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The Sharpest Lives (español) lyrics

Browse for The Sharpest Lives (español) song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed The Sharpest Lives (español) lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to The Sharpest Lives (español).

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My Chemical Romance lyricsMy Chemical Romance - The sharpest lives lyrics

on your own If I crash on the couch Can I sleep in my clothes? 'Cause I've spent the ... alone, you're in time for the show You're the one that I ... need I'm the one that you loathe You can watch me corrode

Alice Cooper - The sharpest pain lyrics

I'm on my knees 'til i lick the floor Can't stand to look at ... But i'm burning for more Sharpest pain The ugly scar The ... cut Is what you are The burning sting Is what you

Elvis Costello - The sharpest thorn lyrics

wore my finest suit of clothes The sharpest thorn ... defending the rose Hot as a pistol Keen ... as a blade The sharpest thorn upon parade And it's ... most every year Ghosts of the dear departed are near We

David Phelps - The name lives on lyrics

Father We Love Your precious name ... one name was spoken before the world's first day And it ... passed away Delivered from the lips of God To Mary's ears

Easy Rider - The dream lives on + in my life lyrics


Nocturnal Rites - The legend lives on lyrics

onto you, as you will for others. It is my gift to you. ... this all behind. You bear the powers of a second sight, ... you hold the courage to believe. No

Entwine - The evil lives in the shadows lyrics

Not yet Not yet Not yet Not yet Not yet Not yet Not yet Not yet Not yet Not yet Not yet Not yet...

Charlotte Church - The rise lyrics

In my morning I welcome The numbness That carries My ... Mouth sewn Hush my breath in the air All things Burn bright ... When the dark is the sharpest The skin can be bare

Jin - The come thru lyrics

and shake ya big butt You in the club wit some some worldwide ... and shake ya big butt You in the club wit some some worldwide ... ma whole set get love I'm in the Chi two steppin wit them

Millencolin - The story of my life lyrics

say it's a fork and a knife there's one thing on my mind, one ... thing all the time I got to fill my mouth ... to bow Breakfast in bed, the bed's in the kitchen so it's

Broken Iris - The ripple lyrics

with the strongest hand Search from the sharpest eye Pull from the ... Side of your mind Tear down the wall that's stuck In between ... soul and mind Watch as the worlds collide And leave

Johnny Cash lyricsJohnny Cash - The ballad of the forty dollars lyrics

man who preached the funeral Said it really was a ... opened up his eyes They hired me and Fred and Joe ... To dig the grave and carry up some ... guess I ought to go and watch them put 'em down But I don't

Crimson Moonlight - The cold grip of terror lyrics

.. I believe. My dream is the loveliest dream. Just the ... my step when I entered the narrow path.. I saw and I ... .. Its goal lies beyond the black fog, beyond the cold

Razor - The end lyrics

Flames of red are burning As they diminish time Eyes of ... greed are rising The aides of good will send ... of extremity A cry, it's the end Crawling from a shaken

Rough Silk - The opposite of yes lyrics

ego - no brain No "hold-the-line" in vain ! The ... opposite of yes can be the key to a better life. A word ... sometimes cut way deeper than the sharpest knife ! No more

Boondox - The harvest lyrics

AMB 2x] Its the time for the harvest Time of the harvest ... Its the time of the harvest Your time ... around i cant f*** with the cost Of the cell phone or

Clawfinger - The cure and the poison lyrics

s the payoff the reward The release from all the tension ... The biggest wise in my life And ... it adds a new dimension It's the beauty and the beast It's my

Equirhodont - The monolith of demons i lyrics

the abyss of the shining Dark, The Monolith ... my eyesight is failing me. The Force lives in it! The Force ... of Demons. Since the Rise to the End It has been

Artas - The suffering of john doe lyrics

in action But no reaction There is no evidence so they say ... bleeding in jail Waiting for the end His last fight against ... It is one life wasted The spirit lives on He made us

Queensrÿche - The lady wore black lyrics

this morning A light mist in the air Dark clouds laughing at ... shadows through my hair In the distance I saw a woman ... life was her debt to pay The lady wore black It's the

