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Donovan - The trip lyrics

on Sunset, I saw a sign in the sky It said: T-t-t-trip a t-trip, I trip, trip! I couldn't ... get some instant sleep And the driver turned, I said, &quot

Sash! - The trip 103 lyrics

is The Trip, The game that we play, Looking ... I can say, Is that you are the ride, That takes me away. ... 4 times] [Chorus] This is The Trip, Game that we play,

Tom Petty lyricsTom Petty - The trip to pirate's cove lyrics

old Defender We ran until the gas got low We were ... But talking to me just the same He said five ‘ll get ... But boy you’ve got to stay in the game Yeah you got to let

Gen Rosso - The trip lyrics

like we always have This trip is never ending never ... stopping at the station We will live we will ... ending never stopping at the station The road to heaven

Birch Book - The trip goes on lyrics

the open sky meets the trail When the restless wind ... blows on the sail My listless leaves will ... flutter fall When the horizon's beckon calls The ... road is wide, the passage free The trip goes

Lynyrd Skynyrd - The needle and the spoon lyrics

flight Mama waitin' at the ticket line Tell me son why ... do you stand there cryin' (chorus) It was the needle and the spoon And a trip to the moon Took me away,

Decapitated - Revelation of existence the trip lyrics

Echo's vibrated my universe The universe of endless dreams... ... .. All objects complete in themselves, Many worlds buried ... in them, Each world as worlds and

Burning Point - The lie lyrics

t lose yourself In the storms of the world Pressure ... Boarding this ship of fools The trip to nowhere Enter the ... Eternity will fail So frail the times And the memories

The Doors lyricsThe Doors - The soft parade lyrics

I was back there in seminary school There ... was a person there Who put forth the ... That you can petition the Lord with prayer Petition the lord with prayer Petition the lord with prayer You cannot

Macklemore lyricsMacklemore - The magic lyrics

then I remembered the magic, Forgot that you can't ... plan it. It's always there in front of us Just trust ... and it happens. And the star dust from the universe

Big Star - The india song lyrics

Live in a big white house in the forest Drink gin and tonic ... new girl Who says she feels the same Get to know her after the trip Bathe in a forest pool

Nightfall - The end times lyrics

never know All those momment there unite All those momments ... stand to remind Of the faces that cursed you ... I know you like staring at the sky Lettin sun to blid your

Quantum Jump - The lone ranger lyrics

and catchee baddy Find him by the shady water Deep within ... friend to Kimosabi Save another silver bullet Hi ho Silver ... masked man you say That was the Lone Ranger Fill up pipe of

Love Like Blood - The tribute to manila lyrics

blue neon cross on the tower is shining over manila ... s streets where they are standing and selling their breakable dolls bodies she ... to see beutiful faces and the call of the flash 40 dolars

Tragically Hip, The lyricsTragically Hip, The - The completists lyrics

sniff You saw him struggle Then you saw him cease his ... way, come and meet us We're the completists You lured me ... Demeaning you through the night I don't want to sound

Mono Inc. - The hole lyrics

your head under water Enjoy the speed with your feet on the ... breaks Enjoy the silk with your suit in a ... bag Enjoy your time in the moment of stress As your

Lost Innocence - The opening on the boundary lyrics

and insanity together ride Good and evil spirits ... side Many hidden parts of the human mind Are places where the light of reason dies ... An immense void is resucking the souls that utter a scream

The Cure lyricsThe Cure - The real snow white lyrics

Oh, yeah, it's only for the night And I will give it ... I swear She can barely breathe, don't stare I know the ... but you know how it is with these promises Made in the heat

Motrip - Trip lyrics

bin endlich wieder da (Trip), denke nicht mehr nach (Trip ... Beef, andere kämpfen im Irak (Trip) Ziehen Grenzen um den Staat ... (Trip), sterben für den Scheiß

Garbage - Trip my wire lyrics

be easy on me don't trip my wire I'm freaking I'm ... on fire be easy on me trip my wire I'm freaking I'm ... I'm... I'll stab you 'til tripping my wire I'm free, free,

Abra Moore - Trip on love lyrics

alone in that way'' Do you trip on love Do you run from ... your word comes out Do you trip on love I just stood there ... Had expected another reaction Out of thin air

Aerosmith lyricsAerosmith - Trip hoppin' lyrics

if my karma suits you Cross the line into another place and ... she is When she turns the colors of the rainbow One ... more day with you...trip hoppin'... yeah One more

Britney Spears lyricsBritney Spears - Trip to your heart lyrics

tonight it's just the two of us Dim the light now ... just the two of us Like how you roll ... how your touch send me off the ground Chorus Spread my ... wings out in to the dark I'll fly away on a trip to your heart Break these

Mamas And The Papas, The - Trip, stumble and fall lyrics

re gonna trip, stumble, and fall. And ... my friend, yeah...) This is the end - (This could be the ... (yeah, yeah, yeah) Blue Then you're gonna trip (trip),

Jane's Addiction - Trip away lyrics

on me now No care Put me on the bad side Oh, so bad I wanna ... wanna watch your eyes Dip them in a honey glaze Mirror ... mine Roll them high Wanna make them

The Crystal Method - Trip like i do lyrics

quot;Another World Another Time In The Age Of Wonder ... Another World Another Time This Land Was Green ... & Good Until The Crystal Cracked Once More

Alexz Johnson - Trip around the world lyrics

take a Trip Around The World today In the back seat ... down shady lane Lets take a Trip Around The World today The ... money, the money is getting in the way

Dawin - Trip to paradise lyrics

hard But I was in situation there is a timber on and off You ... Ohh we don't belong in the circles But there seems like ... how How could I Let go off the memories Of you and I if they mean so much to me You have

