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Egypt Central - White rabbit (acoustic - bonus track) lyrics

magic white rabbit Has left it's writing ... on the wall We follow like Alice ... And just keep diving down the hole You can't fix your ... be battered and abused It's the reason why I choose to cut my

40 Below Summer - The day i died (bonus track) lyrics

away Tired of Waiting - all the life not meant for me I am ... hell Tired of Filling - All these holes within MYSELF I ... feel the darkness and it leaves me

Dimmu Borgir - The ancestral fever (european bonus track) lyrics

Seduce this craft? I know these answers Lie hidden beyond ... The powers that be The power that is me I will ... not leave you behind With the burdens of belief And

Dio - The prisoner of paradise (bonus track) lyrics

But look out angels guard the door We all choose pain if ... pleasure is ordinary Then we beg for more and more and ... an institution and throw away the key Then I'm free the

T.i. lyricsT.i. - The hottest [best buy bonus track](feat mac b.. lyrics

all good man, we gon' ride on these f*** niggaz anyway though) ... die Ya ain't hustle from the bottom, you don't got it like ... can lie but p**** nigga I'm the hottest [T.I.] I'm the

Iron Fire - The gates of cybertron (bonus track) lyrics

thousand men will fall by the throneright The ancient tree ... will make new the soil Step aside with my ... and what was our enemies The return of king has brought us

Krampus - The season of revenge (bonus track) lyrics

starving for nothing in the kingdom of discontent ... Swarms of moths burning their wings on the alluring ... of deception this is the world where you live

Manowar - The kingdom of steel (bonus track) lyrics


M83 - Until the night is over (bonus track) lyrics

And I'm lost I'm standing in the rain I'm not strong ... Anymore I'm just waiting for the sun (4x) I am cold And ... (I am cold) I'm standing in the rain (I'm standing in the

Backstreet Boys lyricsBackstreet Boys - You wrote the book on love (bonus track) lyrics

oh oh oh Oh you, you wrote the book on love (You wrote the ... about you Oh you, you wrote the book on love (You wrote the ... your love I know, you wrote the book on love Oh Brian help

Escape With Romeo - White room lyrics

when I look outside there is nothing to say in the ... for laughin a break in the rhyme this is white room ... this is white room no sentimental tear when the

Eric Clapton lyricsEric Clapton - White room lyrics

the white room with black curtains near the ... I'll wait in this place where the sun never shines; Wait in ... this place where the shadows run from themselves.

Cream - White room lyrics

the white room with black curtains near the ... I'll wait in this place where the sun never shines Wait in ... this place where the shadows run from themselves

Helloween lyricsHelloween - White room lyrics

the white room With black curtains Near the station Black country roof ... ll wait in this place Were the sun never shines Wait in ... this places Where the shadows Run from themselves

Lana Lane - White room lyrics

the white room with black curtains near the ... I'll wait in this place where the sun never shines; Wait in ... this place where the shadows run from themselves.

Seven Witches - White room (cream cover) lyrics

Ah Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah In the white room with black ... curtains near the station. Black-roof country, ... I’ll wait in this place where the sun never shines Wait in

Segismundo Toxicómano - Bonus track lyrics

Track Bonus Track Bonus Track Bonus Track Bonus Track Bonus Track ... Bonus Track Bonus Track Bonus

Gaelic Storm - The dodgy pint - bonus track lyrics

last Saturday it was me and the lads went on the tear ... Dressed up to the nines looking suave and ... debonair Down to the city center for a mighty ... night o' fun There were colleens to be charmed

Airborne Toxic Event, The - The winning side (bonus track) lyrics

in takes And here's another one And I'd say it would be ... dream, I'm serious! It's either a whiskey or a bong Or a ... a bomb, I'm serious! It's the only thing I think When I

Foster The People - Bonus track: downtown lyrics

you downtown You wanna grab the sac go ahead and do it My ... a lie I glorify you that's the only way of life yeah I ... take the shake and slowly surely ... dissipating You're the wrinkles on my face They

