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The Unquiet Grave| lyrics

Browse for The Unquiet Grave| song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed The Unquiet Grave| lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to The Unquiet Grave|.

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The Dubliners - The unquiet grave lyrics

A twelvemonth and a day.’ The twelvemonth and the day being ... gone A voice spoke from the deep, "Who is it sits ... Love, where we used to walk, The sweetest flower that ever

Kate Rusby - The unquiet grave lyrics

pleasant is the wind tonight I feel some ... twelve months and a day The twelve months and a day being ... up The ghost began to speak Why sit ... What do you want of me sweetheart Oh what is it you crave

Procol Harum - The unquiet zone lyrics

seek us in this unquiet zone they chase us on from hole to ... hole They hunt us down like carrion ... crows they search us out like ... We huddled close against the ground scared to make the

Sigh - The soul grave lyrics

pain, may this be thy grave! The skies are a red that is ... redder than blood, Then blood starts to rain on this ... close my eyes, I will see the truth, When I finally speak the truth, the wisdom shall be

Grave Digger - Grave of the addicted lyrics

and agony make me scream The night and the gods call out ... s a useless game I'm not the first and I won't be the last ... your son you're my devil of the past The nightmare is you -

Lord Huron lyricsLord Huron - The yawning grave lyrics

know the rain like the clouds know the sky I speak ... to birds and tell them where to fly I sing the ... songs that you hear on the breeze I write the names of the rocks and the trees Oh you

Attic - The hidden grave + funeral in the woods lyrics

Her relatives entombed at the local grave mound But for ... unholy ground Funeral in the woods Her shame is not over ... yet A wooden cross between the trees But she won’t rest in

Adept - The ocean grave lyrics

out of breath I know the ocean is calling my name ... changing its depths I know the tide will be here someday To ... built my life like a house in the sand By the items this world

Sinister - Beyond the unholy grave lyrics

Slow unholy breath Beyond the unholy grave Beyond the ... unholy grave Beyond the unholy grave Screaming in ... Slow unholy breath Beyond the unholy grave Beyond the

The Defiled - The resurrectionists lyrics

Cause we'll defy the maker To make our own ... survive 'Cause we're the tainted ones But we are the ... saviours of you all Dig up the corpses Let the blood run

Grave Digger - The house lyrics

m riding through the night, a friend has called me ... I see the moonless sky, the stars shine bright The ... fog hangs over I'm standing there alone in the dark I

Six Feet Under - The curse of ancients lyrics

emptiness has suffered long The curse of ancients ones will ... long forgot lost far beyond The terror deep inside that you ... cant escape from The pain - the fight The fear -

Death - Beyond the unholy grave lyrics

in peace Taking my corpse The meeting that was held on the ... rotting flesh Beyond the unholy grave Screaming in

Bruce Dickinson - The alchemist lyrics

/ Roy Z.] Wash away the blackness with the silver ... - don't turn away Wash away the blackness with the silver ... and burning, spitting out the sun The beginning of

Funeral - From the orchestral grave lyrics

graves and memories, Playing the part of failure. A flawless ... my palette When still the honey womb Coursed through ... like rabid hounds. ... And the play Through which i stagger

Grave Forsaken - The calling lyrics

that you just can't ditch There's noone there who's gonna ... Sometimes I got me thinking there's another way God will ... keep me strong to fight another day When you're called

Grave Digger - The reaper lyrics

to the Evil's nightmare See the demons dancing round ... waiting for the reaper's rising Looking out ... for Satan's crowd The grave is open, a digger's

Human League - The path of least resistance lyrics

with the choice What would you say? The path of least resistance It ... seems the only way But can we look a ... little further? Too little far I think ... Self-belief's the answer And not another drink

Grave Digger - The spell lyrics

fall for her beauty And the smell of her skin She gave ... a meaning to everything There in the woods she taught me ... her to enchant any person in the world I feel my end is

