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Brooks And Dunn - The cowboy rides away lyrics

knew the stakes were high right from the start. ... When she dealt the cards, I dealt my heart. ... t play, And this is where the cowboy rides away. And my

George Strait - The cowboy rides away lyrics

knew the stakes were high right from the start. ... When she dealt the cards, I dealt my heart. ... t play, And this is where the cowboy rides away. And

Quarterflash - The child who raised her mother lyrics

child who raised her mother peeked inside the door, At ... year old baby passed out on the floor, And she made her mother breakfast - washed and ... drifted off to sleep. And then she drove away, And then

Gregory And The Hawk - The people who raised me lyrics

ve been the wild one I've run through the streets and I've suffered I ... ve been the quiet one Sequestered and ... smothered But I won't mind no ... me Just trying to be good to the people who raised me And

Firehouse - The nights were young lyrics

from way back when It was the summer that we became best ... we used to hang out behind the old motel We'd throw apples ... never got caught But when the sun went down we didn't go

Jim Reeves - The gods were angry with me lyrics

Gods were angry with me for loving you ... The Gods were angry with me because they ... any model such as I. So they took down the sun the skies were gray Then the howling winds

Crystal Ball - The brothers were right lyrics

all thought they were crazy No they'd never get ... that Strange thing off the ground Guess our vision ... was hazy Cos they showed us all And in a wink ... of an eye They took to the sky Yeah the world was

Dreamtale - The signs were true lyrics

somehow it was foreseen In the "drifters" of the ... ocean That we knew were obscene A beat like a ... Carrying men to our shore The kind we've never seen before

Matthew Perryman Jones - The angels were singing lyrics

my fingers And touched the red dirt Wandering away ... Through the moon-colored field My heart ... That longed to be healed Then I started running To feel

Damien Rice - The animals were gone lyrics

up and for the first time The Animals were gone It's left ... you've been gone for so long The window's open now And the ... We'll call it Christmas When the adverts begin I love your

John Hiatt - The negroes were dancing lyrics

lover sittin' in the corner with a former member ... of the jets He would write a letter ... to the editor about the little holes in her dress ... me more She popped him on the dick until he got a little

Anthony Edwin Phillips - The women were watching lyrics

saw the flags, it didn't look so bad ... They heard the news and how we could not ... lose And they sang with the marching band The sailors' ... eyes But it impressed them too They even cheered up as

Sabaton lyricsSabaton - The lost battalion lyrics

from their land as they made their stand They stood strong ... and the legend still lives on 1918 ... on A battalion is lost in the Argonne Under fire there's

U2 lyricsU2 - Raised by wolves lyrics

down on a broken street There’s a man in the corner in a ... white van as a red sea covers the ground Metal crash I can’t ... down on a pillow of shame There are some girls with a

Omnium Gatherum - The nolan's fati lyrics

how long have they done thy will “The sun of ... midnight is ever the son” How much it takes to ... is damned but god’s animal mother is alright “I can’t find

Molly Hatchet - Beatin the odds lyrics

to see, If I could play the game, She said her name was ... She didn't want to know the rules, That's just the way I ... for fools. Chorus: We were beatin' the odds, we were

Darkwoods My Betrothed - The witchhunts trilogy lyrics

Part One: "THE PREACHER CAME TO TOWN"] ... A peaceful town down by the lake A cradle of goodness ... add Rye fields, cattle, and the riches of the lake

Bal-sagoth - The obsidian crown unbound lyrics

Episode IX: The Legions of the Imperium Storm the Cloud ... Gul-Kothoth] [Chapter 11: The Siege Begins] And so the ... and resplendent armies of the Imperium assembled before the

Shawn Mendes lyricsShawn Mendes - The weight lyrics

was sleeping next door With the kid I grew up with, and I ... no You tell me you were happier with him, you want ... just breaks No, I can't lift the weight Put you in the past

Red Rider - Cowboys in the hong kong lyrics

as far as Siam Took it on the lam Arrived in Hong Kong ... we don't belong That's what they call us Cowboys in Hong ... Kong The stakes were high tonight We're going to

