There’s No Reason To Deny Nobody Will Rescue Us Now Trying To Get A Hold Of The Moment lyrics

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Jamie Cullum - Get a hold of yourself lyrics

I sit and wait for some answers The questions go round ... like a Kamikaze pilot Enlightenment's just ... a romancer I wish it were here ... burning brightly though the skylight Get a hold of

Senses Fail - The importance of the moment of death lyrics

was so tired of being alone I was so tired of ... listening to the chorus in my head Telling myself I ... wasn’t good enough to be happy or proud or loving to

Queensrÿche - Take hold of the flame lyrics

see the light of those who find A world has passed them by To late to save a dream that's growing cold We ... realize that fate must hide its face From those

All Shall Perish - The past will haunt us both lyrics

this empty room sits a familiar fragrance Seemingly ... endless nights with my feet to the sky So many lonesome ... questions If we had only tried, how could we let

Atomic Kitten - The moment you leave me lyrics

oh oh oh, oooooooh) You make me believe, you are the one ... for me (It seems) And now I find it's hard The way ... you're treating me (It's mean) Cos' time after time I

Cracker - Hold of myself lyrics

of myself, just trying to get a hold of myself Scaring my ... friends, just trying to get a hold of myself Sabotage all I set ... out to do I can't imagine how that looks to you Just don't go away--just trying to get a hold of myself. Got

Atmosphere - Trying to find a balance lyrics

love the taste of blood Now I don't know what that means ... but I know that I mean it Maybe they're as evil as they ... seem Or maybe I only look out the window

Melanie C lyricsMelanie C - The moment you believe lyrics

to face what you were hiding from Don't ... have to do this on your own Together we are strong We don't ... need anyone No matter what they say The time has come I

Silent Knight - The call of the crow lyrics

it unclear, call it divine, you'll tremble ... with torment as You stand a mortal before the eye Keeper ... of justice, guardian of the free, the watch at your

Duran Duran lyricsDuran Duran - Safe in the heat of the moment lyrics

say you've been around How 'bout you and me get down? How 'bout you and me get down? Babe, I know you've ... been around Unmake your bed Don't think about

Destruction - Fear of the moment lyrics

- am a ready die The world won't miss me You wanna know why? Humanity - is ... out of control Why should I stay and play my lousy role? I - ... can't stand the pain The script is written Don't wanna remain Now - the time is

Slaughter - Heat of the moment lyrics

see a silhouette by the window There's a nightgown ... on the floor I feel desire in your ... eyes I taste the honey of your soul [Chorus:] Do ... you feel dizzy without a drink of wine Is this

Black Sabbath lyricsBlack Sabbath - Get a grip lyrics

see it on the TV, it's playing on my mind, Everything ... I see has got something to do with killing my brother. ... Just another mind game? or maybe it's a sign, When the

Here Comes The Kraken - The legend of the rent is way hardcore lyrics

s our last wine We have been destroying And ... fighting in too many wars Two opposite sides Defeating a worthless Caus Trying to kill each other Taking

Gutter Sirens - The death of the day lyrics

you get a gift cherish it with your ... look Warm touch, the joy of the moment, the spark in your eye ... something, even million of faults You are the candle’s

Harmony - In the heat of the moment lyrics

moment everybody was calling out my name The next ... thing I knew my reputation was down the drain I know for a ... fact you're the one to blame I got caught up with you

Journey - Edge of the moment lyrics

red sky fades to blue, Miss your touch in shadows I'm waiting. Sweet ... memories of holding you near, In your eyes anticipating. ... One embrace and two worlds collide, Feel the heat of our sweet surrender.

