The Time Has Come To Say Farewell Dear Friend lyrics

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Martina Mcbride - The time has come lyrics

time has come to let you go My tears will run ... and they'll keep me afloat I set you ... adrift like a burning boat The time has come to let you go ... The time has come to turn you loose It took my

The Dresden Dolls - The time has come lyrics

time has come to speak of many things of ... bared my wrists and promised to begin but you cut the blade ... straight in the time has come: let's play find the missing

John Farnham - The time has come lyrics

tale is told, of a mighty land Great ... Came a reign, based on greed They say that all roads lead to ... But now it's changing Now the time has come So spare

Anne Briggs - The time has come lyrics

my babe, don't you know The time has come for me to go. Tomorrow comes like yesterday The autumn fades our love away. ... Oh, my babe, don't you know The time has come for me to go.

Galneryus - The time has come lyrics

no one can help my soul There is no god no way out ... When I cried throughout the time The man like a warrior came ... close to me and screamed The time has come It's time to

D.i.d. - The time has come lyrics

koe wa uwazuru oboe nagu hito ni sakamaku yuen ... katarubeku haru to chirubeku YODATSUKE NO WAKE ... ni kogare hikare ushinau mezatosa ni - hana yo, itsuwari

Gregorian - The time has come lyrics

me deep Arise from neath the flame I leave the ... battlefields of night To take arms with the day The ... time has come For to rise again For the ones I

At Vance - The time has come lyrics

took their lives And you took their souls To be the king ... of their land You brought them misery Anger and pain To ... keep the crown in your hands But

Hillsong United - The time has come lyrics

me Yours forever Caught in the mercy fallout I found hope ... all I need Pre-Chorus: The time has come To stand for ... one am gonna Give my praise to You Chorus: Today today

Jesus Culture - The time has come lyrics

me Yours forever Caught in the mercy fallout I found hope ... I need You're all I need The time has come To stand for ... one am gonna Give my praise to You (Jesus) Today, Today

Mike Oldfield - The time has come lyrics

thousand years they waited for someone who ... would be true and now the empty years have passed the ... no fear I feel him near The child was born to be a king,

Exhorder - The tragic period lyrics

s a tale in history About a period of tragedy ... Terror instilled within the souls Of men and women, ... young and old Come and listen to me, my friend

Joan Jett - Time has come today lyrics

has come today Young hearts can go their way Can't put it off another day And I don't care what the others say 'Cause they say ... we don't listen anyway Time has come today, Hey! The

Ramones lyricsRamones - Time has come today lyrics

has come today Young hearts can go their ... way Can't put it off another day I don't care what others say They say we don't ... listen anyway Time has come today, hey The room has

Anti-flag - The old guard lyrics

time has come to say goodnight. The time has come ... to say goodbye to the old guard. Goodnight. ... Goodbye. Witness the setting sun. The tables have ... turned. We will not suffer their reprise. A brave new voice

Crystal Ball - Time has come lyrics

soul On this dying day The pain's reality Do you see ... your destiny? The end of the storm is coming near You ... fight You're desperate in the cold Your last breath is

Huey Lewis - When the time has come lyrics

s gonna clear up and the sun will shine everybody's ... up 'cause it's redemption time don't you worry 'bout a ... things are gonna change when the time has come walls are

Eagleheart - Time has come lyrics

too much time of my life I waited for the ... Beyond my soul I prayed for touch of light Betrayed by the hand of fate - I realize ... That I'm the one to save myself, my pride Now

Ainur - Time has come lyrics

you're born, the life begins to go She disappears with the time and wind In the night, ... when the sun is gone Look the stars, they always shine ... before (Is your life, forget the time, feel your heart) The

Burning Point - Time has come lyrics

It's all black and white The shades of grey nowhere to ... and what's right Dance of the dead like an ancient rite ... Reap what you sow Bite it to the bone There's a lesson to

Europe - Time has come lyrics

for the sailor, beneath the skies Long for the white ... where she flies Long for the stranger you know so well. ... Pray for the soldier, who's wounded bad

Mercyme lyricsMercyme - Time has come lyrics

is a season for everything there is a reason for all things ... second of every moment seems to have its worth rest assured ... here for His fame. [chorus] Time has come to raise our hearts

Mcfly - The last song lyrics

Danny] The time has come to say goodbye, The sun is setting ... in the sky, The truth turned out to be a lie, ... yourself a lullaby, This is the end, But baby don't you cry,

Perkele - The day has come lyrics

shit, all that you have done to destroy our world The day has come to get the f***ing scum ... The day has come, we'll get them everyone I'm tired of you

Luna Sea - Time has come lyrics

wa haruka tooku totetsumonai tokida ki ga tooku naru Fu... ... la Iki wo fukaku sutte motto fukaku kikoeteiru kodou ... wa marude hajimete dakedo Kitto tsugino hikarini hiki

Marillion - The web lyrics

in my womb My gaze scans the walls of this apartment To ... rectify the confines of my tomb I'm the cyclops in the ... tenement, I'm the soul without the cause

Artillery - Time has come lyrics

Fire is lightening through the air Fear is driving you ... you know you're gonna die Time has come - incompetent you ... ruled Time has come - with life and death you

Labÿrinth - Time has come lyrics

and I've been waiting for the stranger to show me what he ... I open my eyes (show me the way) Too far away her eyes ... and I've been waiting for the stranger to show me what he

Skinless - The front line of sanity lyrics

my friend We stand at the end We've failed to find The way out The falling of ... of liars Thieves and wrongs The new order of the land is to ... decide Where you stand Look to the edges of earth It's

