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Johnny Horton - The first train heading south lyrics

know Now I pack my bags and then I'll go And catch a first ... me stay I'd grab my hat and then been on my way And cought a ... know Now I pack my bags and then I'll go And catch a first

Cigarettes After Sex - The night train lyrics

Thinking it's good, That's the way it should... Standing in ... the rain Waiting for the train 'Cause i miss you ... all about I'm standing in the rain Waiting for the train

Hank Williams - The log train lyrics

drove a log train Way down in the southland, in old Alabam We ... lived in a place that they call Chapmantown. An late ... in the evening, when the sun was low Way off in the

Enuff Z' Nuff - The love train lyrics

along, come along, There's a party tonight. Have a ... critic in sight. Any time of the day, Yeah it's always ... It's an open invite. If the world's got you down And you

Ian Brown - The gravy train lyrics

a little baby wraps the hand around your finger ... Sunshine on your face in the first dawn light Way she ... waits to let the moment linger Way the future ... your veins Beluga caviar on the Gravy Train It ain't cocaine

Acid House Kings - The saturday train lyrics

t let go You could be doing the right thing Maybe he doesn't ... right You can easily see There will be a fight So, you ... take him on the Saturday train Just as it is

Alabama 3 - The gospel train lyrics

warnings on the radiogram SOS, distress ... signals from the apogeal goin' to the mainland ... mountains tumblin into the sea phone lines open'd up so ... deep you can hear the devil breathe you better

Mountain - The great train robbery lyrics

you remember the great train robbery? How it ... of brave men Went down to the crossing to meet that train ... When they were sure the time was right Fourteen

Anthony Edwin Phillips - The women were watching lyrics

saw the flags, it didn't look so bad ... They heard the news and how we could not ... lose And they sang with the marching band The sailors' ... eyes But it impressed them too They even cheered up as

Dr.acula - The "l" train to "high street" lyrics

so bright as when i look at them through shades of night i ... puff pass go a few cars back theres a man with a briefcase ... green just don't look him in the face a couple bills gotcha

Alabama - The women he loves lyrics

tell a lot about a man By the woman he loves 'Cause ... Like she does And she'd be the one to swear that he hung The moon above Yeah you can tell ... a lot about a man By the woman he loves She knows

Reba Mcentire - All the women i am lyrics

up my courage. Take on the whole world. Turn around and ... when my back's against the wall. And my Mama always ... I need a man who can love all the women I am. I'm a mother

Blind Pilot - The story i heard lyrics

I thought I saw you Jump the Utah train But I could not ... your hat on a shelf Marry the women Went off loved someone ... Might try to keep you From the man you have been So don't

David Byrne - Women vs. men lyrics

He had animal dreams They moved closer together He ... make a deal” Does not the law forbid it? It’s a ... And God knows how it’ll end The fightin’ continues Women

Kendrick Lamar - The recipe lyrics

Twin Sister - "Meet The Frownies"] Smoking weed ... visit for... [Hook:] Women, weed and weather They come ... for Women, weed and weather For the women, weed and weather From all around the world

Saigon - Women are the new dogs (feat. jovan dais) lyrics

girl They true what they say is Yeah look like The ... table's done turn I mean by the looks of things It might ... safe to say That women are the new dog to [?] [Hook:]

Lucero (band) - Women & work lyrics

it's one shot of women, one shot of work One shot's ... make a toast It'll hurt in the morning but you still need ... too fast, thinking too slow Women and work and the kid don't

Tim Mcgraw - Train n10 lyrics

say goodbye to you and all the things you’ve done I used to ... be afraid but I know today’s the day I’ll take the last ... I want to change my mind The last one out is number nine

Chicago - Take the "a" train lyrics

On Down, Let's Take The "A" Train To Take ... A Little Ride Around The City. Brooklyn Or Broadway ... Ride) Take, You Should Take The "A" Train To Get

