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Agathocles - The well of hapiness lyrics

I searched for this Found the right one? No I didn't ... I cut my veins? Are you my well of happiness? Here I sit ... again, cry Wondering what's the point of my life Are you the

Candlemass - The well of souls lyrics

bind unto myself today the strong name of the trinity ... Crypt of despair the old man is there forming a ... circle of magic and prayers Guarding ... the well the black hole to hell its evil

Mithotyn - The well of mimir lyrics

the divine rainbow in the endless skies. Behold the ... seek where wisdom lies. The well of Mimir filled with ... water of wisdom. The well of Mimir waiting to give you the power of heathendom.

Carpathian Forest - The well of all tears lyrics

channelling hell Through the seal... The only answer ... lies within Beholder of all sorrow The root of ... eternal dedication The night closes in Dark and

Lord Fist - The well of ganchul (eyleen pt. ii) lyrics

the touch of denial And "It" ... closed at your hand Smell the scent of betrayal And the ... time at its last See the woods and the garden Someone

Satariel - The well of the artist lyrics

Structured lines expressing the very foundations of chaos These lines are but words Words ... scene I behold I swallow the pictures of the surroundings

Nick Cave lyricsNick Cave - Well of misery lyrics

sunless cracks I go Up rib of rock, down spine of stone I ... dare not slumber where the right winds whistle Lest her ... soul clutch this heart of thistle O the same God

Bloody Hammers - At the well of nazareth lyrics

try to infiltrate your mind There is no love there is no ... peace Offering poison for disease ... At the well of Nazareth There is an imminent disaster

Phantom ( Usa ) - Well of souls lyrics

know where of the story is told Children see ... what can't be seen by the old Take my hand I'll show ... Here comes the night and the light of the day Long gone the shaman of old Listen to

Power Quest - Well of souls lyrics

voices call to me, there's nowhere left to run ... for all eternity no hope of breaking free Calling out ... for vengeance, now they're calling out to me Will

Armageddon ( Swe ) - Well of sadness lyrics

down the Milky Way I'm leaving it all ... echoing A star is born, another dies Give me closure, ... to this sadness Standing on the brink of madness Fading

Anata - Metamorphosis by the well of truth lyrics

s the time of the day when I lay down to rest ... To impressions of the day digest But thoughts of ... depths My dreams awake, they're taking over Take me on a

Madness - The liberty of norton folgate lyrics

is the story of the Liberty of Norton Folgate Old Jack ... Norris, the musical shrimp and the ... ramble A little bit of this, would you like a bit of ... that? But in weather like this, you should wear a

Agathocles - Well of happiness lyrics

instrumental instrumental instrumental instrumental instrumental instrumental instrumental instrumental instrumental instrumental instrumental...

Psapp - The well and the wall lyrics

But no one would read I wore the reins But no one would lead ... a light Glowing alone And then a hand It was guiding me ... when you called It wasn't the same And though you stopped

Arcade Fire lyricsArcade Fire - The well and the lighthouse lyrics

crime I did commit You want the truth? You know I'd do it ... Calling from down inside the well "See that silver shine? ... So down I fell Down into the water black My prison cell

Canned Heat - The story of my life lyrics

my mother had not died and my father ... left this child at home Well, if my mother had not died ... and my father left this child at home Oh well, maybe I wouldn’t be so

Make Them Suffer - The well lyrics

and cold, it beckons me in the nightThe whispers, they ... it? Can you hear it? Down the abyss I fell, where I found ... face and drowned myself. The Well. With It's mouth of

Mirel Wagner - The well lyrics

lean in to the well black water what can you ... swallows my reflection mother I see nothing at all the ... moon belly full of light all big and bright ... all alone in the sky alone as I a shadow

Dog Is Dead - The well lyrics

is a well far from the shore Where we once saw it ... hear you talking From over the wall The scenes from our ... childhood The same corridors Born in a

Nick Cave lyricsNick Cave - The ballad of robert moore and betty coltrane lyrics

eyes who was standing by the door and a little bald man ... wing-nut ears was waiting in the car Well Robert Moore passed ... eyed man as he walked into the bar, and Betty Coltrane she

