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Keepsake - The beginning of the end of sound lyrics

you know? We are the end of sound as we know. Did you know ... that this is the end of sound as we know. Mind, body, soul ... we are the end of sound as we know. Breaking the

Keepsake - The end of sound lyrics

are the end of sound. This is the end of sound. ... We are the end of sound. This is the end of sound. ... We are the end of sound. This is the end of sound

Sailor - The old nickelodeon sound lyrics

fashioned dreamer walking the street on my own, out of ... date like the old-fashioned steamer no ... on. But I still remember, the town, the girls, the bar full

Beirut - The long island sound lyrics

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Mike Oldfield - The deep deep sound lyrics

now baby made a start There's a jewel in your heart ... You were born into a dream There's another race to run You ... were not the only one Standing in the

Foals - The french open lyrics

la terre wasted games all these wasted games racquets ... gadgets wasted games all these wasted games racquets ... la terre waste away all these wasted games racquets

Rage - The speed of sound lyrics

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M.i.a. - The new international sound pt. ii (feat gene.. lyrics

Like it can be that enemy They come at me They gonna meet ... my people gonna cover me The ones that govern me Ain't the ones that can power me It's the sun and moon that's turning

Local H - Hit the skids or: how i learned to stop worry.. lyrics

cares and no one calls But the party in the bathroom stall ... cares and no one calls But the party in the bathroom stall ... call a number written on the wall I'm all

Reba Mcentire - The stairs lyrics

looks at the clock, it's a quarter past ... hears his car as he pulls in the drive. Dinner's still ... when he walks through the door. In anger he strikes ... she lie. And she fell down the stair again. But it hasn't

Blaqk Audio - The switch lyrics

the door and let me in Breathe deeply now Let's begin Hear ... the raw, bitter scraping sound Roll the windows down And ... let them out Let the angels out Do you hear,

Nina Hagen - The lady loves me lyrics

She loves me, she loves me. The lady loves me and it shows ... In spite of the way she turns up her nose I ... She's playing hard to get The lady loves me, but she doesn

David Nail - The sound of a million dreams lyrics

up Samantha and asked her the chance of us Running out ... 'neath the moonlight Well, She's not ... always be found When I rewind the radio dial And like it was then I feel her on my skin And I

Bentley Jones - Open your heart lyrics

got something new (Open your heart) Not until we're ... through (Open your) In the mix and the tricks full of ... good luck to ignite, just (Open your heart, it's gonna be all

Adam Sandler - The hypnotist lyrics

by Big Brother. (typing sounds) Dr. Stewart: Hi, (I'm) Dr. ... with you, I saw your name in the Yellow Pages, and It said you ... back and relax and sink into the chair, and , um, just feel

Firelake - The city of ghost lyrics

eagerness of timely fraction The world of science applauses in ... nation’ ‘Happy nation’ The World of destroyed illusions ... It takes a bit experimenting The heat goes up, so as the stuff

Jamie's Elsewhere - The mapmaker lyrics

to the sound The sound of an angry ocean below And, ... look above The skies open up The waves begin to groan ... They say, it’s nothing personal ... my peace and sink beneath the waves Until it all fades

Alabama Shakes - Sound & color lyrics

new world hangs outside the window Beautiful and strange ... I've fallen awake I must be Sound and color with me for my mind ... And the ship shows me where to go

Bathory - The messenger lyrics

was the sky : now storm clouds are ... forming the sun disc was high : the dusk ... ride swift yee messenger : the word must get through ... Carry the news to the villages westward Asa Bay

Hilltop Hoods - The return lyrics

you f*** with Suffa it's like the bomb's dropped You spit ... Head nod! " Even when the song stop... Step in the ... and it's danger I'll set the Pressure on you like a

Lou Reed lyricsLou Reed - The tell -tale heart, pt. 1 lyrics

will you say that I am mad The disease has sharpened my ... not destroyed not dulled them Madman The eye of a ... He had no passion for the old man He was never

Mac Miller - Sound like lyrics

joint, So all you haters out there, Get back. This is a DJ ... is? We wanna know what you sound like kid. So whatchu sound ... like? Who you sound like? How you sound like?

