at me Even though there is nobody here I'm afra

Jon Oliva's Pain - Nowhere to run lyrics

do you feel about life Are you tired of trying How do you feel about gods Do you think they were lying How do you feel about peace And the wars we keep fighting In a world divided They know something we don't know Not much time here left to

Talib  Kweli lyricsTalib Kweli - So low lyrics

can go so low I can feel the gravity that's in the world around me I can go so low I can feel the fire burning as it swirls around me And I've been so low I felt ice cold in hours at the bottom of the sea Might have been so low You might did low get l

Carlos Santana lyricsCarlos Santana - Nowhere to run lyrics

ain't a friend It's black and so still It waits like a cat Then moves in for the kill It casts it's shadows high on the wall It's givin' me no peace at all Now you're gone The pain goes on You're so deep into me Now I'm begging you to Set me

Calabrese - There is an evil inside lyrics

I got nowhere to go, Heel spurs on a bathroom floor. Bloodstains mark a map of gold, Killer wolf in human form. Well, evil prevails On the night you left your home, And I'll take you away Alone. Heartache on my trail, Gonna find my mi

Hypocrisy - Nowhere to run (2008) lyrics

it from me It may have begun A cold wind of death Swept up the Earth Silence and darkness ? earth to sea The skies just burn And the angels are crying blood Warriors of death Assault the night There is no turning back A disease that's growing strong

Donna Lewis - Nowhere to run lyrics

can still remember each mile I have travelled never knowing which way the road might turn now I face the stillness the city of ruins everyone in line waiting too blackened are the hearts of those who have witnessed far into the blue out of view colours of

Guano Apes - Close to the sun lyrics

were glowing like a flame Under cover night and day You took me up so high It felt like a paradise Breathing you and breathing you out We fell like shooting stars Like we were not too far Nowhere to go but down It was so beautiful Before the fall I'm flying

Caliban - Nowhere to run, no place to hide lyrics

regrets! You caused me so much pain, I can still feel the wounds You left on my tortured skin... I won't forget your chainsaw And the games you played. Come on, little angel, Will you play my game I'm full of hate And this hate is eternal, Are

Exlibris - Nowhere to turn lyrics

t let me fall asleep tonight Don't let these visions haunt my mind It feels like falling Drowning in a sea of light And in my dream I see you stand In a cold, forsaken land There seems to be no other way But this is not the end Promise you'll wait for me there Let us

Roxanne Emery - Nowhere to be found (feat. fabio xb & liuck) lyrics

for something that cannot be found But I am your safety when you’re coming round This time I’ll look a little harder Yeah this time I’ll run, run faster You are the Sun, you are the Earth And you’re everything I’m worth And I look for you but you’re no-wh

Alan Jackson - Up to my ears in tears lyrics

told me you don't love me, when you walked out the door I stood there feelin' lonely, then the tears began to pour What else could I do, I'd never felt like that before So I cried an ol' blue river in the middle of the floor Now I'm up to my ears in tears I'm cryin' night an

Lillix lyricsLillix - Nowhere to run lyrics

s see, believing Heartbeat, your breathing in A dream is calling Our knees, you're falling in Oh, you're falling in You will keep on running And I will keep on holding on I've got a lot to say Before you turn away What are you hiding from? When you got nowhe

J.j. Cale - Nowhere to run lyrics

to run, Nowhere to hide No way to relieve This feeling inside You done gave me them blues And then you took a ride Left me with nowhere to run, Nowhere to hide Shame, oh shame, on what you do Can't you see that I, I, I, Been feeling so blue Cast a spell on me, Then you took

Andrew Jackson Jihad - People ii 2: still peoplin'? lyrics

you've been kicked in or abused or mistreated or misused. You were told there was nowhere to go but up for you. If you've been hurt or you've been betrayed. If you've been f***ed or you've been displaced. Then you were told it's probably been your fault anyway. But your Hustl

Girlschool - Nowhere to run lyrics

to Run ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... .....................

K.d. Lang - Nowhere to stand lyrics

things start to surface Tears come on down Scars of childhood In a small town Hurt she pushed inward Starting to show Now she’ll do some talking But he’ll never know Tables have turned now With a child of her own But she’s blind to the difference What’s taught is that’s

Panic! At The Disco lyricsPanic! At The Disco - Ready to go (get me out of my mind) lyrics

ah, ah Oh-oh-oh-a-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-a-oh-oh Oh-oh-oh-a-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-a-oh-oh You've got these little things That you've been running from You'll either love it or guess you don't You're such a pretty thing To be running from anyone A vision with nowhere to go So tell me ri

Akon - Oh africa (feat. keri hilson) lyrics

Oh Africa... Oh Africa... Oh Africa... I know that we have to take it to the goal 'cause everyone's depending on we See we ain't got nowhere to go but up, it's our destiny We're choosing the way, we'll do what it takes to get to the top of the highest moun