Alabama - The cheap seat lyrics

small. It's a little of both they say. Our ball club may be ... it's triple A. We sit below the Marlboro man, above the right ... field wall. We do the wave all by ourself. Hey ump

Jefferson Airplane - The son of jesus lyrics

by Mary Magdalene and he rode the land like the man who Went ... Jesus raised him loud, mother Mary raised him proud and he ... tracked The men who laid his father down

Ja Rule - The inc. lyrics

get doe That's for all the hatin' niggas waitin' to see ... me go Down to the bottom Chop up crack Playin ... the blocks and Still wouldn't ... matter, push the rock well like Stockton

Damian Marley lyricsDamian Marley - The struggle discontinues lyrics

I pray thee, I pray thee Why art thou continuing to ... Live it up Jah Well if the struggle continue then When ... sing a song that says "The struggle live on" When

Cannabis Corpse - Where the kind lives lyrics

my window they arrive and bath me in lime ... glowing light They get me high as they abduct, ... I will do as they instruct They look towards their leafy ... whiz by me Flying further through deep space,

Dance Gavin Dance - The importance of cocaine lyrics

pain in dwelled so long on the possible changes every step ... fall towards your demise (the secret lives of wives) and ... have learned to recreate (the secret lives of wives) and

Mutum - The memories: gloria victis lyrics

in body and soul Protecting them and us in a row Neither do ... Glory to us, glorious Then the end was near Coming to ... set it on flames Now just the memory lives in the rain Lives in all of us, till the end,

Nocturnal Rites - The curse lyrics

s something in the dark There's something is us all The ... fear of dying has no end the fire in our eyes Will keep ... our faith alive The burning flame will last

10 Years - The recipe lyrics

swallow the infatuation Cleverly seduced ... Evil's in the stink of you Rise and fall ... we decompose Rest against the sore Push breath and pull ... night Unite and spread the heart apart And smile of

Chakal - The dead walk lyrics


Cirith Ungol - The troll lyrics

Well better be aware. There is a brown hairy troll, ... give you a scare. Yea, I'm the troll, This is my bridge, ... Go turn around, Back through the ridge. Yea, I 'm the troll,

Dark Sanctuary - The garden of jane delawney lyrics

on His words hanging in the air The ground you walk upon ... Might as well not be there Might as well not be there ... through my dreams Out into the darkest morning Past the

High On Fire - The face of oblivion lyrics

of forever ride the pale twilight Teller of the ... tale lives beneath the ice Shadow of the haunter ... Shunned dead city in the acrid cold Thawed out the

Meliah Rage - The witching lyrics

sets, the sky is black House of horror ... She came back, death day The witching - lives are burning ... tonight The witching - souls are burning ... tonight The room below, her grave to be

Dragonforce - The flame of youth lyrics

your eyes, hear the thunder and rain. Fear ... inside of the torturing pain. For the ... cries of the world and the last lives remain. Chain ... your heart, swear to the for their gain. Deep inside slowly

Gordon Lightfoot - The wreck of the edmund fitzgerald lyrics

legend lives on from the Chippewa on down of the big ... lake they called "Gitche Gumee ... quot; The lake, it is said, never gives ... up her dead when the skies of November turn gloomy

Macklemore lyricsMacklemore - The town lyrics

0, you say... Nah, you know the rest This is our scene Our ... music, our movement, the history lives through us I ... write to the beat and let life play the

Dragonhammer - The x experiment lyrics

is gone to see the truth Maybe it's all unreal ... of stranger lands Seek in the ice Energy's form from an ... ancient force Danger for all the worlds But I don't know if

Metallica lyricsMetallica - The rebel of babylon lyrics

poison ink Sign life away Then take your dirty spoon And ... Dig your grave Rebel grips the bottle tight Just floats ... makes you stay? He takes the poison ink Signing life away

Black Messiah - The vanir tribe lyrics

Odin:] "Brothers, my eyes saw them settle ... across the river Down to the east lives a race comparable ... to us And they worked mighty miracles, it

The Danse Society - The night lyrics

lay with me, take me high the night is like a raging fire ... take me high take me high the parts cross in this cold ... world the two lives lost in this foul world this

