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Gentle Giant - His last voyage lyrics

in early morning, as the light came through, ... Searching in the ocean, did what he should ... wind cut like a knife. This was his last voyage, this

The Crystals - Then he kissed me lyrics

he walked up to me and he asked me if I wanted to ... dance. He looked kinda nice and so I ... said I might take a chance. When he danced he held me tight

Bloodflowerz - Last exit lyrics

from time Minute by minute his hope disappears in red wine ... He falls from heaven, anger burns his grace ... Oh help him, mercy, he can't find a way out of this

Laura Doyle - Last exit to surrey lyrics

there's a will there's a way my father used to ... and I suppose that's what he told himself when she ... slammed the door told him not to show his ... you much about him, it's all hearsay I heard he fixed fancy

Capital Lights - His favorite christmas story lyrics

met her up in Delaware in 1937 She ... wearing red lipstick to match her pretty dress December 24th ... at a quarter till eleven is when he finally gained the

Kj-52 - He is all lyrics

you try just to only get by When you know that you're hurting ... You can't run from him, now where would you hide? He's been ... your eyes and that's why He waiting for you with arms

Aaa - Last love lyrics

boy, deatta koro kara Hey boy, kawatta taido ga I ... liar, don't you play that) Hey boy, futari de ite mo Hey ... (Liar, liar) kitto kore ga Last love (Last love) shinjite

Savatage - He carves his stone lyrics

the images of dear departed Here with memories so closely ... guarded There's an old man standing all ... alone As he waits among the unforgiven Here among the

Alison Krauss - Last love letter lyrics

m writing my last love letter And for reasons now, ... I don't know where to start Seems so many ... times I've written down ''I love you'' Well I hope this time

Blessthefall - His last walk lyrics

many know how much you did, when you walked on broken feet to ... save us, this is your last walk, but its not the end, ... faith in hand, your not the only one, so c'mon c'mon,

Toto lyricsToto - Last love lyrics

But forever's in too soon The touch of your hand And the ... look in your eyes Are the only things I know I know ... are true We only have this life To forgive and then

Savage Messiah - He who laughs last lyrics

to turmoil, driven by the need Antipathy and the ... Rising through scores of the dead Determined to reap what ... is said Further now to what I’ve never known

Manic Street Preachers - His last painting lyrics

nothing in me The apostle in me No ... interpretation For the heart of me I can't see right ... from my wrong I've loved so much that I can't go on ... my life anymore Don't speak the truth anymore All of the

Ronnie Dunn - Last love i'm tryin' lyrics

m in this for good forever baby No more ... sorta kinda maybe's This time, no losing balance. ... happens No more going from this one to that one All the way ... I don't think I can take another here today gone tomorrow lover Dancing in and out of my

Drew Seeley - Last love song lyrics

play You serve, serve as the inspiration In so so many ... dry Deep down, know I know the reason why Just keep turning ... a blind eye Not this time Not this time Cause

Afi - He who laughs last lyrics

commodity, but obviously this is something you've never ... lend, I'd let you borrow them, but my trust you haven't ... a problem? First of all there is no "we", I'm

Morrissey - He knows i'd love to see him lyrics

knows, he knows Or I think he does 'Cause when I lived In ... the arse of the world He knows, he knows He knows I'd ... as is allowed Oh, 'cause when I lived In the arse of the

Red Velvet - Last love lyrics

nado moreuge nunmuri heureugon haesseossjyo ... geoseul ijeusyeossnayo uri heeojyeoya haneun iyureul ... suga eopseoyo naneun cheoeumbuteo dasi sijakhago

Middle Of The Road - Then, you'll know what love is for lyrics

.......... ............... ............... ............... .............. ............ ...........

