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Anaal Nathrakh - The yellow king lyrics

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I See Stars - Yellow king lyrics

this dream before It's just the ghost of the once was A fool ... just like before The same exact sad outcome I ... to work it out You're just the ghost of the once was But the stars aren't far enough For

King Crimson - The court of the crimson king lyrics

moons Are shattered by the sun. I walk a road, ... horizons change The tournament's begun. The ... piper plays his tune, The choir softly sing; Three

Scotty Mccreery - The old king james lyrics

to Bible school I bet back then it looked brand new, not a ... faded word Now the cover’s torn and the leather’s worn… on that Old King ... France and Germany Right there in the middle of hell

Shaman - The yellow brick road lyrics

night with the stars Alone with my ... Some great, some ok And they all show me who I am… ... Looking for words to describe How ... Real peace lies within And there’s nothing more for me to

David Gilmour - The girl in the yellow dress lyrics

Dark eyes as compelling as the bourbon That girl in the ... canary yellow dress Says yes She flips ... t smoke, but he takes one nonetheless It helps to keep his

Iyeoka - The yellow brick road song lyrics

see this fantasy taking me from Kansas to serenity These dreams that seem to come ... from somewhere over the rainbow These days seasons ... we are We can go and achieve the inconceivable I know just

Hawkwind - The sea king lyrics

deeper beneath the waves Mind now resigned, ... him comes a rune once taught The Sea King has come to him The ... Sea King to save him The Sea King has come to him The Sea King

The Doors lyricsThe Doors - The peking king and the new york queen lyrics

can judge it's worth About the sun and the moon This time they came down to earth They ... passed in the heavens each day up above ... and it soon became love They could not touch, they could

Avatar (belgie) - The ancient king lyrics

365 BC) The Macedonian godchild... we ... hear his name his father Philip... blessed his fame! ... and courage he taught our king! From Greece until the ... born with 35000 men I stand, the Persians we shall stride all

Crom - The restless king lyrics

forgotten is his youth The trees sway in the whispering ... Love and pride. Once a king, now a fool The strength in ... A mighty man remembering the time of his glorious past

A Night In Texas - The rotten king lyrics

is slowly approaching The blind believers lead the mass ... our demise Bow to me I am the reason for your misery ... Infecting the weak and spreading religious

Brunuhville - The realm of the fallen king (feat. sharm) lyrics

upon a time there was a man, a wandering soul ... Lost in the realm of our kingdom They say he was a king ... who fought a great war When the dragons came into our kingdom

Killing Joke - The raven king lyrics

raven's flown and left the tower And Albion feels all ... laughter Confederation of the dispossessed Fearing neither ... God nor master Brother of this wretched man I heed

Serj Tankian lyricsSerj Tankian - The reverend king lyrics

Your own time (time) The wedges of strength lie beyond ... it is that you need... The reverend king said: All the ... lights are gone (all the lights are gone) All the

Bruce Hornsby - The tango king lyrics

lot's full, the crowd's here All to see and ... hear the food and beverage seer ... Here she comes, coming round the bend Been to the bathroom ... Hallelujah when you get to the end Summer's come now don't

Crystal Eyes - The undead king lyrics

he stood before the black iron throne, watching the dreadful creature of bone On ... hold? Long he stared at the fearsome dead king, then he ... With flaring eye-sockets the king grabbed his hand and spoke

Demonic Resurrection - The demon king lyrics

billows from the mountains Fear grips the ... villages It seems the signs were true The demon king will rise Legend and ... But now it seems That the legend is true He has been

Hammers Of Misfortune - The new king's lament lyrics

For only spiteful reasons The only kingdom known to me is ... out there My forest calls to me ... As calm and callow as the springtime air This keeps no ... for me Unholy sanctuary These castle walls can't keep my

Nightscape - The serpent king lyrics

through these ancient tombs Darkest ... dreams and shadows womb The serpent's evil nest's within ... my mind The terror of my dreams forebodes ... here will rise once more The serpents shadow fill my eyes,

