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The Sun Will Go Rise And Shine lyrics

Browse for The Sun Will Go Rise And Shine song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed The Sun Will Go Rise And Shine lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to The Sun Will Go Rise And Shine.

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Cypecore - And the sun will never rise again lyrics

if the world would never be the same again? What about our ... in anything just to be the best Here you have your ... t it ? When it's too late we will recognize We had just one

Rob Rock - The sun will rise again lyrics

ve got to break from the past You've got to leave it ... behind you You know the feeling won't last Don't let ... matter what we have to face The sun will shine again

Saga - Rise and shine lyrics

bride, Still no sign of the groom, Pantomime, No one ... plays by the rules.. It's closing time, ... to your room with a view You got another chance to... Rise

Cris Cab - The sun is gonna rise again lyrics

is gonna rise again Sun is gonna rise again No certainty ... you've been here before. There's happiness and misery, there's martyrs and war. Like ... to show, tell me how you gonna beat it. How do you

Electric Light Orchestra - The sun will shine on you lyrics

you learn How to fall You got to turn From the darkness And go through it all Just ... It’s alright to be true And the sun will shine On you You

Kelly Clarkson lyricsKelly Clarkson - The sun will rise lyrics

can see the wait there in your eyes I can feel the sorrow in your sigh Your ... your feet You think the day won't break the sunless ... night The sun will rise The sun will rise When you've

Smash Into Pieces - Rise and shine lyrics

far too long You made me see the enemy is From within I ... like I have been reborn Like God won't take this shit no more ... Nothing standing in my way I won't live my

Dj Bobo lyricsDj Bobo - The sun will shine on you lyrics

feel like, a big confusion There's nothing real and your ... Some days you feel like, the situation Is stronger then ... Being able, find a corn in the sand So open your mind and

James Brendan - The sun will rise lyrics

sun will rise, the sun will save me The sun will change ... me, change the way I feel The day will make this heart a ... fortune From the fruit of a hundred orchards

Jake Coco - The sun will shine again lyrics

with a bitter smile to change the world but let your shoulders ... re just one little girl and you'll see better days, your ... in look over your shoulder the sun will shine again don't

Netsky - Rise and shine lyrics


Crucified Barbara - Rise and shine lyrics

re all standing in a line Waiting for the ... who is next To find glory and success They won't look me ... in the eye 'Cause they now that any day They'll

Sieges Even - Rise and shine lyrics

a sign we both laid it on the line there's no alibi I have ... to face the sky leaving your life - ... entering mine I conclude the wintertime stranded by the

Bee Gees lyricsBee Gees - And the sun will shine lyrics

the rain will fall, it falls for you. And the clouds will break into tears, ... you should be here standing so near to me. 'Cept I ... Though say I know it's only the weather. 'Cause ev'ry time

2 Brothers On The 4th Floor - The sun will be shining lyrics

sun will be shinin' tonight This ... is forever, hold tight The sun will be shinin' so bright ... night is forever, forever and ever The sun will be shinin

Brian Melo - Shine lyrics

Walls are closing in All the lights have changed from ... to red You're grounded by the weather Nowhere to take ... flight Somehow your wings got broken Your hands are tied

Indios Bravos - The sun lyrics

sun is gonna rise anyway No matter what the ... people say No matter what the people do It's gonna shine ... for me and you The sun is measuring sky And for

Akron/family - Sun will shine lyrics

sun will shine I won't hide The sun will shine And I won't ... hide The sun will shine And I won't hide The sun will shine And I won't hide The sun will shine And I won't hide The sun will shine And I won't hide

Rufus - Until the sun needs to rise lyrics

you're coming with me Know I gotta make a move Sleeping by the freeways Looking for the ... thing I choose I know I gotta go I know I gotta see ... I'm hoping that you'll be there Hoping that you feel it

Dolly Parton lyricsDolly Parton - Shine like the sun lyrics

ve been shadowed with trouble and sorrow. But I ain't givin' ... up' 'Cause I know there is always tomorrow. There ... be feeling' like this. I'm gonna shine like the sun When these clouds roll away from my