John Dowland - Love stood amazed at sweet beauty's pain lyrics

at sweet beauty's pain, Love would have said that all was ... gods but half divine. But when Love saw that beauty would ... die, he all aghast to heavens did cry, O gods, what

Mikey Wax - Last great song lyrics

Down those city roads When a man asked me May I please ... have some gold? So I reached within I gave him all that ... I could loan And he said "in my return I'll

Bare Bobby - World's last truck driving man lyrics

a highway remains Gone are the days of the diesel And ... songs about wrecks in the rain The Macs and MacLeans ... have all rusted away The Harvesters rot in the sand

Reba Mcentire - He broke your memory last night lyrics

up Afraid I could never love somebody new I was trying to ... what I had left of you Then he broke your memory last ... it shatter inside I guess he held me a little too right He

Ice Nine Kills - Last words lyrics

goes the story of a kid we thought we ... knew. (we thought we knew) He hid a hate inside, and had a ... state of mind that put him in his grave! It began with his

Sinead O'connor - Love letters lyrics

letters straight from you heart Keep us so near while ... apart I'm not alone in the night When I can have all the love that you write I ... every line And I kiss the name that you sign And

Sinéad O'connor lyricsSinéad O'connor - Love letters lyrics

letters straight from you heart Keep us so near while ... apart I'm not alone in the night When I can have all the love that you write I ... every line And I kiss the name that you sign And

Cady Groves - Last straw lyrics

s a whisper and I'm an echo I'm a helicopter he's a pleasant ... into If I was a sail boat Then he would be the ocean Using ... all that he had To keep us in motion

Birdeatsbaby - Love will bring you nothing lyrics

days ago he was down at my window ... screaming my name in the air and by the sight I could ... tell he’d been drinking and when drunk you don’t usually care

Primus - Last salmon man (fisherman's chronicles, part.. lyrics

river waters diverts to other places to nurture central ... valley seeds The Northern water that sloshes desert ... So-Cal golfers needs The mighty chinook that used to

Leann Rimes - He stopped loving her today lyrics

said I'll love you 'til I die She told him ... you'll forget in time As the years went slowly by She ... still preyed upon his mind He kept her picture on his wall

Patti Smith - Last call lyrics

a mansion high the young man stood Ready to ... join his companions good Outside the ... Down streets of gold the children were racing Just ... another wandering soul Adrift among

Jin - Love story lyrics

Jin] This from the heart yeah this From the heart ... right here Yeah everybody has a story ... to tell Check this out though I knew this ... of my crew everybody knew this kid He was the talk of the

Sarah Brightman - Love in a u.f.o. lyrics

was ordinary summer night When suddenly I saw this blinding ... Like an exploding star And there it hovered right above my ... car And then I saw his face And it wasn't of the

At The Lake - Last drop of the waterfall lyrics

the time the first drop fell, The last ... one was already glowing in his eyes... To survive it had to ... fall. To prevail he couldn't let it be... The ... but it seems to be shorter when you can't see the end. With

Jo Dee Messina - He'd never seen julie cry lyrics

heart was tougher than a piece of leather Had ... a will carved out of stone He was stallion who had thrown ... woman could seem to hang on He had always been a fortress

Night Ranger - Young girl in love lyrics

I need you so much And now I hear that you've been crying Oh ... your diary Young girl in love Make up your mind You're ... All of my time Young girl in love I've become so attached

Running Wild - Last of the mohicans lyrics

Today I buried my son. No father should bury his son, ... Especially, when he is the last of his tribe. Today my heart ... is bleeding!" 1757 the story began "Alice&quot

Horrible Histories - Caveman love lyrics

My momma says I must wait here Until the moon is bright ... milk and honey as gifts for the Gods Or as snack food for Mr. ... your hands and knees And if the face of a handsome man comes

Kristin Chenoweth - Last name lyrics

too much of that poison baby Last night I did things I'm not ... of And I got a little crazy Last night I met a guy on the ... baby And I don't even know his last name Oh, my mama would

Flame - He did it again (feat. ad3) lyrics

did it, oh yes he did it He did it, oh yes he did it He ... did it oh Then he believe in me He has ... my mind Refusing to come to the cross Although it was

Lou Reed lyricsLou Reed - Last great american whale lyrics

say he didn't have an enemy His was a greatness to behold He ... was the last surviving progeny The last ... one on this side of the world He measured a half

