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The Ruins Of Athens (1st Movement) .. lyrics

Browse for The Ruins Of Athens (1st Movement) .. song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed The Ruins Of Athens (1st Movement) .. lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to The Ruins Of Athens (1st Movement) ...

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Auaesuve - The ruins of dissolution lyrics

side of spiritual calamity breathes in green disease that fatigues the ajna in all of awareness-accessible beings, clouding and shaping invisible mirrors that show you what you want to see, conjures ever-shifting entities that bend its image to will… Nothing seems real

Archeon - Ruins of life lyrics

in the darkest night I'm waiting for the Light Nightly colours slowly fading out Searching for the strings of light Coming from the bloody skies Elusive need of mind Awakened in the darkest night With death by my side Ruins of life Gather your migh

Borknagar - Ruins of the future lyrics

the ruins of the future I climbed to behold A distance so pale An existence so cold Resembling the views These angels of damnation As my mind came and flew Upon the ruins of future I stood to be told That the future will fail Upon the h

Frosttide - Ruins of defeat lyrics

gilded frames of a perfect nation Melt in flaming despair Fire burns and melt the structures That slammer embraced by fear Ember burns my feet Heat captures my body Cold sweat drains from my face We're under a siege in this place Stay together, we

Hecate Enthroned - Within the ruins of eden lyrics

of light, the ancients of dark night Transcending through the war of passions delight Feeding on the screams, a prelude to eternity's sigh Shading like the trees, the gods are on their knees How thouest darkness fills my dreams I cannot forget the touch of winters breath W

Shining - The claws of perdition lyrics

suicidal haze, unreal like a torturous dream Old stinging mental wounds, still raw and f***ing bleeding Drowning in the womb of misery, the mother of depression The slaughter of all hope, the grim death of compassion Sell your soul to evil; sell your soul to death

Jason Gray - The end of me lyrics

s okay, this is just the end Don't be afraid, this is where it begins, oh 'Cause everything here had to fall apart But in the ruins of a broken heart I found peace like a river to attend my soul hope running over when I let go I found joy that

Eluveitie - The dance of victory lyrics

most heinous con refuge of evil cloven tongues that speak of truth With false, specious words they sold what can't be bought Acherontic saints of holy sales. Damn bloody lies Burn me alive Silence! Those mouths are stuffed by truth Hark! At the ruins of the vile I will dance

Rhapsody Of Fire - The pride of the tyrant lyrics

into the fire I will have my sword He won one fight but not the total war Hurricanes will wipe out the dynasty of Kron The chains of steel can't hold the holy storm Sunshine is lighting the ruins of the ancient town the seven towers are screaming their pain so loud With my eagles

Bal-sagoth - The ghosts of angkor wat lyrics

Instrumental] [17 October: 1893] Such grim musings as have been occupying my mind of late unfortunately seem to suggest a possible link to the fate of my learned friend and colleague Doctor Ignatius Stone. That brilliant researcher was last seen in command of all his facul

Rough Silk - The end of infinity lyrics

brave vikings of Valhalla went out ridin´on the wind and Eric, the one-eyed chief of the posse, asked his horse for a peppermint "Who the underworld do you think you are ?" was all the stallion had to say, "I don´t get payed a

Stan Rogers - The wreck of the athens queen lyrics

were drinking down to Reedy's house When first we heard the blow It seemed to come from Ripper Rock So boldly forth to go And sure enough the rusty tub Could just be barely seen As her stern was high up in the air We made out Athens Queen O, the lovely Athens Queen

Aesma Daeva - The dawn of new athens lyrics

thought The new Athens. (instrumental

Aesma Daeva - The origin of the muse lyrics

sing of the muse I sing of the muse My oar strikes the sea I sing of the muse I sing of the muse My oar strikes the sea Christ Christ can't save me Christ Christ ran from me I'm facing the gods I'm facing the gods So let the myth begin

Dew-scented - Ruins of hope lyrics

visions, dead dreams in living forms To re-awake from retribution Forlorn defeat, all faith is sacrificed Too blind to see this misdirection Ruins of hope Incarnated lies Ruins of hope Mesmerized pride Disguised decline, the playground of all fear

My American Heart - The ruins we hold lyrics

m not sure if we're wrong or right Tell me do you know ? We've been cheated lied to and beaten to the ruins that we hold our hands together A hand full of empty answers Too many expectations Another fall from second chances But who am I to ask for th

Hanker - Ruins of generations lyrics

have been hiding in our mind, Oh! My... We have sinned thinking we were right We have been trashing all mankind, Oh! My... We have lived swearing things were fine Bridge: Lucky me! I'm alive! Can it be the world's crime? Chorus: Sin after sin We burn! Sin after sin W

Braveride - Ruins of disaster lyrics

bridges over the land icy blood in the depths of our hearts many have changed into their souls and not 'cause of our God see the traitors destroy our homes but the memories will live on Raging voices scream for war day and night all that say "burn them all" reb

Dreamtale - The end of our days [bonus track] lyrics

is nowhere to run, we are waiting for someone. Who could lead us away from this pain. All of the plants that we made, are failing as if in a play. When the stars align the right way, for the end of our days. There is no heaven or hell, and