People In Planes - Tonight the sun will rise lyrics

looks like there's no cake left for me But ... clearly Crushed You just got super crushed You thought ... you let me go But I think you have said ... what I had in mind It's the blindly and the blind

Let Me Dream - The maze lyrics

on my grave, it's all on the air If it all just changed ... that I played Dancing on the shadows of my blank mind I ... wonder if the sun will ever rise I wonder if it's all said, I

Reveille - Rise and blind lyrics

angels bed Decked with nails and strewn in red And empty ... ruined world, a gaping hole And a prayer for god to save our ... souls Wake up, rise and shine Wake up, 'bout f***in' time

Aqua - Around the world lyrics

ve been around the world - Hey, hey I've been ... around the world - Hey, hey In the ... where I'm cooking what is good for me Spices from the ... globe Little by little it's the finest meal It's appetite

Domine - The sun of the new season lyrics

I. Warm are the rays of the new sun...] [II. While I ... uncertain future...] What will I see at the end of the fight ... The light of the dawn breaking your darkest

Aim For The Sunrise - The concept of right and wrong lyrics

been able to hold it all together, because there was a light ... at the end of the tunnel. A life, for all of ... us. And now what have I got? And we will keep On

Draconian - The dying lyrics

flew over these lands and broke our wings in the flight ... call - With eyes of mist and snow - This tear of our ... .. How much sorrow can we stand? How many tears do we have

Golden Resurrection - The temple will remain lyrics

many days, and so many nights I cried, I ... see the madness, all around the world Don't ever lose your ... heart, Still time for a brand new start, The sun will shine, With the golden light

Skylark - The guardian angel lyrics

Divine Oracle: In front of the dark church of Heaven we are ... searching for the truth... White Warrior: ... My mind is blind, I'm going insane... I can't

Gregory Alan Isakov lyricsGregory Alan Isakov - The moon was red & dangerous lyrics

street is just the same oh, honey come back to ... me you see it’s lonely and grey in the city but oh the sun will surely rise, warm my ... clothes, and warm your eyes from the

Toby Keith - The sha la la song lyrics

Every kiss, bittersweet and tender Every promise, every ... though you left me, for another I'm a big boy, I will ... recover and Sha la la la la la la la

Novembers Doom - The harlot's lie lyrics

great is the wise? I thought that I knew ... moments time That I trusted the harlot’s lie Many alive on ... fool me again I have seen the mortar fail I’ve always

Saratoga - Maybe the sun will not come lyrics

Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found...

Right Said Fred - The sun changes everything lyrics

changes everything It feels good you're warm again The sun ... changes everything And we lap and we lap and we lap and we lap it up My ... looks so fine She's got a cute suntan, glass of wine

Helloween lyricsHelloween - The smile of the sun lyrics

Everybody is waiting for the one Everyone will freeze to ... death alone The smile of the sun Was stolen - someone ... Has taken away The heart of all day The smile

Nahko And Medicine For The People - The wolves have returned lyrics

Nahko Bear:] I'm cutting the bad fruit off of my tree to ... Lighten my load and grow me tall Just like my ... me home Shedding my antlers and making up answers To the

American Hifi - The everlasting fall lyrics

up late, a grey Sunday mourning Got up on the ... wrong side, so go back to bed Newspaper says, ... it's gonna be raining At least until ... Wednesday, but I pay no mind The wonder of it all Caught up

Musical Newsies - The world will know lyrics

KELLY: Pulitzer and Hearst, they think we're nothin'. Are we ... No! JACK: Pulitzer and Hearst , they think they got ... us. Do they got us? NEWSIES: No! JACK

Cannibal Corpse lyricsCannibal Corpse - As deep as the knife will go lyrics

blade goes in you and it enters smooth Disturbing ... moans begin to soothe Scraping bone with steel to ... your gut Nothing to it Grab the handle let it slice Heart

Janis Ian - The other side of the sun lyrics

on a boat For beyond the other side of the ocean I’ll bet ... you in the morning You won’t even know ... I’m gone Tired of living here In the middle of a mixed emotion I