Grave Digger - The truth lyrics

filled with a black lust The demon rules the battlefield ... [Chorus:] Searching for the truth Searching for eternal ... life Searching for the truth You reach heaven but

Bury Your Dead - The sirens of titan lyrics

day I've lost myself in the blood of heavy f***ing April ... Mistakes are made regret the weight Regret. This weight. ... Hangs one foot in the f***ing grave My back, a

Kayo Dot - The useless ladder lyrics

desirous broken heart inside the otherwise empty cabinet of ... s modesty beating without The youngest grave will hold a ... crowd before The people stuck on the train

Gallows - The riverbank lyrics

alive, before we drown. The Queen is dead, so is this ... ground. The shallow grave, fit for the ... crown. Stick your coffins in the riverbed, where all our sins

Death Cab For Cutie - The ice is getting thinner lyrics

re not the same, dear, as we used to be. ... The seasons have changed and so ... have we. There was little we could say, ... less we could do To stop the ice from getting thinner

Grave Digger - The bruce lyrics

came in the dark night Few men at his ... side Black Douglas' arm for the Bruce They could not loose ... Fight and kill we will Win the Battle of Louden Hill The

Grave Digger - The dark of the sun lyrics

your steel brothers We must fight Hakon ... Islands We must defend Their number's too great we can't ... a sign Kneel and pray - the sun turns black God with us

Lakeman Seth - The circle grows lyrics

a gun Born to blood, In the scars of love Cheating the ... rage Caught in a shadow of the crows Those black dressed ... in a row One mans pain Anothers gain The circle grows

Project 86 - The sanctuary hum lyrics

wave Convince the sanctuary, our charade ... Though you're the object of my deepest rage ... one You tell no lies The greatest reason to be ... your bike So this is The reason The sanctuaryhums

Jamie Cullum - The seer´s tower lyrics

the tower above the earth, There is a view that reaches far ... Where we see the universe, I see the fire, I ... see the end Seven miles above the ... earth, There is Emmanuel of mothers

Depeche Mode lyricsDepeche Mode - The child inside lyrics

have you got buried inside? The shallow grave in your soul The ghosts that have taken ... have dug a little deeper there Body parts are starting to ... appear and scare the child inside away Each

Illuminata - The hand on the doorledge lyrics

Girl lying on the cold stone floor Her body ... bruises on fragile arms the molestor finally went away ... bastard carried on The child in her finally kicked the bucket To lose sight of it,

Sabbat - The dwelling - the melody of death mask lyrics

quot;The forests create the black night, The black ... nights create the darkness, The darkness raises a red full ... moon, The moon raises the ancient winds, The ancient

Billy Joel - The ballad of billy the kid lyrics

in his time East and west of the Rio Grande Well, he ... with a bank in Colorado In the pocket of his vest, a Colt he ... his age and his size Took the teller by surprise And the

Intruder - The sentence is death lyrics


Jedi Mind Tricks - The wolf lyrics

it's comin' You wear a gun, the beast 'til the end that is ... This is the twilight winter I am ready ... to her side! I don't need the words, I'm beyond [Verse 1

Sigh - The red funeral lyrics

skies are red, so are the dead, Annihilation by ... incineration, Fiery hell, the midnight funeral held, As the black smokes reach the sky. They shouted out, I heard but I

Die Verbannten Kinder Evas - Unquiet thoughts lyrics

stamps my thoughts to coin them words by art. But what ... can stay my thoughts they may not start Or put my ... durance for to die. When as these the keys of mouth and heart

John Dowland - Unquiet thoughts lyrics

stamps my thoughts to coin them words by art, Be still: for ... if you ever do the like, I'll cut the string ... that makes the hammer strike. But what ... can slay my thoughts they may not start, or put my

Deathgaze - Grave lyrics

Hai de katameta basho ikiru imi nado nai Uso de katameta basho shinjitsu nante nai Shitai ni saku hana wa sugu ni karete shimau Mizu wo ataemashou kareta shitai-tachi n...

