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Fanfarlo - The walls are coming down lyrics

swallowed it whole, they went for the gold, for the ... gold We fall for the same lies we all have the ... same shoes to fit. The preachers and books of your

Erik Grönwall - Walls are coming down lyrics

I can see it in your eyes The words I've kept to myself you ... else tonight Look at these walls they are falling ... Baby, I know I don't need them now I can't take the

Building 429 - Walls are coming down lyrics

Close enough but far away There is just too much at stake ... I don't want to miss the moment of embrace, yeah I ... at an arm's length From the hands that are reaching to

8 Point Rose - The shadow lyrics

silent whispers hear the voice Speaking the truth of ... me Nowhere to go there is no road Misleading ... insanity The darkness spreads like a stain ... Tell me where should I start the journey away Tell me where

Sentenced - The rain comes falling down lyrics

storm As I go seeking for the one I used to live for... ... Well, it will end tonight... The blade shall set me free A ... away this pain that I feel The rain comes falling down My

Exilia - The world is falling down lyrics

saw the place where nobody can hear ... I saw the place where the children are dying I saw the ... place where the soldier are marching I saw the place ... someone took a life I know the place where the women cant'

Alica Rose - The stars are falling lyrics

America through Amsterdam the Sun is lost in the clouds ... and with the light the stars are falling over ... something you wish to When the fall star wish I was with

Career Soldiers - The suburbs are coming down lyrics

waste, pathetic lives So f***ing fake, ... suburban disguise Sweep the homeless off the city streets ... F*** the yuppies and their arrogant dreams You are the consumers you are the slaves

Beck - Walls lyrics

to malaise You see a face in the veneer Reflecting on the ... better than that Some days are worse than you can imagine ... to live with that With all these train wrecks coming at

Charlie Hall - The rising shout lyrics

part the heavens, touch the earth You open eyes to see ... Your worth And the walls are coming down, and the walls are coming down And every plan of ... Your purpose never fails And the walls are coming down, yes, the walls are coming down And the

Fit For A King - The lioness lyrics

the walls are coming down I'm exposed, I'm alive This ... is my chance to breathe All my thoughts revealed ... taste of satisfaction I breathe the toxins in For too long I

Fairyland - Walls of laemnil lyrics

today! Believe in us, we are now on our way to your jails ... you must raise your head to the stars And believe in ... once again And tonight... The walls of Laemnil fall Raise

Orden Ogan - The black heart lyrics

you all know The words that echo back at me ... no future We will bring them to their knees The walls ... are falling We'll never surrender The ... walls are falling The downfall of splendor When there's nothing left to lose

Lunar Path - Walls are whispering lyrics

tounges and itching lungs, the "perfect ones". The lies, deceit, quiet ... whispering. Fall down, defeat, don't want part of ... it! I try, to sleep but the walls are whispering. Why, cant

Def Leppard lyricsDef Leppard - When the walls came tumbling down lyrics

the first day of the first month in some distant ... year The whole sky froze golden Some ... said it was the aftermath of the radium bomb While others ... A terrible revenge of the gods But we understood the grand finale Fulfillment of

Narnia - When the stars are falling lyrics

Face to face with the liar Once again he plays his ... me, dark desire Sense the evil of his soul Lift me ... me on In my weakness You are strong You are with me when the night is falling When the

The Creepshow - Buried alive lyrics

And have you drowning in the night When you open your ... I'm six feet under ground The ceiling's caving in The walls are falling down All around ... Get to his gates and pay the toll So helpless and scared

J. Geils Band - Till the walls come tumblin down lyrics

I mean I lost my mind by the count of ten Nobody ever ... gonna put me back together again You gotta knock it ... gotta rock rock rock it Til the walls come tumbln' down

Bella Morte - The alone lyrics

You will remember, When the walls came falling down [Chorus] ... again Within my heart There's nothing new here and ... within my veins I write the story and how it all will end

Van Morrison - When the leaves come falling down lyrics

saw you standing with the wind and the rain in your ... And you were thinking 'bout the wisdom of the leaves and their grace When the leaves come ... falling down In September when the leaves

