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The Staircase (mystery) .. lyrics

Browse for The Staircase (mystery) .. song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed The Staircase (mystery) .. lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to The Staircase (mystery) ...

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Siouxsie & The Banshees lyricsSiouxsie & The Banshees - The staircase (mystery) lyrics

case lying face up Stare cat on a mat Looking down Slide down the banister Take the escalator Slide down the banister Or try the elevator I was standing on the landing Now I'm standing in the hall Looking up Won't someone assist me Solve this myster

Dot Hacker - The wit of the staircase lyrics

said my 'goodbyes' didn't I? Seemed so ideal to the outside Burning and tying on I should have said it before I.... Before I'd gone, Before I'd gone, That's the wit of the staircase. Shouldn't have left me alone Winchester type para

Avantasia - The great mystery lyrics

Aaron Blackwell] How could I let it get this far? To the edge I've been drawn by promises And what's the reason For a heart to only misguide me Blind me, tear myself apart? [Epiphany] When darkness falls and silence talks At the edge of thoughts that you memorised I'm

Abominant - The dark mystery lyrics

the night the light burns away Dissipating into shadows In the black hearts that bleeds pure death An empty shell remains For the last rites of sorrow Eyes reap of tears A conquest full of questions The answer lies in wake A figure of black stands before me Eyes of ot

Coil - The anal staircase lyrics

angels kiss our souls in bliss Measure the extent of a dizzying descent Down the anal staircase Down the anal staircase Put just one foot on the staircase And the next step you're down here on this face Down the anal staircase And the rapids of my heart Will tear y

Domine - The fall of the spiral tower lyrics

m running up a thousand steps An endless stairway to another plane I must be fast, my time is short I hear the cracking sound of a million stones I must climb the staircase of the highest tower where at the end, a blaze of flame shall burn Run to the doorway

Ryosuke Yamada - Mystery virgin lyrics

.. Wow... Wow... Koboreochita namida no riyuu ga Wakaranakereba kimi o sukuenai yo Muriyari warau kimi ga Hazushita shisen Nani o mita? Koboreochita juice no shizuku wa Shita de jouzu ni sukutte nomukuse ni Boku no koboshita koe wa Kikoenaifuri Nomikondafuri S

Mystery Jets - The nothing lyrics

dear Father where do I begin? Father forgive me for my sins I'm not like all the other people I was a ruck I was an animal and now I'm here For this is just a skin A skin that I'm living in And we are as much as a mystery to ourselves as anyone else We

Atmosphere - The stick up lyrics

s and tramps, f***s and sluts Bitches, scams, tits, butts Bitches be creamin for this 8-inch demon And when you hear me screamin I'm about to free the semen Wipe myself off on ya couch cover If she talks any trash I'll flash my boxcutter 'cuz I'm rougher than any pimp ya had

Emilie Autumn - The key lyrics

hear her footsteps running towards me down the hall And by the lantern light I see her body fall She reaches out to me, the Ward Key in her hand She speaks to me in noises I don’t understand The key that taunted me, the key that drove me mad The ke

Earth Crisis - The discipline lyrics

edge - the discipline. The key to selfliberation is abstinence from the destructive escapism of intoxication. I separate from the poison - a mindlessness I've always abhored. Usage will only increase the pain, a truth I constantly see ignored. The pollutants that kil

Heimdall - The search lyrics

died for those words You lived for those words Magic blood runs in thy veins Show thy great value to the eyes of the gods Warrior - it is thy fate: Search for the Grail Forgotten words gave back life to its ancient force and blinding light The holy script told that

Mewithoutyou - The king beetle on a coconut estate lyrics

the Moon rose and the hour grew late, the day help on a Coconut estate raked up the dry leaves that fell dead from the Trees, which they burned in a pile by the lake. The Beetle King summoned his men, and from the top of the Rhododendron stem: Calling all volunteers who can carry back he

