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Infinite Tales - The warehouse will be your tomb, chief lyrics

up! It's 6 o'clock! The morning brings another pain, ... passing by… You hate your life. The road to your office, ... The same angry people, They look so tired As if without

3 Doors Down - The real life lyrics

else Only to find that there was noone there but me ... But I woke up to real life And I realised its not worth ... running from anymore When there was nowhere left to hide I

Suede lyricsSuede - The next life lyrics

you in your next life when we'll fly away for good ... down to Worthing and work there far away, we'll go far ... away and flog ice creams til the company's on its knees see

In Fear And Faith - The high life lyrics

up to me I would be living the high life But for now I ... m taking steps in the wrong direction just to get ... tonight And fall asleep til the sun rise Cause I got to

Magnet - The simple life lyrics

It's hard for a boy out there now I see no sense in ... When I'm overwhelmed by the feeling That more than less, ... to get it wrong I look to the stars for direction Although

Moby lyricsMoby - The perfect life lyrics

We close our eyes The perfect life is all we need ... hands Slipping far away with the world at your command You ... sing me to sleep and then you hit me awake It's a

Lil Uzi Vert lyricsLil Uzi Vert - The way life goes lyrics

new, so my bottoms, they is redder No I'm not a rat ... she said we should be together Gave me brain, was so ... get over it You'll find another life to live I swear that

Anouk - The good life lyrics

boys into men, it's awkward The good life Time to live and a ... to fall and a time to fight The good life Every word is just ... another lie I wonder why I do even

Bananarama - The wild life lyrics

your mother don't know She won't mind ... it fine Make hay while the sun shines No one there ... or right You've waited a lifetime Burning all your

David Bowie lyricsDavid Bowie - The secret life of arabia lyrics

secret life of Arabia Secret secrets ... green I was running at the speed of life Through ... s thoughts and fantasies Then I saw your eyes at the ... Secret secrets ever green The secret life of Arabia Never

The Byrds - The christian life lyrics

me that I should've waited They say I'm missing a whole ... of fun But I still love them and I sing with pride I ... like the Christian life I won't lose a friend by

Miley Cyrus lyricsMiley Cyrus - The good life lyrics

you how to work it To find the fit that's perfect You know ... Whoa Whoa Whoa This is the good life Take a good look ... anything you want This is the good life Dining with your

Bobby Darin - The good life lyrics

the good life Full of fun seems to be the ... ideal Yes, the good life Lets you hide all the ... in love For you can't take the chance So be honest with

In Fear And Faith - The solitary life lyrics

if I tried I realize that the single life is not the ... We've all been ready for the lonely life This is ... else should be Tearing themselves apart Then again

In Fear And Faith - The solitary life (featuring caleb shomo of a.. lyrics

if I tried!) I realize that the single life, is not the ... We've all been ready for the lonely life. This is ... else should be, Tearing themselves apart! Then again

Rachael Lampa - The good life (feat. robert randolph) lyrics

believes one day we will see the son Let's take this ride ... ll be in good company All the time- you'll be free to fly ... your sorrow Straight into the light And your tomorrow

Brenda Lee - The good life lyrics

the good life, full of fun seems to be the ... idea Yes, the good life, let's you hide All the ... t try to fake romance It's the good life, to free and ... explore the unknown Like the heartaches when you learn

Matty B Raps - The good life lyrics

Yo, all I know Is living my life like a TV show I’m in the A, ... I let Hollywood come to me The red carpet’s out, dressed ... bucks It ain’t a party ‘till the honeys roll up Cameras

John Cougar Mellencamp - The real life lyrics

divorced her husband She got the keys to the car and the home ... night she goes back down to the old haunts That once upon a ... She didn't know nobody out there no more And the whole

Liza Minnelli - The travelin' life lyrics

Mister McNally. Me, I like the travelin' life, Yes I like ... to get around. I found that the life for me Is bound to be ... my hat, that's home! I know the life for me Is just to be

