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Xxxtentacion lyricsXxxtentacion - ​the remedy for a broken heart (why am i so i.. lyrics

My brain can't fathom what the hate say He say, she say, ... how 'bout me say? Get the Vis-a, had to tell the others ... wrist? That's a AP I'm the type to save a bitch, C-A-P-E

It Dies Today - The requiem for broken hearts lyrics

will be my last good-bye Before I leave you with your ... leave your lips soaked with the remnants of a love Held ... together by deception, as death is ... in your heartless name The detriment is much too

Authority Zero - The remedy lyrics

We are singing, searchin’ for solution We are hearing, ... I think it’s safe to say The world’s gone crazy (I think I ... got the remedy!) I swear the world’s gone crazy (I think I

Professor Green - Remedy (feat ruth anne) lyrics

sell it by the bottle Oh I'll make it last ... t worry 'bout tomorrow I got the remedy Oh, we let it go So ... you come sit next to me I got the remedy Oh, you never know

Blake Lewis - The remedy lyrics

is a remedy... You're runnin' from, ... to me We fell apart, and then just let it be I know... ... let me hear you say the words I need tonight-ight ... ight, need tonight-ight-ight The sound could save our life, if

Artist Vs. Poet - The remedy lyrics

'Cause I want it all Through the good and The bad and the ... I would like to be Your remedy believe in me I remember the day that we stood in the rain

Puscifer - The remedy lyrics

home, our rules, respect them or Bitches receive stitches ... Stick around if you're housebroken Can't hold your shit, hold ... isolators, no one misses these Bitches receive stitches

Jason Mraz - The remedy (i won't worry) lyrics

I saw fireworks from the freeway And behind closed ... eyes I cannot make them go away 'cause you were ... born on the 4th of July (freedom ring) ... Well something on the surface it stings I said

Abandoned Pools - The remedy lyrics

Blows away your name Then you can be the remedy And ... I can be the enemy And he can go and ... live as nothing They you can be the wanna be ... And I can be the remedy And he can go to hell for

Mallory Knox - The remedy lyrics

you feel it on the top of your lungs? Can you ... your skin? And itching at the back of your throat waiting for our love to begin? ... up with doubt Tried to let the love in Bottled up her

Common - The remedy lyrics

we always are Trying To put the blame on something else rather than sometimes looking at ... recognizing a lot of the stuff that happens, sometimes ... it has to do With other things...but if we look

She Wants Revenge - Broken promises for broken hearts lyrics

my love cause its over At the tip of my tongue is the price ... to be easy to see That there'd be torn up photos and ... sex and a brand new start Broken promises for broken hearts

Hammerfall - The templar flame lyrics

me mad Out of control The system mounted on the wall For every soul there's no way out ... world where nothing lives The walls are caving in, life's a

Lee Ann Womack - The king of broken hearts lyrics

King of Broken Hearts doesn't ask much from ... And he has quite a few of them They know he will ... understand That's just the way it goes The King of Broken Hearts doesn't know he's a

Don Mclean - The pattern is broken lyrics

pattern is broken, the pieces don't fit. Pull them ... apart and move them a bit. See what you've made ... and see who you are. The plans that you've laid can go

Tony Bennett - "the boulevard of broken dreams lyrics

walk along the street of sorrow - The ... boulevard of broken dreams - Where Gigolo and ... kiss without regret - and so forget their broken dreams. ... Gigolette wake up to find their eyes are wet with tears

Dark Tranquillity - For broken words lyrics

is left What's abandoned as the life flew by Our words are ... to sacrifice Betrayal of the code Thrust into nothingness ... no lie Our words are broken Our subconscious bias

Altar Of Oblivion - The graveyard of broken dreams lyrics

back beneath the grave hate Heading for the ... resting place Searching for clarity In the graveyard of broken dreams Insulated and ... of tombs Bracing my life for yet a fire Enjoying the

Ricky Nelson - The silence is broken lyrics

t all we thought it'd be A fortune made - when we betrayed The faith we'd placed in our ... cells Separately suffering for our sins Well, the seasons ... changed - but the chill remains A karmic debt