Entombed - Under the sun, every day comes and goes lyrics

believe in peace I've opened the door and my mind has been ... no preacher telling me about the god in the sky No I don't ... no one to tell me where I'm gonna go when I die I wanna

Gehenna - The eyes of the sun lyrics


Despised Icon - The sunset will never charm us lyrics

in my palm My nerves hurt and my legs convulse Walking on ... broken glass The soporific serenity ... A soiled soul infects the spine during a segment of ... this almost perfect being The eye of satisfaction

Melanie Safka - The sun and the moon lyrics

the sun on my right side and the moon in my breast I've been ... taking my pennies from the rich and the blessed And they expect all their soldiers to ... parade what they've won Then to march back to heaven or

Departures - Where the time will go lyrics

That we make to each other But none that we really ... But this is mine for you And this one will last us Until ... if you start to fall I’ll be the hand that won’t let go When

All Shall Perish - The past will haunt us both lyrics

nights with my feet to the sky So many lonesome ... we be so wrong? This past will haunt us both Never know ... That betrayal was the key to a happier life Where

Mandopony - The show must go on lyrics

was a full moon in the sky We met a brand new robot ... pretend He sang just fine And played in time But did not ... look the part So we lovingly decided

At Vance - The curtain will fall lyrics

I never knew that you're the devil in disguise The game ... you've played as far beyond the rules we've made Now that we ... here with me I take you over then I'll make you see What you

In Aviate - And the world will know lyrics

I just can't seem to draw the line between What's wrong and what is right Underneath my ... nose by the time I get mine I'll be long ... gone Past the restraints and comfort of circumstance Past

Michael Jackson lyricsMichael Jackson - The tides will turn [new song] 2012 lyrics

Stripped Down To Bone Again and the scene is cold drifted ... place that i don't belong these eyes in the mirror are ... unrecoginable and if you could bring me back

Marcus J. Williams - The tides will turn lyrics

tides will turn I'm stripped down to the bone again And scene is cold ... into a place I don't belong These eyes in the mirror Are ... unrecognisable And if you could bring me back

Keane - The sun ain't gonna shine anymore lyrics

deep shade of blue is always there The sun ain't gonna shine anymore The moon ain't gonna ... rise in the sky The tears are always clouding ... lose But no more to win The sun ain't gonna shine anymore

Neil Diamond - The sun ain't gonna shine anymore lyrics

Well it's the coat you wear It's a deep ... shade of blue And it's always there The sun ... ain't gonna shine anymore The moon ain't gonna rise in the ... skies The tears are always clouding

Extreme lyricsExtreme - I rise 'n shine lyrics

wakes the silence of a fainted lullaby ... Day breaks the eyelid from a song sung in ... Night rests in peace as the sun mourns the sky All's ... sheep over a horizon's I RISE, RISE 'N SHINE A NEW DAY IS

Matthew Morrison - It don't matter to the sun lyrics

don't matter to the sun If you go or if you stay ... You know the sun is gonna rise, gonna rise Shine down on ... a another day There will still be a tomorrow Even

Imperial Age - Turn the sun off! lyrics

The Presage There is a permanent fire ... never betray Our purity of Gods But those who choose to ... Those who always retreat They commit suicide Their Sun will stop burning… Now make

Mad Max - Sun lyrics

door, another fight Two wrongs don't make ... from this pain Chorus The sun won't shine for me The sun won't rise Oh, please ... me Lord For tellin' all these lies The sun won't shine

The Cardigans - Rise & shine lyrics

a while I want earth to breathe to me I want the waves to ... grow loud I want the sun to bleed down see the ... waves go down see the moon alone see the world

3 Doors Down - Rise for the sun lyrics

s gonna rain some days I know And ... things are gonna hurt sometimes that's for ... I just turn it upside down and I keep moving on I'm gonna ... race for the morning sun I can't wait for the day

Hobbie Stuart - Day one lyrics

think it was a friday, the first time we met And you ... put it on a runway, fast off the ground We took it so high the only way to go was down The sun will still rise in the

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