Sami Za Sebe - The church lyrics

were raised as Christians we were raised as catholic girls we were just friends We used to ... think the same way We used to somehow ... behave But I saw the darkness And since then I’ve

Nick Cave lyricsNick Cave - The witness song lyrics

well I took a walk down to the port Where strangers meet ... on Now, who will be the witness When the fog's too ... beside a wall Her hands were raised in supplication And her face

The Replacements - Raised in the city lyrics

in the city Ready to run Cruise ... to the lake Fun fun fun ... to groove around Raised in the city Raised on beers ... way Can't see no band Raised in the city Ready to drop

Roger Daltrey - How does the cold wind cry lyrics

hearts Played with love the way he played his game He ... would play to die When the stakes were high So cold so cold so ... So blind And how, how does the cold wind cry How, how does the cold wind cry The bitterness

Manilla Road - The ninth wave lyrics

all the tortured And all the slaves Arthur did rise On the Ninth Wave To rule the ... Britains And lead the brave Out of the darkness ... Of their day. Dragonships Rise

Orthodox Celts - The sparrow song lyrics

The Day When You Were Born Without A Strength To ... On That Very Easy Morn' You Were Left In Mud To Die The Heavy ... Lifted Up Your Head Your Feathers Were Too Heavy To Drive The

Cruachan - The voyage of bran lyrics

come from behind, And from the sky above. So sweet was the tune that he fell asleep, Then awoke with a terrible fright ... In the distance he heard a women

Lonewolf - The brotherhood of wolves lyrics

long time ago in the darkness of the woods Two ... human brothers were raised by the wolves One became a wizard, the other a warrior They were the keepers of the iron words

Skullview - The night of metalkill lyrics


Emerald - The last legion lyrics

were raised as warriors Our descent is ... vast We will come to chime the judgement bell We were ... We will return to break with the past Blood is on our flag,

Bal-sagoth - The dark liege of chaos is unleashed lyrics

Xerxes... for by mastering the art of traversing the mists ... ] Yes, master... and yet, there is one realm which ... intrigues me above all others, one era which occupies my

Tim Mcgraw - The one that got away lyrics

your head in your supper And the eyes of your mother, baby ... your cousin’s singing at the local bar Everybody wants to ... are You kept your face in the gutter for years Kept your

Tom Jones lyricsTom Jones - The hitter lyrics

to the door Ma, and unlock the chain I was just passin' ... through and got caught in the rain There's nothing I want ... than a kid when you put me on the Southern Queen With the

Poets Of The Fall - The lie eternal lyrics

m here tonight The passion of your life To up the stakes You will be like me ... In your embrace, all mistakes Forgiven in your embrace ... N' if you didn't inspire me Then on my knees I would fall

Royal Republic - The end lyrics

s gonna give until i find another way I'm just gonna stay at ... until i live to fight another day I wanna get to work ... of my way!! I wanna raise the stakes but i can't I wanna

Jethro Tull - The whaler´s dues lyrics

speaks. Soft hearts lose. The truth only whispers. It's the whaler's dues. I've been ... s to be told. Two whales in the ocean, cruising the night ... search for each other before we turn out their

Magnum - The last goodbye lyrics

Don't know what to do The days, they just fly Since the last goodbye Can't sleep, ... tomorrow No tears, keep them in No more lies No more ... No more need to trust The stakes just went up You're all out

Kenny Rogers - The son of hickory holler's tramp lyrics

corn was dry, the weeds were high when Daddy took to ... drinkin' Then him and Lucy Walker, they ... away Mama cried a tear and then she promised fourteen

Ancient - The witch lyrics

from grave I come to break the spell Slept with corpses ... you worry you're so pretty The witch my love I come again to ... take you home The witch that I care it's time

Delain - The tragedy of the commons lyrics

another commotion To another disruption To another ... I raise my glass To another investment Into the future ... Well here's to pulling the waistband But I know At

Bob Dylan lyricsBob Dylan - The ballad of ira hayes lyrics

should remember well From the tribe of Pima Indians, a ... proud and a peaceful band They farmed the Phoenix Valley in ... Arizona land Down their ditches for a thousand

Katana - The gambit lyrics

You're ready to raise up the stakes And leave all behind? ... and returned I can show you the way Give you a map that ... has cost men their lives What do you say?

