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Silverstein - Smashed into pieces lyrics

Again. I'll slit my throat with the knife I pulled out of ... my spine. Maybe when you find out that I'm dead you'll ... realize what you did to me. And if my lungs still let me breathe, Would you

Biffy Clyro - That golden rule lyrics

of Henry, I'm the first in line To the throne, smell my ... mustard gas I slash swords through your ... wooden spine Well it cut my heart and it blew my ... head We made love at the side of the road Reflex, you

Chumbawamba - That golden era lyrics

golden era That golden era David Bedford, Georgie ... Best Olga Korbutt, Eddie Mercx Tony Jacklin, Jochen ... Rindt Ille Nastase, Rachael Flint ... Gary Player, Clive Lloyd Bobby Fischer, Virginia Wade Eusabio, Alan Knott

Auroral - Golden tears lyrics

of the truth (of the truth) It came from the frost of my mind The breath in the dark, oh ... my heart is burning (burning so hot) Dark eyes are burning, I wake up with thousands

Madame Macabre - Golden strings (a puppeteer song) lyrics

me Puppeteer dry your tears golden strings and fragile dreams ... tears broken hearts your nimble fingers steer It's ... always like this standing alone here all on my own

Donovan - Voyage into the golden screen lyrics

the golden garden bird of peace Stands the silver ... girl the Wild Jewels niece Paints and pretty colors Children ... s drawings on the wall Look of doubt ... be gone your ragged call In the forest thick a trick of

Eric Clapton lyricsEric Clapton - Golden ring lyrics

gave to you a golden ring; It made you happy, it made you ... sing. And I played for you on my guitar; ... It didn't last long, we didn't go far. And though the

Chris Rea - That´s what they always say lyrics

the first bell of the day They rise ... they lay And look down with the promise in their hands ... A promise to get out This ain't what it's all about There

Mindless Self Indulgence - Golden i lyrics

yo yo yo yo yo yo yo I be I be I be I be I be that golden ... I You watch me burnin' b-burnin' deep deep inside of you I ... be that golden I Now i rock steady but it don't mean

Lana Del Rey lyricsLana Del Rey - Golden grill lyrics

happen to nobody does it better? See ya walking ... 'round like you were born to kill Driving in your Escalade ... flash that golden grill You're pickin up a bad

Alphaville lyricsAlphaville - Golden feeling lyrics

this place is so crowded You feel so ... 'cause you're eye to eye with him And you know he will ... take you He's got nothing to lose And there's no way ... for you to win Desperados in love Won't kill this sweet

Take That lyricsTake That - Into the wild lyrics

tight, tied up again Tied up again with my one and ... only friend Your voice is all I can hear All I can ... hear it’s the music to my ears Staying out of

Dead By Sunrise - Into you lyrics

another cigarette It kills the pain That's all that ... on all of my regrets Feeling the strain in every breath ... Stumble as I crawl Then I fall into you And I fade

Dillon - Into the deep lyrics

loss of words A gasp for air A sense of wrong A rapid ... blur First colours fade Then disappear Into the deep A ... state of ecstasy A certain smell A memory First

Chester Bennington - Into you lyrics

another cigarette It kills the pain That's all that ... on all of my regrets Feeling the strain in every breath ... Stumble as I crawl Then I fall into you And I fade

Chester Charles Bennington - Into you lyrics

another cigarette It kills the pain That's all that ... on all of my regrets Feeling the strain in every breath ... Stumble as I crawl Then I fall into you And I fade

Nick Cave lyricsNick Cave - Into my arms lyrics

don't believe in an interventionist God But I know, darling ... that you do But if I did I would kneel down and ask Him ... Not to intervene when it came to you Not to touch a

D12 - That's how lyrics

scratched:] "Niggaz, crackers, whiteys, jews. ... ." [D-12] This is how it happens to you [D-12] That ... up [scratched:] "Niggaz, crackers, whiteys, jews.