A Global Threat - When the walls come crashing down lyrics

s a veteran who's rotting on the side of the street he came ... t make ends meet crashing down your life's wasted away as ... you fall down to the ground walls come crashing down your life

Marrok - Before the night is falling down lyrics

FLASH) Before the night falls down (CRASH) Hiding on the ground ... Right now, I’m counting the seconds Before the night ... falls down I am your leader, your

Pastore - The world is falling lyrics

see the darkness of the world Destruction, chaos and ... Destruction force Against the skies People living in ... This could be real The world is falling The world

Alexis Jordan - If the sky is falling down lyrics

t give to Wrestle over the remote control What I wouldn ... second? Cause you got as feather in your eye I get it out ... Man that sounds nice If the sky begin to fall We won't

Holy Mother - The rats keep runnin' lyrics

runnin' Through the constantinople Tokyo's ... callin' The rats have broken loose ... Sixteen shots The guns have taken fire Gotta ... keep a runnin' The boys have got the flu The

Pursuit Of Happiness - When the sky comes falling down lyrics

so deep that you rise Into the sky One moment everything ... becomes clear You want the sun to stop shining so bad ... (Chorus) Oh, no, it's not the worst thing you can do Oh, no

Guster - The new underground lyrics

just ghosts in this town we are standing in the trenches of the new underground pipe down ... turn it's our time to see the sun there'll be a crack and

Armor For Sleep - The more you talk the less i hear lyrics

Why do you give a shit? They're trying to pry into my ... But I'm gone I'm running down highways Till I see your ... need to see you now I don't care about anything else I don't

Dark Tranquillity - The silence in between lyrics

what the words wont say Build and ... Sit this one out As the silent treatment speaks The walls are coming down All we ... What if we fall Where is the flame That torch the soul

Covenant - The world is growing loud lyrics

us to fade To grey I wish they'll let us stay The lights are going out We knew we had to ... go One day I wish they'll take us in The skies are ... falling down Too late for us to change

Anthenora - The last command lyrics

is calling from the sky It seems to see 'em for ... a while The attack is near, creeping fear ... insane will Here comes the grimmest sound Here come the

Savatage - The dungeons are calling lyrics

in the dungeons Of concrete and ... terror Candles light the way Can you hear me say? The dungeons are calling The ... dungeons are calling for me I can't

Gorgon City - All four walls (feat. vaults) lyrics

minutes turn to hours With the fading of the daylight And a ... white It's like every day These four walls are closing in ... you love But now all four walls are falling down All four walls (all four walls) Yeah, all

Debi Nova - Something to believe in lyrics

And I keep giving all Coz the walls are falling down They say that loving yourself Is ... like you've always been right there When I needed you ... Standing in the night Trying to get it right

Pop Evil - Good with the bad lyrics

up this morning So empty on the road tonight Some things ... never end like there supposed to be I never ... won't change I take the good with the bad I make the

Shane Filan - In the end lyrics

t be scared Coz you and me already been ... Every time that I've been down You were there you pulled me ... it all for you Even when the rain starts pouring I won't

Funeral Suits - Hands down by your side lyrics

the walls are falling, falling down, For spite, the hunter ... kills the village clown, Hands down by ... your side, Hands down by your side. Hands down by ... your side, Hands down by your side. Inside the walls are falling, falling down,

Pink Cream 69 - Gods come together lyrics

corridor And I'm chasing down the ugly beast His teeth are ... razor sharp, so they're telling me And I'm soon ... to be his final feast Then I walk inside into an open

Dark Lotus - The walls lyrics

a face like flashlights on they chins The more I blink the ... from like '89 Floating their faces on the wall like it's ... the last time I'm gonna see them again The same time every

Exciter - Break down the walls lyrics

live for the night - I'm a bringer of ... heads with pain,making you writhe and bleed I'll destroy this ... Ah - Ah Ah - Ah Break down the walls - Break down the walls Break down the walls - Break