Anita O'day - Take the 'a' train lyrics

must take the "A" train To go to ... way up in Harlem If you miss the "A" train You'll ... find you've missed the quickest way to Harlem Hurry

Cruachan - The voyage of bran lyrics

come from behind, And from the sky above. So sweet was the tune that he fell asleep, Then awoke with a terrible fright ... In the distance he heard a women weep, Drew his sword and

Dorsal Atlântica - All the women (i've loved) lyrics

and what I felt All the women I've loved live like spectral ... shadows I can't lie The women I've loved Surrounding me

Lisa Maffia - Women of the world lyrics

ve seen alotta women from all around the world ... playin' wit' your mind whether you are rich, whether you ... livin' poor where women of the world and thats for sure

Cigarettes After Sex - Woman with a crow (the last train) lyrics

kiss you I'll fall asleep on the last train I'll fall asleep ... on the last train And I'll always ... to kiss me I fell asleep on the last train I fell asleep on the last train Oh..

Grinderman - Go tell the women lyrics

We're up on our hind legs The problem solved We are ... artists We are mathematicians Some of us hold ... And we're free Go tell the women that we're leaving We're

Lucky Dube - God bless the women lyrics

the middle of the night I heard her pray so ... her children She prayed for their education, Then she prayed ... for the man That left her with her ... praise heroes everyday But there are those that we forget To

Nick Cave lyricsNick Cave - The weeping song lyrics

son, go down to the water And see the women ... weeping there Then go up into the mountains The men, they are weeping too ... Father, why are all the women weeping? They are weeping

Ray Davies - The getaway (lonesome train) lyrics

that lonesome train roll down the track Going away to unknown ... destinations I believe there's someone out there making the great escape Just moving on,

Darkwoods My Betrothed - The witchhunts trilogy lyrics

Part One: "THE PREACHER CAME TO TOWN"] ... A peaceful town down by the lake A cradle of goodness ... add Rye fields, cattle, and the riches of the lake

Dezperadoz - Jumpin' down the running train lyrics

dreamt I was in heaven among the angel's gold feeded by a ... pleasant hand that dealt the playing cards no sorts of ... bones whatever creeping on the ground 'cause bonds of faith

Medea Rising - Jump off the hoe train lyrics

for dough If she would be the epitome of a hoe She would ... sit in the first row Her heart will ... belong to any man Jump off the hoe train As the story goes:

Poema Arcanvs - The average man's odyssey lyrics

cold, same coffee, same me The same old movement performed ... for that dream White bearing the burden of emptiness Still ... still waiting for that dream The average man believes Same

Dag Nasty - The godfather lyrics

reaching for what isn't there it just isn't there at all ... the smallest doubt can swell and ... I was only five when I heard the tale of the little train that

Dark Lunacy - The mystic rail lyrics

Your vanished hopes through the history I can’t remember how ... that pain pushing us into the carriage, chasing peace? Go! ... [Командарм велел – и точка The commander gave the marching

Balthazar - The man who owns the place lyrics

did seen the eyes upon us And I don't ... think they want us to get there I have thought it through ... for you so shelter All the lines that I drawn and the women I embrace Are all agreed

Mother Mother - The stand lyrics

it's vodka on ice But then there's women on bikes Or ... just the women who straddle Oh, now you are ... here You mean, just all of the people? Yeah, and all of their peers And all of their

Black Lab - The big machine lyrics

the children, watch the women scream Listen to the big ... machine Switch the children, watch the women ... scream Listen to the big machine Let's have a

Ice-t - The coldest rap lyrics

Cause I'm your Icetea on the sunny day I make the goers ... come, the leavers stay I make the ... lovers kiss and the workers play I make the ... runners walk, the quiet talk I burst so

Van Morrison - The ballad of jesse james lyrics

he killed many men He robbed the Glendale train And he took ... from the richer And he gave that to the poorer He'd a hand and a ... for his life Three children they were so brave But that