Hollywood Undead lyricsHollywood Undead - The natives(bonus track) lyrics

Seems like everyones got their beef But tomorrow we'll be ... Man & Deuce] And all the days come back to me Come ... to what we used to be And in the end we'll find the rest The

Nomy - The killers (bonus track) lyrics

didn’t raise you They didn’t love you like I do ... claim you never really had another choice So I gave you a ... shotgun And I gave you the whole world in your hands I

Wolfgang Petry - Bonus track wie beim ersten mal lyrics

Geb nicht auf der Sturm ist vorbei alles im grünen bereich halte dich fest komm noch ein stück zu mir du bist jung hast das leben gesucht dich selber dab...

Danko Jones - The rules (bonus track) lyrics

satisfied You're gonna be the envy of all your girlfriends ... When they find out who you're going ... call your ex-boyfriend The one that left you cold and

Ed Sheeran lyricsEd Sheeran - Bonus track lyrics

some conscience to myself The way you worship, never ending ... Cos I’ve made up my own mind The way you bore me with the ... So don’t try that on me The way you worship, never-ending

Ed Sheeran lyricsEd Sheeran - Bonus track lyrics

some conscience to myself The way you worship, never ending ... Cos I’ve made up my own mind The way you bore me with the ... So don’t try that on me The way you worship, never-ending

Cavalera Conspiracy - The exorcist (bonus track) lyrics

Sinners hate will die The exorcist I can see the ... in sin Grasping to relieve the pain Scared for life ... my soul Save my soul from the evil hell Your spell is

Hoobastank - The pressure (japanese bonus track) lyrics

can still remember when At the tender age of ten Mother ... I could be anything at all Then when I was seventeen ... disagreed I would end up on the street Out on the street

In Flames - The chase [bonus track] lyrics

you need to be. Find the pulse into with all you see ... s in front of you Every other way Leads to the same old ... wall. Head first with the speed of light I won't be

Air - The duelist (bonus track) lyrics

CG = Charlotte Gainsbourg Otherwise both 10, 11, 12, 13, ... 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 In the time it takes a handkerchief ... to fall to the ground One of our lives will

Air - The way you look tonight (bonus track) lyrics

like the way you look tonight No ... ? Trashy art everywhere, on the screen Slow motion ... I've had foresight That's the way you look tonight I like the way you look tonight Free

Behemoth - The thousand plagues i witness [bonus track] lyrics

old man I am Yet I possess the knowledge of thousand sages ... existed for billion years The invisible army I am Though the won battle still to come The

Black Label Society - The nomad (bonus track) lyrics

ve left the past behind So much more to ... see Like a feather to the wind Where ever it may ... I may be My cross with me They shall turn and then they

Dear Whoever - Bonus track: a place for the end lyrics

into the eyes of fear To see the one pain Of this soul my ... dear The shadows over my head That there is nothing now And will be ... nothing in the end Oh nothing in the end

Celine Dion lyricsCeline Dion - The reason i go on [japanese bonus track] lyrics

I'm feeling down The mention of your name It ... carry on, When I don't have the strength Your faith can heal ... me. Like the sun that shines You give me

Emery - Bonus track: closed eyes, open hands lyrics

free. It's automatic when the money is in our hands. ... always try to look beyond their own lives, but I know that ... make a change. Forget about the watered down mistakes that we

Foster The People - Bonus track: broken jaw lyrics

I've broken it a lot All the words come out my broken jaw ... I don't know anything But then I act like I know everything ... dream about it Well I had them broke down from my enemies

Foster The People - Bonus track: chin music for the unsuspecting .. lyrics

I walked through the door and fell down on my ... al of my papers out and read them Seems that I've been ... for a little too long Yeah, the desert can be hot if you

Good Clean Fun - [bonus track] lyrics

Issa:] Hi there, this is Mr. Issa from Good ... as Shopping for a Crew, On the Streets Saving the Scene From ... what it's important to me There are a lot of different