Outline In Color - The storm lyrics

near you, hold on b/c the floors about to fall through. ... t make a sound. Hold on b/c the worlds about to come down. ... this purgatory, this can't be the end of our story. The clouds

Bestial Mockery - The ecstasy of holocaust lyrics

shreds the weak Heavens walls are falling Command of Satan ... for war Heavens walls are falling A ritual of blood and ... neverending war Damnation is the breath of hell Realm of

Billy Idol - Rat race lyrics

be free I wanted only you The walls are falling down And ... C'mon I'm a -read between the lines Fierce struggle A ... before we work Childproof the scene No screams can be

Eskimo Joe - Falling for you lyrics

m falling I'm falling I'm falling For you I'm falling I'm falling I'm falling For you I'm falling I'm falling I'm falling ... a pocket of holes And I'm falling I'm falling I'm falling

In Mourning - The poet and the painter of souls lyrics

creatures in his empty eyes are watching the moon Cuts on ... faded fingers that are following every thought ... bloodstained hands Writing down the feelings, asking all

Within Temptation - Dangerous (ft. h. jones) lyrics

quot;Fly down to the beach,have a nice cold beer ... and just enjoy the day.." I know I won't ... right It's blinding all The Reaper is close, I've seen

Howard Jones - Dangerous lyrics

right It's blinding hope The Reaper is close, save a spot ... run This destiny's mine The countdown has begun The walls are falling down My life is

Jang Wooyoung - Falling down lyrics

niga bogo sipeo Now i’m falling down down down Dasi dorawa ... yeope isseo jullae Now i ‘m falling down down down Neo eobsin ... jeomjeom himdeureojyeo Dareun yeojal mannado ni saenggagi

Reamonn - Falling down lyrics

had to call you up to let you down Don't wanna let you down ... ran out of luck and I let you down Don't wanna let you down ... Cause I fall down when you're not around Yeah

Acetone - No need swim lyrics

While my world is flowing down To the sea I'm the ebb ... and flow of the ocean She's the magnetic pull of the moon ... And all the stars are falling down Around me I'm a

November-7 - Falling down lyrics

got no time can't you see Falling down We're falling head down We're about to fall down ... got no time can't you see Falling down We're falling head down A steep fall from high

A Pale Horse Named Death - Cracks in the walls lyrics

in the walls grow everyday Longer and ... taller they make there way Weaving a web that's ... surround me They tie me down so I can never leave ... fighting is all I can do The cracks open wide and let

Axel Rudi Pell lyricsAxel Rudi Pell - Tear down the walls lyrics

hypnotised Seeing shadows in the air The world of lost ... horizons The devil's in despair Are we ... strong enough To climb up to the sky The wizard of the holy

Tony Carey - Tear down the walls lyrics

with her tonight And where are all her friends She's ... all go home You've got walls around you I want you, yes I ... you, I wan't you You've got walls around you, let me through

Falling Up - The colour eoptian lyrics

run faster you'll forget They walked along the walls It ... My love, I saw your war In the casting call On the way to ... I know you never left the room, I know you Your on

H.e.a.t - Tearing down the walls lyrics

addicted But you can't feel the rush, no Sometimes it's a ... free ride You're the toast of a town Sometimes it ... On a merry-go-round Now the lights are on, sing this song

3 Feet Smaller - Falling down lyrics

i'm all alone . No one is there, when i fall down . I'm ... town. Where everyone, keeps falling down . Why do i feel so bad? ... i'm all alone . No one is there, when i fall down . I'm

Manic Drive - Walls lyrics

there's something going down Whoo! Cause there's ... something going down (Yeah yeah yeah yeah...) We ... are one but we aren't the same For a thousand years we

Casting Crowns - Jesus, hold me now lyrics

for myself Castles in the sand, temporary wealth Now the walls are falling down Now the storms are closing in And ... embrace I’m beat and broken down I can’t find my way out

Gaia Epicus - Fortress of solitude lyrics

of this soul there is not much control When the walls are falling down There ... t waste my time Pictures are flashing and burning my brain ... all of this pain? Noises are creeping inside of my ear

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