Impiety - The black f*** lyrics

Because of death that brings them near Memories from my past ... time... And now I'll see the sorcerer He must find the ... about all hatred upon the dead The world's gone

Nil - The jaws of sickness lyrics

how life can be sad. The jaws of sickness tolled, ... until it has it all when the beast had it's last bite and ... suffocate the light left nothing but grief

Silverstein - The sand will turn to glass lyrics

Full of so much hate Another hero dies, the devil lives ... The people hide their shame Lies were spoken ... That’s what it takes Add the heart to harm And this for

Ancient - The battle of the ancient warriors lyrics

by horrors that I saw The battle was butchering and The hordes were rising against ... each other Saving nothing but death The dust was rising up in the sky

Anguish Force - The rope hangs again lyrics

in the eighties there is a very damaged house ... for incredible causes The occupier was find hanging at ... horror in his eyes - alone The house was signed as

Atmosphere - The last to say lyrics

used to see his old man lose the temper And mama's pretty ... it all, On a regular basis the nest would fall. But he ... his place Two-dozen years of the blood, sweat, tears, Avoid the mirror, losing her hair from the fear She never left him,

Aus-rotten - The rotten agenda lyrics

to hear. Did you know that the Bible is just a cover for the ... perversity that's endangering the very lives of our children. I ... am targeting America's youth, the younger a child can be

The Dubliners - The old man lyrics

the turning of the century I was a boy of five ... My father went to fight the Boers and never came back ... alive My mother left to bring us up no ... When I was twelve I left the school and went to find a job

Immortal Choir - The curse of celith lyrics

quot;The sorcerer Celith, full of ... rage, gets ally with the empire's enemies. Casting her ... doom spells against the emperor's armies, she can ... hate Through hidden souls in the realms of the damn Hand in the screams from my mind The

Lil Kim - The queen lyrics

up in front of 'em Like they sprayin' somethin', like they sayin' somethin' Get my ... When ya'll catch a knock out, these fools cop out Two for five ... spots, I tear the rocks out Pop the tops out, the clear spot out Nigga or

My Chemical Romance lyricsMy Chemical Romance - The kids from yesterday lyrics

now this could be the last of all the rides we take ... back We don't care about the message or the rules they ... make We'll find you when the sun goes black And you

My Chemical Romance lyricsMy Chemical Romance - The only hope for me is you lyrics

where will we stand When all the lights go out Across these ... Where were you when All of the embers fell I still ... remembered them Covered in ash Covered in

Battlerage - The blind dead lyrics

Perserve ceremonies Drink the virgin's blood Cursed after ... death Stalk amidst the gloom Lifeless, cadaverous ... of doom Malign warriors They dealt in evilness Rising

Bokor - The island of st: menée (beach of the living .. lyrics

fare is one dollar a ritual The fare is one dollar a ritual ... Paid in advance From the tall ships of old Europe, to the cruisers of today They've ... on display Wild dreams in the pitch black nights, the fever

The Clash lyricsThe Clash - The prisoner lyrics

prisoner meet the "Muppet Hi-Fi" ... have fun An' we live before the truncheons So it's back to ... watch the day to day Saga of working ... people Hanging out the washing and clipping coupons

Peter Gabriel lyricsPeter Gabriel - The time of the turning lyrics

the big house Where the sun lives With the walls so white and ... blue In the red soil All the green grows And the winds ... blow across your face They blow across your heart It

Inxs lyricsInxs - The stairs lyrics

a room above a busy street The echoes of a life The ... fragments and the accidents Separated by ... incidents Listen to by the walls We share the same ... spaces Repeated in the corridors Performing the

Lou Reed lyricsLou Reed - The original wrapper lyrics

was sittin' home on the West End watchin' cable TV ... friend we were watchin' the news, the world's in a mess the poor and the hungry, a world ... in distress Herpes, AIDS, the Middle East at full throttle

Pyracanda - The dragon's cult lyrics

in the dust of the morning sun. Lies the mighty ... I can think, he has been there. Chorus: Kill the ... bomb in disguise . Kill the sleeping dragon! A virgins

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