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Johnny Cash lyricsJohnny Cash - The bug that tried to crawl around the world lyrics

But I believe just about the biggest case of ambition I ... bug that I saw crawlin' along the beach one day He was a ... mighty ambitious bug On the beach one early mornin' as a

Robert Plant - Calling to you lyrics

the river, over the sea, oh Somewhere past last ... ever will be It's callin' to you, callin' to you, callin' to you-ou It's callin' to you, ... callin' to you, callin' to you-ou-ou Out in the blue

Demonic Resurrection - The promise of never lyrics

darkened day, I did receive The letter did say, I must return ... I asked myself - could this be real In disbelief, my ... hands did shiver She feared the worst - I had to leave The

Less Than Jake - This one is going to leave a bruise lyrics

our veins it, Carries all of these mistakes that we've ever ... But it seems like every face is back at the place, The same ... place they've tried to escape. Tonight's a party

Pet Shop Boys lyricsPet Shop Boys - The way it used to be lyrics

m here... you're there Come closer... tonight I'm ... here... with me I want it... the way it used to be What is ... Evening after day What is left of love Here that didn

Asia - The closer i get to you lyrics

can't begin to make no sense of it all ... Maybe I don't try enough But there is nothing that I wouldn't ... plead for our love I want to know if you're just tired of

Luke Christopher - The alphabet lyrics

B what I wanna be C past the situation that's in front of ... Enemies F we say f*** 'em The irony is they inspire me to ... love 'em G is past go and ignite the cash

30 Seconds To Mars lyrics30 Seconds To Mars - The story lyrics

of everything I used to want to be I've been thinking of ... Of me, of you and me This is the story of my life (These ... are the lies I have created) This is

Hocico - The shape of things to come lyrics

the realms of hate Into the realms of war No we're not ... dreaming Now try to run away As fast as you can ... Outside these grounds of hell A ... burning world consumes The flames are everywhere Their

Absu - The thrice is greatest to ninnigal lyrics

detestable xul Is chained to Ninnigal Acknowledge the ... prayers Subsequent to earth The seventh gate of Nana- ... 'Outcry thy sin!', While the sixth portal of Lord Mastema

Beyoncé lyricsBeyoncé - The closer i get to you lyrics

The closer i get to you The more you make me see By ... Over and over again I tried to tell myself that we Could ... be more than friends But all the while, inside , i knew it was

Artist Vs. Poet - To hell with the letdown lyrics

ve been dying for this moment, Now I'm trying hard to make it last My head is ... it's going by so fast And these days are slipping away But ... won't fade Don't wait for tomorrow 'Cause our time is

Michael Buble lyricsMichael Buble - The best is yet to come lyrics

of the tree of life, I just picked ... along and everything started to hum Still its a real good ... bet, the best is yet to come The best is yet to ... fine You think you've seen the sun, but you aint seen it

Gravitonas - The pain we love to hide lyrics

word on your skin Taking the pain to seek and hide You ... broke the surface from within Lonely together I stand accused in ... ball and chains Walking the aisle where you precide The bruises fade but scars remain Now

Patti Austin - The girl who used to be me lyrics

bird is born to fly, born for the moment, it takes to the sky ... its wings But if it falls, the dreams aren't broken As long ... as the wind is fair, the sky is always there Oh, the

30 Seconds To Mars lyrics30 Seconds To Mars - The struggle lyrics

military force established by deception of sense ... you deceive enemies so that they do not know your real ... condition, and that they can establish supremacy. It

Serneholt Marie - The boy i used to know lyrics

used to be so close Not one of ... comes and goes We were the best Not like the rest ... All my girlfriends used to tell me I was blessed So ... did we go wrong You used to touch me Give me that look

Christina Aguilera lyricsChristina Aguilera - The way you talk to me lyrics

the phone, love to hear All of the things you ... say to me, mmm I just can't wait, to hear your voice Whispering ... sweetly to me baby All I may want I ... know you got Ready for me to receive, oh Making me know

Samantha Fox - The best is yet to come lyrics

he's wearing purple, then I'll wear white And then we ... ll take a ride in search of the bright, bright moonlight ... And all the people they wonder As we walk by Why

Miss Li - The songs we used to sing lyrics

just went away I wish you that u could stay one ... more day All this time has passed, why is time ... when you aren't here? Cuz the songs we used to sing, the

David Hasselhoff - The best is yet to come lyrics

to see the thing from the other side Don’t forget where you ... before doesn’t matter now The best is yet to come… ... Yesterday is only a memory It’s all over,

Hasselhoff David - The best is yet to come lyrics

to see the thing from the other side Don't forget where ... before doesn't matter now The best is yet to come ... ... Yesterday is only a memory 'cause it's

Kym Marsh - The girl i used to be lyrics

I don't wanna soul that's torn apart I don't wanna have to live with all the pain u give ... I don't wanna lie here on the floor, I just wanna find my

Saxon - To live by the sword lyrics

follow the code of honour Die with a ... sword in your hand That is the way of the warrior Your ... forefathers left on the land To live by the sword ... You must die by the sword Trained in the way

