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R. Kelly lyricsR. Kelly - The storm is over now lyrics

was in a tunnel And couldn't see the light And ... I'd look up I couldn't see the sky Sometimes when I'm standin' It seems like I done ... walked for miles And my heart could be cryin'

Jason Mraz - Back to the earth lyrics

my head starts to hurt Before it goes from ... bad to feeling worse I turn off my ... phone I get down low And put my hands in the dirt ... I try to stop the world from moving so fast

Kirk Franklin - The storm is over now lyrics

now i feel like i can make it the storm is over now (verse 1 ... now i feel like i can make it the storm is over now (girl) No ... more cloudly days there all gone, gone away i feel

Mirel Wagner - The dirt lyrics

I know the well is dry Sing me a song one more ... time The wind is raging and the birds won't fly Nothing to ... eat and nowhere to hide Momma it's gonna be

Roy Orbison - Going back to gloria lyrics

back to Gloria,the girl I’m dreaming of. Going back to Gloria,Gloria my love. ... Forget about the letters that i wrote to you. ... Forget about the many things we used to do. I

Mason Jennings - Going back to new orleans lyrics

m going back to New Orleans Ain't turning my ... back on this world of tears With a head ... that's heavy and a heart that's sore Gonna ... swing my hammer, gonna stop this war Dying babies in the sand Hanging kings in ancient lands God on God, blood to bone

Smokie - Back to bradford lyrics

refuse Though your face is pretty, I don´t have to ... city, you've nothing to say Though your face is ... pretty, I don't have to say She's my friend and you

Ll Cool J - Going back to cali lyrics

m going back to Cali, Cali, Cali I'm going back to Cali.. hmm, I don't think ... I'm going back to Cali, Cali, Cali I'm going back to Cali.. I don't think so

Eric Burdon - Going back to memphis lyrics

back to Memphis Cause I heard you were dying ... ride that lonesome train Got to hold back these tears l've ... But l've been cryin' for mother earth And l've been cryin'

Notorious B.i.g. - Going back to cali lyrics

up! [Biggie]I'm up baby, what the f***, man? What's up? [P. ... Dad]C'mon now it's a quarter to six we got the 7:30 flight ... 7:30 [P. Dad]Yo take down this information [Biggie]Ain't no

Ecliptica - The shadow lyrics

that the storm is over and the sun clears the sky It feels ... of your tears been dried by the hope that carries you But ... Sleepless nights caught in disbelief A broken heart that

Dave Edmunds - The race is on ( with the stray cats ) lyrics

feel tears wellin' up going deep inside Like my heart's ... gonna get broke And the stab of loneliness sharp and ... When I may break right down and bawl Now the race is on and here comes pride up the backstretch Heartaches going to the inside my tea

Brett Dennen - The one who loves you the most lyrics

the sky is falling from above you And the wind is raging from the coast ... And you want someone who truly ... loves you I will be the one who loves you the most

Biffy Clyro - The kids from kibble and the fist of light lyrics

Say! Nothing’s better than the rest Say! Hope you’re better ... than the rest ‘cause you talk a good ... sensations suffer Through these long sadistic highs When

Motörhead lyricsMotörhead - The chase is better than the catch lyrics

know I'm bad, the times I've had, I've got a ... Don't feel no deprivation, The more I get the better it is, ... that's a fact, You know The Chase Is Better Than The

Pay Money To My Pain - The answer is not in the tv lyrics


At The Gates - The red in the sky is ours lyrics

the word of wolves Rhythms ... time Blood stains our sight The red in the sky is ours ... for higher rush of pain Hands raised to the heavens Oh, ... sing praise to the Lord of Rot A kingdom burned

Magica - The sun is gone lyrics

the sun is gone Forever out of this ... game And the sun is gone Her eyes will never be the same She lost her soul ... Caught in the demon's eyes She lost her

Dave Days - The world is ending! (and this is why) lyrics

s the end of the world It's the end of the world It's the ... end of the world and I don't mind It's the end of ... the world (Oo-oo-oo) It's the end of the world (Oo-oo-oo)