Evans Blue - The world as broken lyrics

are the venomous Empty brilliance I ... I am defenseless, hardly broken I am irrelevant with what I ... beneath my sin (Just to keep the surface from caving in)

Chuck Ragan - For broken ears lyrics

are the ones who carry their guns To the far away lands ... with the blackened suns From the smoke and narrow minds The ... come around When the word named free burns to the

Devil You Know - "for the dead and broken" lyrics

you see me, through the smoke and the fear ... simple choice From within the light a greater darkness ... tortured days I'm living for the dead and broken And

The Do - The bridge is broken lyrics

don’t stand in my way The bridge is broken Boy you ... Your worn out shoes Go fetch the cobbler It’s all your fault ... Go fetch the cobbler! To fix the bruise

Moby lyricsMoby - The sky is broken lyrics

the storm is broken in the middle of the night nothing ... left here for me it's washed away the ... rain pushes the buildings aside the sky ... turns black the sky wash it far push it out

For Today - The advocate lyrics

the ones with broken dreams, and to the lost and ... hopeless. To the ones ashamed of what was lost ... to the world: Come meet your King! ... Let the generation of the broken-hearted be restored. Come

Sinister Realm - The circle is broken lyrics

cold depths of sorrow I feel the cruel hand of fate Remember ... that were spoken amongst the the violence and hate Now that ... the circle is broken set me free I hear their

Domine - The battle for the great silver sword lyrics

I) The Dawn Of Steel] ... [instrumental] [II) The Pipes Of War] This is The ... Story for centuries untold On a misty ... morning at the break of dawn Out of the

Fear, And Loathing In Las Vegas - The answer for unequal world lyrics

faith? Missing parts and broken heart inside me Did it go ... man Wooow Don’t let them trick you Do not get fooled ... Wooow Seek for honesty Pointing secretly

Jon Foreman - The cure for pain lyrics

it always goes downhill Why broken cisterns never could stay ... singing gravity away But the water keeps on falling from the sky And here tonight while

Broken Hope - The flesh mechanic lyrics

writhe in the flesh, as I work in it deep, ... Grim is the labor for my macabre and creative ... dreams, I remake the dead until I'm hellishly ... my morbid imagination. These are the tales of the flesh

Phora - The one for you lyrics

regret the things that I've done to you ... you I never stopped feeling the love for you I just stopped ... being the one for you Yeah, the love I have for you is irreplaceable, yeah I

Grandaddy - The go in the go-for-it lyrics

talk, it got so loud The songs cut out Well that's ... when I'd had enough Of all their talk and stuff I had to ... Is wind blowing through the leaves My head they tried

Blind Guardian lyricsBlind Guardian - The quest for tanelorn lyrics

he stands And he's waiting for me To enter Tanelorn His ... paths seems strange But they're always planned Seldom he ... king or God Who's searching for A place called Tanelorn Far

Mewithoutyou - The cure for pain lyrics

cure for pain is in the pain, so it's there that you ... ll find me. Until again I forget, and again he reminds me, ... quot;Whatever I was searching for, it was never you," she

Anti-flag - The project for a new american century lyrics

believe! Will you stand up for democracy? or a New American ... Will you make a stand for human dignity? Or never ... - a world catastrophe They've got a war plan that

Anti-flag - The project for a new american century (live) lyrics

believe! Will you stand up for democracy? or a New ... Will you make a stand for human dignity? Or never ... - a world catastrophe They've got a war plan that

Big Boss - The song for satan lyrics

Satan, you ruler of the world my love for you is ... in my heart that is yours forever when you visit me at ... glare like fire-flies In the name of yours I coursed cathedrals and churches Lucifer

Delirious? - The crucible for silver lyrics

crucible for silver And the furnace for gold But the ... Lord tests the heart of this child Standing ... purity God, out passion is for Holiness Lead us to the

Mumford & Sons - The enemy (for wuthering heights) lyrics

truth be told But I am not the enemy It isn't me, the enemy ... no hope In solitude And the world will follow To the

