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Elizabeth Daily - The walls lyrics

have all burned out Lost to the darkness And I feel how your ... love you and hold you till the walls start to part Oh, now ... and then, let the light come shinin' Though I

Dark Lotus - The walls lyrics

a face like flashlights on they chins The more I blink the ... from like '89 Floating their faces on the wall like it's ... the last time I'm gonna see them again The same time every

Drakkar - The walls of olathoe lyrics

never ever hear of Olathoe in the land of Lomar again, its ... where Polaris shines high in the sky. But if you find a ... box, you still may roam there in your dreams and hear

Fanfarlo - The walls are coming down lyrics

swallowed it whole, they went for the gold, for the ... gold We fall for the same lies we all have the ... same shoes to fit. The preachers and books of your

Katie Melua lyricsKatie Melua - The walls of the world lyrics

But I never noticed it in the sky before And you don't ... need your love, my friend There's a strong kind of feeling ... years Bring it out into the light 'Cause I think I'm

Nightshade - The walls of derry lyrics

like white horses far from the shore Far from my homeland I ... Chorus: And I walk to the walls of old derry I stand on the ... old city walls A girls young voice gently

Anita O'day - The walls keep talking lyrics

s a house on the hill Bound to give you a ... at night when it's still They say the walls keep talkin' The spooks keep walkin' So the ... folks in the town Pass the legend around Someone lives

Carcer City - The walls that divide lyrics

Holding close through the seasons to become legendary. ... The clock wore us away, Left to ... a life of misery with these ghosts upon my back, That ... whisper your name in the dark. And it pierces right

Coldworker - The walls of eryx lyrics

Clawing at the walls of the void I will find my way All ... a maniacal reality Embrace the false Abide by consoling ... lies Within Eryxian walls Wary I shun the medusa's

Pendragon - The walls of babylon lyrics

light that shattered through the night Explodes into ... sharp morning Melts away the past But fails to melt the ... heart But fails to melt the coldest heart So you think

Dimicandum - The walls of jericho lyrics

fell down I don't want to be there I feel darkness We have ... must be pure Chorus: Feel the power In the fire Your ... Now is too late, We closed the gate Rest In Peace Jericho!

Ancestral - The walls of troy lyrics

the night the truth is revealed After a ... long wait The prophecy comes true The gods ... playing with our destiny And The screams of Cassandra resound ... in the air Ten years ago We did

Linda Ronstadt - Louise lyrics

they all said Louise was not half bad It was ... written on the walls and window shades And how ... maybe some lace Men brought Louise ten cent trinkets Their

Bonnie Raitt - Louise lyrics

they all said Louise was not half bad It was ... written on the walls and window shades And how ... she'd act the little girl A deceiver, don ... maybe some lace Men brought Louise ten cent trinkets Their

A Pale Horse Named Death - Cracks in the walls lyrics

in the walls grow everyday Longer and ... taller they make there way Weaving a web that's ... surround me They tie me down so I can never ... fighting is all I can do The cracks open wide and let

Tony Carey - Tear down the walls lyrics

all go home You've got walls around you I want you, yes I ... you, I wan't you You've got walls around you, let me through ... ve gotta do babe Tear down the walls Tear down the walls

Erik Grönwall - Walls are coming down lyrics

I can see it in your eyes The words I've kept to myself you ... else tonight Look at these walls they are falling ... Baby, I know I don't need them now I can't take the

All Time Low - Walls lyrics

for you We're diving in, there's nothing left to lose I ... m gonna break down these walls I built around myself I ... much to me as you do now Together we'll move on, just don't

Ross Lynch - Break down the walls lyrics

Yeah! Stop, hiding out in the shadows Scared to show the ... exist Don't lock yourself in the darkness The world is so ... all around And break down the walls, whoa Don't be afraid

Axel Rudi Pell lyricsAxel Rudi Pell - Tear down the walls lyrics

hypnotised Seeing shadows in the air The world of lost ... horizons The devil's in despair Are we ... strong enough To climb up to the sky The wizard of the holy

