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The Soil Unspoken Word Intro lyrics

Browse for The Soil Unspoken Word Intro song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed The Soil Unspoken Word Intro lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to The Soil Unspoken Word Intro.

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Rza - Unspoken word lyrics

Yo, yo it's the unspoken word You not heard, get your brains open Controlled emotions freewill as the same token Keep a sword tucked sharp inside your personal We can bust a shot or we can bust a verse or two [Bobby Digital] Word's on the street Du

Dreadful Shadows - The soil lyrics

are rising above my head Voices whisper a name A coat of ice is covering me A breath of decay drifts away "The soil is your father, don't try to escape Give in our will and awake" Paralyzed by agony When bones broke through my skin My spli

Nasum - The soil bleeds black lyrics

of nature come take our lives We don't deserve the promissed land We're ready to embrace the end We've decieved our inherited legacy We've slaughtered all the forests We've turned all water black We've poisoned all air to breath And made ourselves undignified Lords of na

Andromeda ( Swe ) - The words unspoken lyrics

s a million things I'd like to say But you turn your back, refuse to hear So. I keep it inside and watch you walk away But, the vision and the words, will not disappear So, what is it that you fear, as you turn your face? There is more in this world, than meets the

Godspeed You! Black Emperor - The dead flag blues (intro) lyrics

car is on fire, and there's no driver at the wheel And the sewers are all muddied with a thousand lonely suicides And a dark wind blows The government is corrupt And we're on so many drugs With the radio on and the curtains drawn We're trapped in the belly of this horrible mac

Chamillionaire - The sound of revenge (intro) lyrics

Verse 1] Yeah, a lightning bolt strikes in the air, yeah, finally it's here Cause y'all are the judge, the day of judgement finally is near In your eye I see a tear, and it's remindin me of fear Rap's been dead so long, so stop denyin what you feel Dis payback for the fact

Hurts lyricsHurts - Unspoken lyrics

think we'll never change And our hearts will always separate. Forget about you. I'll forget about you. The things we never say. Are better often left alone. Forget about you. I'll forget about this time. But it's the same old situation. We made it t

Caskey - The killer intro lyrics

quot;If there were nothing but thought in you, you wouldn't even know you're thinking. You would be like a dreamer who doesn't know he's dreaming." Yeah It's pitch dark, a pitchfork Emerged, the devil is pissed off Keep tryin' to buy my soul, I keep sayin

Runrig - Saints of the soil lyrics

out on the revelation trail going nowhere slowly in the face of a terminal wind I look over my shoulder to glory for all that around me is lost and changed the moon and the stars and the feelings remain as long as I draw emotion in breath I will never forg

Korpiklaani - Soil of the corpse lyrics

I walk in the bone gardens I listen to the wind of north. I dig soil with my hands for the good of the day to come. Tomorrow I will be back again. We'll drink a cup and another. I'll toss soil in your spirits. You are to taste the might of death. S

Code Orange - Take (the soil is calling) lyrics

to the air Let the sky bear this soul Free and bright like a lone star Leading to the sun Warming from both sides Nothing like these killing arms That suffocate true desire (I can't watch myself live to see the day) That day is flowing towards me Lik

Enter Shikari - The one true colour lyrics

one child is taught red on his mother's knee (the one true colour) A neighbour is taught blue on his mother's knee (the one true colour) With a fervour inherited, it will be subsequently delivered Ignore the spectrum Dear whom it may concern, I feel as though I'm ab

Elvenking - The regality dance lyrics

and ladies all please lend me your attention I beg your pardon for my cheek, please join this heathenreel Strange rules has this dance; suffers from a serious allergy Reddens and becomes so unkind, when people're acting just like you The regal dance'

Hecate Enthroned - Soil of sin lyrics

awaken Apprehension and excitement engulf me For today is the day The expedition of indulgence How long have I waited My voyage to be the soil of sin Knowing of delights untold Thoughts are racing, mind reflecting Time becomes non-existent To the soil of sin I lo

