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Jay Brannan - Soda shop lyrics

my head again I’m lying on the street in the rain and wind ... know where I am dear Finally the world actually seems to be ... be-doo-wop I overdid it at the soda shop Thanks for being

The Kinks - The video shop lyrics

Now all of my brothers are looking around For ... I was sitting by the telly with my brother, Kenny ... When suddenly the penny dropped While all of

2 Live Crew - The f*** shop lyrics

quot;I know a place just down there two streets. Baby, they ... gong noise) Luke: WELCOME TO THE FUCK SHO-O-O-OP! Verse 1: ... Fresh Kid Ice There's only one place where we

2 Live Crew - The splak shop lyrics

1: Brother Marquis I won't take a bitch ... We can go to this place by the railroad track It has a room ... right for two Equipped with the accessories to get you in the

The Hollies - What to do lyrics

her only. What to do? The record hops and all the happy ... times we had. The soda shop, the walks to school now make me

John Fogerty - Soda pop lyrics

CHORUS:] Soda Pop, Soda Pop, everybody want to make ... it to the top. [X4] [CHORUS] Take ... favorite retouched photo on the soda can. Put my face on ... you got; Better strike while the iron's hot. [CHORUS] There's a generation out there,

Pet Shop Boys lyricsPet Shop Boys - We're the pet shop boys lyrics

close to me I pretend I'm there again I close my eyes and ... see you better than before then I feel you touch me and ... start in my heart We’re the Pet Shop Boys We’re the Pet Shop Boys Every thought’s a

Robbie Williams lyricsRobbie Williams - We're the pet shop boys lyrics

Close to me I pretend I'm there again I close my eyes and ... see you Better than before Then I feel you touch me And it ... start In my heart We're the Pet Shop Boys We're the Pet Shop Boys Every thought's a

The Jam - Man in the corner shop lyrics

up the closed sign does the man in the corner shop ... Serves his last then he says goodbye to him He ... really Walks off home does the last customer He is jealous

Dance Gavin Dance - The importance of cocaine lyrics

pain in dwelled so long on the possible changes every step ... fall towards your demise (the secret lives of wives) and ... have learned to recreate (the secret lives of wives) and

Brad Paisley - The world lyrics

the teller down at the bank You're just another ... checking account To the plumber that came today You ... re just another house At the airport ticket counter You

Nerf Herder - The sportsman bar lyrics

meet, Whoa-oa-oa, All Hail, The Sportsman Bar Whoa-oa-oa, All ... Hail, The Sportsman Bar The trophies on the mantel Are ... covered with dust, And the pretzels are from 1982 The soda from the bar Tastes just like

10cc - The dean and i lyrics

were dancin' and romancin' at the Senior Prom It was no ... Let me tell you while I can The soda pop came free Hey Sis ... lost could be found But in the eyes of the Dean, his

Fountains Of Wayne - The man in the santa suit lyrics

the KOC local 313 There's a fat man standing by the ... Life can be funny He calls the hair salon says, "Put ... Loretta on 'Cause the mall just called and said the

Gordon Lightfoot - The pony man lyrics

it's midnight on the meadow And the cats are in the shed And the river tells a ... story At the window by my bed If you ... Be as quiet as you can In the yard you'll hear him It is the pony man We're always there

Jaden  Smith lyricsJaden Smith - The coolest lyrics

The Coolest Of The Coolest It’s The Smoothest ... Of The Smoothest It‘s The Crudest And The Rudest Of The Stupid Kids Mr. Vicious ... Tripping I Just Listen Ton These Women When They Sipping On

A-ha lyricsA-ha - The blue sky lyrics

Sky I find it hard to breathe As life just eats away At the faces that surround me They ... look tired today The lady at my table Doesn't ... Blue sky's here for me There are no girls in here As

Blitzkrieg - The phantom lyrics

and soul, Was stolen by, the one he thought, would cast the role, Insane with hate and ... anger, burned the Print-Shop to the ground, Badly burned, ... to safety, hidden deep below the ground. Searching for The

Fun. - The gambler lyrics

got time left to be lazy All the kids have bloomed from babies ... years left to spend out in the garden I don't care to beg ... d barely crossed my eye. and then you turned, put out your

