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The Rock Remix lyrics

Browse for The Rock Remix song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed The Rock Remix lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to The Rock Remix.

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Jason Chen - The fighter (remix) lyrics

But you still reach for the sky It's like the whole ... all in your mind? It's the fear of failiing... against ... to survive But you know there's no easy way out Even

R. Kelly lyricsR. Kelly - The return remix lyrics

E. Fresh)] Yo, this Tone the referee, knawhatimean? And I ... y'all some history We got the best of both worlds And I ... got the Get Fresh Crew Doug Fresh!

Satyrian (danse Macabre) - The dark gift (the lygophilia remix) remix by.. lyrics

are like mourners when they stand and cry At open grave ... what could I do to stand the tide? Darkness pressed the ... shimmering veil, To the black it starts to rend. I

Konshens - The realest remix feat bounty killer lyrics

song Dis is a prayer to the father Guide my steps as yuh ... mi a call pon di strength of the father To help mi fi work fi ... me yeah [Verse 1:] Well father Di strength that mi woulda

Ancient - The draining (remix) lyrics

turbulent dreams? Disrupting the sanity of slumber, the vile ... and wretched creature from the astral realm stands right ... your alarmed soul, as ethereal tentacles penetrate the

Different Heaven - The girl (remix) lyrics

bone She’s a whistle in the catacombs A paradox. ... He’s in love with the statue in a marble block. ... He’s in love with the girl that time forgot. She

Aesthetic Perfection - The devil's in the details (remix by :sitd:) lyrics

deplorable What would your mother think? No disguise can hide ... Just hope you're ready cuz the devil thinks that you're the ... 12x Down low In a hole The fear won't stop the sound No

Demon Hunter - The last one alive (the face remix) lyrics

Does anyone still hope to set their eyes beyond this place? ... reigns, where time dissolves the brightest flame. Wherether ... I'm the last one alive, or ascend

Drake lyricsDrake - The resistance remix(feat termanology) lyrics

well I said that we can kiss the past goodbye But you weren't ... excited, there's no way to fight it You ... Termanology... uh They call me one thing, but they

Ja Rule - The pledge (remix) lyrics

Ash] There's no me [Nas] In the beginnin, it was me (blastin) ... Nas] My enemies want sorta the same respect I was born with ... on my chest it's permanent The rap Albert Anastasia; you

Wyclef Jean - The gambler remix lyrics

Jean] Yo I'm happy to be in the South To set off my tour in the countryside But who better ... this Kenny Rogers chillin on the country side With men like

George Jones - The rock lyrics

you wake up in the mornin' and you wonder Why ... lay And you think you hear the sound of distant thunder ... Well, that's just your old rock (just your old rock) a

Josh Ritter - The remnant (remix) lyrics

caught your trail as you left the pines Out into the fields ... Just a thin stitch up against the rising line And up through the blue I knew the stars were

Metatrone - The rock lyrics

in the Rock My soul is resting forever ... Forever Rock of Hope Only in the Rock My ... is resting forever Forever Rock of Hope You’re watching me ... day You give me quiteness The safest shore in the seastorm

Gordon Lightfoot - The soul is the rock lyrics

soul is the rock and the rock will not be moved Nothing is ... yet nothing is disproved And the seeds of the earth that were ... yield a better harvest than the rock was prone to grow Say

Chapin Harry - The rock lyrics

a start And he ran to his mother, the fear dark in his heart ... And he told her of the vision that he was sure he'd ... child-- Everybody knows the rock leans over the town

Blink 182 lyricsBlink 182 - The rock show lyrics

out behind the club on the weekends Acting stupid, ... friends I couldn't wait for the summer and the Warped Tour I ... rememeber that it's the first time that I saw her there She's getting kicked out

Tracy Lawrence - The rock lyrics

Savanna, spring of 1844 They drove the last nail in and ... opened up the doors Jedediah Moore was the ... here and buried here When the Yankees took his life I've

Joshua Radin - The rock and the tide lyrics

a mountain, see an ocean, see the years that bring Rock and ... tide together Settle down I said to ... be better Everyone gets what they want too fast, these days

Audiovision - The rock of my soul lyrics

I say? It's hard to find The middle link Evil is up ... sing It's time to seize the day Before it is too late ... Ah-ah-ah! You are the Rock of My Soul! You have it all

