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The The Dorf Planet lyrics

Browse for The The Dorf Planet song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed The The Dorf Planet lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to The The Dorf Planet.

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Adept - The ballad of planet earth lyrics

trauma and failure. there is something in the wind ... for help but im choking on the ashes. we are watching them ... all burn to death - they were woman and children

Le Tigre - The the empty lyrics

I went to yr concert and there was nothing going on You

Phantom Planet - The meantime lyrics

Ok That's fine I don't mind the meantime You've got your ... So and So... I don't mind the meantime If I could count ... From then 'til now I'd count too high

Silent Planet - The well lyrics

sacred sort of disorder how these sisters came along of ... of men who fell through their thrones into the abyss of ... again. The kings of earth, crippled with

Silent Planet - The deluge lyrics

Sound and the Fury, the spaces between All our ... distinctions you cast to the sea Lord, how can this be? ... And it’s bursting out at the seams If I were Pilate I’d

Shawn Hook - Planet earth lyrics

was a dream on planet earth I fell through the ... seams on planet earth We’re so much more ... we’re worth Wasting away on planet earth Down here on planet

Prince - Planet earth lyrics

holding Planet Earth In the palm of your hand With no ... Or claim to any land The only thing between us now is the truth we understand If Planet Earth was in the palm of your

Devin Townsend - Planet smasher lyrics

..time to destroy the planets. Which one shall it be? ... [Ziltoid:] Divert all the power from the main engines ... to the front guns [Commander:] Yes ... ] Take ninety percent of the surplus power and divert it

Kottonmouth Kings - Planet budtron lyrics

get sent and you can't pay the rent Everyday I get bent yo, ... by On and ontaking rips from the bong Planet Budtron, BSO ... on Kottonmouth Kings got them dope tracks 1605, yes they

Sham 69 - Planet trash lyrics

go get them kid The new sunrise, did you see what ... they did Advertise, go get them kid Spin the world crazy, I ... shine shine Shine This is planet trash And you can have it if

Cephalic Carnage - Observer to the obliteration of planet earth lyrics

hover in space Observing the human race Studying who to ... I'm a serial killer Demon of the earth Should have been ... pubescence I'm lower than the dirt Masturbating constantly

Saint Vitus - Planet of judgement lyrics

home Blackened clouds, fill their horizons, storms to come They cut down their forests with ... jagged blades And poison their air Scorning the surface

Ad Hominem - The end lyrics

end Can you hear the macabre silence? Can you ... smell the putrefied flesh? Can you ... taste the vomit in your mouth? Can you ... see the inexorable tragedy? I can

Heavens Gate - The children play lyrics

Fades away in memories The spirits of all times Living ... sand Without a broken lie The future in their hands And they don't know the reason why ... They are playing their game And no one is to

Loudblast - The descent lyrics

madness I treat myself to the whole, ‘til madness Break ... Break these chains, break Break this ... become my own enemy I'd rather die Strike, go down,

Procol Harum - The pursuit of happiness lyrics

comes in pairs Wonder where the picture went? What we got ... a damn Someone's screwed the master plan The pursuit of ... It's a common goal The pursuit of happiness Doing

Jedi Mind Tricks - The three immortals lyrics

"Explorers... In the further regions of experience ... Demons to some... angels to others... Now you must come with ... us..." [Ikon] Enter the dragon With 3 immortal

The Outhere Brothers - The lyrics


Canton Jones - The voicemail of jesus christ? lyrics

Shadai Christ of Nazereth, the Hight priest Lord of lords, ... Right now I'm not in but at the the tone you may live your

Carol Anne Mcgowan - The humming song lyrics

lay the hours of fortitude Those ... were the honours held with you ... Following brightly They'll never find me now ... old clouds Lone lay the the stage of our prelude I still

Ashes Remain - The meditation (luke 15) lyrics

wandered far too long From the places I call home I've ... bone inside I call you on the waves Of the wings of ... again And I will follow Father wash over me again And I