Neaera - The need for pain lyrics

curse the inner demons Condemn all ... demons Don't try to kill them away Make use of your ... us if we were complete? The desire anchored inside Is ... you simply cannot tame The need for pain Sometimes you

Waltari lyricsWaltari - The struggle for life and death of 'knowledge.. lyrics

desperate struggle for life and death of &quot ... Why... ...I will die! The Angel doesn't seem to feel ... sorry at all. [The Angel: ] Ave Maria! Ave

Arven - The one for me lyrics

ve been looking for you all my life I've been ... by you I've been walking the streets Looking into every ... stranger's eyes Waiting for a sign, for a tiny spark to

Lucid Dreaming - The quest for the white pig lyrics

Riders of evil, the Horned King's men Gurgi tell ... A white pig that's roaming the woods of these lands We must ... crave instead Taran: The quest for the white pig, it

Nivea - The one for me lyrics

this fly guy we caught each others eye By then I knew that ... that it was love Cant help the feelin that we're feeln it ... minute holdin hands, I got the perfect man Brought so much

Neil Sedaka - The girl for me lyrics

way you hold me tight The way you kiss goodnight And ... Oh, so special You're the girl for me The way you ... fix your hair The way you choose your clothes

Alghazanth - The herald for reason lyrics

moulded this body Thus, to the lower spheres I may descend ... To manifest myself before thee The rays of illumination ... Like spears I cast through thee By the burning Eye, re

Between The Buried And Me - The need for repetition lyrics

stretch that child... drag them through your dreams of lust. ... .. Raise the skirt... stroke the thigh... leech!! This blood ... never clot. It pours down the chin of every child, every

Black Country Communion - The battle for hadrian's wall lyrics

Monks and Thieves all share the air we Breathe Smoke, swords ... fire, brave mans true desire For Free men must fight tonight ... all In the glory of war We sit in

Gloria Gaynor - The reason for the season lyrics

Jesus Is The Reason For The Season...It's A Happy ... .. At Christmas Celebrate The Gift Of Freedom...That He ... Us From Above Verse 1 For It's A Time For Sharing Fun

Gorguts - The quest for equilibrium lyrics

s warrior-kings built one of the mightiest nations of ... antiquity. by the seventh century B.C. King ... through terror Maintained the growth of my empire Pain

Joe - The one for me lyrics

getting funky now This is another black hand smash Yup yup you ... like this Baby You're the one for me Baby you've got me ... I knew it right away With you for a lifetime Is where I want to

The Kills - The search for cherry red lyrics

every car that passes me on the street I search for the ... particular face The lipstick trembles under ... boomlights The lipstick my own brothers only ... trace Was the birthday birthday ashtray

Tim Minchin - The song for phil daoust lyrics

is a song for Phil Daoust: occasional ... ever mentioned your name, or the review that you wrote, when I ... new to this game. But now the time has come, I think I've

Pastore - The price for the human sins lyrics

m Ready to Strike Against The Power Is Mine Devotion Is ... and Liars Try to Break the Silence Try to Break the ... Walls The Reason, They Can't See I Dream of a Land

Marilyn Manson lyricsMarilyn Manson - The suck for your solution lyrics

died Automatic charisma For your chemical mind I'll ... suffer for you I'll suffer for you You're kissing me like ... me hate you today I can be the one that you believe in I

God Dethroned - The crown for the morbid lyrics

me I am the crown for the morbid The fire in the eyes ... of the rabid I am the hate inside the psychotic ... And the fear consuming the phobic I seek to overthrow

Helloween lyricsHelloween - The king for a 1000 years lyrics

[Lector (in howling wind)] Forgotten in his reich of shadows ... Banned forever One thought The lord ... of the evil Was given name and ... place of the seventh see Shelter of the

Helloween lyricsHelloween - The king for a 1000 years - live lyrics

his reich of shadows Banned forever One thought The lord of ... Was given name and place of the seventh see Shelter of the ... key Who was betraitous (the traitous) ? I guess You know

Alexia - The one for me lyrics

I really need you to feel the same way too Oh baby, baby, ... so blue (baby, baby you’re the one for me) I close my eyes ... and I know you’re the one for me Do you really know what

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