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Diana Ross - The same love that made me laugh lyrics

love is like a chunk of gold Hard to ... get and it's hard to hold Just like a ... to touch Love has thorns and it hurts so much Well then ... why must the same love That made me laugh make

Nonpoint - The same lyrics

You havent changed And I havent changed Things that ... You havent changed Youre still the same The words that ... you never approve of The way that you call out my name

Michael W. Smith - The same power lyrics

is power in His name For the stone has rolled away Mountains bow down before Jesus Christ, our risen Lord Jesus Christ, our risen Lord Mighty ... Savior, lifted high King forever, Jesus Christ

Jimmy Eat World - In the same room lyrics

in, listen what voices say. you always wrote for ... me, ego. risk worth taking risk worth leaving. seems i'm ... still afraid to promise. too big to stop too big

Jessica Simpson - The lover in me lyrics

long I've been Denying myself Hostage to ... thoughts i'm somebody else And all the while you Have been wishing to Love on me Mixed ... feelings and misgivings That's all a memory now

Eternal Oath - The destiny forsaken lyrics

is the longed for contact A rape of ... our substitute harmony In your eyes I saw the same ... reaction that I felt But the tears ain t for you to decline The torn up scars bloom

Sigh - Overture / rex tremendae / i saw the world's .. lyrics

I saw the world's end burned by them ... who want us to repent Fear in my pain will rise again, insane The end in flame is ... what we need! Then I saw my brides smile Blinded by lies their sanity dies The

Jamie Cullum - The same things lyrics

oversharing times Under some weary skies ... Forgotten how to try Everything you say sounds like a lie ... The fog that greets the man As old as time began Is

Aura Noir - The beautiful, darkest path lyrics

dream of you I am drawn to you I drink with ... you You showed me black I drank your blood Then I saw the beautiful, darkest path So ... Let me feel your flame and ride the stars with you I am

Katie Melua lyricsKatie Melua - Somewhere in the same hotel lyrics

in the same hotel, Was it in the bar? I saw you once, but I ... don't know who you are. I don't usually obsess, but I ... confess, I wish I knew you well. All I know is

Prince - The same december lyrics

was this ball with a line straight down the middle One side ... was black and the other one white And they both understood ... so little That they spent their whole lives tryin' 2 tell

Capsize - The same pain lyrics

thought that I would see it through but here I am with ... empty hands still standing next to you never got ... what I gave and it seems that’s exactly how

Krystal Meyers - Only you make me happy lyrics

was chasing my dreams With a coke and a smile Only ... You make me happy If that was the real thing Then I’m in denial Only You make ... on my sleeve Don’t care if I’m not in style Only You make

Sarah Brightman - The same thing to you lyrics

me up french fries. Invite me for dinner. Show who ... you are and I'll show you I'm a sinner. Not in the worst ... way. I'll do the same thing to you. If you want to I

Javier Colon - The most beautiful girl in the world lyrics

was a cool summer night - I was hanging with my friends - ... you were hanging with your friends and That's when I noticed your smile - unbelievable ... - was inconceivable how I could ever spend another day

Cady Groves - One in the same lyrics

foot in my grave I was fit to be tied Took a look at ... my life Why am I so afraid? Then you said my name ... And I was yours from that time You put your hand in mine

Cradle Of Filth - The foetus of a new day kicking lyrics

chaos international The writing on the wall A Lazarus in ... A dark and sullen lullaby Whispered softly as you die ... Promising torments are nigh Danger warning levels hissed out loud I saw the silver lining hidden in a

Estelle - The same lyrics

bullshit They look good together They fit ... well wherever They're so real it's un-found They're a kind of couple We gave ... life a double Trying to match what they found

Tom Jones lyricsTom Jones - The young new mexican puppeteer lyrics

a town near Albequerqe Lived a most concerned young boy ... He said lately I have noticed Folks don't live with ... peace and joy With frowns and worry on their

Mystic Circle - The dragonslayer lyrics

his armour sword and shield he walked through the night and in the light of the ... moon he shines like a warrior he walked till the break ... of dawn and above his head the dragonstone was ahead dark