David Bowie lyricsDavid Bowie - Sound and vision lyrics

t you wonder sometimes 'Bout sound and vision Blue, blue, ... electric blue That's the colour of my room Where I ... sit right down, Waiting for the gift of sound and vision And

Girls Aloud - Sound of the underground lyrics

dancing with the lights down low Beats are ... pumping on the stereo Neighbours banging on ... wall Your sayin' crank the bass I gotta get some more ... Water's running in the wrong direction Got a

Skindred - Sound the siren lyrics

dem ah rock inside the dancehall Everybody know the ... dred ah stand tall Defend the weak we no defend the strong ... If you defend the strong you no say you wrong

The Saturdays - Open up lyrics

baby CHROUS: Oh baby open the door, open up open up ... Promise never no more, open up I will be a good girl, I ... girl So baby let me back in, open up, open up Don't make me

Avrigus - The grail lyrics

I follow my heart to the ends of the Earth, Would I ... loneliness, Forsaking the fortress in a quest for the ... Who wait in faith, Who let their dreams decide their fate,

Byron Cage - The presence of the lord lyrics

presence of the Lord is here (2x's) I feel ... it in the atmosphere, The presence of the Lord is here, ... oh (2x's) The spirit of the Lord is here(2x's) I feel it

Chamillionaire - The sound of revenge (intro) lyrics

a lightning bolt strikes in the air, yeah, finally it's here ... Cause y'all are the judge, the day of judgement finally is ... you feel Dis payback for the fact that y'all ain't tryin

Mitchel Musso - Open the door lyrics

alone I could freeze like the time Would you care I bet ... you won't Please open up I'm out here on my own Open the door it's cold all alone ... for seven hours Black out there is no power I can't find

Nasty Savage - The morgue lyrics

around It's dark it's quiet There's not a sound The dead ... You must be still For when they arise They're out to kill ... The morgue The morgue The caskets open, you hear them

Saigon - The rules lyrics

Saigon:] I wrote all them raps cause I was in jail ... my priority list This is the difference between me and them [Saigon:] Check New New ... is back in full effect We the kind that don't throw gang

Amon Amarth - The mighty doors of the speargod's hall lyrics

Seawolves' wrath sweeps the land Down from the sky ... Valkyries ride And walk the field, hallowed by Tyr The ... bite sharp, men are slain The ground turns red, blood

Anacrusis - Sound the alarm lyrics

I don't see Just where the actions meet the words You ... just sound the alarm Racing pulse and ... blood At fever-pitch Another finger-pointing mob With

Beta Band - The beta band rap lyrics

re the Beta Band and we're nice and ... with chicken or fish In the world of fashion there's two ... lights Nancy and Caroline they helped us alright And

Crom - The restless king lyrics

forgotten is his youth The trees sway in the whispering ... Once a king, now a fool The strength in his body is gone ... A mighty man remembering the time of his glorious past

Emmelie De Forest - Beat the speed of sound lyrics

circulate, circulate The searching is endless, the ... journey relentless In the air, in the air, in the air ... awakening In your eyes, there’s a storm in your eyes

Hillsong United - Open up the heavens lyrics

up the heavens And Let Your glory ... fall Open up our hearts That we would ... know You Open up the heavens Let Your glory fall ... Open up our hearts Open up our

Mystic Circle - Open the gates of hell lyrics

voices call his name The dead will rise again Deamons ... creep out of the fangs of hell To seek ... Dancing shadows Children of the night Strange symbols

Henry Wolfe - Open the door lyrics

up the door and let me in You’ve ... got mine I’ve got mine So open up the door and let me in ... What’s the use of pissing in the wind? I’ll always be the

Metal Law - Open the gates of hell lyrics

quot;Open the gates of hell Open the gates, open the gates Open the gates, open the gates Open the gates... of hell!" ... no one shall touch safe I'm the one From me come cancer, pox

