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Sum 41 lyricsSum 41 - The bitter end lyrics

find when life gets colder there's no sympathy There's no ... point trying you can't escape the bitter end Well who will ... greet you when you're at the bitter end All your

The Boomtown Rats - The bitter end lyrics

the bitter end We go all the way It isn't too far It isn ... t too far To the bitter end With our wills of iron ... of coal Hearts of gold To the bitter end Sit on a fence

Scary Kids Scaring Kids - The deep end lyrics

goes straight, straight for the deep end Doesn't hesitate to ... away So much for that happy ending Now you make it clear, ... goes straight, straight for the deep end Doesn't hesitate to

Black Stone Cherry - The bitter end lyrics

walls Ain't nobody but me There is a place that I run to ... Where there ain't nobody to please ... I wanted to say (Through these times) I've always held

Cats On Fire - The sharp end of a season lyrics

to be sweeping up leaves The field is windy and wet I end ... up leaning over the fence That's the borders I ... our small dogs Should I hand them to you? And no, of course,

Paradise Lost - The glorious end lyrics

unrest, only the end we can see Fading distress ... Faithless martyrs now at the end we only pretend we can see ... Fading darker now at the end the death you intended will be

Placebo lyricsPlacebo - The bitter end lyrics

we're feeling so anesthetised In our comfort zone ... Reminds me of the second time That I followed ... re running out of alibis On the second of May Reminds me of the summer time On this winter's

The Rembrandts - The deepest end lyrics

you'd only meet me half the way I'm runnin' out of ... to say Let's talk about the weather I THOUGHT YOU WERE ... SINS AND NOW I'M STRANDED IN THE DEEPEST END Where were you

Toto lyricsToto - The other end of time lyrics

it hurts clear to the core When we lose all we've ... cared for The hunger and thirst For love ... that endures Is never ending What will I do with my ... it echo deep inside 'Til the other end of time The other end of time Left over dreams

Tragically Hip, The lyricsTragically Hip, The - The lonely end of the rink lyrics

looked up and you were there Just sitting there all ... alone Holding your fist in the air Like if you need me you ... fell asleep in my seat I had the dream of having no room You

Elvis Costello - The other end of the telescope lyrics

A smoke that disappears in the air There's always something ... to me You'll see me off in the distance I hope At the other ... end At the other end of the telescope You're half

Dynazty - The northern end lyrics

the world that never bends I’ll sail until my life ... will end On unyielding faith I will ... depend Rushing forth over the sea Awaiting our destiny ... and you will make it safe to the other side Your destiny you

Smothered - The inevitable end lyrics

discharge You look up to the sky and stare death in the ... Oceans vaporize All life is ending Civilization is dying ... World of man in demise The inevitable end The

Carpark North - The last end lyrics

but true am I Holy is the one Who prays in simple ... and still you are Tragic is the one Who craves to write the ... We try again This is the last end Innocent are we

Avenged Sevenfold - The wicked end lyrics

godless, wicked, and cruel The soulless man stood silenced, ... Chastisement worse than the flood, spread the word, its ... all through Don't kill the messenger girl As if we

Blind Pilot - The bitter end lyrics

Come back daddy Come back to the bitter end Come back daddy ... and vitamins If ever the sea claims the cities on the ... coast Before the last bridge blows I know I

Memory Garden - The bitter end lyrics

heart ignored the moment I'm lost in the air ... I want to be Reality unleash the darkness I will see Another day is dawning To bring the ... I will grieve I can see the world is turning To the

Potty Mouth - The better end lyrics

hard Well boo hoo Here's the thing I'm the best I know ... So go ahead Kiss your friend How's it taste? That bitter

Black Flag - The bitter end lyrics

Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Fo...