Closure In Moscow - Had to put it in the soil lyrics

t let you love me, had to put it in the soil. Buried it and gave you to the night. Didn't see it growing, then you wrapped me in its leaves just in time for us to be torn asunder. How long can we go on with just the remnants? Not fit to build a shelter

Rivers Of Nihil - Soil & seed lyrics

template encrypted by the earth. Journey inward through the outer planes of consciousness. As imagination orchestrates to disburse. Kundalini, sleeping serpent, A confluence of energies coiled within the four leaf lotus. Youniverse within me. Soil &a

Method Man - The glide ft. raekwon, la the darkman & u-god lyrics

Intro: Raekwon] Wu-Tang... yeah (what up son) you know It's back to that good ol' thing again, you know? (Pass that, pass that, man) Word up, we do this tremendously (It's on, Rae) word up from staircase to stage Yeah... (yo who that?) You know what it is (Oh shit... t

Bones lyricsBones - Soil lyrics

in the room they like oh no We gotta go go we gotta ride look at the time oh Now what do you know know What are you waiting for, I know you see the door I presume that you'll find your way out I'm underneath the soil for you down, down, down Even when the wor

Buldok - The tears are coming lyrics

my brother you must be hailed as a king, the hero of a poem with honour when we see you pass, at the head of the funeral march covered with flowers, prepared for the passage to Valhalla, followed by Valkyries and the sound of the mournfull hymn Then the tea

Counterparts - Soil lyrics

is all we have in common And at times we allow it to swallow us whole Drawing the marrow from our misfortunes To ignite the fire that's inside Inhale the smoke from the burn that leaves you breathless Breathing life into the lifeless Dragging them into the sun a

Manic Street Preachers - As holy as the soil (that buries your skin) lyrics

holy as the soil that buries your skin As holy as the love we'll never give As holy as the time that drifted away I love you so will you please come home As holy as the Roman Empire As holy as the coffee you made for us As holy as those nights we walked i

Carnal Forge - The final hour lyrics

your mind on zero, refuse the light You could be a hero and rule the night Now your heart is so vulnerable Your soul is an open wound So attack the source with power and might It used to be like a desperate fight Just to stay alive Now you just pray that you have what it

Bane Of Winterstorm - The last sons of perylin lyrics

"The icy north winds blow Announcing their return from the gate Beyond the realm of light My brother has come back Leading horse and man against these lands With eternal night Great winds blowing From the iron throne To end the fall of this world" Haldir

Leonard Cohen lyricsLeonard Cohen - The faith lyrics

sea so deep and blind The sun, the wild regret The club, the wheel, the mind, O love, aren't you tired yet? The club, the wheel, the mind O love, aren't you tired yet? The blood, the soil, the faith These words you can't forget Your vow, your holy

Brother Ali - The believer (feat. slug) lyrics

Intro: Man - talking] "Somebody told me, that the, I'm the truth Don't worry about it, get down with me and ah We'll set you free..." (Hit it!) [Break: Brother Ali - talking] Yeah, yeah Gone in a swing like that right there Yeah, ah (

Escape The Fate - The structure falls lyrics

the scars Hide your face I've done Read your mind Well, my perception on deception And this will to lie is changing It's ripping me and tempting me To give you this gun But all the time that you have lied I've known what you done So save the scars and hide your face Keep

Fallujah - The void alone lyrics

and numbness become The only way that I can survive This moment is the closest thing I'll ever have to paradise Color reflects as the night projects A glitch in the frame for this life of excess Tell me secrets of life and death For I foresee

Peter Gabriel lyricsPeter Gabriel - The time of the turning lyrics

the big house Where the sun lives With the walls so white and blue In the red soil All the green grows And the winds blow across your face They blow across your heart It's the time of the turning and there's something stirring outside It's the time of turning and we'd better lear