As You Drown - Open wound salvation lyrics

urge, duct-tape and the barrel Of a gun Crowbar ... through When I awake, from the silence Of dreaming ... Faceless and scarred Dig the hole and bleed you dry

Shiv-r - Open my vein lyrics

Will you believe it to be, the same world, beside me ... Build it up, release the pain Build it up, open my ... vein Build it up, release the pain Build it up, open my

Sick Puppies - Open the door lyrics

no difference, open the door Take it all away, for ... Seems it's always just another game But I'm not in the ... today Makes no difference, open the door, open the door

Sacred Dominion - Open minds lyrics

in the sun, open minds to what lies in life ... A simple smile that tells the truth, and I don't think you ... a while 'cause we just sold the sky Keep an open mind Now

Benjamin Francis Leftwich - Break the day open lyrics

wanted to tell ya To walk the walk When I said I wanted ... to be there I only ever wanted to say ... Everywhere we go From the summer to the snow We will

Seven Kingdoms - Open the gates lyrics

world Dreams shadowed by their walls All this masses heed ... the call Prisoners of the lie Deveived to never try ... Brought down by the iron hand Our strenght

Donovan - The land of doesn't have to be lyrics

is a land not far from the ears of sound the eyes of ... sight can't see it's over the trees you'll be there by ... s breeze. Few people get there quick by their chosen road

Factory Of Dreams - The neutron star lyrics

and faster Became Supernova The Neutron Star is born ... Hidden from Earth Within the Dimension of Sound Dimension ... of Sound Chorus Each neutron a ... soul Each soul a Sound Each beam an emotion Change

Manilla Road - Open the gates lyrics

Down around our feet; Before the empires fall And Hell ... enslaves the free; Before our time runs ... out The spells must soon be cast; We ... ll raise the banners high And storm the

Hardline - Leaving the end open lyrics

we're going But I won't turn the page Wishing I could ... And even if your voice sounds like the chapters end I'm ... my heart race away I'll be there burning the pages Turning the time back I'll be there

L.a. Guns - The ballad lyrics

Burning bright Without a sound The queen of angels Take ... Keep away An innocence lost The queen of sound In the cold ... yeah Shine on And all the things you wished you'd said

Of Mice & Men - The hunger lyrics

To murder, to hurt. Scorch the skies and poison the earth, ... and watch the stumbling efforts to ... again. Time has cracked. The warning sirens have faded!

Hope For The Dying - Open up the sky lyrics

we have turned Scattered by the world Resting in ourselves ... To fully surrender? Let the light surround us Let our ... I surrender all Eyes to the sky we've lost our faith with

Nok From The Future - Open season lyrics

Verse 1] Damn, it's open season On my people and the ... reason Is if you don't make the treason We gon' give you ... Got 'em, oh yea, that's the shit that they wanna hear

U2 lyricsU2 - The miracle (of joey ramone) lyrics

was chasing down the days of fear Chasing down a ... a storm in me, Haunted by the spectres that we had to see ... Yeah I wanted to be the melody, Above the noise,

The Who lyricsThe Who - The song is over lyrics

find me Our love is over They're all ahead now I've got ... chorus: I'll sing my song to the wide open spaces I'll sing ... my heart out to the infinite sea I'll sing my

Oxymoron - The factory lyrics

in the oxyfactory. Mould and ... dresses ain't of use. The air is tense of blaring noise ... [Chorus:] Down in the oxyfactory. Sound is made ... for you and me. Down in the oxyfactory. Howlong sound

Modern Talking lyricsModern Talking - The angels sing in new york city lyrics

all the stars so fine tonight And the old nightingale is flying ... To my dreams Here are the birds so quiet tonight And ... Cause you have to know And the angels sings in New York City

A Sound Of Thunder - Reign of the hawklords lyrics

machine Sonic assassins They are the lords of light ... Children of the sun Down through the night ... Lords of chaos standing On the edge of time Mirror of

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