Queen Latifah lyricsQueen Latifah - Same love that made me laugh lyrics

on now, I'm the one you love I'm the one you can't breathe without, remember Why you wanna ... make me cry like this? Why would you wanna make me ... cry, why me? Your love is like a chunk of gold It's hard

Bad Religion lyricsBad Religion - The same person lyrics

want prosperity For yourself, but not for ... you just can't see We're in this collectively You think ... that freedom is A drastic severance From your past

Ruslana - The same star lyrics

up Whenever you're down I will hear you calling out ... you make a sound We can climb this mountainside We can ... cross the sea 'Cos all I am is you And ail you are is me

Phil Collins - The same moon lyrics

the daylight comes and I look across the room, I see ... you're gone. As the morning breaks and I reach to hold ... your hand I can see, see I'm the only one. Well, your clothes

One Less Reason - The same thing lyrics

you know best Pull close the ones that leave you alone ... Welcome home… Write down those words you wanted ... to hear Compliments yea the messages is coming clear

Outline In Color - The golden rule lyrics

to be my journey. You promised me a way out. Three hour ... drives are three hours alone. ... Three hour drives are better than our broken ... home. Your lips were the softest yet, When you promised me we'd be out west. The

Pet Shop Boys lyricsPet Shop Boys - The night i fell in love lyrics

was backstage Couldn’t believe my luck was in I saw him ... approach Wearing a most approachable grin ... When he said hello I was surprised he spoke so politely I said I'd liked his

Alan Parsons Project - The same old sun lyrics

me what to do Now the light in my life is gone from me Is it always the same Is the night never ending Tell me ... what to do All the hopes and the dreams went wrong for me There's a smile on my face But i

Good Charlotte - The world is black lyrics

seven at a quarter to eight You see the same damn thing it's just a different day ... No one really knows why this is happening But it's happening And everywhere you go it's

Good Charlotte - The world is black (acoustic) lyrics

seven at a quarter to eight You see the same damn thing it's just a different day ... No one really knows why this is happening But it's happening And everywhere you go it's

Melissa Etheridge - I will never be the same lyrics

you walked with me for a while Bared your naked soul And ... plan How you would never let them know In the morning of the ... night You cried a long lost child And I tried on I tried to hold you But

One Ok Rock - The same as... lyrics

hibi just the same old thing nani ga kakete tarinai ka ... kidzukanai furishite temo i can’t run away from myself i ... tried to show you i’m strong just get all along

Schultz Mark - I saw the light lyrics

saw the light - I saw the light - Oh I saw the light - He ... lived in a crowded Jamaican infirmary - Many were brought there to die - Days of starvation ... complete deprivation - And illness had taken his sight -

Asperity - The pray lyrics

mighty god where are you now ... When I need you more then even How can you turn away ... And leave me here All alone with all my fear Stay with me ... – so I can see Stay with me – and set me free I

Celkilt - The same old frown lyrics

these times of knocking at your door Guess I just ... expected a little bit more Don’t count on me to ... go down your path I’ll be blowin’ over a different sky Always angry

Reba Mcentire - The night the lights went out in georgia lyrics

was on his way home from Candletop ... he'd stop At Web's and have him a drink for he went home to ... her Andy Wo-Lo said hello He said "Hi what ... s new" And Wo said "Sit down I got some

Agathocles - The aim is the same lyrics

divisions between movements who are ... fighting for the same change divide and conquer, is the game the way the capitalists are playing the game ... we should stick, stick together 'cause the aim is the same

Paul Baloche - The same love lyrics

choose the humble and raise them high You choose the weak ... and make them strong You heal our ... brokenness inside And give us life Ref: The same ... love that set the captives free The same love that

The Breeders - Only in 3's lyrics

he's an ape, he's an angel Only in 3's, oh... Only in 3's, ... oh yeah Only in 3's, oh... Oh... Hay for ... a bed with her on my head And you are ... the king, the same king who will burn me Only in 3's, oh.