Celtic Woman - The first noel lyrics

first Noel, the angels did say Was to ... poor shepherds In fields as they lay In fields where they ... Lay keeping their sheep On a cold winter's ... Noel, Noel, Noel Born is the King of Israel They

Adiastasia - The winner lyrics

m feeling so tired Can hear the the voice, in the silence ... Inside of me, my soul weep`s the crime the sins of the ... mankind, this Life War The war inside Many tears i

Alexisonfire - The kennedy curse lyrics

of a parade... A parade of the dead sun. Writing ... (I slice my wrists) Kill their leader (By way of paper ... is a joke. In spite of the... (When white) Glorious

Chinchilla - The call lyrics

Dark silence yields to the night The hordes of evil are ... killing side by side Evil is their nature But their actions ... are controlled At night their shinning eyes Shows their

Cream - Deserted cities of the the hearth lyrics

street where time has died. The golden treat you never tried. ... dancing eye. It was on the way On the road to dreams, ... in no love streams, yeah The street is cold, its trees are

Dreams Of Sanity - Komodia the the ending lyrics

through the unknown woods The angels fell asleep (that ... were firm and strong (As they were) in the light of day. ... I held my eyes straight in the dark To scare the beasts

Love - The red telephone lyrics

on a hillside Watching all the people die I'll feel much ... better on the other side I'll thumb a ride I ... here twice I don't know if the third's the fourth Or if the

Rocka Rollas - The road to destruction lyrics

of the vile and foul, tells her ... of sadness Sightings of the demons flame, everywhere ... around us Druids from around the land, gather in the forest ... Sacred ritual of the gods, lightens up the

30 Seconds To Mars lyrics30 Seconds To Mars - The race lyrics

blood and through sacrifice The lessons that I've learned I ... Hey, We were fighting for the world Hey, Hey, My desire ... never ending Hey, Hey, The, The, The race. The race Love

Senser - The key lyrics

from my lips forms a word the pressure so strong by ... to find a door to fit the key without trying. Death ... cruising on course. File these feelings unknown colours

A Day At The Fair - The rocking chair years lyrics

is taking on the world This is letting out the ... I know. It's to late to call the past to bring me home. And I ... still love the the things I lost that brought me

Anti-flag - The neoliberal anthem lyrics

again. Strap in and watch the world decay, The latest ... ain't no fashion, This is the world wide anthem. ... again. Strap in and watch the world decay, The latest

Attica Blues - The man lyrics

'cause you and i both know There's someone that we all know ... All been punched by the wounds won't show Be ... you under his spell (that's the bad guy) If the plan goes

Avery Watts - The core lyrics

stand as one of the elite You cannot cut me from ... a thumb Born ready, now the time has come Take a look ... not alone So if you're down then LET IT BE KNOWN Count me

Born Of Osiris - The sleeping and the dead lyrics

emergency!" Head to the fields A dying light from ... emerges free Time to face the weapon in me The way a ... Will you freak out we saw the faces looking in looking

Breitenhold - The windhorse knight lyrics

shield of glorious victory The horseman of the freedom rides ... with fist into the air Descending with the ... furious power strikes Into the flames of Armageddon, there's

Bullet For My Valentine - The end lyrics

my back now rot in earth The sheets we slept in blew away, ... and now the storm is over The taste of you inside my mouth ... but still I'm hearing There's no love, everybody's

Dark Angel - The new priesthood lyrics

puzzle your learned men of the cloth. We've explanations ... that's not reality. We solve the the Earth's problems Through ... science was in its infancy. The church had the word, the

Del Shannon - The prom lyrics

my way to the senior prom. Saw a crowd all ... gatherd 'round . Stopped the car, got out to see. Just ... what it could be. There lying near the crowd. Was

Eidolon - The parallel otherworld lyrics

so divine To embrace the gate And Be all your fate ... since I had my visions Now they're out of my control So ... deep And embraced the essence of true life Closer,