Saviour Machine - The ancient serpent lyrics

horns arise; the seven heads Upon it's crowns and diadems It's tail swept down unto the earth The stairs of heaven; a third have turned... The dragon stands before her cries of life Bound to devour the child of light... And now the serpent's crown shall be b

Sinister - The age of murder lyrics

the mutant mystery Wrath, release this wrath on me Seek, what no man tries to see Find: worthless killing spree Contempt Wrath Lust...Ecstasy Circus of relentless vice Killed, Thrilled in draconian times The age of murder Symmetry, a freak of nature Ignored by

In Flames - The new world lyrics

great word of blessendness and a feeling of ease a cup of the well of freedom and life we joyfully drink inside, all was new, but outwards nothing had changed an escapade, then to the altar to evaluate all parts of the great mystery but all remains on the same spot,

Northlane - The calling lyrics

am here to show you there is hope in a dying world And if you don't believe me you won't even see That what you're living in is hell You're living in hell I am here to spread and speak the truth I am here to heal and do what's right Dissolving fear,

Mirah - The struggle lyrics

I hope you find The magic on the floor That I left behind And I forgot to close the door The careless gestures That made it all so rough What could I expect from The great mystery above It's uncontrolled All the hate and all the love The blame that I place I'm never p

Elvis Costello - The invisible man lyrics

was commited to life and then commuted to the outskirts With all the love in the world Living for thirty minutes at a time with a break in the middle for adverts But it's a wonderful world within these cinema walls Where a shower of affection becomes niagra falls And you wish s

Count Raven - The final journey lyrics

the time has come for me to go To the place that we all know I'll travel with my silver machine That was meant for every human being Stars are in the sky Here I go, I am going to die A journey through the universe To the sweet home of mine An endless journey thro

Funeral - The architecture of loss lyrics

few days have passed since I heard the word There is not much time left for me in this world I try to be strong so I put on this mask Yet the burden of death is a heavy task About to lose my everything Cancellation of my future dreams So I have written my testame

Nevermore - The sorrowed man lyrics

me away to the quiet place Where the doors of perception open wide Smiling faces greet me there Loved and lost, lost inside Take me away to the netherworld Where we dance in the waves, the universe shines The place that holds my beautiful dream Whe

Light This City - The eagle lyrics

clasps the crag with crooked hands Deformed from gripping the rock so tight Close to the sun in lonely lands But the wax never melts from his wings Ringed with the azure world he stands Emperor of the sky, lord of the ocean The very image of a king His outstretched

David Shankle Group - The tolling of the bell lyrics

TOLLING OF THE BELL The path to unknown glory, the road to unknown fate The never-ending story, a prophet or a snake Being doomed from the start, transgression a la carte Theories state the sadness to the human mystery Temptation to the madnes

Edenbridge - The whispering gallery lyrics

here i came last night was it a waking dream in me ? the spiral staircase led to places so unknown and out of a clear sky falling i`m searching high and low for hold right on the brink of ruin if i could hear your calls reflected to the nines revealing precious memo

Lou Reed lyricsLou Reed - The raven lyrics

upon a midnight dreary As I pondered, weak and weary Over many a quaint and curious Volume of forgotten lore While I nodded, nearly napping Suddenly there came a tapping As of some one gently rapping Rapping at my chamber door "'Tis som

Morrissey - Staircase at the university lyrics

April, May She crammed night and day I hadn't seen her smile in a while March, April, May She crammed night and day I hadn't seen her smile in a while Staircase at the university She threw herself down and her head split three ways "If you don't get t

Beast - Mystery (jpn ver) lyrics

( Yeah ~ ) Love is pain ( love is pain ~ ) Love is over ( love is over , yeah yeah ~ ) O-O-O-O- Over , Love, Love is pain pain O-O-O-O-Over , Love ( break it ) Na hontou Mystery Mystery ( Why ~ ) Mystery Mystery ( Why ~ ) Mystery Mystery Katte sugiru kimi o Doushit

