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Mayan - The savage massacre in the eyes of law pizzo lyrics

the overture to bring about a ... change The first will be remembered as a ... hero From the grave They will gain status that could open the cage Before our rights

Raven - The savage and the hungry lyrics

in the shadows Crawling underground ... Weighing up their chances Making not a sound ... No one would go down there No one but a fool Would ... disregard the warnings And disregard the

John Hiatt - The tiki bar is open lyrics

Chorus:] Thank God the tiki bar is open Thank God the tiki torch still shines ... Thank God the tiki bar is open Come on in and open up your ... I felt like a rocket launched to the great blue yonder

Edguy - The savage union lyrics

I'm standing at the junction of my life So many ... I don't know witch one is the right Do I wanna keep it up ... dive into madness of life Heat stroke and nuts, don't live

Dream - The dream - he loves you not lyrics

want girl, and whatcha do, He's never gonna, gonna make it ... a field full of daisies, But he'd still be my baby, And I ... , You'll be givin' him an open invitation, But my baby won

Olivia  Newton-john lyricsOlivia Newton-john - The river's too wide lyrics

river's too wide now for crossing The ... waters rush too loud for talking We never ... bridges for walking 'Cause the river's too wide A gentle ... Come between you and me The river's too wide now for

Senses Fail - The courage of an open heart lyrics

I get so silent I can hear my heartbeat Sometimes I ... get so silent The memories come back to me ... But now I know, there is suffering no one should ... have to feel Hiding the truth, because it wasn’t safe

The Hush Sound - The boys are too refined lyrics

boys who kiss and bite, They are the brilliant ones who ... write with silver luck... They sing in clever tongues, Oh ... how my knees go weak to be the one -- she kicks and bucks.

Lucinda Williams - The night's too long lyrics

as a waitress in Beaumont She said "I'm moving away, I ... get what I want I'm tired of these small town boys, they don't ... find me one who wears a leather jacket and likes his living

Patty Loveless - The night's too long lyrics

as a waitress in Beaumont She said I'm movin' away, I'm ... get what I want I'm tired of these small-town boys that don't ... find me one who wears a leather jacket and likes his livin'

Alabama - The women he loves lyrics

tell a lot about a man By the woman he loves 'Cause ... a part of his soul Like she does And she'd be the one to ... swear that he hung The moon above Yeah you can tell

Blaine Larsen - The man he'll never be lyrics

re blind, 'cuz you can't see the truth Like you forgot all ... those nights he ran around on you That's ... walk on out that door Take the early flight to Beaumont So

Lefay - The boon he gives lyrics

damned A broken mirror on the floor Reflects my face and ... with evil eyes Staring from the glass of lies Prisoned here for evermore Inside this

Panychida - The place he´s coming from lyrics

of sovereign to rule heathens. Unknown man, a lonely ... and rise some pints with us! Then tell us, who you are and where's your journey destination. ... independent nation..." Help them grow, teach them how

Rage Against The Machine - The man's too strong lyrics

ageing drummer boy And in the wars I used to play And I ... ve called the tune To many a torture ... session Now they say I am a war criminal ... And I'm fading away Father please her my confession

Die So Fluid - The world is too big for one lyrics

won't love you for the rest of my life But I'll ... bear the scars of the red-hot knife That history ... scorched into my hand. In the cities of glass they wear

Devendra Banhart - The thumbs touch too much (version 1) lyrics

little bee, think of me Here's four photographs Just ... My Miss Shipwreck sinks Yes she sings My Miss Pitchfork ... pinch Yes she pinch My Miss Sidewalk slips

Hagalaz' Runedance - The oath he swore one wintersday lyrics

Of a young man riding through the frozen woods In his eyes ... His village was burnt to the ground He storms forth, ... crying out his pain He is driven by his mothers last

My Dying Bride - The night he died lyrics

clasp her dying body to bloody mine The essential nature of her was ... so fine With torn garments she lays in my arms Womanly ... nothing at all Torn was she Shot down and strewn on

Devendra Banhart - The thumbs touch too much lyrics

little bee, think of me Here's four photographs, just ... My Miss Shipwreck sinks, yes she sings My Miss Pitchfork ... pinch, yes she pinch My Miss Sidewalk slips

Elegy - Savage grace lyrics

taken a path of no return, he develops a personality of ... into an art form. On the surface he portrays a person ... dark side hides calmly, until the moment of truth can appear.