Feeder - The end lyrics

alone, I'm alone, sinking further down a hole Down a hole, ... down a hole where the echoes lead I don't know, I ... I won't be someone else Is the the end of the road Senses

In Case Of Fire - The cleansing lyrics

see it clearly now you have the boy another one, a ... i'd whisper my command the little one, the beating heart ... the one you had right from the start another little

Jughead's Revenge - The last, last laugh lyrics

force to leave you behind The more I think the more I laugh ... comedy comes to life The imagined have come real You ... of what you see in yourself The last laugh will be mine

Alicia Keys lyricsAlicia Keys - The life lyrics

Keys - The Life Every morning I ... realize that this Might be the last day of my life Walking ... down the the street I find That I'm ... just To make it through all the hard times That is going to

Ben Moody - The way we are lyrics

hurts me this way It's not the words that you say But that ... you believe them F***ed up as I ever was ... to believe in More than These lies and secrets Hopes and

N-sync - The first noel lyrics

Noel, Noel, Noel Born is the King of Israel The first ... Noel, the angel did say Was to certain ... poor shepherds In fields as they lay In fields where they

Needtobreathe - The reckoning lyrics

thing 'Cause I can see the shadows At the foot of my ... door I can see the faces They don't doubt us anymore I ... I pray I don't go blind In the middle of our reckoning time

Radiohead - The trickster lyrics

in the mountains Rust in the brain The air is sacred here ... spite of your claim Up on the the rooftops Out of reach ... is weak He's talking out the world Talking out the world

Leann Rimes - The right kind of wrong lyrics

in and my strength walks out the door Say my name and I can't ... to be strong But baby you're the right kind of wrong Ya, baby ... you're the right kind of wrong It

Adam Sandler - The excited southerner orders a meal lyrics

by Chris Durkin Adam: And the now the excited southerner ... get you today? Excited Southerner: Hi, how are you...I was. ... could, tell me, if, the chef salad, if it, does it

Sinister Realm - The circle is broken lyrics

cold depths of sorrow I feel the cruel hand of fate Remember ... that were spoken amongst the the violence and hate Now that ... is broken set me free I hear their voices still calling demons

Sinéad O'connor lyricsSinéad O'connor - Kingdom of rain (feat. the the) lyrics

life Your life You were the girl I wanted to cry with ... You were the girl I wanted to die with ... And you were the boy who turned in to the man ... of my hand Our bed is empty The fire is out And all the love

Aesop Rock - The tugboat complex, part 3 lyrics

this bread a flames Note at the craft work door the last ... smirk of the the Damien mainframe My box cost ... squeeze your last giggle then whittle sacrificial finalies

Ancient - The battle of the ancient warriors lyrics

by horrors that I saw The battle was butchering and The hordes were rising against ... each other Saving nothing but death The dust was rising up in the sky

Argent - I'm the the dance of ages lyrics

the dance of ages The drummer and the wine ... Heartbeat in the sand Rings inside your hand ... I am the body power The rhythm of your joy The ... spiral in the air The wine inside a prayer Ride

Joan Baez lyricsJoan Baez - The night they drove old dixie down lyrics

is my name And I drove on the Danville train 'Til so much ... cavalry came And tore up the tracks again In the winter ... oh, so well (Chorus) The Night They Drove Old Dixie

Fit For An Autopsy - The travelers (ft. danny leal of upon a burni.. lyrics

saw the sun rise for the the last time I watched it ... leave the Earth and leave us all behind ... All the poor children Will ever ... know The strength of their innocence How quickly it

My Darkest Days - The world belongs to me lyrics

look to the sky but there's nobody watching. Left ... and forgotten, so now, the world belongs to me the ... when you live in darkness there's always confusion,

Phora - The world lyrics

crazy how cats are trading their respect for some likes ... Talking their shit on twitter but speak ... less in real life All these rapper with their egos ... always talking their shit And can never

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