Megan And Liz - To be wanted ft. plug in stereo lyrics

don’t know what you got so you just give it away To anyone who’s lookin’ Makes your heart wanna stop when he refuses to stay Oh, oh So save your love for somebody who earns it Don’t cave because all the wait’ll be worth it Don’t be something you’re not Cuz you’ll be runn

Shania Twain lyricsShania Twain - Up! lyrics

s 'bout as bad as it could be Seems everybody's buggin' me Like nothing wants to go my way - yeah, it just ain't been my day Nothin's commin' easily Even my skin is acting weird I wish that I could grow a beard Then I could cover up my spots - not play connect the

Edgar Broughton Band - There's no vibrations, but wait! lyrics

no vibrations – but wait Out of the night crept the words that had been lying behind the dusty doors And things that should be there, anywhere, as long as long as the cigarette smoke Curls up not down from the ashtray, soon be day. Negative - Negative.

Dave Matthews - Up and away lyrics

Everyday with you Every little thing you do the way you do Little darlin' in your eyes Got me all up and away You get me high I saw you there since then everyday It's like I'm lost and thinking of you in everyway Since I fell into your eyes All I

Gen Rosso - Time to go lyrics

up its time to go So you say it's your first time flying I can't believe it myself we're flying Looking down from outer space Above the clouds, across the ocean I want to sail the blue From heaven the world looks a whole lot different From up there

Lil Wayne lyricsLil Wayne - Up, up & away lyrics

Intro - Lil Wayne] Up, up and away Up, up and away Up, up, up and away, up Yeah [Verse 1 - Lil Wayne] I’m about to go up, up and away Dick in your mouth, f*** what you say You sweet as pie, a muffin and a cake Dick in her mouth, I’m f***ing her

Gun Dog - There is no other but you lyrics

been thinking about you I´m afraid of bein´in solitude Don´t you feel sorry every time you see me? No one, but you can change me I said on and on Live your life more seriously Don´t slow down It is a sin and everything ends up in death There is no other but you There is n

Patty Griffin - Go wherever you want to go lyrics

can go wherever you wanna go Go wherever you wanna go Fly up to the moon and say hello now You can go wherever you wanna go You don’t ever have to go to war no more Never have to go to war no more Wear them boots and swim that icy shore now You don’t ever have to go to

Adam - Go to go lyrics

I really wanna know Is if you're ever gonna show Cause now we're moving too slow If you wanna go then go All I really wanna know Is if you're ever gonna show Cause now we're moving too slow If you wanna go then go All I really wanna know Is if you're ever gonn

Elvis Presley lyricsElvis Presley - There is no god but god lyrics

is no God, but God, I know this is true God made everything, He made me, He made you There'd be no birds, No planes to sail in the blue Without his wondrous eyes To see them through They say God made land And He gave it all to man Yes I know He'

Folk Implosion - Free to go lyrics

butterflies, line drives, watching TV I had seven good years 'til they noticed they were looking at me I didn't like what they see Trapped in the back seat, stay on your side My hand out the window feeling the air rush by While my parents fight Whe

1tym - 널 일으켜 (to lift you up) lyrics

neol ireukyeo sesangeul barpgo Sseureojyeoganeun michyeoganeun isesangsogeseo Jeo eodum sogeseo neol ireukyeo geu bicheul barkhyeo Meomchwoseojima sumswigo inneun majimakkkaji Hey u sseureojin neo sel sudo eobsi neomeojyeotdeon neo Hey neo geurae

Foxes In Fiction - To go home lyrics

in the ruins Mom and Dad Can’t feel my hands Can’t feel the sun I want to go home I want a home to go to Where we can send our love Instead you send me

Justin Bieber lyricsJustin Bieber - Up ft. chris brown lyrics

a big big world It’s easy to get lost in it You’ve always been my girl And i’m not ready to call it quits We can make the sun shine in the moon light We can make the grey clouds turn to blue skies I know it’s hard Baby believe That we can go nowher

Inoue Joe - Nowhere lyrics

for whatever that you want to be Go on and never mind your enemies Eighteen lasting memories Dont try to make sense out of everything Go for whatever that you want to be Go on and never mind your enemies Eighteen lasting memories Dont try to

Joe Inoue - Nowhere lyrics

for whatever that you want to be Go on and never mind your enemies Eighteen lasting memories Dont try to make sense out of everything Go for whatever that you want to be Go on and never mind your enemies Eighteen lasting memories Dont try to m

Reo Speedwagon - Tired of gettin nowhere lyrics

I'm tired of gettin' nowhere, wish i was inspired, but it's just not there I hope this doesn't last, 'cause i'm tired of gettin' nowhere fast Woke up this morning and went back to sleep The sun was pourin' and the rain was gettin' deep I don't know what i'm

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