Nasty Savage - Return of the savage lyrics

to claim his place in these grounds that he stalked when he was young Beowulf now ... fat and careless he lives off his king and grows ... lazy (solos) He arrives at midnight to feast

Bad English - Savage blue lyrics

I hold you in my gaze When there's nothing else to say I ... can still find you when you look away You can say ... yourself You belong to me The more you wanna run You can't

Miracle Of Sound - Tomb raider song - the savage side of me lyrics

the rain it sways in the old monsoon And the pain it ... preys on an open wound It's cold, it's cold, ... it's cold Gotta break the stranglehold I have sealed

2 Live Crew - Savage in the sack lyrics

and talk shit in high school when we was f***in' around ... ... Chorus (4x): Mr. Mixx and Brother Marquis Savage in the sack, ... baby It's like that from the front to the back, baby

Grand Magus - Savage tales lyrics

the savage son arrive striking terror ... on all sides He's been waiting all this time ... reign to come alive Bite he will do or die Fight to hold ... on, aim for the throne Bite he will burn their pride Rise

Balance Of Power (uk) - Savage tears lyrics

Of what gets you through the day Send all your senses far ... words You don't want to hear It's too late But it's ... How many times can one heart bleed Spread your golden

Judas Priest - Savage lyrics

gives you the right to come here and tell me I have to ... to me it's a kingdom Where (my) people are free there ... to roam Born with the stars we are happy and

Grave Digger - Rage of the savage beast lyrics

Beast is on the rampage Blood and gore he ... falls and daylight dies The Kingdom's down, there's no ... tomorrow Screams disturbs the night Ancient words of

Nick Lachey - Open your eyes lyrics

baby He told you he could be the man that I could ... never be He has a way at making promises ... that he can't keep He gets so angry when I try to ... at night I know you miss the way I used to hold your body

Blitzkrieg - Calming the savage beast lyrics

ain't no tale of Beauty and The Beast, All the weird things ... gather for the Great Cosmic Feast, The ... Beast has been a savage for times long enough, Man's

Iron Fire - Savage prophecy lyrics

rise with the wind And to carry on this ... flight A chance to be noble The brave tonight The task lies ... ahead For the chosen one to see Follow the ... path, a legend to be Savage prophecy Rise, rise, rise

Easy Rider - Savage rage lyrics

our sea of madness A place where nothing´s real The sound´s ... light Your time machine Savage rage! This is the power of ... music Savage rage! ´Cause that´s the way

Silent Edge - Savage symphony lyrics

no love no hand To silence the tears when they're falling ... out of this legacy Fear the rage in me Force me to hide the innocence of the secret ... inside Behind these eyes grief it sleeps

Slash - Beneath the savage sun lyrics

summer One I can't forget When you took the one thing All ... forever will remember Until the end of time If it takes ... will be mine This I know In the end But I wanted you to know

Astrovamps - Savage garden lyrics

I could I would escape From the savage garden (3x) For you ... I would escape From the savage garden But now there's you ... Damned by my race Who feels the pain The sun burns my vein

Jason Lancaster - The cause lyrics

everyone here can look up under the seat ... We've all been giving the gift but the gift's not for ... me If you open the box so everybody can see It ... we've all been clinging to the notion That our lives are

Lil' B - Open thunder eternal slumber lyrics

right now Riding on the freeway Passing Emeryville, ... to live, cause you living in the moment The past is the ... present, the gift is my performance I'm ... working for the future, cause I live in a

Enforcer - Scream of the savage lyrics

are walking Through the darkness In the misty ... morning lights Clear the smoke Rise from the ground ... tall with your fist in the air Kissed by the tongue