Aretha Franklin - The day is past and gone lyrics

day is past and gone, The evening shades appear; O may ... we all remember well The night of death draws near. ... garments by, Upon our beds to rest; So death shall soon disrobe us all Of what is here

Jello Biafra - The sky is falling, and i want my mommy lyrics

out some day Guess where they'll crash We've been ... lucky so far Every toy up there is another chernobyl ... Waiting to happen Why? Space ... "don't worry" Then the truth comes out

Gentle Giant - The moon is down lyrics

the horse riding up through the red skies The moon is down ... a gold coloured bird through the cloud flies The moon is down ... Look East to the Sun, Oh where do they run

Poison Girls - The price of grain and the price of blood lyrics

all talk a lot about wanting to be free Sitting in the last ... While some are dying for a handful of rice Who controls the ... market who fixes the price THE PRICE OF GRAIN AND THE PRICE

Attack The Hero - The sky is crying lyrics

The sky is crying We’ve lost our ... fortune for selfish cause Falling but ... still ignoring and the sky is crying all over us You ... didn’t see the day has come to even up the debts you’ve got

Phil Collins - The roof is leaking lyrics

roof is leaking and the wind is howling Kids are crying 'cos ... sheets are so cold I woke this morning found my hands were ... frozen I've tried to fix the fire, but you know the damn

Elton John lyricsElton John - And the house fell down lyrics

sun is up and the shades are all pulled down I ... with every little sound Like the leaf blower blowing the ... leaves around And a siren wailing on the other

Pink lyricsPink - The king is dead but the queen is alive lyrics

king is dead but the queen is alive Off with his head I am ... done with his lice A fair win I have ... A clean slate after all this time A revolution and now I

Ragnarok - The key is turned for the seventh time lyrics

nights will freeze blood And make human statues cold The ... Scares tells that death is near Something malicious and vengeful is out there It ... must be as the wise man told Worse than any plague do

Abandoned - The oncoming storm lyrics

the distance, dark shades of gray ... falls, blackness fills the sky From above, evil forces ... roaring, whirlwinds rape the land Panic rises, mandkind will

The Dubliners - The holy ground lyrics

well my lovely Dinah, A thousand times adieu For we're going ... away from the Holy Ground, And the girls we all love true ... We will sail the salt seas over, And then

Ayreon - Back on planet earth lyrics

overheard the elders telling each other stories about the days when they were young back on planet ... earth I wish to learn the secrets of those who lived

Saviour Machine - The eyes of the storm lyrics

is history, the evidence is time, The evidence is time. ... This is the end, it is imminent, It is imminent. ... The course is chosen, it cannot be turned,

Necrophobic - The tower lyrics

haunting wind from the frozen it carries the ... message of death it howls and whistles and whip through the ... night it's storming towards nazareth as the fool is cast from the tower to drown

Anti-flag - The debate is over (if you want it) lyrics

in my life I'm truly free To see the clear cut forest for the poisoned sea To see the waters occupy the shores of Jersey ... And I feel alive For the first time in my life I'm

Sights & Sounds - Storm and the sun lyrics

can't sleep until the sun dries me Restless breeze ... Hammered soul lying Wise men say only fools rush in ... Harvest please! Let the storm right in The storm and the

Silence Lies Fear - The storm looming ahead; part 2 lyrics

is the end This is the day We should confess The ... way is ended Your last dawn Life ... chain is torn off Release forever You ... are the rain that let me go I

Destruction - The calm before the storm lyrics

colour in your eyes No need to stay, suffering on a thousand ... cries Sad, sad to see - no individuality ... convencience Losing touch from brainded reality The last days in hell, can't you

Lana Del Rey - Back to the basics lyrics

mon. Baby we could go, Back to the basics. Trailer park ... love, Wearing them ASICS, And gold. I can speak Spanish ... You can sing for the neighbours, You've been

Gwar - Back to iraq lyrics

was part of the slaughter they called Desert Storm We ... maimed and we murdered in the name of "Norm" Now ... As civilian and purpose I lack I'm getting