Stan Rogers - The jeannie c lyrics

forsaken This day was lost the Jeannie C. And my living ... We set out this day in the bright sunrise The same as ... any other My son and I and old John

Belle & Sebastian - The boy with the arab strap lyrics

on a bus takes a long time The odour of old prison food ... place" We better go Then I compare notes with your ... lazy gett, she is as pure as the cold driven snow She accepts

Fugees - The mask lyrics

CHORUS:] Have you ever worn the mask one-two one-two, (M) to ... the (A) to the (S) to the (K) Put the mask upon the ... face just to make the next day, Feds be hawkin me

Kendrick Lamar - The heart pt. 3 lyrics

two, one two One two Turn the headphones up Ali One two ... mix with Dre, right? Turn the headphones up [Verse 1: ... Kendrick Lamar] When the whole world see you as Pac

Brother Ali - The believer (feat. slug) lyrics

"Somebody told me, that the, I'm the truth Don't worry ... (Hit it!) [Break: Brother Ali - talking] Yeah, yeah ... in a swing like that right there Yeah, ah (I want

Elvis Costello - The other side of summer lyrics

sun struggles up another beautiful day And I felt ... own suspicious way Despite the contradiction and confusion ... Felt tragic without reason There's malice and there's magic

The Fugees - The mask lyrics

CHORUS) Have you ever worn the mask one-two one-two, M to the A to the S to the K Put the ... mask upon the face just to make the next ... be stalking me, I walk the streets and camouflage my

Jaya The Cat - The wilderness ii lyrics

put your soul up in the pawn shop to pay the rent Waiting for ... ain't never coming in In the land of industry We waist ... away the days Blinded by distraction

Louis Xiv - The distances from everyone to you lyrics

so fast You're sipping the tea like a porcelain doll ... You wanted the world You wanted it all You ... for your soul You conquered the world And then nothing at

Jae Millz - The god lyrics

I met with I'm up early in the morning I got to get it, ... 1:] Oh, I'm up early in the morning all these niggas ... sleeping Laid out, they're tired, they partied all

Outkast - The way you move lyrics

Ready for action, nip it in the bud. We never relaxin’, ... pass em’ Drip, drip, drop... There goes an eargasm Now you ... cumin’ out the side of your face We tappin’

Ub 40 lyricsUb 40 - The king step lyrics

all the entertainers in the world I man show nuff respect ... me a go show you how to do the king step [Chorus:] Me a ... go show you how to do the king step left right, Me a

Frank Zappa lyricsFrank Zappa - Jelly roll gum drop lyrics

Gum Drop, got my eyes on you The way you do the bop Like a ... spinning top The Pachuco Hop And the L.A. ... make a street car stop At the soda shop And my eye-balls

The Game - 300 bars & runnin' lyrics

That shit was wack like a motherf***er Don't f*** with Game ... And Lloyd Banks is Dora the Explorer They're my friends ... Psyche I went down one of them Bodaga shits right there in

Adam Young - The grizzly - cocacola lyrics


Robbie Williams lyricsRobbie Williams - Soda pop ft. michael bublé lyrics

re the love brigade That sings ... jets Over woodland glades These are canapés and not hand ... grenades And that's the choice we made Go USA Or ... feet Life hands you lemons then sell lemonade It's the

Britney Spears lyricsBritney Spears - Soda pop lyrics

Like a great boy, all my other women are insoles We're ... thinkin 'bout the great exphidition as popped ... [rapper] Throwing here all on the scene Though we go [Britney

Azealia Banks - Soda lyrics

to try not to cry and, I say soda, soda! Tye Dye O'er I roll the dye, I coast, I dose I... ... I sigh. I might survive the nighttime, I might die I say

Bette Midler - Soda and a souvenir lyrics

t start talking the poetry, darlin'. That's not ... in my eyes. I want a soda and a souvenir. Yes, I'm just ... eyes. Don't start whispering the sweet things, darlin'. Your

Buddy Holly - What to do lyrics

Want her only What to do The record hops And all the ... happy times we had The soda shop The walks to school now

Eric Clapton lyricsEric Clapton - Good morning, little school girl lyrics

Won't you let me take you to the hop, hop, Have a party at the soda shop So we can do the ... twist, do the stroll To the music of the rock 'n' roll. ... Tell your sisters and your brother that I love you. Hey, hey

Cyndi Lauper lyricsCyndi Lauper - You're the reason our kids are ugly lyrics

re the reason I'm riding around on ... recapped tires You're the reason I'm hanging clothes ... outside on wires You're the reason our kids are ugly, ... But I love you just the same You're the reason I

Redman - The stick up lyrics

I got a soda, you can't have none of! I ... got a soda, it's only enough for one, ... hon I got a soda, y'all can't have a god damn ... sip I got a soda, I know you want it I...