Battlelore - The star of high hope lyrics

for you You came to me over the seas To show me the way Unquiet is my heart I have to go and ... This is my journey Over the oceans This is who I am

Delight - The gates of the green lyrics

my mind's eyes I see the path To the gates of child's ... my feet My hair talking with the wind Drops of rain which ... have just fallen down Like the pearls on conweb's cover I

Aus-rotten - Grave lyrics

graves, and graves Another day dies as this country ... gets closer to the end of it's rope It looks ... graves, and graves In Bosnia there's concentration camps And

A Band Called Pain - Grave lyrics

Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found...

Grave Digger - Grave desecrator lyrics

of the coffin your soul cries for ... mercy But I have nailed the lid forever Bagpipers play ... on your coffin celebrating the end I call all the rats your ... grave grave desecrator I am the humans greatest hater Grave

Loyca - Grave lyrics

text doplnim az bude vice casu, nebo ho nekdo doplnte . . . . . . . . . .. .. . . . .. . loyca je husta !!!! akorat nevim z jakyho to je alba :)...

Lords Of The Underground - Grave digga lyrics

are, gathered here today. To say goodbye ... to the dearly de-parted Yo he was ... your yaps cause I might pull the trigger I seen it happen to ... a brother who was rappin' Frontin'

Megan And Liz - Grave lyrics

me he thought I was pretty, The brightest star in the city ... It was her perfume Sitting there in your room Whoa-oh

F.k.Ü. - Grave robbing mania lyrics

Well you see, she preferred the dead Grave robbing mania ... Hey hey hey You know what they say Dead guys don't say no ... Hey hey hey You know what they say Dead guys don't say no

Nosferatu - Grave desires lyrics

to you I want to perform the grave desires out on you ... I look into your eyes They look at me and stare at ... to you I want to perform the grave desires out on you Why

Sentenced - Grave sweet grave lyrics

dreams Its beauty... Now the night descends And drowns me ... again... No stars tonight... they all have ceased No moon ... And now it's time... Soon they'll lower me down deep into the icy ground Two at my feet,

Susan Enan - The grave lyrics

of your work won't fit in the earth When you're lying ... underground in the grave Whatever amount in ... your balanced account There's nothing you can buy in the grave In the next age, no

Discharge - Grave new world lyrics

Striving To Pull Out Into The Light Searching Searching ... A Hell Of Anxiety This is The Grave The Grave New World ... This is The Grave The Grave New World Old Is The

Lightmare - Grave lyrics

me Now I'm standin' on the tower Vitality has lost its ... door I was so blind to see the light Now I'm lyin' in my ... door I was so blind to see the light Now I'm lyin' in my

Petra - Grave robber lyrics

An appointment we have with the great unknown Like a vapor ... is just waiting to pass Like the flowers that fade, like the ... withering grass But life seems so

Blood Tsunami - Grave desecrator lyrics

Stained by Blood Hail the mighty Grave Desecrator! ... Serpent Seedline Hail the mighty Grave Desecrator! ... .. Revelations of the Beast Faces of Apocalyptic

Grave Digger - The grave digger lyrics

my paradise When I left, the skies were sober I took ... hear my silent cry. In the silence of the night Where ... with affright I reflect these wasted years When I

Ritual Carnage - Grave new world lyrics

and debt has already incured The taxman comes knocking, ots ... monopolies, Big Brother's robbing me, democracy ... kills in the end Gun control measures, ... your fate in our leaders, their false hope and lies stand

Cathedral - Electric grave lyrics

spectres transcend From the goodness of earth ad amen ... on a voyage way Beyond the end yes The end Invocation ... condemned Under a scythe the silence of a din Howling

Mercyful Fate - The grave lyrics

East of here That's where they say the Devil, The Devil is ... always near Come to the Grave The Grave that comes ... alive, The Grave that feeds the night Bring your Book of

Sentenced - The luxury of a grave lyrics

day zero my mother was expecting... the worst ... And out of my father's ass I was born, feet first ... "Oh, no" The most horrendous piece of

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