Mudhoney - The straight life lyrics

the seeds of discontentment ... All your cryin' can't change the truth The straight life, ... stink now that you're livin' the straight life Lookin' so

Monica Rush - The simple life lyrics

a little bit more It's not the kinda thing you sing a song ... I want to do things right for the very first time Want to turn ... back the sun, want to turn back my life No one ever got it right

Abney Park - The secret life of dr. calgori lyrics

policed Old Delhi. Invented the radio transmitting, too. ... (2x) Entropy is fading his life away before the world could ... steam sailors and taught them to fight and they stopped

The Beach Boys - The private life of bill and sue lyrics

private life of Bill and Sue Can you dig ... just why we care We see their faces everywhere The ... story you ever knew The private life of Bill and Sue ... Barbara to Jersey Shore At the line in the grocery store

Pat Benatar - The good life lyrics

tomorrow, I'll be livin' the good life Come tomorrow, I ... ll be livin' the good life I gotta say, better days are ... Now, people like ta have their fun Better [?] twist and

Casey James - The good life lyrics

Feeling ready for whatever the day’s gonna bring Old ... feels wrong It looks like the good life’s coming on strong ... feels wrong It looks like the good life’s coming on strong

James Casey - The good life lyrics

Feeling ready for whatever the day’s gonna bring Old ... feels wrong It looks like the good life’s coming on strong ... Smell of charcoal burning on the breeze And up ahead half a

Chiddy Bang - The good life lyrics

I’m looking for the good life Something that you can’t ... know Man I’m looking for the good life Baby girl I got a ... gotta be ill We locate from the jungle where it’s killed or

Cracker - The good life lyrics

loca My face in magazines The lesbian James Dean I got all ... t mind saying This is how the good life's supposed to be The good life for you, for me

Electric Light Orchestra - The way life's meant to be lyrics

avenue And here I stand in the strangest land Not knowing ... or do As I gaze around at these strangers in town I guess the only stranger is me And I ... (oh, I wonder) Is this the way life's meant to be

Girls Aloud - The crazy life lyrics

blink She's gone and stolen the night She's a flirt and ... proud, loves to please the crowd She's only playing the ... make you blush cos she wants the crush She's gotta have it

Lecrae - The good life (feat. j. paul) lyrics

it We can live it, that good life Yeah, so we can live it ... Yeah, that good life That good life Now, we can ... we can live it Yeah, good life What he need God for? He

Kenny Loggins - The unimaginable life lyrics

born to be here again In the kind of love that you die for ... Somethin' in the innocent wind's Been callin' ... known [Chorus:] We are the bridge We are the fire 'N I

Leonard Cohen lyricsLeonard Cohen - The smokey life lyrics

to let it go Remember when the scenery started fading I ... on air So don't look down the ground is gone, There's no ... one waiting anyway The Smoky Life is practiced Everywhere

The Decemberists - The sporting life lyrics

fell on the playing field The work of an errant heel The ... din of the crowd and the loud commotion Went ... silence and stopped emotion The season was almost done We

Four Letter Lie - The ordinary life lyrics

ve got it all, but can't find the meaning. (This is where love ... ends). These words we're made to hurt in ... this ordinary life when you're starving for

Sarina Paris - The single life lyrics

around Dancing as we paint the town Friends they do ... to nobody Freedom's got the sound We are single yeah ... yeah It's so great to be in the crazy company What more can

Siouxsie & The Banshees lyricsSiouxsie & The Banshees - The double life lyrics

the top of the stairs is a locked room My ... Behind this door is my other self Not a picture in a ... a fresh disguise But my other self Immobile inert and

Tony Bennett - The good life lyrics

the good life, full of fun seems to be the ... ideal Mm, the good life lets you hide all the sadness ... in love for you can't take the chance So please be honest

Glen Campbell - The straight life lyrics

and green, Trying to catch the impossible dream, Leavin' the ... straight life behind. Sometimes my ... on a couple 'a bob, Treatin' the ladies to corn on the cob,