Nicoleta Dara - Open your eyes lyrics

up in the morning You are planning all ... Life, love, peace, money Open your eyes and you'll see that ... cries, someones leavin' Open your eyes and tell your

Harry Belafonte - The son of mary lyrics

Mary, open up the door Auntie Mary, open up the door Auntie Mary, open up the door What I did last night ... do no more Auntie Mary, open up the door Auntie Mary, open up the door Auntie Mary, open up the door What I did last

Lord - The chalkboard prophet lyrics

think we know the answers It’s there in black ... all to see Yet look beyond the madness Another truth, another world for you and me Show ... you open doors To use your mind and

Asphyx - The incarnation of lust lyrics

you insane put your mind open enter yourself discover the ... savage behind its mental shell Lust is our freedom, ... that we're still children when our spirits break

Destruction - Savage symphony of terror lyrics

It's eating me alive Into the pits of black A faithless ... driven infinity Welcome to the freak show! The symphony ... - is killing me... The symphony The savage

Masters Of Disguise - The enforcer lyrics

won't see him comin' He'll take you by surprise No ... A master of disguise See the fierce look in his eyes On ... all the crooks and villains He declared war Come what may, he's here to stay He enforces the law Enforce the law! He

Melodius Deite - The sun of aztec lyrics

the distance, it's never the discovery of the land of ... mystery within savage. Hide inside the New World ... there are rituals that sacrifice ... souls. People die, hear them cry; take their hearts to the Lord. Wail, hear them wail

Exciter - The dark command lyrics

the still of the night Innocence prevails ... are first to run To escape the madman, who'll kill till he's ... done Kill till he's done... DARK COMMAND DARK

Reba Mcentire - The christmas guest lyrics

called on an old friend. And they found his shop so meager and ... sitting with face a-shine When he suddenly stopped as he ... stitched a twine And he said "Old friends, at

Intruder - The sentence is death lyrics


Bright Eyes - The night before christmas lyrics

was the night before Christmas, when ... all through the house Not a creature was ... stirring, not even a mouse The stockings were hung by the ... St. Nicholas soon would be there The children were nestled,

Buck 65 - The floor lyrics

in a bowl And I would watch the forest burn and listen to the wind blow I can remember the ... table, the drapes, and the window The dark brown ... of all, I can remember my mother smiling Worn out and faded,

Celtic Woman - The call lyrics

in this life we hear Calling from somewhere ... Sometimes it's so softly there Sometimes it is in the ... sea Sometimes in the sky Sometimes it's in you

Clawfinger - The truth lyrics

the truth don't you dare lie to ... me I've seen it all before the way you disagree the way you ... always attack all the things that you say the way ... you turn your back and then you walk away shut your

Kenny Loggins - Too early for the sun lyrics

a kiss. And I have never held a girl like you, So close ... I love, I love you) You're too early for the sun, Too early ... for the moon, Too early for the rain, Coming down on me,

Daughtry - Open up your eyes lyrics

As a single tear falls from her eye Another cold day in ... December A year from the day she said goodbye Seems ... s only been a moment Since the angels took him from her arms

Amon Amarth - The sound of eight hooves lyrics

s running through the woods so black A loyal ... are barking down his back He's running for his life He ... words of love and peace These heathens had to be saved He thought that he could make them see Instead he was

Lord - The traveller lyrics

long ago in innocent times When all seemed clear and right ... of songs, a teller of tales The bringer of light But he ... was shunned Betrayed by the ones he once called his own

Malevolent Creation - The cardinal's law lyrics

Using religion abusing their faith to trap their ... adolescent paey Ignoring the signs to turn the other cheek ... predators' Preservation for the weak Faulting all others

Buldok - The down of the dusk lyrics

winter's calling, the black ravens will flap their ... wings, the Norns foretell a fate for my ... folk, pristine spirit in the abyss of eternity, the ... I see my country dying, the shadow of despair in my eyes,

Amanda Lear - The stud lyrics

s too young to die too old to cry if he talks of ... love people might laugh he's too lough for love too ... butch to cry he's a stud, a stud, a stud, a ... his motorbike speedin' on the road wind in his eyes

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