Bobby Darin - The sermon of samson lyrics

you read about his birth Well, Samson was the strongest man ... ever walked on earth Now, the Bible tells us down in ... That he killed ten thousand of those Philistines You see

Mike Denver - The day of my return lyrics

is John O'Reilly And my father worked the fields In the ... hills of old Killarney Where I ... helped him turn the wheels My arms grew hard as ... iron for a boy of seventeen And I used my

Don Mclean - The legend of andrew mc crew lyrics

was a mummy at the fair, all crumpled in a ... folding chair. The people passed, but didn't ... care that the mummy was a man, so tell me ... where are you going to? Well, Andrew McCrew must have lost

The Dubliners - The leavin' of liverpool lyrics

stage River Mersey fare thee well I am bound for California, a ... place I know right well So fare thee well my own ... united we will be It's not the leaving of Liverpool that

Bob Dylan lyricsBob Dylan - The ballad of frankie lee and judas priest lyrics

Em Well, Frankie Lee and Judas Priest ... Dm C They were the best of friends. ... quickly pulled out a roll of tens And placed them on a

Royal Hunt - The well lyrics

you've lost Whom you miss the most - Are disappearing In a ... nick of time you can change it all ... a single call... And watch them slowly reappearing Drop a

Balthazar - The oldest of sisters lyrics

still open but I didn't miss the steps cause when I went ... to see what I have missed there was your doorman ... me to confess friend of mine my old friend refire

Johnny Cash lyricsJohnny Cash - The ballad of the forty dollars lyrics

man who preached the funeral Said it really was a ... opened up his eyes They hired me and Fred and Joe ... To dig the grave and carry up some ... we must have drunk a case of beer I guess I ought to

Gaelic Storm - The leaving of liverpool lyrics

thee well to Prince's Landing Stage ... Mersey River, fare thee well well I am bound for ... someday Chorus: So fare thee well, my own true love When ... united we will be It's not the leaving of Liverpool that

Hallows Eve - The ballad of mortuary harry lyrics

they call me Mortuary Marry, And ... is Hari-Kari Mary, And when the night fog rolls in We've got ... an axe to bury Well, they call me Mortuary Harry, ... 'cause when Mary brings the little girls in, I wanna

Ludichrist - The well dressed man disguise lyrics

been doing what I want Along the way? But I've got one eye ... on the rear-view mirror And I've ... got the other one on the road 'cause I'm a hunted ... Alone, a desperado In a well-dressed land Running from the hunters stalking me right

Musical Hamilton - The election of 1800 lyrics

FULL COMPANY] The election of 1800 [JEFFERSON] Can we ... reaction John Adams shat the bed. I love the guy, but he’s ... He’s very attractive in the North. New Yorkers like his

Omnia - The well lyrics

grows the lily oh Right among the ... a drink As he was dry At the well below the valley oh ... Green grows the lily oh Right among the ... oh My pack is full unto the brim And if I were to stoop

Babyshambles - The 32nd of december lyrics

Arguing with you's no good Well you'll be nobody's fool but ... about it Don't talk about the 32nd of December That's the ... you do is you come round and then, well I remember Remember

Billy Joel - The ballad of billy the kid lyrics

his hand And his daring life of crime Made him a legend in ... his time East and west of the Rio Grande Well, he ... with a bank in Colorado In the pocket of his vest, a Colt he

Nick Cave lyricsNick Cave - The lyre of orpheus lyrics

what to do With a lump of wood, a piece of wire And a ... little pot of glue O Mamma O Mamma He ... sawed at the wood with half a heart And ... his instrument And he gave the wire a pluck He heard a

Flyleaf - Well of lies lyrics

in the dark Narrow hallways all I ... see The static in my heart is ... bringing out the worst in me All I need is ... let me slide Slip down this well of lies It's dark inside

Lebanon Hanover - The well lyrics

madness is it health Through the ivy wall A hidden garden ... door In the centre of that garden there's a well ... Sitting by the well By the canterbury bells In your