Gravy Train - Staircase to the day lyrics

like I'll never get away On a staircase to the day Watch the numbers fallin' from below Lost sensations never known Every time that I see your smile Makes me feel I gotta cry Come on home, won't you come on home Take this hurt away from me See

Alexz Johnson - The affair (mr. jones) lyrics

Jones in the middle of the door Stepping in to step out He's in town, he doesn't make a sound What's this, what is this about Ooh, I figured it out but I'm a little unsure I can't sleep in the night Won't ask, do I really wanna know What Jones was doing last night What

Beast - Mystery lyrics

yeah, love is pain, love is pain Love is over, love is over, that, that, that's it O-o-o-o-over, love love is pain, pain O-o-o-o-over, love, break it Neon jeongmal mystery, mystery, mystery, mystery Mystery, mystery, aldagado moreu neun neo Igeot cham myst

Gravy Train - The last day lyrics

the land across a million miles Nothin' left for me to find A thousand people with a thousand smiles Are gone and nothing's left behind Began with demons rising from below Sitting there and never moving I hid myself, I didn't want to know The la

Neck Deep - Staircase wit lyrics

feeling starts to sink in, But it's beginning to rust, Still hanging onto the things that we discussed, But the point that was made isn't said and done... Now the sun shines so bright, but it won't shine for you, You remind me of rain in July And the gloom that

Helia - The siberian lyrics

m running from your memory deep in the woodsI try to escape but I only wish I could.I still hear your voice, it haunts me forever. Forgetting you is for the best, to be alone was the only choice left.Keeping the good memories and forget about the rest. Stray away from myself to get c

Lana Lane - Escher's staircase lyrics

s something in the air tonight Shapes are comin' out of the darkness Ooh there's a shadow in the sky tonight I see it rising up from the water From the staircase You see where the future lies It's struggle between dark and light From earth to sea Symmetry fade

Tom Petty lyricsTom Petty - Mystery of love lyrics

t you hide from me baby, shame on you Incognito, baby you're so cruel I don't mind, take my hand Baby I wanna be your mystery man Yeah you got ruby lipstick, petal mouth rouge Dime store jewelry, cheap perfume I don't mind, take my hand Honey I wanna be your mystery man

Bon Jovi lyricsBon Jovi - Mystery train lyrics

are days when she's a whisper Nights when she's a scream A reason to wake up in the morning To close your eyes and dream She'll curse you like a sailor She'll wound you with her eyes She always makes it better But she won't apologize I know everything abou

Befour - (love is like) a mystery lyrics

everybodys heart there is a key A key called love But isn't it the greatest Mystery So soft and tough Memories come, memories go And when they're gone time will show Love is like a mystery Just a game for you and me Love is like a myster

Frank Zappa lyricsFrank Zappa - Mystery roach lyrics

long? how long? Till that mystery roach be arrivin' soon Ya-ooo ya-ooo ya-ooo ya-ooo The mystery roach be approachin' The mystery roach be approachin' me La la la la la la la, oof! The mystery roach be approachin' The mystery roach be approachin' me How long? how long? t

Katra - Mystery lyrics

into his eyes and see How humble in love he can be Any given day he's gone Just when you thought you were one Was it all a lie of hearts and blind eyes Illusion of a timeless dream that dies Mystery No way to understand the world we live in There's that mys

Omnia - Toys in the attic lyrics

on the staircase Toys in the attic are Calling from the rafters Ghost of a sigh Pretty painted faces Ride on the rocking horse Memories of shadow Dreams never die I could fly if I wanted to I could reach for the sky We can swim like the dolphins and... We can laugh' till

Dead By April - Mystery lyrics

it’d be easy, now it’s getting critical You’re out of my life now, it’s unbelievable The more things change they stay the same Thought I could take it but I am unable It’s too much to handle It isn’t over until it’s over Got the heart of an ox, got the skin of