Rebecca St. James - The rock medley lyrics

power of God, The power of God. Chorus The ... a mighty force, That breaks the strength of the enemy, The ... a mighty force, That breaks the strength of the enemy. His

Kriss Kross - Tonight's the night (remix) lyrics

Kross Redman remix [Redman] No one can do this ... better than me Uh rock on [Redman] Funk Docta Spock ... your block on lock Redman in the house one time Tear the

Sean Paul - Gimmie the light remix ftbusta rhymes lyrics

[Busta Rhymes] Pass me the blow torch let me light up ... (Busta Rhymes):] Just gimme the light and pass the dro! Buss ... Buss anotha bokkle a moe (Remix, remix, remix) Gal dem lookin

Far East Movement - Live my life party rock remix lyrics

ya, yeah Pa-party Rock Red-RedFoo remix I'm ... me get that (Get your ass on the floor) Oh,oh,oh,oh my dirty ... me get that (Get your ass on the floor) I'm gonna live my

Keri Hilson - Girl pretty rock (remix) lyrics

Hilson] I can do the pretty girl rock rock Rock ... to the pretty girl rock rock rock Now what's your name? My ... Mad cause I'm cuter than the girl that's with ya I ain't

Serj Tankian lyricsSerj Tankian - "reconstructive demostrations" [rock remix] lyrics

women cry when walls retire They say that men die when laws ... how to speak) Why, confess the final blow Teach us how to ... grow Teach us how to speak the language of your only dreams

Puff Daddy - What's the 411 (remix) lyrics

it's a party going on Oh it's the remix Check it, yeah ... We gonna get kinda funky I am the Puff Daddy And I'm rolling ... ] [Biggie] Hey yo, what's the 411, hun (What's the 411, hun

Redman - The points (d.j. u-neek's remix) lyrics

DJ U-Neek:] From the east coast followers, to the ... U-Neek and Violator presents The ghetto's top dawgs [laughing ... Get ya roll on [Verse 1: The Notorious B.I.G.] I went

Serj Tankian lyricsSerj Tankian - Serj tankian gate 21 rock remix lyrics

bring You bring me along The pain that you give It gives ... That our love will survive The pain that you bring It ... ........ Goodbye......... The design, we broke the mold The dreams when you see That

Becky G - Problem (the monster remix) ft. lyrics

yeah Becky G, the monster remix I’m a monster, I’m a m ... to tell me, I already know They all want me Yo, I run ... my mama don’t care yup To the top, I’ma take it to the

Puff Daddy - Pe 2000 (rock remix) lyrics

Daddy] One, two, one, two and the place to be As it is plain to ... see I am the crushed proven The body movin, the record ... breakin, and the record makin Yeah One, two,

House Of Pain - Jump around (pete rock remix) lyrics

me that's a sin I won't tear the sack up Punk you'd better ... back up Try and play the role and the whole crew will ... your hands up If you've got the feeling jump across the

Chiddy Bang - Dancing with the dj remix lyrics

(THE KNOCKS SAMPLE): We don’t ... don’t care We don’t care if the sun comes up We don’t care ... if the sun comes up We don’t care ... if the sun comes up Cause you know

Drake lyricsDrake - Man of the year remix (feat. lil wayne) lyrics

walked in here Lookin' like the mothaf***in' man of the year ... Think I had the mothaf***in' plan of the year ... And my niggas get whatever they require These rappers old,

Lil' Scrappy - Money in the bank (remix) lyrics

Scrappy & 50 Cent] Remixxx,We Gotta Lotta Money,Come ... [Chorus x4:] I Got Money In The Bank (Yea) Shawty What You ... Reigns All Over A Nigga And The Only Way I Can Get Away Is

Satyrian (danse Macabre) - Fall from grace (the fallen remix) remix by Ö.. lyrics

yet his soul has come From the death god's kiss that never ... wakes. Fell from heaven of the soulless saints. As the ... ray, He had stolen from the light of thee... Fall from

Puff Daddy - Been around the world (remix) lyrics

bit Yeah kid, Harlem on the rise Yeah, turn me up a ... uh-huh Yeah kid, Harlem on the rise This the remix '98 And ... Uh-huh, uh-huh) I been around the world (Uh-huh, uh-huh) | I