Smokey Robinson - Shop around lyrics

When I became of age my mother called me to her side She ... a bride." (sung) And then she said Just because you ... a young man now (Man now) There's still some things that

Babybird - Shop girl lyrics

throw a nintendo down the flu, so father can wrap it in ... boy it’s a girl’ gift paper” Shop girl, oh shop girl Shop girl ... tonight? If I cut your hair, Then you know I’ll care You’ll

Gob - Soda lyrics

to run away its not the kind of thing that i do in a ... its so cool that were together and were smiling, drinking soda i want to jump in a lake ... shining down on a beach in the summer (2x) i want to jump

New Edition - Shop around lyrics

: First come first served is the way Some do it but not me I, shop around, shop, shop around ... t settle for nothing less But the cream of the crop Girl I

Jonathan Coulton - Shop vac lyrics

took the freeway out of town We found ... I got my very own workshop in the basement We sit ... around staring at the wall-to-wall Take field ... favorite mall Waiting for the day when all the kids grow up

Bratmobile - Shop for america lyrics

friends in Texas So what's the meaning and what's the ... our town Kids in America Shop for America Kids in America ... Shop for America Kids in America

American&german Rap - 50 cent-candy shop lyrics

to the candy shop Yeah Uh huh So ... I'll take you to the candy shop I'll let you ... lick the lollipop Go 'head girl don ... Keep going 'til you hit the spot I'll take you to the

50 Cent lyrics50 Cent - Candy shop lyrics

to the candy shop Yeah Uh huh So seductive ... I'll take you to the candy shop I'll let you lick the ... stop Keep going 'til you hit the spot I'll take you to the

Bart Baker - Thrift shop parody (macklemore & ryan lewis) lyrics

ve washed it Walkin' into the club like "Wait, what? ... up and smell like piss from the thrift shop Wipe the ... dandruff with so much swag The people like: "Damn,

Boys Like Girls - Kill me in a record shop lyrics

kiss, your kiss will be the ultimate Your kiss, your ... t you go No need to leave the light on There's no one here ... and I Kill me in a record shop now One shot and you took me

Like Vultures - Thrift shop (macklemore cover) lyrics

is f***in awesome Walk in the club like what up? I got a ... up, bought some shit from the thrift shop Ice on the ... Rolling in hella, headed to the mezzanine Dressed in all

Nicki Minaj lyricsNicki Minaj - Cuchi shop lyrics

Oh alright. And yo you know the slogan right? Yeah, I know ... [Chorus:] First I take they order at the Cuchi Shop Then I send 'em a girl that can

The Baseballs - Candy shop lyrics

ll take you to the candy shop I'll let you lick the ... Keep going 'til you hit the spot (woah) I'll take you ... to the candy shop Boy one taste of what I got

Queen Adreena - Soda dreamer lyrics

been a bad girl and I kissed the witches, I dance naked with ... I've seen her I've breathe inside her, I've seen her ... been a bad girl and I broke the dishes, I dance naked with

The Cinematic Orchestra - Soda lyrics

Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not avai...

The Adicts - Chinese takeaway lyrics

takeaway Hey, hey Went to the fish shop Went to the chip shop Went to the burger shop ... takeaway Hey, hey Went to these places Meet alot of faces

Matty B Raps - Thrift shop lyrics

can we go thrift shopping? What, what, what, ... [Verse 1:] Nah, Walk up to the friends like, "What up, ... " I just found it up in the back of the thrift shop Ice

Dj Hip Hop - Candy shop lyrics

ll take you to the candy shop I'll let you lick the ... stop Keep going 'til you hit the spot I'll take you to the ... candy shop Boy one taste of what I got

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