George Harrison lyricsGeorge Harrison - That´s what it takes lyrics

now it begins to shine And you found the eyes to ... see Each little drop at dawn of ev'ry day ... Your smile, it comes back to me And ... you may say Don't let it stop, never fade away As

Chumbawamba - That's how grateful we are" lyrics

quot;That's How Grateful We Are" ... OK, this one's called "Whitewash ... quot; When was the very first time you saw Chumbawamba? ... In my dreams! Ha! Working in a forge, black lungs,

Tom Waits lyricsTom Waits - Don't go into that barn lyrics

t go into that barn, yea [2x] Black ... cellophane sky at midnite Big blue moon with three gold rings I called Champion to the ... window And I pointed up above the trees That

Eve - That's what it is lyrics

when she comes around Huh, first lady mobbin nigga hit the ... ground Next break into that who we what a sound Heads ... boppin, never fails once the Doc's around Hatin the fact that she do things

Obey The Brave - Into the storm lyrics

m marching onward into the storm. Black clouds, ... red skies. A vision of my world's demise. In ... every smile, a desperate cry. Should I ... keep on or let hope die? When it rains it pours.

Lea Salonga - That situation lyrics

s so much in life That we would like to do We can ... wait for love Until we know it's true It's up to us Not ... to jump into that situation I'm too young, not ready

Pathfinder - Deep into that darkness peering... lyrics

to Deep Into That Darkness Peering... : [I. ... Rem Stage] [II. Coma] [III. Journey

Bellfast - That's ireland lyrics

I am so sad I wanna be... be in that land Where I can dream ... just like a sweet fantasy A song ... touches my soul I laugh but find myself crying It makes me

Gareth Gates - That's when you know lyrics

the story goes There's a special someone To make them whole ... Someone to give their heart completely And you ... may search high and low But when you find

Elvis Costello - That's not the part of him you're leaving lyrics

have a friend She's just a friend I tried to comfort and ... defend I gave her what you might call advice But nothing like that comes without a price ... The rumour was a cruel surprise And she dissolved before

Natalie Imbruglia lyricsNatalie Imbruglia - That day lyrics

day, that day What a mess what a ... marvel I walked into that cloud again And I lost ... myself And I’m sad, sad, sad Small, alone ... scared Craving purity A fragile mind and A

Dustin Lynch - That's the thing about hurricane lyrics

Verse 1:] I knew when she flew in she ... wouldn't stay. Every now and then God makes one that a way. ... Red-haired, wild-child, with storms in her eyes. I knew

Smash Mouth lyricsSmash Mouth - Then the morning comes lyrics

everybody You're gonna do it again You are the few, the ... proud You are the antibody Mind soul, and zen And the ... s a stage And the world's a faze And the end is near So

Ladyhawke - Golden girl lyrics

saw you walking with hope in the moment Your starry eyes ... mending hearts that are broken But this is not ... what you’d think I’d be into I guess it’s all much too easy

Deathgaze - Faze human. raze human. lyrics


Sloppy Seconds - Smashed again lyrics

a little drinking at my favorite bar Got so smashed I ... couldn't drive my car Got the phone and ... cash to spend Don't know why I'm smashed again... Wake up in a puddle of booze And crawl

Blossoms - Smashed pianos lyrics

wish I didn't care like I do Feels like I'm losing you ... too I wish I didn't stare like I do I might be over you ... soon I wish I didn't care like I do It always brought me

The Dickies - Golden boys lyrics

who's days were spent on having fun then one day she got a ... mary had a man who heals with healing hands millions of ... mother mary baby you're flipped out to over influence

Edguy - Golden dawn lyrics

was born into this world Living love but he got hurt And ... he sighed when he beheld The ... bleeding lamb Blood and tears drip on the ground Dung the olives on the mount Love is

Cascada - Golden train lyrics

t you wake up yet Give me some time To watch you ... asleep Oh angel of mine And I would be fine, as long as you ... re near me Oh angel of mine [Chorus] But tomorrow if a golden train came to take

Ruth B - Golden lyrics

fire used to burn All the words ... used to hurt But you're not like us You are different I ... couldn't see that that was a compliment Cause the ... last thing I want now is to be you And the flames

Cocteau Twins - Golden vein lyrics

punched All of song Will you spare Last night, till ... dawn Your eyes have mine At last I've got lyric ... The rest into A mood of dust Myself into With eyes for me My safe