Culture Club - Mystery boy lyrics

mystery boy Ooh mystery boy Always too sad to point the finger I told the boy to look at me But what you say it never lingers It's not what you say, but what you see Boy look at me I couldn't look no better see Ooh mystery boy Ooh mystery boy It's too sad th

Dio - Mystery lyrics

Can you hear me, Can you see There's a storm on the edge of the sky Does it matter? Well, it does to me, I can tell you why You know, when there's thunder, there should be rain But it don't always follow the rules, no! And is the wise man always rig

Tom Petty lyricsTom Petty - Mystery man lyrics

t you hide from me baby Shame on you Incognito Honey you're so cruel I don't mind Take my hand Baby I wanna be your mystery man Yeah you got ruby lipstick Rose petal rouge Dime store jewelry Cheap perfume I don't mind, take my hand

Cheap Trick - Magical mystery tour lyrics

The Beatles cover) Roll up Roll up Roll up Roll up (I've got an invitation) Roll up for the mystery tour Roll up (To make a reservation) Roll up for the mystery tour Roll up (They got everything you need) Roll up for the mystery tour Rol

Naked Brothers Band - Mystery girl lyrics

s the mystery girl(Who's the mystery girl) Who i see on my block(who i see on my block) I never believed in love at first sight, but i was wrong ohhh wrong I never believed in love at first sight, but i was wrong ohhh wronggg I will get you mystery girl if

The Beatles lyricsThe Beatles - Magical mystery tour lyrics

Roll up! Roll up for the magical mystery tour! Step right this way!] Roll up, roll up for the mystery tour Roll up, roll up for the mystery tour Roll up (And that's an invitation), roll up for the mystery tour Roll up (To make a reservation), roll up for the mystery tour The magi

Paul Mccartney lyricsPaul Mccartney - Magical mystery tour lyrics

Roll up! Roll up for the magical mystery tour! Step right this way!] Roll up, roll up for the mystery tour Roll up, roll up for the mystery tour Roll up (And that's an invitation), roll up for the mystery tour Roll up (To make a reservation), roll up for the mystery tour The magica

The New Pornographers - Mystery hours lyrics

the true one, calm, selective Staking a claim among the young defectives Far off under the nighttime, baby Crawl into the wave Got to be cool now, unprotected You come around every day to collect me Far off into the nighttime, baby Crawl into

Boyfriend - Mystery lyrics

wanni jigeumkkaji Yeollakdo andoego geokjeonghaetjanha (naega) Museun il inna joma joma Wae iri hanbeonssik aereul taeuni Daeche wae geurae (mal jom haebwa) Iyuga mwonde (bulman inni) Eojedo johatjanha naega eojjaeya jonni Hanbeonssik teojyeo (tteungeum eobs

Rage - Mystery trip lyrics

again I fell sleep Drowned in a deadlike state, far too deep There she came, in my dreams Showed me places I never had seen But I don't remember anything It's just that I've seen everything And I want to have it one more time, what can I do Hear me now! S.O.S.,

S/mileage - Mystery night lyrics

tsuyome no MEIKU shite Ichiban hade na kousui shite Dare no me mo mizu odorette miru Ii otoko ga atsumatte kuru Omowaku aru egao sekkin Mono hoshisou na egao sekkin Shitagokoro na egao sekkin Koi no arashi fukiarero Konya dareka wo dakishimeru wa Honki

Dark Illumination - Another mystery lyrics

don’t know where we come from we know that our time will come this beauty and this grace of space shall life be full of useless days where will we go where will we be where do we come from and how can I feel that we’ll never know and we’ll never see the eternal mystery. This is

Darren Hayes - Mystery lyrics

Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not

Jonah33 - Mystery lyrics

s it gonna take For the dead to wake in me? What does it require To understand this fire inside? I want to comprehend Where you start and where I end If I could only magnify If I could only magnify The mystery behind you is consuming me And

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