Hollywood Undead lyricsHollywood Undead - The loss(bonus track) lyrics

So I give it to myself, it's the only thing that helps It's the same thing this pain thing ... That God I must be motherf**king dreaming And I can ... Push it out my chest till theres nothing left I know

Lecrae - Bonus track i love you ft. chris lee lyrics

don't realize you hurting other people, specially the people ... you care the most about. [Hook:] Girl ... don't deserve you. So for all the times you held me down,

Ozzy Osbourne lyricsOzzy Osbourne - The liar (bonus track) lyrics

ask me the time of day I tell you I don ... I'm light years away The voices come and go Save me ... a liar Burning bridges in the rain The crying embryo I

Arrayan Path - The mind (bonus track) lyrics

Clement The power of the mind It's all about control ... It's all around the nation From the minute we ... now scorned SECTOR A Feel the misfortune Can't take the

Editors - The sting [bonus track] lyrics

me believe in love You bring the money and I will be waiting ... I’m in the corner with a wasp sting in ... my throat Throw the money now, you never ran this

Lady Gaga lyricsLady Gaga - The queen (bonus track) lyrics

Tonight I'm gonna show Them what I'm made of, oh! The ... Oh, Tonight I will return The fame and riches earned With ... you I'd watch them all be burnt Whoah, Whoah

Gentle Giant - The power and the glory (bonus track) lyrics

run, the shotgun has got you in its ... to go, have to go. Put back the ace black, you never made it ... Go while you can go. Go while the going's good. CHORUS: And

King Diamond - The lake (bonus track) lyrics

A little girl is dancing, on the mansion lawn She calls ... out a name, Dagon of the sea Appear from the darkest ... hear my need... Down by the lake, there's the shadow of

Andre Nickatina - Bonus track lyrics

cocaine and hot nickels sell the shit, make the profit reload ... your thoughts, then recop it come to your house ... like cody jared i dont think these niggas can bear it like a

Behemoth - The past is like a funeral [bonus track] lyrics

when I visit the landscapes of the shadows ... Something that recalls the grave Hides in the hellish ... empty goblet (and) becomes the wine of ecstasy and ... licentiousness I know the one in a flock said: &quot

Choppa - Bonus track 1 lyrics

Got me confused with them dudes, but who is you to be ... your ish-a I represent from the heights, all the way to the ... holla wobble wobble We in the club pop a bottle, at the bar

Choppa - Bonus track 2 lyrics

boogoo chicks in thongs This the New No Limit, we ball to the ... shout out, to all my dogs in the penn All my thugged out ... he gone my friend You know the streets getting wild, we keep

Dreamtale - The end of our days [bonus track] lyrics

away from this pain. All of the plants that we made, are ... as if in a play. When the stars align the right way, ... for the end of our days. There ... redemption as well. As the for reach of night takes its

Fort Minor - The hard way (bonus track) lyrics

me let me walk you through the world that I currently stay ... daily I don't even know the people I can put my trust in ... that I used to hang with now they're acting so diferent I'm

Foster The People - Bonus track: love lyrics

through and creepin' Through the night's parade, I shake a ... fool who would do On through the wild I see She's sees me We ... Got moves like barracudas On the hunt for the runs That left

Heavenly - The joker (japan bonus track) lyrics

the flaw in my hand The Joker on my card Find the ... way for me to hide Find the wound in my head, cos' he's ... on through No order for the Joker Still wild and cruel

Nina Nesbitt - The people lyrics

Edition Bonus Track Love likes to ... I watch you go taking back to the start We are the people ... We watch as things go We are the people We don’t take things

Nightmare - White room lyrics

That I protect it all The dizziness of my heart When ... you and I exchanged words The consciousness starts to ... waver and fade away Savor the moment kasaneta kotoba mo

Foxes - The unknown lyrics

Deluxe Edition Bonus Track] Walking with the ... But I don't think I'm like them at all We're all wearing the same suits But it doesn't ... right anymore Dreaming in the daylight And they say that

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