Golden Earring - Together we live, together we love lyrics

send my bird to a golden cage Where it can sing it's ... song of love, love It takes along the golden key Then you unlock the door of love Then think of me, oh then think of

Jill Scott - Golden lyrics

Yeah Yeahhhh [Verse 1] I'm taking my freedom, Pulling ... it off the shelf, Putting it on my chain, Wear it around ... my neck, I'm taking my freedom, Putting it in

Olly Murs - That's alright with me lyrics

oh oh oh People, always saying you're crazy, well it doesn ... t faze me. I like crazy you know. I love ... your personality, but I don't think I understand it

Prince - Golden parachute lyrics

(Hey) Golden parachute Do U wanna - golden parachute Here's 50 million dollars - go'n leave us ... (Do U wanna, do U wanna - golden parachute) In appreciation 4

The 69 Eyes - Smashed'n'trashed lyrics

baby baby let me pick your cherry Go star-gazin ... To crack a Judy's teacup I'll give you a little upshot ... Doncha say your mama's comin' back I may be too upside

Mark Knopfler - Golden heart lyrics

was swinging by the bangles in a main street store A while ... The most dangerous angles that you ever saw She spied her ... for around her neck And that was then the start The most

Van Morrison - Golden autumn day lyrics

I heard the bells ringing, I was thinking about winning In this God forsaken place ... When my confidence was well, then I tripped and I felt Right ... flat on my face Now I'm standing erect, and I feel like coming back And the sun is shining gold Put a smile on my

Twin Shadow - Golden light lyrics

met you first I heard your voice on the telephone And then ... again A city street where you walked ... you came out of the dark I was waiting there You said

James Labrie - Smashed lyrics

lay awake I'm feeling weak Not sure I can go on ... take me far There's nothing I can give All I had is gone ... Buildings fell Stealing people's dreams A way of life Guess we don't fit Fit

Golden Resurrection - Golden times lyrics

still remember when you came into my life I fell in love (I ... fell in love) And I'm still in love (I'm still in love) ... Music with action given from above to me yeah! I remember the golden days I

Kem - Golden days lyrics

won't you find yourself a dream Go down in ... history, Baby we'd be self-a-life up in the morning Feeling fine. (aye boo day bu doom boo ... to be and have a taste of victory. Sugar wake up to the light, and you'll make it

Majestic - Golden sea lyrics

the curtain of the judgement day was ... here I, now will tell you all the tales ... from hell and darkness Lightning has no end The fear ... of Lucifer has brought this simple game In to the place

Miss Li - Golden retriever lyrics

gonna buy you a dog, I’m gonna buy you a puppy, I’m ... gonna be so happy, I’m gonna move out to the ... country. And if you call me on the phone I’m gonna be out in the garden

Razorlight - Golden touch lyrics

know a girl with the golden touch She's got enough, she ... s got too much But I know, you wouldn't mind You ... could have it all if you wanted You could have it all if it mattered so much

Blondie - Golden rod lyrics

sure as anything As sure as I can be That 99%, pure as Ivory I caught the scent, ... followed the smell of it Couldn't Ignore Hey, why did you pick on me? What's that pretty flower I see? Tall

Coasts - Golden city lyrics

your name The call of the wild Says our youth was to ... Hold dreams of a sweet life, No ghosts in the town ... The silver in your eyes Is bringing me down And if

Epica - Illusive consensus lyrics

my soul and gave hope to my life. So sweet caress, never ... to last! You left me behind all alone and aghast ... Capured inside such an austere Elysium

Forefather - Smashed by fate lyrics

towers of stone, smashed by fate The giants' craft ... declines, undermined by age Once shining and ... strong with celebration of men Until the mighty ... one swept them away Their warriors destroyed with war,

Goombay Dance Band - Golden dreams of eldorado lyrics

They stole the gold of Mexico Killed the people one by ... one Only talking with their guns Brave men locked on iron chains All young mothers ... sold as slaves Babies crying through the night Will

Klemen Slakonja - Golden dump (the trump hump) lyrics

a great honour it must be for you to listen ... to this hit, from America to Mexico to China and shit ... I love China, people say I don’t love China. How

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