Hatesphere - Trip at the brain lyrics

gotta gotta take a trip, gotta take a trip out of ... gotta get away, get away from the human race I don't know what ... what to pack, never been to a trip at the mind Trip at the

Lemke Alicia - Trip the light lyrics

all the days that come to pass Are ... behind these walls I’ll be left at the ... and not afraid We’re gonna trip the light We’re gonna break the night And we’ll see with new

Jimmy Buffett - Trip around the sun feat. martina mcbride lyrics

birthday Better think about the wish I make This year gone ... s a revolution Pull it together and it comes undone Just ... one more candle and a trip around the sun. [Jimmy and

Mindless Self Indulgence - The retarded song (free as a birdie) -hidden .. lyrics

like to go down to the church and drink some holy ... but I don't like it... the priest don't like it but me ... seem to help it i went to the zoo and saw some monkeys hoo

Nothing But Thieves - Trip switch lyrics

secrets with another world Rubbing shoulders ... lovers Making waves through the universe Starting wars with ... anonymous brothers Trip Switch Trip Switch Make

Ramp - Trip lyrics

afraid of my life In this trip I try to see I, I try to ... To pray for a goal for the day for a sight To leave ... afraid of my life In this trip I try to see So I face

Eraserheads - Trip to jerusalem lyrics

your door Dance on the floor Hey what's your name? ... Your head will spin I am the champ Come see me stomp It ... wanna fly? Fly high way up in the sky Or maybe you don't even

Asteroids Galaxy Tour, The - The golden age lyrics

wished I lived in the golden age Giving it up on the broadway stage Hang with the ... a break with Frank and count the stars Dressed to the nines ... Tapping feet, wanna take the lead A trip back in time is

Miracle Of Sound - Trip to vegas fallout new vegas song lyrics

m gonna take a trip to Vegas With my two ... caps-a-plenty to spend I got the courier blues And a real ... I send I'm gonna take a trip to Vegas Goin' huntin' down

Kendrick Lamar - Trip lyrics

to acquaint you with some of the features Relax and breathe ... of Kendrick with some L.A. weather then step out like Chicago ... an F for effort Ha-ha, I let the world know I chose to keep

Mob Rules - The last farewell lyrics

when the troops has come They called them jerks and made them run And tell them: home and ... faith are lies The world in peace the heights at ... war They name the judge a lying whore And lost

Harem Scarem - Trip lyrics

there shut the door on your way out Cause ... and number I was standing there with my two cents And now ... what you're thinking Save me the same old trip to nowhere

Rory Gallagher - The devil made me do it lyrics

me do it, do it, do it, The devil made me trip and fall, ... The devil drove me to it, to it, ... some fun, But I ended up in the trash can. There I was in the witness stand, My eyes

U2 lyricsU2 - Trip throught your wires lyrics

in pain You put me back together again I was cold, you clothed me, honey I was down, you ... You, you set my desire I trip through your wires I was

Aerosmith lyricsAerosmith - The grind lyrics

on my ass Heh hea... The burning bed The roses dead ... you want me to You made me trip into the grind Now I can't ... double crossin' dogs have their day... ha So forget about.

Mono Inc. - The codemned lyrics

ain’t the time the time to rest this ain’t the ... depressed my dear This is the fate it’s in your hands ... this is the day you’ll understand my

Paul Simon - The coast lyrics

of musicians took shelter for the night In the little harbor ... That is worth some money A trip to the market A trip into the pearl gray morning sunlight

Cro-mags - The other side of madness lyrics

alone in the cold dark night Got a chill ... I will take you Beyond the limits of your mind So take ... a trip with me To the other side of madness So close to

Lacuna Coil - Trip the darkness lyrics

Follow me, follow me as I trip the darkness one more time ... minutes and hours spill over there's no time here in space ... see beauty in everything but the world is still fading away

Nightcore - Trip the darkness (lacuna coill) (nightcore) lyrics

Follow me, follow me As I trip the darkness One more time ... minutes and hours spill over There's no time here in space ... see beauty in everything But the world is still fading away

Mamas And The Papas, The - Strange young girls lyrics

Eyes of innocence Hiding their madness. Walking the strip - Sweet,soft,and placid - ... Offering their youth On the alter of acid. Thinking these gifts Were sent by the

Smash Mouth lyricsSmash Mouth - Trip lyrics

faces from across the room Look at me looking at ... my name too? I'm getting the chills sitting next to you... ... Shake myself in your soul The blood in your veins The

Kaledon - The way to home lyrics

swords high in the sky, Screaming to start the ... way to home Swords in the air Carry on on our way ... This is the last trip for us Fighting the last ... at home Soon we'll prepare The final war Mighty swords

Savage Wizdom - The ride lyrics

to set out alone Head to the west shore Bring our army ... home Lead by the sunset your journey is long ... Across the horizon you must be strong ... So ride Through the valley of deception, ride

Hocico - Trip to my past (voces del pasado) lyrics

m marching with them through the valley of death Hey ... ancestors I'm here to show us the way Midnight moon above, ... guide us through the enemy field I'm ready to die

Sailor - The street lyrics

s a place in the street, where the rich people ... eat There's a snack bar further down the block There's a ... out stars Who still believe they're lucky There's a theatre

Cyne - The runaway lyrics

your city My God we see the danger Dodge through the ... light sabers We drown into the clouds and fell into the ... vapors Released to the street the beast rage with

Neil Diamond - The pot smoker's song lyrics

your grass, Mom and Dad with their booze Ooo ooo La la la la ... what you're not Tough, tough the world is so tough And when ... at all If you don't take a trip Pot pot gimme some pot

Hedley - Trip lyrics

And you told me how to get there So I tried to find a way Then I ran into your garden But ... I tripped out the gate I tripped out the gate What are

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