Skyclad - The well-travelled man lyrics

many years now since he set off down the road For the ... bright lights of the city and his story to unfold ... To be a true civilian and a well-travelled man His father

The Beatles lyricsThe Beatles - The sheik of araby lyrics

I'm the sheik of Araby Your love belongs to ... me Well at night where you're asleep ... your tent I'll creep Aha The stars that shine above Will ... rule this world with me I'm the sheik of Araby Well I'm the sheik of Araby Your love

Gang Of Four - The history of the world lyrics

I was in my mother's womb Social structure ... After birth I cursed my luck Then went down to breakfast ... change My consolation for the night Mother had for me an

Jag Panzer - The setting of the sun lyrics

just like you All is well with the setting of the sun ... All is well with the setting of the sun Cause to fight, ... cause to die For the glory of truth Cause to rise, cause

Phil Ochs - The ballad of billie sol lyrics

Sol was a man From the giant Texas land He put the ... Chamber of Commerce on a limb They ... voted him the best And the government did no less 'Til the I.O.U.'s of Texas fell on him

Adam Sandler - The buffoon and the dean of admissions lyrics

now a Bafoon's meeting with The Dean of Admissions at a ... prostigeous college Well Micheal i'd like to extend my ... be at a dog,or cat and even the occasional reptile. One

Aranda - The rest of my life lyrics

stumble home in the dark This waste has taken it ... s tole on me Another cut on my face that I can't ... explain Oh well what the hell Only thing that I been

Mandragora Scream - The time of spells lyrics

Deepen inside my wishes' well/ I look for you/babe all ... you drink this!/ you'll see the light if you trust me/ take ... me/ Finally found my wishes' well/ now howlin' cries are

Prince - The ballad of dorothy parker lyrics

was a waitress on the promenade She worked the ... tall and fine She got a lot of tips Well, earlier I'd been ... than mine Dorothy was fast Well, I ordered - "Yeah,

Firehouse - The meaning of love lyrics

But honey you made a believer of me Now I know it's true Now ... Just as long as we stay together So now we can see just what ... love is to me and to you Well I tried to find the answer in

Monty Python - The meaning of life lyrics

Is God really real, or is there some doubt? Well tonight ... it all out For tonight it's the meaning of life What's the ... point of all this hoax? Is it the

Roy Orbison - The cause of it all lyrics

to even cry So doggone tired of livin', I could lay right ... down and die You're the cause of it all You're my ... for what I do Baby, you're the cause of it all Well you

Duncan Sheik - The tale of solomon snell lyrics

will, I have a tale to tell Of an unfortunate man, the name of Solomon Snell And the ... you'll never be safe Ring the bell, ring the bell for ... Snell Too much trust is the road to hell Rightfully

Big Star - The ballad of el goodo lyrics

like now to hold on But guns they wait to be stuck by, at my ... side is God And there ain't no one going to turn ... going to turn me 'round There's people around who tell

Counting Crows - The ballad of el goodo lyrics

like now to hold on But guns they wait to be stuck by, at my ... side is God And there ain't no one goin' to turn ... one goin' to turn me 'round There's people around who tell

Charlie Daniels - The legend of wooley swamp lyrics

go back into Wooley Swamp well you better not go at night There's things out there in the ... middle of them woods that'd make a strong ... things that creep around on the ground And they say the ghost

Delain - The tragedy of the commons lyrics

another commotion To another disruption To another ... I raise my glass To another investment Into the future of wasteland Well here's to ... pulling the waistband But I know At

Flat Lester - The ballad of jed clampett lyrics

barely kept his family fed Then one day he was shooting for ... some food, And up through the ground come a bubbling crude ... is, black gold, Texas tea) Well the first thing you know old

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - The rest of the dream lyrics

in your parents' eyes When they made love in the dark You ... were the big surprise And the old man came through Gave ... very best for you And your mother's arms They kept you warm

Prince - The sacrifice of victor lyrics

if u will, please turn 2 the book of Victor (We s, We s) ... We like 2 start at the top if u don't mind (we ... my neck Epilectic 'til the age of 7 I was sure heaven

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