Patrick Wolf - The gypsy king lyrics

Yes I will go I’ll be going there soon A blue map of ... to be choosing? Do I follow the star Or the gypsy king? I ... recall when I was younger There was a fire To travel the

Ivory Moon - The second king lyrics

can't explain So you find in the silence All answers in your ... brain There are men born to be kings ... And others to be slaves You are the ... second king Your brother took your throne [Bridge

Damh The Bard - The winter king lyrics

distant land, Gazing out to the sea, Standing on Cornwall's ... rocky shore, The crashing waves far below me, ... calling my name, Her voice the voice of a friend, And she

Sent By Ravens - The hungry king lyrics

not what boys need... my mother swore this was the last time ... for sleep..i pray for sleep the love is there...i'd rather ... sharpen my teeth and stare at the sun... when i wake i will

Nekrogoblikon - The goblin king's wrath lyrics

Tim (Tim is an ex-member of the band)! I didn't know it was

Pagan Altar - The erl king lyrics

There can be no dark force in ... this world, That could take the soul of a child. No spectre ... and save yourself, For the journey we must undertake.

A Dream Of Poe - The lost king of the lyre lyrics

behind Death´s door. The venom in his scream fills my ... song As the voice fades away The Sun ... lift your wine and tear Lit the candle of despair Doomed to

Magnum - The moon king lyrics

book of dreams On the shelf lay between All the ... It remains to be seen All the riches you can count Forever ... before it gets too late Into the Celtic twilight So pay the

Odd Dimension - The unknown king lyrics

they’ll show you the right way Now they’ll show ... you the crimson light Welcome to the ... unknown king From the reign of beholders Never be, ... Never be, never dream Together trying to raise the day

Leviathan ( Usa ) - The last king of the highlands lyrics

We have fought like our fathers before. We don’t know what ... brought them or why they came to kill. This is war, ... fill your hands with steel there will be time when you are

Old Man's Child - The millennium king lyrics

..behold the master feel him curse the ... sky, strong our mighty father for him we will die. ... ..we praise your fire and the fearful dark, rise...upon the graves and set life in

Everclear - The drama king lyrics

left him a note on the dining room table She ... finally had the last word the day that she went away She ... who I am anymore I am losing the fight I hate my life I wish

Babybird - King bing lyrics

one by one 'til you sing like king bing, you. Oh you beautiful ... thing i'm in-between the ball beat ball of the king, ... Holding out no cheques, drinking castrol not becks Plugging

Saxon - Court of the crimson king lyrics

moons Are shattered by the sun I walk a road horizons ... change The tournament's begun The ... purple piper plays his tune The choir softly sing Three ... in ancient tongue For the court of the Crimson King The keeper of the city keys Puts

Honey Cocaine - Yellow bitch lyrics

quot;Yellow Bitch" [Chorus:] Yellow bitch (yellow, schwag, yellow ... Yellow bitch (schwag, schwag) I'm the yellow bitch (yellow, schwag, ... yellow) Yellow bitch (schwag, schwag) Yellow bitch (yellow, schwag, yellow

Pharrell Williams lyricsPharrell Williams - Yellow light lyrics

yellow light shining down The yellow light shining down The yellow light shining down The yellow light shining 1, 2, 1 ... hey! Everyone's overdosing the blue light use United States

Captain Beefheart And His Magic Band - Yellow brick road lyrics

the corner the wind blew back follow the yellow brick road It ended up in ... black on black I was taught the gift of love Smiling ... peppermint kite for my toy Yellow brick black on black Keep on

Alyson Stoner - Yellow sidewalk lyrics

oo-ooh! Lalalalalalala Well the sky is blue and the breeze is ... ll tell you what to do Take the walkway that's yellow It'll ... want to go Just take that yellow sidewalk Oo-oo-oo-ooh!