All Ends - The day has come lyrics

s no time left for us I can't be there ... all my (?) go If it won't come true I am not afraid Cause ... I, I made up my mind It's the final goodbye I... I know

Megadeth - Forget to remember lyrics

in the hourglass fall for us all ... and it looks like rain The sky is falling and my heart ... is caving in So, now the time has come to say the long ... goodbye The setting of the sun reflecting in your eyes

Jennifer Rush lyricsJennifer Rush - The right time has come now lyrics

out of nowhere I won't go there It was a place full of ... I need more than just your touch The right time has come ... show me some emotion, hey The right time has come now ooo

Pigsty - Time has come lyrics

try to find hope at prophets We are ... do not know it We think that they will save our lives But ... solve it Humankind is in the trap There is no way There

Agnostic Front - Time has come lyrics

these times when our faith gets put to the test We find the strength to ... hatred We remain relentless, there will be vindication They’ve kept us down, we stand

Death Angel - The devil incarnate lyrics

move unseen Shadow on the night silent hunter Appetite ... arroused by the smell of your fear Driven by ... mercy denied Bitter is the taste of your last breath

Infest - Time to die lyrics

line of the front Soldiers are ready to ... die! Tonight clashing will start ... battle for one kingdom to rise! Time has come for doom ... to take the hammer in hands! to destroy

Cheyenne Kimball - The day has come lyrics

makes you tired letting another year passing by us by Time ... Some I'd really like to know I wanna stay But the ... sign says go [Chorus:] I know the

Damian Marley - The master has come back lyrics

know! Wew! [Chorus] For the master has come back Gong the originally Run for the grand ... mi inna mi Clarky-Wally For the master has come back Man! I

Power Of Omens - Time lyrics

many words inside plague me, they plague me. So many times I ... ve seen the clouds roll So many times I ... this rage inside. Now that the time has come to recall,

Lorna Shore - The alliance lyrics

end. Ork and man meet face to face This a battle for the ... arise in a mass and block out the sun. You are not friend, ... Soldiers hold fast to their mounts hands are clenched

Ola Svensson - Time to let you go lyrics

It stays alive But it's chasing a ghost All of the times ... I held you close to me What if I'd known how ... short it would be All the love that you left behind

Lostprophets - The new transmission lyrics

take, take, all my time, all my company Take ... from me Fake, fake, fake all these things that you say to me ... Nothing that I want to believe I think the time has

Elane - The night has come lyrics

think it's time again and now you're here ... again just to follow a new way You know ... behind the hills begins another wish Always dreamt of that ... angel and somehow it seems too dark That's when the

Enforcer - The banshee lyrics

night has come Descending now Day fades ... away Ungodly shadows embrace the light Your presence now ... can't let you go A cry from the abyss another has to die

Ben Moody - The end has come feat. jason miller & jason ".. lyrics

in me What is one use to be free Now to drive away the pain I'll destroy all I ... distain I'll become what I despise Living ... t ever turn around My end has come So now I come for you

Biohazard - Come alive lyrics


Budgie - Time to remember lyrics

to remember, I can remember The time has come to lift ... derision The change has left a mark of persuasion I ... can remember Carrier of the great fire I’m so sorry, I’m

The Dogma - Back from hell lyrics

lie awake You're hearing , stop breathing It's just like ... your slave and your lord Then I will be gone before the ... dawn Cry, facing the misery of mankind As you

Heavy Load - The king lyrics

king he rose He's on his toes He's breaking down the ... order His heart of stone Sword of steel He's ... changing all the world His kingdom's proud They're in a cloud He'll save them all from evil He'll raise

Insomnium - The river lyrics

- Circle is complete Long has been the way - The day is ... giving in The dusk is thickening, cold ... engulfs the shore I hear across the ... stream as Charon blows the horn One more summer I ask

Scar The Surface - The traveller has come lyrics

are In a time of desperation Living free to shattered lives In the blind ... illusion All we see are the broken dreams And the strain ... left behind Now the strain of everything is

Silent Knight - The curse of the black rose lyrics

of redemption rings out in the night; the legions beat down ... at the gates, Out to the east we set our sights, to the land where my fortune awaits, ... The time has come to heed the prophecy; a force now rises

Beto Vazquez Infinity - To live for the king lyrics

rising of the sun Is seen by everyone And ... it's real And when you hear the call Come crashing through the wall You just can't doubt the things that you feel So

Crystallion - The sleeping giant lyrics

again, it's 1815 Louis tries to claim my rights, just a fact ... one my army grows as we march towards Paris The king has fled ... we're gathered here, our victory it is Now I'm back on the throne of France The

Destiny's End - The legend lyrics

time has come to crack the sky He wakes to rise once ... wonders why His mission had come to end Sent through time to ... give the world Sounds of thunderous

Elegy - The grand change lyrics

your life you say, it holds off your dying day ... resistance can't silence the cries, the hunger you feel ... They're pulling the strings out there, Fatmen in

Nostradameus - The escape lyrics

with my master plan, now it’s time to act If I wait it’ll be too late to save our beloved ... and good man but he has a naïve mind “Help me ... Help me I beg you please, the ache is killing me” Run

Eyes Set To Kill - March of the dead lyrics

dead is in the march They're soldiers in the dark They mourn the living, regret our ... sinning Their bombs are roaring in the ... dust, they sing a song to us Their march is heavy, are we

Kilmara - The deceit lyrics

was a time when you were dreaming ... came true Now you have to face that it´s not like that ... ruled by solitude Is there no hope Can´t you control

Obituary lyricsObituary - The end complete lyrics

will soon come with me to die, And find that death is ... not the end. Who I say, who will, who won't be freed ... Tell me that this is not the end complete. Even as the

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