The Monks - He went down to the sea lyrics

winked an eye and the sun went out He winked another and the stars came out He ... drew his breath and the wind blew soft And then he ... went down to the sea And then he went down to the sea He threw a rock and the seagulls

Kristen Kelly - He loves to make me cry lyrics

loves to make me cry Loves to make me weep Puts those ... tears in my eyes Not the bitter but the sweet Can’t ... help but love That man of mine Oh, ’cause

Lefay - Last rites lyrics

lays awake with his eyes closed as he thinks of ... eternity the last meal served on silver plates ... left a taste of cold steel his memories haunt him though

Morgana Lefay - Last rites lyrics

lies awake With his eyes closed As he thinks of ... eternity The last meal served on silver plates ... Left a taste of cold steel His memories haunts him Though

Abney Park - His imaginary world lyrics

In an imaginary world, In his father’s home. He escaped ... Hid from terrifying life. His imaginary world, Sheltered ... him from his strife. Then he grew, Was forced out alone,

Crash Test Dummies - He liked to feel it lyrics

a boy Who liked to wiggle his tooth loose so he could show ... it And then we'd watch While he would ... to a doorknob, wind up, and then slam it And that was how he liked to have his teeth

Del Shannon - His latest flame lyrics

friend came by today 'Cause he was telling everyone in town ... About the love that he just found And Marie's the ... name of his latest flame He talked and talked and I heard

Nicole Dollanganger - He hit me lyrics

a kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss) He hit me, and it felt like a ... kiss. He spanked me, as I laid over his legs. He put me on one knee ... "Sweetie, I'll make this cute bum red." And then

Orchid - He who walks alone lyrics

stands comes crashing under He does wander like a spirit ... lost Burning soul for he shall know no other He ... walks but nobody sees him He talks but no one hears his

Raekwon lyricsRaekwon - Last trip to scotland lyrics

up man What's good Gimme the joint man Yea, nigga hold this money right here We already ... nigga p**** doin pig Latin He can't come to the hood Might

Scorpions lyricsScorpions - His latest flame (marie's the name) lyrics

friend Came by today ´Cause he was telling everyone in town ... About the love he just found And Marie´s the ... name of his latest flame He talked and talked And I heard him say That she had the

Aldo Nova - Young love lyrics

west of 42nd street There runs a subway line It's a ... little piece of heaven Where the sun don't shine She's ... standing on the corner She's shining like a brand new

Sarah Connor lyricsSarah Connor - Love on a two way street lyrics

quot;Love On A Two Way Street" ... I found love on a two way street And lost ... it on a lonely highway Love on a two way street And lost ... on a lonely highway True love will never die So I've been

Matt Maher - Love comes down lyrics

for a king and kingdom Here among the beggars and the ... weak The broken and redeemed I'm ... measure In flesh and blood He hides His majesty Inside of ... Isn't it marvelous? The God of the universe, He

Saywecanfly - Love note for a rainy day lyrics

s a rainy day in his heart And all his lights burned ... out He wants to feel the sunshine But all he feels is ... doubt And he wonders if she hears him when, He doesn't

Duran Duran lyricsDuran Duran - Last man standing lyrics

an unexpected peace comes to the day As the howling dimmed the fighting dies away when the ... dust is clearing from the air you can just make out a ... lonely figure there He's the last man standing on the

Gloria Estefan - Love on a two way street lyrics

found love on a two way street And lost ... it on a lonely highway Love on a two way street And Lost ... on a lonely highway True love will never die So I've been

Sky Ferreira - Love in stereo lyrics

I tell myself again that he just wants to be my friend I ... can’t keep up He’s locked inside my head But he just wants to be my friend ... Never just go We fell in love in stereo Then he broke my heart in stereo We fell in love

4him - He will be there for you lyrics

the beginning Before the world began The great Creator ... Carved a Mighty Plan He spoke the mountains ... Surrounded them with seas Then in his image Created you and

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