Ladytron - The way that i found you lyrics

on the stand, the society meeting that was the ... way, was the way that I found you drunk ... after work, here in the late night feelings that was ... the way, was the way that I found you sat in the crowd, watching the women's

Carl Perkins - The e.p. express lyrics

t stop Gonna a little bit of the jailhouse rock The mystery ... train done jumped the tracks again So honey let's ... Blue Hawaii I'm here to stay There's a whole lotta shakin'

Sara Evans - The week the river raged lyrics

through Howard County It was the life blood of the land It ... of a coming battle That the women folk had to fight 'Cause the ... good lord owned the daytime But the devil seemed

Tom Jones lyricsTom Jones - The hitter lyrics

to the door Ma, and unlock the chain I was just passin' ... through and got caught in the rain There's nothing I want ... than a kid when you put me on the Southern Queen With the

Joan Baez lyricsJoan Baez - The night they drove old dixie down lyrics

is my name And I drove on the Danville train 'Til so much ... cavalry came And tore up the tracks again In the winter ... oh, so well (Chorus) The Night They Drove Old Dixie

Dashboard Confessional - The widows peak lyrics

will wait in the widows peak And while you ... watch the ships come in I will take the early train And I will ... take the back streets Down to New ... Orleans Before the avenues are swallowed By the

Mygrain - The ghost in me lyrics

Still I feel so alive I see the trail of reflections ... Flashing to the sky, terminal daylight I ... life and death intertwine The passing, the other side

Shura - The space tapes lyrics

maybe a tuba sample... And then we could, like..." ... "Uhh... You could have the opening..." "Yeah ... a drop" One girl on the last train Small change in the universe, says she Speaks to

Forgive Durden - The parable of the sower lyrics

Dreams of such horror. They haunt my evenings. ... more a mandate. Fed up are the sun and the moon. They're ... Its distance from the truth grows. Please wake me

Jakewolf - The dad in dead lyrics

ve been empty on the inside. Only thinking in ... measures and biased opinion. The highest that I've been, ... could have been a husband to the women you used and lied to.

Luke Kelly - The blantyre explosion lyrics

as I sadly did wander Among the pit heaps as evening grew ... good looking To work down the mines of High Blantyre he ... came. The wedding was fixed, all the

Bonnie Raitt - The boy cant help it lyrics

he walks by and the women get engrosed If he winks an ... eye and the bread slice turns to toast ... He's got a lot of what they call the most You know the boy can't help it He was

Donovan - The voyage of the moon lyrics

on her starry way. Of silk they have been spun, my love Her ... on her starry way. All in the Sea of Sky, my love The ... fly, my love Though many are their kind, my love Though all

The Dubliners - The blantyre explosion lyrics

as I sadly did wander Among the pit heaps as evening grew ... good looking to work down the mines of High Blantyre he ... came. The wedding was fixed all the

The Dubliners - The pool song lyrics

the Lord upon high who rules the sky Look down on our pubs ... and bars And the women and men all seated within ... Neglecting their pints and their jars The crack it is bad, the atmosphere sad Every man has

Exilia - The world is falling down lyrics

saw the place where nobody can hear ... I saw the place where the children are dying I saw the ... place where the soldier are marching I saw the place where someone took a

Inferis - The uprising lyrics

it is too late When the soldiers of the cross Take the women and the gold (When ... death Lord and leader of all the reign Then Arauco rise in ... by one, In 1553 it's coming the... Chorus: First

Jonny Lang - The levee lyrics

some relief I'm heading for the Delta, see what I can find I ... know the river holds the answers that'll ease my ... mind Take me down to the levee where the women sing

The Midnight Beast - The dance routine lyrics

s the year of the beast Again! ha-ha Dance ... kick all your teeth out with the back of my shoe- uh I ... remember way back in the day Hanging with my boys,

Primordial - The burning season lyrics

the women and children before me ... Let us make rivers of their blood Bleed for me...I ... such rivers and seaward they shall flow See the ... shoreline scattered with their precious skulls See the

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