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Scar Symmetry - The path of least resistance lyrics

path of choice optimal The labyrinth unsolved Haunting the complex of these halls ... Adrift upon the massive waves This ... maze Suddenly returning to the haze Guiding star shine

Metal Inquisitor - The path of the righteous man lyrics

time of frozen will The sign of poisoned skill The curse of ... evil men trough the valley of the darkness No rest for evil ... inside No rest for the devil beside To restrained

Ancient Desire - The path of the dreams lyrics

deep forest /- where the way is/ leading us? Unknown ... us!(us) In own line end of the whole dusty road, but it is ... - dark and treacherous the path of the dreams... Fated the path of the dreams! Old dark

Lake Of Tears - The path of the gods upon the highest mountai.. lyrics

still dream of the mountains, where I used to be ... a king King of all outer realms, how I wish ... for a long time Waited for the king to return, I have ... something to show you Upon the highest mountain, way up by the horizon Lies an ancient path

Messenger - The path of science lyrics

the world below A universe of particles Now glance at the ... stars Their life is a flow Deep in ... our blood We found the crown of technology Key to wealth

Operadyse - The path of divine lyrics

of Aria Cradle of dark elves Hear the whispers ... of old trees They know the secret of the fear When the old land of elves rise His ... magic rivers shine And the nymphs are waiting for All the flowers a new dance now And the woods sing A song who never

Baptism - The path of new era lyrics

Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not ...

Dark Quarterer - The path of life lyrics

your first life, a world of love Sorrounded by the ... starts No one can describe the path to take And no one will ... you to understand During the first steps she'll hold your

Human League - The path of least resistance lyrics

with the choice What would you say? The path of least resistance It ... seems the only way But can we look a ... little further? Too little far I think ... Self-belief's the answer And not another drink

Killus - The path of the forgotten lyrics

so intense that i feel the weight Something so intense ... inside of me Manipulated by an ... thinking and imagining In the careless world where we live ... You're a prisoner, it's the path of the forgotten Now I have

2 Wolves - The path of misery lyrics

be next to me. Walk to the end of the path you have ... Pointless to try to change the direction. Wind blows ... through the wings. So weakly. So ... a life-long tragedy. In the middle of a pouring rain.

Sarah Mclachlan - The path of thorns lyrics

to tell me In your voice there was something wrong But if ... re so strong Just let me ask of you one small thing As we ... long Now are scattered on the wind... [CHORUS] In the

Beyond Twilight - The path of darkness lyrics

is my intention I smell the gasoline I smell the fire I ... my mentor I've seen me set the light This is the mentor I ... cold on this ride This is the centre Smell the gasoline

Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio - Rituals of love in the passage of genocide, s.. lyrics

connection, seeing that the outburst of war extends the ... amplitude and variation of se**** activity amongst the ... shall rise against sister; Brother shall rise against brother

Gloria Estefan - Path of the right love lyrics

love, love, love, love Say the word so very loosely Where ... You never look back 'cause there's nothing there to see ... Just look around you There's always someone that's in

Intense (uk) - Path of the dark lyrics

calls you to decision time The one power do you control ... senses fold Since your birth they've await Search the skies; ... one star seals your fate Their priority is only you

Abysmal Dawn - Walk the path of fire lyrics

but were doomed right from the start The yearning, wanting ... comes with beating hearts The path is shown and now we ... and burn Choose to walk the path of fire and return With

Demons And Wizards - Path of glory lyrics

aahah... For ages now I've often faced the fear It's hard ... s beyond this life I know the secrets are within me ... Wonderin' In a world of broken dreams Depressed and

Jack Starr's Burning Starr - Path of destruction lyrics


Redemption - Path of the whirlwind lyrics

as I'm falling away further each day Slipping into the ... black In the path of the whirlwind No way back, no ... Pain engulfs me, I shut it off and focus, but I'm helpless

Pathology - Path of the divine lyrics

forth consciousness and dark The smoke will hide the light of the serpent And from the central ... realm we spread the seed Wisdom we now gain the ... prophesies And the Karma will be felt The enter

Semlah - Path of a waning moon lyrics

falls, the daylight dying Like a ... I am drowning in its wake The black cloaks came too soon I ... follow the path of a waning moon The ... shattered glass Starlit like the eyes of beasts Is there a

Benediction - Path of the serpent lyrics

destiny lies Underworld of Elysium exempt on my demise ... Father leaders leech to your mind ... Fiercely branded on the soul [Chorus :] Truth ... stands alone Roots in the path of the serpent Lies a

Down - The path lyrics

.. to the path of the righteous Crawling... to you ... to you again Crawling... up then down a mountain Crawling... ... then up again, then up again Could you ever

Paradox - Path of denial lyrics

saw it any other way - for him it was the ... truth He learned it early: the method of denying When ... accused - the easiest to say was "no ... not me" Pointing the finger at somebody else Was

Noctem - In the path of heleim lyrics

response can only embrace the silence The monoliths are ... illuminated under the thin moonlight The prayers ... were flooding the temple Already can't feel the breeze of the night yet You

Satyricon - Walk the path of sorrow lyrics

the Devoid of Sorrow The Air and my Heart full of ... Luster Behind the Mountains Blasphemy to the ... Talk We can once again walk the Path of Sorrow Let the Turn

Limbonic Art - Path of ice lyrics

your darkened secrets Feel the burning flame inside Admit the ecstacy of the extreme Just ... close the eyes and enjoy the override When we adrift ... through the sensual streams The enchanted pains are so divine

Blood Red Throne - Path of flesh lyrics

my prey at night I have the look of death in my eye I ... closing in on death Taste the blood of the dead I lay ... you down on the ground I strip you to the