Dominici - The real life lyrics

sun breaks through A tear in the sky A ray of hope in the ... darkness The light cannot stay To the ... black it gives way The next is the real life, anyway

3 Doors Down - The better life lyrics

about to be on the floor again, Surely you’re ... I’m about to sleep until the end of time, Drug I take ... now I’m passing away on to the Better life I’m passing

Fat Joe - The wild life lyrics

Shout to my homies out west The hoo-bangers! Mack Deezy for ... Sheezy All my niggas in the Bronx Holdin them corners ... frontin Shook niggas, me and the Squad done took niggas Flex

Marie Fredriksson - The good life lyrics

the good life Full of fun, seems to be the ... ideal Mmm, the good life Lets you hide all the ... in love For you can't take the chance So please, be honest

Godley And Creme - The sporting life lyrics

bored? Are you jaded? Has all the enthusiasm faded? Are you one ... Like glazed fruit Who sit there in shell-shock Till the dot ... tailor made For this sporting life? Living on a knife edge This

Tim Myers - The good life lyrics

balance what I do And enjoy the world in front of me And it ... good time to get away to the good life To get away on ... take time to work inside of the city Or play all day in the

Scissor Sisters - The secret life of letters lyrics

is the full speed of language When there is nothing to say What's ... in the air There must be something there ... in service today Sometimes the neighbors complain The phone

Seal lyricsSeal - The right life lyrics

up in my life Waiting to be set free ... if it feels right Now is the time to be No need to find ... about some vision Funny how the lost guy makes the deal (&amp

Death Ingloria - The anomic life lyrics

certain temperament to live a life like this. We should count ... None of us will be alone another day in our lives. Do you ... want to know what the best part of the situation is

The Decemberists - The soldiering life lyrics

madly all over the town The call to arms, you're likened ... bag a bowery tuff, so rough They called you from a cartoona_³ ... But You My brother in arms I'd rather I'd

Five Times August - The good life lyrics

view from here Lazy days the lovely ways of you I'm ... telling the truth 'Cause I'm well into ... s blowing my mind if I Had the time of my life last night

Logic lyricsLogic - The high life lyrics

[Logic:] Seem like my whole life changed in the last year At ... with legends like "what the f*** I'm doing here?" ... for someone to say "what the f*** you doing here?"

Every Time I Die - The sweet life lyrics

I know I look worse for the wear. But I have everything ... been infantilized by a pat on the back and an endless go-ahead. ... slow me down. Oh, no. When there's no one disapproving.

Nightfall - The perfect life lyrics

know Becomes so f***ing low The perfect li(f)e I've been ... why Such need for perfect life It's the way been grown up ... from stinky mud But through the days I killed To catch the

Shins,the - The celibate life lyrics

is now landing All over the floor and your brown legs The glod plated legs of my rival ... fall. You led no celibate life no skirt while chemicals

Lostprophets - The handsome life of swing lyrics

the blame, push the blame, whos to blame today ... thats all i'll say Point the blame, push the blame, whos ... But here, for die, got who, they

Crash Test Dummies - The country life lyrics

s what we've go to do This life in the city is killing the ... knew We could be happy in the country We would spend so ... eggs We could be happy in the country So let's pack our

Fall Out Boy lyricsFall Out Boy - The (after) life of the party lyrics

Blood cells pixelate And the eyes dilate And the full ... moon pills got me out on the street at night Could it ... last Watch you work the room Could it last Watch

My Chemical Romance lyricsMy Chemical Romance - The jetset life is gonna kill you lyrics

for hours). She even poked the holes so I can breathe. She ... bought the last line. I'm just the ... what you might find. And for the last night I lie. Could I

Dave Matthews Band - Warehouse lyrics

I'm leaving This warehouse frightens me Has me tied up ... Than I've got inside of here The warehouse slips away Hey ... and I will fumble around in the touches And be sure to

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