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Modern Baseball - The thrash particle lyrics

took my hand You lead us to the doorway But you let go of me ... to walk home When your brother is away You suggested I ... write a song about the first time we met But I

Allegaeon - The god particle lyrics

with no dimensions Enter the void Black nothing Tug the ... Energetic Devices prey On the fabric of reality ... Mankind pushes forward For the truth And understanding

My Dying Bride - The thrash of the naked limbs lyrics

at it This passion play Smothered in effort, The thrash of ... skin Close your eyes, the whispered sighs Frightening ... when concealed Through the halflight on her body My

F.k.Ü. - Twitch of the thrash nerve lyrics

your thrashing With our moshoholic sound ... need! We seek, we aim and then we fire You'll get what you ... deserve Your need to thrash is dire We seek, we aim

Lich King - Thrash resurgence lyrics

another song with thrash in the name Just another band with ... no chance of fame Why do they rise up? Where do they come ... Hordes of slackers with thrash on the brain New age of

Masterpiece - The collector lyrics

stop this damn abuse Here, there and everywhere Humans ... if something will bleed The Collector is coming, There’s ... world A new blow means another crack Molding a raw stone

Artillery - Out of the thrash lyrics

tell - these lies - everyone will see ... - those cries - changing with the weather Once out – then back ... Within – yourself – lies the answer You fight – you

Municipal Waste - The art of partying lyrics

s thrashing all around You know the ... provides he sounds To push the party level all the way to ... ten The terror starts tonight A ... to shreds We've broken all the laws and moshed on people's

Better Than Ezra - Particle lyrics


Army Of Lovers - The particle song lyrics

particle Z The particle Y Travel fast in a concrete ... Ride mile after mile The particle Z The particle Y Macho men ... of the molecules Bound to clash In

Marmozets - Particle lyrics

Take me home, take me home The particle that trips me into ... am Like music to my ears The way that it flows oh. Particle, I'm here Please don't go.

I-exist - Particle lyrics

eyes tears are glowing will the sun survive hallelujah ... look down just believe that there is a particle of you ... and build a home is where the heart is so we're bound to

Aggression - Thrash and kill lyrics

feel the violence into my veins ... won’t say my name in vane (The) kill aggression, brutal ... I won’t let you go away Thrash and kill… Thrash and kill

Catastrofy - Thrash all over you lyrics

trip Trip to hell into the land of dead Your life ... Will be split Because the deamons can feel you are ... You! Drink your beer With the beasts Don´t you fear

Exciter - Thrash speed burn lyrics

til death CHORUS Let’s… Thrash speed burn Burn the masses Thrash speed burnurn to ashes Thrash speed burn Crush the masses ... Thrash speed burn Voices of power

Immaculate - Thrash metal avenger lyrics

profanity Observing the eyes of little children ... trace of inherent thought THRASH METAL AVENGER Scourge of ... hypocrisy THRASH METAL AVENGER He's here to

Immaculate - Thrash (or die trying) lyrics

and bones Scattered through the ashes Ominous deadly force ... now it's time to DIE! THRASH OR! Die trying! THRASH OR! ... THRASH OR! Fail moshing Metal we

Onslaught - Thrash 'til the death lyrics

till the death feeling the force deep inside Violence ... and pain on the power of metal we thrive ... pounding your ears till they bleed Unholy sound thrashes

Fueled By Fire - Thrash is back lyrics

LEATHER, Thrash is what we are! Bang your ... head against the stage At Baloffs command Thrashing, smashing...Posers on the ... floor!! We'll leave you on the floor,bruised and sore THRASH IS BACK! THRASH IS BACK! THRASH IS BACK! Violence, mayhem

Destruction - Thrash 'til death lyrics

- no discussions stay to the roots Real cultured - out ... of plastic - can't share their philosophies Sarcasm and ... in our evil souls [Bridge:] They can't break our will We

Exarsis - Thrash is back lyrics

with power like never before The best you can do come and join ... the war Violent crowd thrashers united again Stagedive ... and mosh non-stop till the end It begun Load your

Pitiful Reign - Thrash, boobs, and zombies lyrics

a lesson, a lesson in life Thrash boobs and zombies the way to ... excite Fondle the dead as throw back a beer Thrashing away to the sound of their ... fear The 3 commandments, the ones we recite Thrash, boobs

Municipal Waste - Thrash?! don't mind if i do lyrics

it's time we raise the stakes And thrash this town ... don't charge us Cause they're scared that we'll charge them We'll leave 'em dead and ... couldn't help but notice that the band I came to see Was

Nuclear Warfare - Thrash 'em down lyrics

But No Longer For Us To Feel The Legions Of Satan Rise The Thrashback Is Near Thrash Em' ... Down Into The Ground Thrash Em' Down We Take The Crown Thrash Em' Down With The Hellish

Nuclear Warfare - Thrash squad lyrics

We Kill With Pain Bringing The Plagues Of War And Decadenz ... Killing Mind Taste The Evil Force Deadly Aggression ... Killing Mind Taste The Evil Force Chorus: Facing

Farscape - Thrash until you drop lyrics

and leather, chains and spikes dressed ... tonight we are ready for the show An insane crowd, a ... riot of violence the blood spills around see our ... madness on the stage I bang my head i play

Fukpig - Thrash armageddon lyrics

Total f***ing whirlwind of metal destroys everything Foundations and houses Worlds end due to whirlwind of steel...

Overlord - Thrash olympics lyrics

Zombies, death, blood, sword Attack, Satan, war, hell Posers, worms, plague, slaughter Possession, slaves, nuclear, mosh...