Lothlöryen - Ruins of fantasy lyrics

then silent He's waiting Watching in darkness Seeking another reasons to dare Himself beyond the walls Almaren – just ruins of Fantasy And now He is going Alone in the dark beyond this time Makes his song To understand his dreams And just to try to keep The fl

Sig:ar:tyr - Among the ruins lyrics

we stand, at the shattered remains of a beautiful, ordered world that once was For when severed from the well-spring that breathes life into a people... a nation... And they whose thirst is slaked by the mirage of the modern world cause the well

Deeds Of Flesh - Amidst the ruins lyrics

have passed since the genesis Genesis of the great Virvum harvest Covert underground command centers have enabled use of satellites Transmissions from space disabled Technology with the use of pulse attacks Cozen pods now litter the Earths sky With remains of

Krypteria - At the gates of retribution lyrics

can’t hide the scars I wear from a once promising affair I should have never signed that deal, the wounds it caused won’t heal So be careful with desire, beware the tempting fire, it might be fatal Can I drive this message home and save a life from goin

Aesma Daeva - The sons of heaven lyrics

kind asked star light Man kind asked star light Those who heaven helps we call the sons of heaven They do not learn this by learning Those whom heaven helps we call the sons of heaven They do learn this by learning I will join the cursed on the

Arrayan Path - The fall of mardonius lyrics

time for battle has come For Greece to crash the Persians In Boeotia in 479 B.C. They formed alliances of mighty strength Of Sparta, Corinth, Megara, Athens The future of their descendants Lies upon their hands March, march with shields of steel Break the ene

Sacred Blood - The warrior's scion lyrics

2400 years ago, there ruled a warrior in the kingdom of Macedon cold and hard, like the Northlands of Hellas from whence he was spawned. The sun was setting on the splendor of Athens in those days... and the valor of Sparta was falling into ruin. Holy War was the word on all lips. Like

Arryan Path - The fall of mardonius lyrics

time for battle has come For Greece to crash the Persians In Boeotia in 479 B.C. They formed alliances of mighty strength Of Sparta, Corinth, Megara, Athens The future of their descendants Lies upon their hands March, march with shields of ste

Mekong Delta - "the 5th element" (le bateleur) // movement 2 lyrics

in slowmotion Disturbed by a silent cry I will never hurt 'Cause i'm that what they deserved I create what they should see, sense of my life I hope you see that's true, look in my eyes All that what seems to be, part of my art Who else should have this might, create this glorious

Hammerfall - On the edge of honour lyrics

by temptation into the underworld to absence of season and time Soldiers of Fortune, Soldiers of the Night back to back, ready to fight Enchanted gardens, where Evil slipped away through darkness, fire and rage Uncanny demons will dance upon your gr

Aesma Daeva - The camp of souls lyrics

white canoe, like the silvery air O'er the River of Death that darkly rolls When the moons of the world are round and fair, I paddle back from the 'Camp of Souls.' When the wishton-wish in the low swamp grieves Come the dark plumes of red 'Singing Leaves.' Two hundred times have th

After All - Ruins of bones lyrics

of actions A witness to your dreams We kill the young to feed the old Forgotten names the sadness Waking up at dawn Thinking everything is pure See the bottle hanging Almost empty just a drop Leave the flesh and use the bones To show off everythin

Heimdall - The song of sidgar and iselin lyrics

bridge] I give you this song - To celebrate the love, The sorrow, the courage - Of Sidgar and Iselin Silent alone amoung the ruins he stood - Looking toward the sky Waiting for a new sign to announce a different end - For the mercy of the good gods While the night was fadin

Sirenia - The enigma of life lyrics

speaks the silence It speaks in riddles to my mind And time keeps passing by As I walk tearful through this life Dreams pass by silently, I see them waving back at me All hope is long since gone, I guess it really never was there at all A mirage passed

Decapitated - The first damned lyrics

in the abyss on the ruins of my dreams My burnt world god treads on the cinders Envy and revenge two sisters I am their brother Is it my fault that I am a human being? I won't forget how the wind was blowing in your gardens I was your knight I was a traitor

Minsk - The shore of transcendence lyrics

the waxing through the waning. Amidst blackness a spark emerged. And we heaved death's branches upon the skyward flames. A haunting memory left as bile on the sand. Feeding this fire on shores of desire this blissful painful night. Winter's fangs may f

Shadows Fall - The taste of fear lyrics

to your seduction Open myself to sweet destruction Pray for your affection Still I welcome this rejection Tear it down Into ruins It comes around The taste of fear When I see your face it haunts me The cold embrace, decaying Surrounded

Jackson Browne - The times you've come lyrics

the time we've known That we each are a part of one another We've lost as much as we have won And as our lives have grown We have found that it only brings us pain That hangs on to the things that we have done Still I've loved the times you've come When you went away Tak

Heaven Shall Burn - The bombs of my saviours lyrics

years we hide in blackness, We have to sink into oblivion This agony of fear absorbs my thinking This anguish suffocates my souls I saw countless acts of treason Once this heart was filled with force and comfort But now there is nothing anymore