Primalfrost - Path of the sky lyrics

I step out of my house of darkness I can see what the ... sky has to offer I have lived too long now ... s here I can see and feel the atmosphere Surrounding me

Angtoria - A child that walks in the path of a man lyrics

could walk? Seems you place the blame on our demise Did my ... my judgement? Your world of lies, I knew the truth! So ... me! Move on, your better off without me!' Did you try

Marilyn Manson lyricsMarilyn Manson - Overneath the path of misery lyrics

I never thought you'd see the asphalt Crack, crack, crack ... say I never warned you from the start Don't ever say I never ... warned you from the start You're not a shovel

Ceremonial Castings - The ghost of alice lyrics

Alice The Night Awaits! My Sweet ... Alice, The Age Of Seven Taken From Her Life, ... Tonight I Kill For Alice The Path Of Death I Pave Tonight ... So She May Bring Flowers Upon Their Graves The Prayers Of

Dark Moor - The sound of the blade lyrics

clouds in the sky aglow Darken my shield of victory Is my fate doomed ... hell on earth? A shift in the wind guides me to to home I ... stare in the mirror now Who is that

Demon Hunter - The wrath of god lyrics

at the voice inside Dig a deeper ... tomb and all the self can finally resonate, ... resonate, resonate Tread on the path of pride You can be the ... god and let the faith become your enemy,

Hate Eternal - The art of redemption lyrics

Bold, I must revel in the obliteration of the monotheist, so called mighty lord ... Crush all man, burn down the temple of hope Persecution of all your saint's ideals

Blut Aus Nord - On the path of wolf... towards dwarfhill lyrics

day in our ancient land of wisdom With Ath as guide, ... prince of messenger in the sky Arrived in a blackened ... place lightened by hundreds of wolves eyes Ath, the

Hour Of Penance - The seas of light lyrics

the flask observe the flame turning black ... Transmutation from the fire Burn the seal upon thee ... smell the skin ablaze Deteriorate old ... with nails No reaction from the flesh Ichor seeps in me, a

Hate Eternal - The fire of resurrection lyrics

strong May thy flame scorch the skies I am the winds that ... waves that ever flow I am the sun that sets Upon the vast ... horizon May the skies open upon your command

Helloween lyricsHelloween - The madness of the crowds lyrics

Blind he who follows the path of vows Deaf he who ... tolerates words of deception But they who ... fathom the truth bellow Shout! Shout!The madness of the crowds hail

Qantice - The gest of nekroxyter lyrics

deep Potentiality Beyond the path of the whispers Where ... a cell puzzle Among the misshapen creatures You're ... just another grotesque Beware of the

Angeldark - The mastery of pain lyrics

over your cheek As winds off shore caressed your hair I ... knew the mastery of pain Like the cold snow ... shelters the evergreen leaves Just before ... for evermore But don't fear the night The essence never dies

Axel Rudi Pell lyricsAxel Rudi Pell - The end of our time lyrics

our way to nowhere behind the black sun We're passing by the old horizon Coming close to the edge, when we realize There ... s a hole in the sky, the world has gone Written and

Darkane - The killing of i lyrics

for a change to come Indulge the life of others Personal ... conclusion zero Turn to the depths inside horrid waste ... this mental cage Is this the end? Is this the last human

Luna Obscura - The burden of solitude lyrics

souls we're lying on the ground Tears of the secrets ... Shall we ever feel again the warmth of sun At the end of ... our dreams Velvet are the thorns that making us to

Pungent Stench - The convent of sin lyrics

is the convent of sin The clerics are touching the skin ... Of the novices salivating with the ... goatish and horny indeed The spirit is willing but the ... bon appetite Harassment is the norm Fornication at the

Runemagick - The call of the tombs lyrics

hear the call of tombs They whisper my name at nights Their bells tolls for my soul ... Reap me away from the human light Enter the gate of darkness On the path of

Sigh - The curse of izanagi lyrics

refuse to follow the path of the righteous As I believe in the power of Izanagi Forbidden ... will last for eternity The word is death, your own death

Sinister - The sin of sodomy lyrics

sin of sodomy Imprisoned and ruined ... Defend the honor of his master The seventh ... and broke Indulging in the pleasures of both The sin of sodomy A righteous lobotomy

Path Of Golconda - Serpent gate lyrics

behold the storm is brewing Leaving ... While you shall never reach the serpent gate You try to ... blind So far behind The Path of Stars Lo! The ocean

Lycaon - The[1st] degree genocide holic lyrics

was throw away Awaken to the eye No fear ? No sober ? ... I am cold - blooded Genocider Yureru kage chi wo kurau

Iced Earth - The end? lyrics

we gaze uncertain of the future Breaking dawn ... reveales impending rapture The darkest days seem to fall ... with pure defiance Stench of death is thick with carcass

Adramelech - Slain in the grace of thy name lyrics

machine of greed Healing the leprosy of the south Tearing ... souls pure From the flesh corrupted Forty days ... Salvation with blood Century of holy flames Light the path of heresy eraser Force will

Pellek - Path of exile lyrics

Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found...

John Lennon lyricsJohn Lennon - The luck of the irish lyrics

you have the luck of the irish, You'd be sorry and ... were dead You shold have the luck of the irish And you'd ... instead! A thousand years of torture and hunger Drove the people away from their land,

John Lennon lyricsJohn Lennon - The luck of the irish (live) lyrics

you have the luck of the irish, You'd be sorry and ... were dead You should have the luck of the irish And you'd ... instead! A thousand years of torture and hunger Drove the people away from their land,

Sirenia - The path to decay (album version) lyrics

brings nothing for the same Keep searching new days ... on the horizon While time just ... I’m leaving no trace along the way Seems like I’m falling ... Much weaker each day Along the path to decay The lights

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