Crossfaith - Kill 'em all (the qemists remix) lyrics

us tonight) Don't need another imitation Get out of my way ... me You're a fake and I'm in the fast lane Left you all out ... it tonight Never gonna see them again Attack, attack and

Kdrew - Signals (dave all the rave remix) lyrics

a signal, Show me your sign, the damage are not fold And then ... To find a way throw it on the other side Just give me a ... or would you leave to another place? Before I overload,

King Dylan - Never walked on the moon (remix) lyrics

for treasures or Travelled the world for salt & pepper ... never even visited the poorest regions I've never ... believe this I Do it for the girl I adore, my sweetness

Electro - Lost in paradise (the ninetys remix) lyrics

I open up my eyes I can see the storm, I can see the sky I ... can see the darkness, flashing lights ... I open up my eyes I can see the storm, I can see the sky I

Future lyricsFuture - Turn on the lights (remix) (feat. lil wayne) lyrics

her I’m lookin’ for her (Remix) I’m lookin’ for her Yeah ... 1 - Future] Is that her in the VIP line? With the Vuitton ... don’t want her cause she from the corner And I heard that

Clean Bandit lyricsClean Bandit - Rather be (the magician remix) lyrics

Edition Bonus Track] Rather be... If you gave me a ... would take it It's a shot in the dark but I'll make it Know ... shame me When I am with you, there's no place I'd rather be N

Javier Colon - Dance for me (the reggaeton remix) lyrics

Winding, Keeping Until Then Girl If I Keep Playing Will ... Twist Of Your Waist Makes The Chord That I Play Like You ... When We Take This To The Crib Let The Music Take Your

Lykke Li - I follow rivers (the magician remix) lyrics

I ask you, wanna always Be the ocean, where I unravel Be ... my only, be the water where I'm wading You ... you Heed a message, I'm the runner He's the rebel, I'm the daughter waiting for you You

Good Charlotte - Predictable (stress the whiteboy remix) lyrics

feel it again This isn't the first time That you left me ... broken promises And all the time you stole 'Cause I am ... time I try to fall in love They all want to know why I'm so

Ill Niño - What comes around (day of the dead remix) lyrics

you You think that I'm the one to blame Everything I ... lose is just a piece of what there is to gain You think it's ... cool and all is fine Now is the day when you pay, this is my

Kirsty Hawkshaw - Reasons to forgive (the blizzard remix) lyrics

Somebody out there likes me I can see it in ... shine. And I’ve glanced over the precipices Presence pulls me ... back. And all the good in me Is finally set

Kirsty Hawkshaw Meets Tenishia - Reasons to forgive (the blizzard remix) lyrics

out there likes me I can see it in ... And I've glanced over the precipes Presence pulled me ... back And all the good in me Is finally set ... despair Somebody out there knows me You reflect it in

Sarah Mclachlan - Possession (rabbit in the moon remix) lyrics

and I would, and I would be the one And I would, and I would ... and I would be the one To hold you down And I ... and I would, and I would be the one And I would, and I would

Britney Spears lyricsBritney Spears - (you drive me) crazy (the stop remix) lyrics

Baby, you spin me around oh The earth is movin, but I can't ... feel the ground Every time you look ... you're so into me That i'm the only, one you will see Tell

Ac Dc - Rock 'n' roll ain't noise pollution lyrics

men Throw away your fancy clothes And while you're out sittin ... and come down here 'Cause rock 'n' roll ain't no riddle man ... got vibrations comin' up from the floor We're just listenin'

The Cataracs - Roll the dice remix lyrics

like a mandarin Drop all the shit I'm handlin' And f*** ... as f*** Stuck but I'm on the go We should ..., girl ... Flip that shit 'till we're on the floor Come take that chance

Fabolous - Let me be the one (remix) lyrics

talking bout Intercourse, in the Porsche Makin ya scream ... How I bend you 'cross, the dash board And give you ... get lost And come holla at the Fa-Bo-Lo-Us (Prestige)

Grave - Epos (risen from the tomb remix) lyrics

in my journey of death These shattered souls of loss ... Guiding the trail of forgotten past As their moaning chants arise ... to arise I proceed down the river of blood My dead heart

La Roux - In for the kill (remix) lyrics

fires We get ever so hot Whether we like it or not They say ... Chorus x2:] I’m going in for the kill I’m doing it for a ... I’ma go hard I mean whats the point if it aint no scars a

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