Amy Diamond - Yellow shirt lyrics

Why I feel upside down The yellow shirt, it's inside us ... mask Cause I met you at the market Taking the same book ... My hands touched yours on The yellow cover My heart that

Ministry - Yellow cake lyrics

..and the war goes on ...and the war ... goes on [Verse 1] There's no crisis of conscience ... The truth is dressed in disguise ... Feeding the hungry with Yellow Cake Feeding the public

Seals & Crofts - Yellow dirt lyrics

morning and he lights upon the floor. He migrates to the ... washroom and he opens up the door. The whiskers on his ... chin tells him he's in, and then Through the paste and the

Frank Zappa lyricsFrank Zappa - Dont eat the yellow snow lyrics


India Arie - Yellow lyrics

you say hello All I see is yellow Like daisies in the meadow ... everytime you go away, my yellow turns to gray What im ... [Chorus] Stay with me in the yellow [x3] Ohh I need you

Perkele - Yellow and blue lyrics

me down cause I want to fly the flag. With my head held high ... I'm fighting back for the colours of my land My ... feelings are so true to the Yellow and the Blue It's the

Eminem lyricsEminem - Yellow brick road lyrics

to do is deal with it when these individuals are young ... to be approachin an age of the gross (burp) we all have ... lets take this shit back to the basement and we can discuss

June Divided - Yellow house lyrics

were the worst part of the yellow house Say what you wanted in ... the yellow house You do whatever you ... We all All wanted out of the yellow house The walls were

Twin Shadow - Yellow balloon lyrics

me until the dawn ?Or these? trees on mother's lawn To ... the chapel in the valley when the day is done And we'll get ... our friends have gone In the pines we learn to speak In the leaves forget to breathe If

Akeboshi - Yellow bird lyrics

rainy afternoon a yellow bird nests in grandpa's tree ... you tonight I'm sitting by the window pane thinking of you ... in the lazy sky I have stories to

Ed Sheeran lyricsEd Sheeran - Yellow pages lyrics

felt the fall on my breast At the ... You rescued me And called up these words in threes And you ... on how I hate you And it’s the worst thing that I did

Ed Sheeran lyricsEd Sheeran - Yellow pages lyrics

felt the fall on my breast At the ... You rescued me And called up these words in threes And you ... on how I hate you And it’s the worst thing that I did

Scorpions lyricsScorpions - Yellow raven lyrics

yellow raven sipped the air Of thunder and ... of rain ... The yellow raven sipped the air ... Gentle eyes kissing the rain ...

King Diamond - The jonah lyrics

7 Years On A Dusty Shelf The Book Seemed Unreal For 7 ... Years In An Ancient Rhyme The Fate Of A Girl Was Sealed ... In The Attic I Was Searching By The

Carpathian Forest - The pale mist hovers towards the nightly shor.. lyrics

sounds the mighty waves, A triton's ... round a rock-strewn grave, The passing sigh for the bones ... that moulder, Over the nordic black sea, where the ... Beneath rests a sea king of the north, His fallen

Phil Ochs - The highwayman lyrics

a torrent of darkness Among the gusty trees The moon was a ... Tossed upon cloudy seas And the road was a ribbon of ... moonlight Over the purple moor And the

Loreena Mckennitt - The highwayman lyrics

a torrent of darkness among the gusty trees The moon was a ... ghostly galleon tossed upon the cloudy seas The road was a ... ribbon of moonlight over the purple moor And the

Kt Tunstall - Yellow flower lyrics

the pulse survives The conscious candour of our ... Lovely as you are I see the strain, the pain, the ... Strips of light delightful Either side of bars so thick and

Screaming Trees - The looking glass cracked lyrics

t you close your eyes now The yellow moon could never reach ... the corner The looking glass cracked Stumble past ... doors and leap beyond Beyond the mirror Behind my back now

Alien Ant Farm lyricsAlien Ant Farm - Yellow pages lyrics

ve been looking through the yellow pages It's almost blinding ... how, the color print leads you in the ... Close my eyes and flip the pages I put my finger down,

Dean Martin - King tut lyrics

Tut (King Tut) Now when he was a young ... People stand in line to see the boy king. (King Tut) How’d ... (funky Tut) Did you do the monkey? Born in Arizona,

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