The Haunted - The fallout lyrics

like emerald veins she sleeps beneath the breaking weight A silent dying ocean's slow defeat The floods will rise and take us all An end to all this quarrel A final grace to rid her grief Oh, Mother show no mercy for me Wash the stains away C

Invocator - The chemistry of restlessness lyrics

blue pearls The terror of the kiss You're the reason I'm high Presence of guilt, the meaning of bliss Forever enmeshed So sweet this is It's the chemistry of restlessness A dream in bone white Cyanide to the soul This instant hunger It's the chemistry of restlessne

Deez Nuts - Word is bond lyrics

diem mother f***ers this is DN, Kickin’ truth to the youth, dropping knowledge till its the end. Hard job but somebody's gotta do it, Hard times but you know we’ll get you through it. Don’t have to be blood to be family, You know I'm there for you, I know you're there for

Metal Church - The final word lyrics

don't you find a worthwhile cause to channel your energies? Like finding a solution to starvation and disease I know that you're concerned about your First Ammendment rights But don't you burn our flag to make your point, that's just not right If you think you're

Silverlane - The dark side in you lyrics

you're still searching for the meaning of life Your way was so tiring but soon you will arrive at the place of all your dreams You'll walk stairs of gold You'll find eternal peace and everything is gonna be like it's foretold Soon they'll welcome yo

Gabe Bondoc - The weight lyrics

think we spend too much time Talking around what we need to say I think there's always been something Something you've been dying to say Cuz I've been dying to say this But the words wont They won't make their way out of my lips Won't make the shape I need to ask you

Lord Vicar - The spartan lyrics

have sung about the Gates of Fire About the narrow way which leads to Hell Guarded by the men who never tire Three hundred braves who laughed before they fell They were led by a strong and restless soldier At his peak he would give his life away Running side by side his me

Callisto - The fugitive lyrics

trees are grey here the soil is damp and cold his senses are filled with drought after his flee from the temple rites made him shiver from fear now waiting for someone to proclaim salvation his price has been

Demiurg - The doom that came to... lyrics

thousand years has passed such wealth and golden reign A time of growth and no pain a thousand years has gone Such wealth and golden lies that time of growth amount to nothing but doom In towers once so stern upholding wisdom Where knowledge was ent

Illdisposed - The final step lyrics

pain Where I go My way I saw it all Hiding from my enemies This time the end was near Im fighting possibilities Ill find at the end of my fear Taking the final step tonight Losing my breath, just can't deny Stood strong Stand tall Im gone Cooked up

Abiotic - The singe lyrics

beings are disgusting creatures. By the apex of alien hills, sacred abodes sought to emanate newly shaped paradigms. A relentless reign prematurely assisted the interruption of symbiosis amongst cohorts and foreigners.The guillotines were marshaled, disposed t

Atrox - The bedlam of the bedlam lyrics

young man astride a rocking horse. His petticoats bristling. His eyes closed with pleasure enjoying the euphony of his fork scraping his plate. Facing him sits a filthy oldie shaking his dentures like castanets. Whistling through his nostrils, giggling with tears in his eyes

Bane Of Winterstorm - The black wind of morthion lyrics

“I have come for your kingdom You will fall to your knees in agony as your sons are crushed before you” Aranon: “A war has come to claim our land From Ravenhall their legions came Take your blade, we will stand My brother; Haldir of the North Haldir: “Grant power

Bill Withers - The return of wrath lyrics

world burns Brought to it's knees By the beast of war Cities are laid to waste Nations collapse Under the reign of terror Fire storms raging the sky The sign of mankinds Ultimate defeat Death and decay rise from the soil Spawned by the blood of men From ben

Cannibal Corpse lyricsCannibal Corpse - The undead will feast lyrics

feast, as they tear upon your weak flesh Terror builds, at the thought of being dead Prophecy of the wisemen of old Now comes true, as the corpses break the soil Ancient spell breaks the sleep of the dead The dead awake, what the populace is fearing Panic strikes as the nati

Dark Forest - The wrekin giant lyrics

from the ancient black Welsh mountains He came with murderous intent in his heart, Beheld a grudge to the town of Shrewsbury To kill the folk and flood all their lands So wicked he would dam the Severn So monstrous : with terror behold… The Wrekin Gia

Draconian - The return to solitude lyrics

the world makes me return, return to solitude. Will hope ever come to the dark souls who wanders alone? Hear my silent prayer as I weep tonight! Dawn gets greyer, thou hast taken flight! Love abandons the soil, leaves a shade... It whispers 'goodbye' as we quietly fade.