Kansas - The devil game lyrics

ve got books that say the good man's golden And more ... that say the bad will fall, So many men ... standing tall Don't take the devil's dare, don't gamble ... when the game ain't fair, Lock and

Rise Against - The first drop lyrics

m not alone I stand amongst the voiceless Millions in the ... Here arm-in-arm We parade these streets And sing our songs ... We've had enough Is there even anything left to

Avatar (swedish Band) - The end of our ride lyrics

to freeze the moment She's as close as ... possible To the enemy To the wall Try to breath through the smoke Get as high as ... resist what flows To survive the ride I thank what's

Black Funeral - The land of phantoms lyrics

of humans, who haunts the roads near Tirgoviste, holds ... and give rebirth unto the blood of Nachttoter... ... Ghastly images haunt the domain decayed as the tombs

Fat Joe - The crack attack lyrics

Don Cartagena, bring you the best in hardcore hip-hop ... quot; Yea, uhh Yo it's the Don of rap, sippin Cognac, ... hit you on the back with the Mac (CLAK CLAK) slip you into

Private Line - The sindicate lyrics

world is a fiction for the fools to sell I found a new ... addiction, another story to tell I got ... life without a backup plan The stakes are high but I don't

Smile Empty Soul - The freaks are coming lyrics

questioned anything about the way that you were raised ... life so plain, everything the same Every sunday take your ... your folks did Don't let them complain and never go insane

Dan Fogelberg - The nature of the game lyrics

would go Sparks fly And the truth rings harsh and hollow ... It’s the same old song We’ve sung so ... long It’s the only dance we know Hard ... times When the threads of love unravel The

Talib  Kweli lyricsTalib Kweli - The function lyrics

Kweli:] One, two, three and the place to be You got the ... Talib Kweli, BK emcee It's the international rockin' with ... Madlib We got the Strong Arm Steady gang and the place to be We got Chace

Heather Small - The garden of eden lyrics

pace is fast and the stakes are high The game of life, ... yes we play this all the time Don't take for granted ... more I dare you to dance in the rain And watch the sun rise

Adept - The masquerade of autumn lyrics

Get set. Scream. Breathe, and for a first time taste the thought that the words we ... unsaid could easily have been the ones which should have been ... deny it? So why deny it? If the silence speaks in riddles why

David Byrne - The lighthouse lyrics

high- and low Underneath the waves Where they hit the ... rocky shore Out by the lighthouse Heard nature ... name to an early grave into the sea and foam like ships

Gorefest - The glorious dead lyrics

on your hands as you put them Near the hole in your chest ... Where the bullet struck and threw you ... Flat into the mud. "Come on lads&quot

Raised Fist - The people behind lyrics

with a surgical knife If there was a possibility I would ... so you could fly away from the bombings Dead bodies on the ground & a whispering ... sound Another victim down, it's the daily

Amorphis - The white swan lyrics

on a longest road to seek the answers from Death I set ... out to the black sacred stream to seek ... to a vale I reached the shore and saw it come into

Dimmu Borgir - The blazing monoliths of defiance lyrics

Orginally released in 1999 on the album "Spritual ... of wrath, united under the goat of a thousand young ... defiance, three inverted as the trinity denied A phalanx of

Republic Of Two - The end of war lyrics

of hearing lies around me The gossips they are poisoning my ... air Your needles they are eager for to find me I ... d rather not be there I'm so tired of the

Diabolical Masquerade - The puzzling constellation of a deathrune lyrics

Voice:] "...The Soulside Awakes...Closing ... Down the Flesh..." Upwards a ... so Distant Starlight Above the Obsolete Horizonlines Death ... Came to Reap Towards the Cosmic Hillsides Beyond the

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