Ancient Desire - The path of the dreams lyrics

deep forest /- where the way is/ leading us? Unknown - ... it/ will possibly /misguide us!(us) In own line end of the whole dusty road, but it is ... leading us to large mess crossroads - dark and treacherous the path of the

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds lyricsNoel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - In the heat of the moment lyrics

nah nah nah nah nah nah They tell me you've touched the face of God . At the sound of a ... rope cracking on your neck. They tell me you never give it up

Army Of The Pharaohs - Henry the 8th lyrics

Vinnie Paz intro] yeah, its murders, plenty murders ... blood, we spell doom, pharaoh click baby [Vinnie Pazienza] for who the bells tome Vinnie Paz I call hell

Okkervil River - A hand to take hold of the scene lyrics

m a band in a show about a man holding hands with his wife ... On a therapist's couch, with his face to ... the ground after f***ing around countless nights And there's this one episode, close

Destruction - To dust you will decay lyrics

are blessed cause we all go in the end It's makes no sense to betray and pretend ... We are blessed cause we all go in the end It’s makes no sense to betray and pretend

Black Sabbath lyricsBlack Sabbath - The sign of the southern cross lyrics

there isn't light when no one sees Then how can I know what you might believe? A ... story told that can't be real Somehow must reflect the ... truth we feel, yeah Fade away, fade away Vanish into small Fade away, fade away

Cage - March of the cage lyrics

take on the world wherever we go. Nothing ... will stop us that is our oath. All of the evil beneath crawling up from below. We will ... deliver defeat we won't take anymore. Marching forever

A Camp - The oddness of the lord lyrics

on baby sing Of the oddness of the lord It's about time we ... sang Of the strange ways of the lord The oddness of the ... lord The oddness of the lord Come on baby sing Of

Angel Dust - To dust you will decay lyrics

re running into tragedy signs announcing danger ... for your life will end in agony and your bodies will decay to dust Dust you are created of and eternal laws can

Hordak - The song of the distant waves lyrics

is the song of the distant waves A dream of life that ... never begins or ends A shore to be reached and a shore to be ... left This is the story of remembered days When I

Louis Delort - The story of the impossible (peter von poehl .. lyrics

happened to the great escape, The finest ever made? Crafted with pride by masters of the trade; The world's greatest ... circus. We had this story of the impossible, A tale best told softly. One of make

Kid Ink - Get you high feat. devin cruise lyrics

me get you high for the moment, Come and let me get you ... high for the moment What I'm smoking, I'm up, Bet to ... get you high for the moment, Come and let me get you

Hillsong Worship - No reason to hide lyrics

ve got nothing to lose We've got no reason to ... hide We've got the answer inside of us It's time ... we took our disguises off See Your glory revealed ... See Your name lifted high 'Cause there is nobody else for us Jesus you are the only one

Hana Pestle - Trying to get used to you lyrics

never felt a kiss like yours Never held a ... hand like yours That catches me every time I fall ... Never seen a face like yours Never had a place like yours To run to when

Edie Brickell - Lost in the moment lyrics

register stood open Smoke cleared the room And one man was ... lying Over blood and a broom The store door was ... swinging In the midnight breeze And another

Art Garfunkel - This is the moment lyrics

said, "What went wrong?" I said, ... "I loved you all along." She said, &quot ... How could you love me and hurt me like you do?"

Patriarch - The watching eye lyrics

by this power The council of the wise The keepers of my soul ... The shadows of the night Roaming through the ... city Searching a place to hide Trying to escape The watching eye Reigning the

Safetysuit - The moment lyrics

when I wake in the morning till I go and I fall asleep each night I fight to hold onto a love that is inside ... Because my past is like a nightmare that I never can

Kerli - Hold on lyrics

heard you crying last night Did you stop trying ... last night? You say there is nothing left for us ... You say there is nothing left of us And we

Eminem lyricsEminem - The ringer lyrics

Intro] Yeah, yo I'm just gonna write down my first thoughts and see where this takes me, 'cause I feel like I wanna punch the world in the f***in' face

Ebony Day - Nobody's perfect lyrics

I'm nervous I have this thing yeah I talk too ... much Sometimes I just can't shut the hell up It's ... like I need to tell someone anyone who'll listen And that

Saigon - Nobody cares (feat. stic man (from dead prez).. lyrics

BRIDGE:] What's really, really Crack What's really, really Dope What's really, really Sad We don't really have ... Hope What's really, really Hood What's really, really There Stashing about it Nobody really, really cares

4 Strings - Hold in silence (feat. katty heath) lyrics

wind of change is everywhere The fallen leaves are scattered all over You and I know all to well When the evening comes along The shadows will find us