Eternal Tears Of Sorrow - The river flows frozen lyrics

frozen leaves We are falling On to the soil so barren and cold The rays of sun No more warming Our hearts now so cold Through this field Of the withered flowers We go still one more time The hidden beauty Forever gone The river's frozen once

Fit For An Autopsy - The juggernaut lyrics

harvest of the human seed, The earth is a corpse field, Collected on the wagons, Catapulted into mass graces. Foul air corrodes the skin. The trumpets sound the alarm Of the overwhelming onslaught. Deep gaps do open, devouring the dead. Horribly distorte

Human Fortress - The valiant lyrics

King - True light and clarity - Almighty God of lord - If it pleases you Faithful aid to my companion For I have not seen him since the night came - And soon it will be dawn Maid listen, his sweat, flesh and blood - Nourish the barren plan His bones enrich the harvest - And his ashe

Immolation - The condemned lyrics

to this hallowed earth, where no life tastes the sun Amongst the ruins of mankind, the dark and I are one Flesh and blood just a memory, time's forgotten tome Dismal like the world above, where life is tortured still I lie here the condemned In th

Insomnium - The day it all came down lyrics

now on there's an abscence of smile Foul voices welcome me to loneliness Graceful tunes on her lips have now ceased This winter's here to surpass all the hopes And dreams succumb to nightmares and freezing air Now lonely is my road, path paved with bitter thoughts Conception of

Lebanon Hanover - The well lyrics

you find yourself In a state you don't know is it madness is it health Through the ivy wall A hidden garden door In the centre of that garden there's a well Sitting by the well By the canterbury bells In your face only the darkness of this hole Now you

Donnie Munro - The greatest gift lyrics

greatest gift is time time I spend with you and maybe I'm too blind to see the whole thing through the greatest gift is love the love you give to me but maybe I will fall into another dream when your heart's been broken you feel alone inside no mother's eyes

The Peculiar Pretzelmen - The garden is growing over lyrics

got the black clouds rolling in we got that carrion smell on the wind the walls of this whole town are closing in the vines are hanging heavy with the fruits of all our sins The garden's growing over into jungle again The garden's growing over into

Primordial - The puritan's hand lyrics

is plague at the door It begs to be among us In the ashen dreams of crippled children There is sickness in the soil Nothing grows this side of Eden Nor in the yearning abyss That is all things to men's hearts Nor in the skeletal tug Of

She Must Burn - The misery lyrics

my life, evacuate the afterlife. It's so much worse when you smell a smell You know so well, even so I don't know what to say to you, I try to speak But you start twisting my words again The dread of facing another day Everything is so black. I live a life o

Silent Line - The faceless shadow lyrics

is the way, the untrodden paths fade As the dark regions of night evade my eyes I wander with sorrow and pain beyond time In a desert of frosst, blood snow and rime Before our fall the land seemed beyond measure The soil was rich with deep roots and life No

Anomalous - The seraphim veil lyrics

touch is pure ordained from the highest order above through the shadow of the needle's eye of my own camelot glow mammon gushes at my offering of stillborn hope rotting within me devouring youth while my millstone rings hollow enter my temple where the cleric

Battlelust - The sword of death lyrics

I stand in my tower, clothed in marble and ebony and from my tower I behold my vast infinite kingdom the shadows reveal flocks of wolves hunting in the night warlords gather their armies of destruction and hate My tower, my supreme black work of art a gatew

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