Axevyper - Rats in the walls lyrics

My ancestors slaves to the night Down in the streets the people revealed This house ... is a place for the dead Obsessed by the dawn, ... future for all Possessed by the demon of wrath Evil noises

Def Leppard lyricsDef Leppard - When the walls came tumbling down lyrics

the first day of the first month in some distant ... year The whole sky froze golden Some ... said it was the aftermath of the radium bomb While others ... A terrible revenge of the gods But we understood the grand finale Fulfillment of

Exciter - Break down the walls lyrics

live for the night - I'm a bringer of ... heads with pain,making you writhe and bleed I'll destroy this ... - Ah Ah - Ah Break down the walls - Break down the walls

H.e.a.t - Tearing down the walls lyrics

addicted But you can't feel the rush, no Sometimes it's a ... free ride You're the toast of a town Sometimes it ... On a merry-go-round Now the lights are on, sing this song

Kings Of Leon - Walls lyrics

can get there on my own You can leave me ... t a man unless he's fought the fight I could never point ... say If you know what's right then you'll walk away When the

Jon Secada - Break the walls lyrics

our way You'll always feel the same Through my eyes, my ... love Whenever you're around The things I've lost I've found ... I found in you Under the stars I walk with you

Axehammer - Break down the walls lyrics

"give up your pride, the wall of your disguise" ... "The road is paved with broken ... legs and break down some walls" Break down some walls [4x] Well I saw her

Backyard Babies - Walls lyrics

I'm going nowhere in the speed of light But I know ... you blew up my mind And now the walls can talk to me You ... s been so long since I drew the line Right here in the

Joan Baez lyricsJoan Baez - Walls of red wing lyrics

the age of the inmates I remember quite ... off like criminals Inside the walls The walls of red wing ... From the dirty old mess hall You ... march to the brick wall Too weary to talk

Charlie Hall - The rising shout lyrics

part the heavens, touch the earth You open eyes to see ... Your worth And the walls are coming down, and the walls are coming down And every ... Your purpose never fails And the walls are coming down, yes, the walls are coming down And the

Just For Being - Destroy the walls lyrics

chance to choose which one they'd like to stay on, now you ... a mouth full of lies and on the other side are just sad eyes, ... eyes with tears of pain, together we see that it's nonsense.

The Kelly Family - Break the walls lyrics

did Didn't wanna accuse you There's a dark side of me That ... I do Don't wanna crush you There's a dark side of me That ... doesn't wanna There's a dark side of me So,

Lunar Path - Walls are whispering lyrics

tounges and itching lungs, the "perfect ones". The lies, deceit, quiet ... of it! I try, to sleep but the walls are whispering. Why,

Bruno Mars lyricsBruno Mars - Walls come down ft. keke palmer lyrics

(I'm gonna get it right) The writings on the wall. I'm ... I need to let it out. Until the walls come tumbling down. ... Until the walls come tumbling down. So DJ

Aviators - Writing on the walls lyrics

If no one takes a stand They would rebel Safe at home ... But we're outside Their comfort zone It's all ... day Stuck in between The world and the screen Life

Circle Ii Circle - Walls lyrics

turn away There's nothing to see here Only ... my past it flashes by Like the stars in the sky flickering ... And the years come around Years come ... I'm left here praying That the tears falling down Tears

Cryonic - Tear down the walls lyrics

heard about the misery sometimes before We ... know whats wrong or right They find a course to march to ... war Another reasen to fight Come rise ... loud and clear Tear down the walls lay down the guns and

Down By Law - Break the walls lyrics

by a movie medium is the message now you're saying do ... the right thing but then you turn around you turn ... do it wrong you gotta break the walls not build them up

Exodus - Within the walls of chaos lyrics

and everything Within the walls there's no escaping the ... turn to pharmacies All the pimps and pushers territories ... Dollars pouring in from the victims trapped within

Fairyland - Walls of laemnil lyrics

you must raise your head to the stars And believe in ... once again And tonight... The walls of Laemnil fall Raise ... our fate to the hands of Gods [bridge:]