Brother Ali - The puzzle lyrics

s to blame for the state I'm in I play my cards but ... somehow I can't win [Verse 1:] Listen ... when life leaves you beaten up Don't lay around in it ... hurry pick them pieces up Cling closely to the people you love They're your

Gracia - Will you be my friend lyrics

trying to call your number Try to get a hold of you But you won’t listen anyway What can I do? I’m trying to reach you lately No matter what will be I’ll always

Jessie J lyricsJessie J - Nobody's perfect lyrics

I'm nervous I have this thing, yeah I talk too ... much Sometimes I just can't shut the hell up It's ... like I need to tell someone Anyone who'll listen And that

Roy Orbison - Trying to get to you lyrics

I've been traveling over mountains, Now ... even through the valleys too, Well I've been traveling ... night and day Running all the way Baby trying to get to

Akon - Trouble nobody lyrics

Akon, Stay outta trouble now son, Akon, Stay outta ... trouble now son Let me tell you what ... hurts the most, I'm a convicted felon and I can't ... work. No matter where I Go I try to get

Claude Kelly - All tryin to get a piece of me lyrics

been to all four corners of the world All got one thing in ... common, that’s girls They keep on knock, knocking at ... my door It’s like they follow me wherever I go

The Lumineers - The lumineers - nobody knows (from "pete's dr.. lyrics

knows how to say goodbye, It seems so easy ... 'til you try, Then the moment's passed you by, Nobody knows how to say goodbye. Nobody knows how to get back

No Bragging Rights - Broken bottles lyrics

no Once scaled roof tops now only serve as lonely ... monuments to remind us of what we've done The peaceful ... skies feel so empty now, we've compromised so much

Anihilated - The burning of the southern cross lyrics

curses all beneath the cross The symbol ever-changing, same ... ethos See the southern sky, it is burning And ... tell me now, God, are we learning? A different dogma or

Any Given Day - Hold back the time lyrics

back the time Slowly we belong to ... yesterday’s youth It’s hard to bear the ugly truth Time waits for nobody and standstill ... is death We seize every second like

Cartel - The minstrel's prayer lyrics

all these stupid silly songs keep trying to catch your ear i'm trying ... desperately it's just so hard to persevere and even if ... you listened i never had much to say cause it's the

Dawnless - Trying to get away lyrics

my ass off every day I keep running around But ... I never know wehere I feel pasted to the ground AndI, I can't fly away Bound to rules ... made by liars That try to make us swallow The shit that they serve us On plates made out

Desultory - The moment is gone lyrics

colours are gone I stay black to escape The grain in my ... eyes reeks of bitter regret Chasing those ... hours, wasting that time Try to hold on to the past, but the moment is gone And I can't wait

Dyslesia - On the edge lyrics

are the young ad we're still wanting more Nobody will stop us for sure Blood is running ... like the light in the night We are surfing on the edge of the shore We don't know why life still goes on, here

Gama Bomb - The wrong stuff lyrics

a frozen night in the countryside Topless drinking ... men defended their pride The concept of a good time taken to extremes Negligent games ... with a manly theme Nudist capers powered by grog Chainsaw

Katy B - Crying for no reason lyrics

Verse 1] I pushed all my problems to the back of ... my mind Then they surfaced in my dreams, they come alive I sweep all my issues to ... somewhere I can find In hope that I'll forget but there's just so many

New Found Glory - No reason why (gorilla biscuits cover) lyrics

reason why! You're always on my back about what I mean to do and all your talk is ... bothering me just wait until I'm through I walk ... down to the corner store to catch up with my friends They

Ozzy Osbourne lyricsOzzy Osbourne - No easy way out lyrics

to the mirror From the other side Seeing her reflection ... And it blows my mind Trying to deny it But damage is ... done I'll just run as always But the race is run

Secret Sphere - No reason why lyrics

away like leaves by the wind His heart's a desert... ... and storm in that image ...there is no reason ... why As she woke up Another day was starting In her

Nf lyricsNf - Lost in the moment (feat.jonathan thulin) lyrics

may be the last sunset I'll see So I'll take it in, I'll take it in ... This may be the last air that I'll breathe So I'll breathe it in, I'll breathe it in

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