Arakain - Thrash the trash lyrics

to your complaints doesn't bother me We are we often ... styles for empty heads they don't bother me We are we ... yell on this tone kids of the world uninterested in all the past Slop the pain in our

Alkoholizer - Thrash metal lyrics

Metal!! Image and business, the money is all Trash Metal!! ... to say... Trash Metal!! Thrash beerdrinkers rules tonight ... again Trash Metal!! Only the old school rockin' my brain

Exodus - Thrash under pressure lyrics

to Never give a shit what others say to you They try to ... and we're flattered by the term Those embarrassed by ... relentless and mean When the chips are down You'll never

Extol - Thrash synergy lyrics

unity We've been pushed to the limit Through an established ... motivation Gathered in love to Christ our head ... by Christ To vulcanise the spirit filled thrash forever

Dir En Grey - The domestic f***er family lyrics

F***er F***er Japanese F***er Thrash Psycho Family F***er F***er ... Japanese F***er Thrash Psycho Family F***er ... M Do whatever you want, say the worst you want to say, Mr.

Angelus Apatrida - Thrash attack lyrics

a golden age for our land Thrashers ruled all over the world ... and garage days We knew there was no turning back This ... is the attack straight to your ass

Kmfdm - Thrash up! lyrics

wrong or what is right If another woman driver gets ... things you do not know All the feelings I don't show You ... better run there's no more time Or be the

Destruction - The butcher strikes back lyrics

in death row! But the eternal ban and the spirit ... survived, Over the years like a thorn in the ... flesh! The importance of our new mission ... Infernal overkill to all the envied souls, Death to all

Mortillery - The hunter's lair lyrics

on the night, don't walk away, let's ... show them how we never quit Leather ... and steel, weapons of choice, the time is now to take control ... we die, our souls soar into the sky We return to the hunters

Against Me! - Thrash unreal lyrics

and drink all night, well there’s no one that can stop her. ... She’s going until the house lights come up or her ... stomach spills onto the floor. This night is gonna

Battalion - Thrash maniacs lyrics

in the darkness the serpants arise The fire ... starts melting the snow Chains of slavery are ... breaking in two So the empire of evil can grow ... Myths of the past are undying at last

Rush - The color of right lyrics

t have an explanation For another lonely night I just feel ... this sense of mission And the sense of what is right ... it easy on me now I'd be there if I could I'm so full of

Aura Noir - The pest lyrics

You shall stand petrified by the fierce pest Scream before the ones you never did rape! ... makes you yield your soul to the pest Whore

Exciter - The punisher lyrics

disaster One man death row The punisher rising Declaring a ... disaster One man death row The punisher rising Declaring a

Pink Floyd lyricsPink Floyd - The happiest days of our lives lyrics

grew up and went to school there were certain teachers who ... would hurt the children anyway they could ... by pouring their derision upon anything we

Exarsis - The return lyrics

again Return form the grave High speed metal ... lessons as we bringing back the flame Thrash till death Can ... you feel the beast? Violence and hatred ... from the west coast to the east Revenge you'll see

Municipal Waste - The thrashin' of the christ lyrics

serve? A lie absurd called the holy word Jesus Christ you ... re out of luck Let's thrash that f***! Can't they see ... pity But when we rise from the cloud of lies We'll crush the church and take back our

Aura Noir - The one who smite lyrics

am the phantom you please to see Oh ... with me I occurred beside the magic pawn Omnious, is this ... fading dawn I am the scenary, the one who smite I ... Wisely, I naturally avoided the lash And escaped what now is

Death Grips - The cage lyrics

quick to flash, Terrified by the way a basilisk come out him ... skin so fast Not the first, won't be the last ... Barrel of my gun down the hatch 187 deep throat chokin

Neurosis (col) - The rack (asphyx cover) lyrics

pound Footstep outside the stairway Executioners's ... pervert Inexorable judge The sentence is death By the ... grace of the church Inside the torture chamber The smell of

Cavalera Conspiracy - The doom of all fires lyrics

doom, the doom the doom of all fires the ghost, ... the ghost the ghost of all martyrs the ... dust, the dust the dust of empires the roar, the roar the roar of the lion the crash, the trash the crash

D.r.i. - The trade lyrics

on a roll, out of control another one-night stand I can't get ... t see you, man smile for the cameras, smile for the fans ... sign their records and shake their hands try to stay healthy,

Tankard - The party ain't over 'til we say so lyrics

quot; That's what the headlines say "Old ... butt! Butt kickin' lot! The party ain't over 'til we say ... so The party ain't over, the party ain't over The party

Abandoned - The oncoming storm lyrics

falls, blackness fills the sky From above, evil forces ... roaring, whirlwinds rape the land Panic rises, mandkind ... no one can tell Taking the lies of the innocent The

Exodus - The toxic waltz lyrics

dance craze that's sweeping the nation It's called the ... Slamming with waltzers all the way around You get caught ... up in the whip You're thrown into a

Oasis lyricsOasis - The swamp song lyrics

(Instrumental) (Instrumental) (Instrumental) (Instrumental) (Instrumental) (Instrumental)...

A Band Called Pain - The day you died lyrics

Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Fo...

A Band Called Pain - The pieces lyrics

Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found...

A Band Called Pain - The war song lyrics

Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found...

A Pink - The wave lyrics

jeo mulgyeolchineun bunhongbit neomudo areumdawo neowa na saireul mekkuneun tteollimdeuri deullini eoduun keoteun dwie na neol gidaryeo urineun boiji anneu...

Abyssphere - The last spark lyrics

День за годом и год за днем Жизнь мелькает за окном И кто может знать? Найти слова что бы сказать Когда нет мыслей, нет идей Когда есть ночи, но нет дней Когда...

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