Gwar - Storm is coming lyrics

storm is coming Storm-storm is coming The death camps are ... mushrooms through dew But this time the murdered are not ... one or two You'll go in the pit and then you'll be reborn

Nightstalker - Back to dirt lyrics

back to earth motherf***er Try to keep your ... your little hole, baby brother Try to make it today We ... are all going back to dirt Say your little ... yourself away We are all going back to dirt Buy your

Infernal - Back to youth lyrics

years have come and passed Oh so fast My time is flying by Relentless I'm ... up? Inside I heat up Aging and raging because of what won't ... return Acceptance is a joke Don't you know? No

The Killers - The cowboy's christmas ball lyrics

out in Old Nevada, where the Truckee's waters flow, Where ... "a-browzin'," an' the Spanish ponies grow; Where the Northers "come a-whistlin'" from beyond the

Less Than Jake - Never going back to new jersey lyrics

when I could say it right to you that I was never going to leave this place but now its ... ''I was wrong'' and ''I don't wanna f***ing talk ... I could talk, talk, talk and say I'm wrong, wrong, wrong

Dave Edmunds - Back to school days lyrics

seem to be no break in the line don’t seem to be no ... break boys They ruined my vision screwed up my eyes I’ll ... what I’m gonna do boys I’m going back to schooldays I’m going back to schooldays I’m going back

Eurovision Song Contest - The common linnets - calm after the storm (th.. lyrics

in the fast lane counting mile ... marker signs The empty seat beside me keeps ... you on my mind Livin’ in the heartache was never ... what I can't be for you oooohhhh skies are black and blue

Jerry Ropero - The storm lyrics

when we we were young and free innocent virtue ... i'm nothing without you and the storm is calling yaeh i ... miss the sunrise on your face the sunlight

Eurovision - The common linnets - calm after the storm (th.. lyrics

in the fast lane counting mile ... marker signs The empty seat beside me keeps ... you on my mind Livin’ in the heartache was never ... what I can't be for you oooohhhh skies are black and blue

Oar - Back to one lyrics

see you there, but you don't look right ... ten mile stare, in your eyes tonight Time ain't fair, like ... it used to be We're all dressed up, ... nowhere to go We lost our way, about

The Afters - Never going back to ok lyrics

not the end, but it feels like it is ... I´m waking up like I´m back from the dead. I´m stepping ... out and it feels so free, But as ... it´s alright. I feel alive and it hurts for a change I´m

Phil Collins - Going back lyrics

think I'm going back To the thing I learned so well in my ... youth I think I'm returning to All those days when I was ... young enough to know the truth Now there are no

Eleven Past One - The world is ours lyrics

a wave, chasing the sun, only gets better when ... your breath away, We're wild and we're young, we're living ... for today Tell me where you ... I can tell you need someone today, Get into the rhythm,

Ace Frehley - Back to school lyrics

summer's gone and you're still ready to burn Back from vacation and you're ... eager to learn Anticipation mixed ... with desire No one can stop you 'cause you're heart's on

Gungor - The earth is yours lyrics

voice it thunders The oaks start twisting The ... sounds with cedars breaking The waters see You and start their writhing From the depths a ... song is rising Now it’s rising from the ground Holy,

Klone - The spell is cast lyrics

silent, and staying hidden... The ... practice remains the same over time A vicious ... circle, an addiction... The worlds will have no more ... weight in their acts, stronger Lay down the rules, burn the eyes... The

Noumena - The storm lyrics

dew reflects the light through windowpane In ... a while the time goes on and all will decay First rays ... of sun they speak of agony and gloom A thought of serenity

Orphaned Land - The storm still rages inside lyrics

s high Bringing light to darkened skies Lije Jonah ... in the belly of the beast Inside the ark the ... sound desist And so the ark swept upon the rising

Neil Sedaka - Going home to mary lou lyrics

clack a chugga chug I'm going home to Mary Lou Down at the station early in the morning ... Waiting for the 602 To carry me back to Tennessee To the arms of Mary Lou Ring

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