Ceremonial Oath - The shadowed end lyrics

LindbergNow the bridges burn there's no returnfrom this here ... stateAnd the words of truth are spokenthey ... all shall turn their heads in fearHere at the ... shadowed endWe all shall meet our lost and

Dark The Suns - The dead end lyrics

is cold, you can't save me The black wings of grief Are ... me Walk with me through the dark Towards the morning sun ... in fear You can't save me The black wings of grief In

Falling In Reverse - The bitter end lyrics

fall Lost for a moment in the dark Then take my life as ... say Here I go starting at the edge Holding on to the ... bitter end This is it This is me Look

Rancid - The wars end lyrics

a punk rocker you know his mother never understand him went ... a punk rocker you know his mother tried to take him to war ... Sammy now the war is over now we're at the

Insomnium - The bitter end lyrics

silent moment right before the Dusk fades away I open my ... eyes but the darkness stays Nightfrost ... covers the Brittle flowers Around ... eyes She is all mine By these frosty waters I rest by

Procol Harum - The thin end of the wedge lyrics

.. Rush. Story...Hush Got the picture got the rush Got the story got the hush Got the ... joker Got the flush Got the choker Got the crush ... .. Rush. Story...Hush Got the wrong side of the bed Got the wrong slice of the spread

Ava Inferi - The living end lyrics

Deny As I feel desire the signs Bringing love inside ... fall, fall with me through the cobweb of love the tears ... your deepest despair the deep caves of your mind No

Architects - The bitter end lyrics

apart, take us back to the start. Tear down the walls, ... apart, take us back to the start. Tear down the walls, ... growing? We're standing on the edge of the event horizon

Heed - The permanent end celebration lyrics

I lay beneath the alter cold. In a dream I ... become real... Reach for the hand that will take you in ... pray, for your prayer will be the last one. (Father) Clean

Key Of Awesome - The dark knight is confused lyrics

a watchful protector, the Dark Knight KID I dont ... get it. GORDON Neither do I son, but it sounds cool ... As I ride on my bike at the end of Dark Knight Theres a few

Black Tide - Fight til the bitter end lyrics

so long ago Held on to the things that I should've let ... go I wanna wake up on the other side So I can see the ... be right! I'll fight til the bitter end (Fight til the end) Take my life back again

Radio Killer - Don't let the music end lyrics

of music, man So don’t let the music end Don’t let don’t ... let don’t let… Don’t let the music end… I can't think ... you play And if you turn the music off, I’m sad So don’t

Dokken - Till the livin' end lyrics

It's too late to walk out the door Last time, last time ... on your knees again Till the livin' end When will it ... ever end Till the livin' end You know I can't wait Can

The Doors lyricsThe Doors - End of the night lyrics

the highway to the end of the night End of the night, end ... of the night Take a journey to the ... bright midnight End of the night, end of the night ... delight Some are born to the endless night End of the night, end of the night End of the

Laura Jansen - The end lyrics

go And worked it out Until the bitter end And I suppose ... What was waiting 'round the bend I didn't know that ... hard I bet you wonder at the words in your mouth I bet

Kesha lyricsKesha - Lovers in the deep end lyrics

in the deep end Lovers in the deep end Verse 1: ... Nothings the way that it was Heart's ... spoken Words broken Love in the end Now it's lust We ... Yeah it's convent But whats the point? Since you don't

Mxpx - The story lyrics

i get a new head? cause the one i've got is worn out and ... no we get lost lost along the way it happens everyday ... lost along the way how will the story end

Juice Wrld lyricsJuice Wrld - End of the road lyrics

is as far as it goes This the end of the road This the end ... of the rope The other end of the throat It's suicidal she ... wrote This is the end of the show, it's over We doin'

Eva Cassidy - End the rain lyrics

low Silence spreads across The city street lights The endless rain Sneaking through the sky Drenches my face As I ... walk down the street If I ask the sky

Divine Heresy - The end begins lyrics

yourself for, annihilation The countdown do devastate, lies, ... predictions Catastrophic, the eminent end The blind lead the blind, they run With nowhere