Freak Kitchen - Walls of stupidity lyrics

bang my head against The walls of stupidity I bang my head ... against The walls of stupidity I'm a pill, I ... I flush your shitty life down the drain I am God in your

Kix - Tear down the walls lyrics

in the dark Closing in, I think I'm ... under Fell down so fast From the words I heard a crash like ... Never thought I'd feel the final blow Like a shot it ... far away Why'd you tear down the walls Tear down the walls All

Toto lyricsToto - Kick down the walls lyrics

the long way to the shortcut And the walls were ... made of stone Took the low road to the highground ... t that a crime Kick down the walls Shake down the

Bruno  Mars lyricsBruno Mars - Walls come down ft. keke palmer lyrics

(I'm gonna get it right) The writings on the wall. I'm ... I need to let it out. Until the walls come tumbling down. ... Until the walls come tumbling down. So DJ

Annisokay - Wolves in the walls lyrics

us sane Do you know what they say? When the wolves come ... out of the walls They will come out of nowhere So ... you better leave While there's still hope for escape

Fall Of Troy, The - Chapter v: the walls bled lust lyrics

thoughts. (Blood on the walls) I'm drowning in her scent! ... (Ceiling to floor) The words you said are dead to me ... I'll get the last laugh you'll see!

Hatebreed - In the walls lyrics

no eye open To weep for the fallen A strange stillness ... started to sink in Inside the wall is scum and trash Blind ... from birth, only see what they lack Outside these walls,

Heir Apparent - Tear down the walls lyrics

fortune untolled Yet, out in the courtyard injustice prevails ... They've turned their backs on what Lordship ... entails They squander their riches on oceans of wine The masses are starving while

Jericho,chris - Break the walls down lyrics

I got ya, yeah One, Break the walls down(Break down the walls for those about to rock and ... Baby what I got is not from the least Break it through the

Napalm Death lyricsNapalm Death - Walls lyrics

SIEGE) Walls that part humanity Over ... which I cannot see Walls as old as history Cast a ... shadow over me Break down the walls Take down them all

Smokie - When the walls come down lyrics

some guys don't realize the damage they do Now I know ... around in this town But when the Walls come down At the end ... of the hall through these paper walls I hear the

Burning Point - Walls of stone lyrics

? Nevermind to me it`s all the same May i rest, i`m feeling ... Last in line first in the fire I was caught between ... i`m feeling tired Between these walls of stone A place I

Cage - Behind the walls of newgate lyrics

m the reaper the sealer of fate Make your ... it's too late In this prison they call Newgate I am the hand ... Haunted by horrors Behind these great walls One day you'll

Death Grips - Thru the walls lyrics

can't I just float through the walls? Through the walls Why ... can't I just float through the walls? Through the walls (If ... call will be transferred to the mother ship) Ugh! Yes, I

Efterklang - Between the walls lyrics

turned our records into blur the dominant force of a change ... we're talking to the best in simply anything at ... s a new year's walk between the walls between the walls in

4him - When the walls come down lyrics

A band of soldiers All gathered around And Joshua said ... to go Youll be marching To the rhythm of the trumpet sound ... Oh there were those Who still had their doubts That they could take

Indica - Behind the walls lyrics

loosing control I stare at the stars The places where i ... could go If I could bend these bars You help me ... through the pain But keep me bound I

Radiohead - The gloaming lyrics

let out of the bottle It is now the ... hour Genie let out of the bottle It is now the ... you're murderers We are not the same as you Genie let out of ... Funny how, funny how When the walls bend, when the walls

Sevendust - Break the walls down lyrics

I got ya, yeah One, Break the wall down (Ahhhhhh) Break ... down the walls For those about to rock ... Baby what I got is not from the least Bring it through the

Sick Puppies - Walls (you changed) lyrics

fighting to breath Watching the world from a top your high ... tower A fool calling himself the king And I watched you ... I watched you change When the walls come down You got what

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