Dragony - The one and only (bonus - chesney hawkes cove.. lyrics

am the one and only Call me, call me by my ... by number You put me through it I'll still be doing it the ... way I do it And yet, you try to make me ... forget Who I really am, don't tell me I'm

Guardians Of Time - Only in a dream lyrics

muffled shriek. A silent cry. A dampened sigh. ... And now she is away. She doesn’t know. ... She’ll never know. Her life’s a lie yet she lives on.

I Like Trains - We saw the deep lyrics

your Crooked arms I fall. Once again, Your lights will guide me in. A ... promise to myself I break I know, The night will always ... win. Safe in hope we sleep. We held our

Roy Orbison - The same street lyrics

still live on the same street, that we lived on. The same old street, where memories were made on. I ... shouldn't stay, why don't I go? Each day hurts a little

Scorpions lyricsScorpions - The same thrill lyrics

remember when my teacher said: "How you wanna make ... your life?" I said: "I can play guitar ... And it will be alright listen!" When I came out

Bonnie Tyler lyricsBonnie Tyler - You always saw the blue skies lyrics

around and lost out here again Feeling like there's no way ... out and without you no way in Where are you my friend? ... I know how hard it is To keep from crying out

Alli Carter - The way you are lyrics

her eyes, her eyes Make the stars look like they're not ... shining Her hair, her hair Falls perfectly without her ... trying She's so beautiful And I tell it her every

Boyfriend - The same sky lyrics

naku tsuzuku mirai ni mune kogashi te katariatta ... ano natsu yakeru asufaruto ni wa ikutsu no yume shimikon de ... itta ka na tachidomatte mo ii me o fuse zu ni mae o mui te

Current 93 - The magical bird in the magical wood lyrics

saw the slot of the sun the final cut of the sun start like ... a hare over the shoddy grey walls i saw you ... dimple and crease and turn a ... card from the pack by your bed as though

Chesney Hawkes - The one and only lyrics

am the one and only, Oh yeah! Call me, call me ... Just put me through, I'll still be doing it the way I do it, And yet, you try to ... make me forget, Who I really am, don't tell me, I'd

James Ingram - The day i fall in love lyrics

an ordinary day Started out the same old way Then I looked into your eyes and knew Today ... would be a first for me The day I fall in love On the ... day I fall in love Sky will be a perfect blue And I'll

James Ingram - The day i fall in love (dolly parton) lyrics

an ordinary day Started out the same old way Then I looked into your eyes and knew Today ... would be a first for me The day I fall in love On the ... day I fall in love Sky will be a perfect blue And I´ll

Ministry Of Magic - Only power remains lyrics

1 (Ryan) The sky was ash to match the ... When he was born between gothic graves Flesh of the servant ... willingly given And the enemy forced to bleed (Nina) Please have mercy I’ll

Primordial - The golden spiral lyrics

day I stood with my back to the wind And the rain fell down ... Raised my fist to the cobalt sky And called to the ... Gods ...Where are you? I stood in the stream with cold

Ruff Ryders - The great lyrics

on Wooh Uh, uh uh Man, I hear you niggas talkin But ... choo walkin the wrong way to really mean it I done heard it, I done seen it ... don't get caught up in between it Its a dark road

George Watsky - The girl next door lyrics

a song about girl the next door. Love the girl ... next door. The world’s next door. They see ... her- everybody melts. She’s the girl next door to everybody

Bon Jovi lyricsBon Jovi - Only in my dreams (feat. tico torres) lyrics

pour me one last shot, 'cause I must be on my way Gotta make ... that same old stop that this soul makes everyday Tell me ... why am I holding on? Harry, why is the love

Bright Eyes - In the real world lyrics

s someone looking out for you At least that ... s what I would assume Always sleeping ... in a different bed Never had a lot ... of refuge Never saw a reason to It's just the

Dark Tranquillity - The same lyrics

we always fear and loathe becomes of us repay the visit of our loss reset the marks ... again the turning point seems to be holding on ... sands of ages and the stars above everchanging as the same hearts beat repeating

Etta James - The same rope lyrics

because you are riddin high and doing good for ... yourself you want to smile and wave goodbye and give ... else uhun one day just wait and see you’re gonna be

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