Manowar - The blood of my enemies lyrics

sons have I, and they Ride by my side. - The fierce, The black, and the wicked are their names - we ride down my enemies on their half-hearted flight. No voice of mercy - no evangels of light. Mighty messengers - heathens rage Witness

Becoming The Archetype - The war ender lyrics

spoke to the heart of darkness Let there be light Let there Let there BE LIGHT I Spoke. To. The. Heart of DARKNESS Let there Let there BE LIGHT I reached into the dead man’s chest And brought him back to LIFE Let there Let there BE LIGHT I AM THE SHOCK TO THE S

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - The skin of my yellow country teeth lyrics

the dogs had quit their barking "Son," my neighbor said to me "Know the emptiness of talking blue The same old sheep" Run, I'll do no more this walking Haunted by a past I just can't see anymore, anymore Well, let me tell you I never meant to let

Dan Fogelberg - The colors of eve lyrics

never looks And she never listens Her heart only knows what it feels And all that she is And all that she isn’t Her every movement reveals All her bright moods And all her dark tempers She’s never the way she appears She sometimes forgets And s

Grave Digger - The emperor's death lyrics

is bitter words fade away We´re dancing on waves high like a wall Into the mystery of life We´re leavin´ the twilight hall As slaves we were born as slaves we will die In the dust of Rome dead bodies lie Holy grounds we fight with our blood Til the last name is

Grave Digger - The grave dancer lyrics

see the people, living just a lie Searching for freedom, untill they die They live as cowards, they die as fools But after death is gone, I come to rule I haunt the ruins of your wretched mind You can't escape your tumbling blind [Choru

Immolation - The condemned lyrics

to this hallowed earth, where no life tastes the sun Amongst the ruins of mankind, the dark and I are one Flesh and blood just a memory, time's forgotten tome Dismal like the world above, where life is tortured still I lie here the condemned In the darkness

Keep Of Kalessin - The wealth of darkness lyrics

These ruins your palace These barren plains The kingdom you inherit Your shattered citadel Raised again Gargantuan The Wealth of Darkness Here he is rich The man who treasures torment A feast for scavangers and thieves alike These riches your crown This torment

Nox Aurea - The funeral of all lyrics

supremacy of divine Swept the cold forsaken universe The masses drowns in oceans of blood Empires falls, enclosing by ashes Human life descends into nothing And there was silence... I listen to the beautiful sound of a crying God in hopeless despair As tears of doom rain

Photophobia - Drowning in the memory of a cold embrace lyrics

is a weapon that inevitably strike us i laugh planning the end... who'll stand in defense of the hope? when the abyss'll have swallowed all the light who'll observe the decay when the ruins of the world'll have hidden everything... who could see the f

Ataräxia - The corals of aqaba lyrics

drink sips of pink never sated tactile blunder of light the movement calms down I bow my head and lay it down on the ground I saw too many colours now it's blue my steps bring me far-away in places that I visited in the dazzle of the sleep or during the long

Black Funeral - The one adorned in fire - geburah (asmodeus) .. lyrics

sphere of war and strife Bury the mace to the skull Spirit of the wounding spear Who is of conflict and chaos Asmodeus rise up in the spirit Against the weakened spirit of light Darkness and fire burn entwined together No longer faced with restriction Asmodeus, who dwells in t

Brother Ali - The travelers lyrics

Verse 1:] Shackles are heavy on the wrist Stacked like sardines, belly of a ship Live in your own piss and shit and being seasick Cracked across your back with a thick leather whip Salt water burns through your wounds Women are starving with bab

Eric Burdon - The vision of rassan lyrics

DEDICATION This is my, my dedication A song to a father, from one to another One to another, a brother to a brother Cast your mind back (ooh ooh ooh) to black Africa (ooh ooh ooh) Little wooden ships (ooh ooh ooh) crossing the ocean (ooh ooh ooh) Little wooden s

Carach Angren - The course of a spectral ship lyrics

of tears, months became years. Their mothers wept for many nights, Wondering if their sons died. Just when the grief Became permissive and brief Tales of a ghost ship were spread... The same vessel where their brood found death. A craft made of mist

Crimfall - The writ of sword lyrics

we truly claim that war isn't the heart unchained The will and the action performed in their purest form As reach of god's arm is always the blade of his followers This was and ever shall be the writ of the sword Hard is toll of life's decay, with

Crimson Moonlight - The echoes of thought lyrics

the wish of the thought to break through, break through every hindrance, like the soul longs to live for ever. The walking continues now slowly now fast It has always been bordered by feelings, hindrances and the plague of doubt. But what in this is recollection? What

Crystal Eyes - The rising lyrics

holy man has risen from ashes and dust A saviour with the mission: to turn fear into trust Pre Chorus: The forgotten land in the ruins of the storm can now be reborn and new minds can take form The fallen ones are rising again to follow the chosen one who will lead them to fr

Debauchery - The fall of gondolin lyrics

is on the way War is coming The north is in flames Balrog legions Fire dragons Thousands of orcs Gothmog killed In single combat By Ecthelion the great Woman raped Children tortured The wounded butchered The fall of Gondolin, Gondolin The city fi

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