Icon Of Coil - The soul is in the b-side lyrics

Hunt me down It will defend you Turn to years Meet the ... pain Breathing concrete At the sky Neglecting the sun ... Remember feelings The things you did Beneath the

Jane's Addiction - End to the lies lyrics

sit around there telling stories Taking ... You never really change like they say Oh, you'll only become ... He thought he knew me back in the day When I was down but now

Ace Of Base - The juvenile lyrics

juvenile In a time where the night is so cold The ... juvenile Has the key to the end The juvenile in the end ... That is why we are here The road will take us to the end

Anihilated - Until the bitter end lyrics

of war surround us, their warning clear to me We ... find the path behind us will lead to ... quest for power births the army of the dead I cannot ... stop the voices, the voices in my head We will

Arch Enemy - End of the line lyrics

to the circus Leave your brain ... fascination You are lost in the game Media corruption ... You'll be amused By the things we do to you But in the bitter end The clown is you

Cancer - To the gory end lyrics

Mutilation from hell To the gory end, as they make you ... ride the blade To the gory end, as your life will now fade ... memory known deceased To the gory end, as they make you

Crematory - The beginning of the end lyrics

- reflecting the dreams of reality Deep ... - tribute to days gone past The heart within, damned to beat ... The eyes, windows for the souls Fate of the flesh -

Darkness - Christmas time dont let the bells end lyrics

joy and surprise at the gifts we despise over mulled ... wine with you On the 25th day of the 12th month The sleigh bells are in time ... hope in hell that it won?t end Don?t let the bells end

Devildriver - End of the line lyrics

do declare, there's something in the air I'm ... burning the candle at both ends Bitter betrayals, skeleton ... say, not a ghost of a chance The ghosts in my mind, they're

Lee Aaron - Goin off the deep end lyrics

I can't win I can't believe the shape I'm in Gettin' tougher ... dangerous.. I'm goin' over the edge (I'm goin' off the ... deep end) I'm headed straight for

Olivia  Newton-john lyricsOlivia Newton-john - Being on the losing end lyrics

Ain't it ever easy to pretend But it's hard, so hard ... Being on the losing end I saw your golden eagle ... above my day Casting never ending shadows Putting darkness

Eagleheart - Lost in the dead end lyrics

I know you will not pretend World around you’s ... is gone pleasure at hand Let the world goes down I trust my ... friend I’ll show you the future So as you comprehend

Dreamtale - The end of our days [bonus track] lyrics

away from this pain. All of the plants that we made, are ... as if in a play. When the stars align the right way, ... for the end of our days. There is no

Goatbed - Only finally there is the free end lyrics

Aa sore wa fukanzen shoushitsu afure dasu me ni ha ni Aa kore ga hikan-teki haita ashita madou muchuu no hate 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Heaven Aid joushou suru kan...

Alphaville lyricsAlphaville - The end lyrics

wait to see her coming down the stairs A demon's playin in ... chord That crackles in the giant mirrors at the marble ... me, say you'll love me till the very end Before I vanish in the shifting sands of time Death

Poisonblack - The deadend stream lyrics

and decay Stare at the sun the warm rays of light ... to run We've already lost the fight Hand in hand we wait ... this all to end Everything dies - Withers

At The Gates - The swarm lyrics

its knees Our burning minds they are ridden of hope In a ... own hunger and thirst? The living end The dwarfed soul ... of man The living end The sweetest of lies - its

Darkwater - The play part ii lyrics

this coming to an end? I've seen the writings for ... now I've always tried to send this message to all, but it ... Broken, torn and misled By the thoughts in my head Seems

Gaskin - End of the world lyrics

is falling, everybody's on the run. Old men crawling, but there's nothing to be done, Oh ... no! Save me! is the common cry, but it's too late ... fate, now you're gonna die The time is nigh........It's the end of the world Women

Nick Lachey - The chance you didn't take lyrics

the weight of the world on top of me Just ... t really matter anymore All the things you said I didn't see ... At the end of the day, end of the day Does it really

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