Scorpions lyricsScorpions - The best is yet to come lyrics

plains Where nothing dares to grow I taught you how to ... I know And thought the night is young And we don't know if ... we'll live to see the sun The best is yet to come I know,

Scorpions lyricsScorpions - The best is yet to come lyrics

plains Where nothing dares to grow I taught you how to ... I know And thought the night is young And we don't know if ... we'll live to see the sun The best is yet to come I know,

Bt The Roots - The session lyrics

Thought] From the Tunnels in the wee hours of the black ... morning From The Roots sprout the Foreign ... Objects family tree This is mad abstract All the way

Cruadalach - The astralnaut lyrics

dream of a day to come When all our bonds ... will be undone And a choice to believe will spark a true ... it ignite! Your spacesuit is covered by symbols of all

Ace Frehley - Calling to you lyrics

s something movin' in the air tonight There's somthing movin' ... at the speed of light And it's calling, calling, calling to you I ... my veins We may never get this chance again and It's calling, calling, calling to you,

3 Colours Red - Calling to the outside lyrics

time at all You get so used to falling over Start learning ... how to crawl Before you fall right ... No difference here... just the promise of another day Do

The Chemical Brothers lyricsThe Chemical Brothers - Leave home lyrics

brothers gonna work it out ........

Farrow Natasha - Calling to the night lyrics

the night to the day When everything is gone ... Carry this soul away from the dry lands In the sun we ... lines All our dreams and wishes we sent home for safe

Mesmerize - The burn lyrics

said a time would come The Sun would start to die And ... Eat Mercury like a snack Toast Venus to a cinder And then Apocalypse would come upon ... s our turn ...not a hope The sky is set afire The cities

Breakdown Of Sanity - The chosen ones lyrics

life, one chance, it's up to you to feel alive the time is too short to wait for ... salvation arise the time is now to rise follow the ... clouds in the sky from beneath it devours,

Dark Flood - To reach for the ground lyrics

collapsing down You know The trace will never stay the ... you know If you claimed there's a haven For us to ashore ... We are lowered here today and forever After

Jay-z & Kanye West - The joy (ft. curtis mayfield, pete rock, kid .. lyrics

Hook: Curtis Mayfield] Add a little sugar ... happiness Boy, you couldn't miss with a dozen roses Such ... would astound you The joy of children laughing ... around you These are all the makings of you [Verse 1:

Alphaville lyricsAlphaville - The voyager lyrics

she's touched the earth -- you feel her love ... skin She descends out of the blue, a breathless victor of ... And she's rushing in from the outside On the crest of the

Bokor - The island of st: menée (beach of the living .. lyrics

fare is one dollar a ritual The fare is one dollar a ritual ... Paid in advance From the tall ships of old Europe, to the cruisers of today They've ... always come, like sheep on display Wild dreams in the pitch

The Hollies - Leave me lyrics

me If it gives you satisfaction Slander my name all ... over the place Don't you have an ... re gonna ruin a reputation Leave me Tell me Now I've got ... you in the corner Won't you admit you

Lavagance - Wish to leave lyrics

life I was waiting for life to live wanted to escape oh, I ... ve been living this charming dream with phones ... asleep when you were born to save my smile you came to me

The Prostitutes - Leave it like it is lyrics

It would last forever Now the memory is gone Where did we ... go wrong There's no point in killing each ... other There's no point at all There's ... more Your taking away the cause of my smile Tell me

Sham 69 - Leave me alone lyrics

me alone I need no-one Leave me alone I can get by on my ... own I don't need you to tell me what I've gotta do today I get up every morning ... to the sound of my alarm And if

Moriah Peters - To leave it all behind lyrics

is life, This is love This is how I learn to trust I was ... numb, I was blind Then You opened up my eyes ... loss I can feel beat for the first time And I stand alone

Project Pitchfork - The dividing line lyrics

park in the sunset Abandoned since years ... Just like the town A whole world disappears ... No one is left to see The storm clouds in the air The leaves of an old tree Whisper to

Semi Precious Weapons - Leave your pretty to me lyrics

her love you the only way she can With ... cigarettes Let her love you the only way she can She poses ... and blows up again The only thing that ever came

Being As An Ocean - The poets cry for more lyrics

all homeless in one way or another Whether we've lost ... ourselves to lust Inflamed passions for ... things desired; forgotten the other Wandering aimlessly,

Being As An Ocean - The sea always seems to put me at ease lyrics

are the topic of every epic we have ever ... been told And as I stand on this ... cliff, the wind whips through me and I ... again, Your presence creeps into my consciousness Grace made

Fates Warning - Leave the past behind lyrics

here we are again the door is closed behind us and the ... we go from here it's time to make a change lets trace the ... problem to its source no more riding the waves on a river that's run

Alan Parsons Project - The ring lyrics

your finger Token of the love we give one another ... Music of the future that we'll discover ... Promises to keep more than any other ... Symbolising all that we share The

Clutch - The amazing kreskin lyrics

the raining park the chessmen play, The faithful ... atheists refuse to pray, The steam-works weep, the addicts ... people stand by and stare The garbage eaters, their many

Manic Street Preachers - The next jet to leave moscow (feat. cian ciar.. lyrics

eyes of yesteryear I’m the biggest living hypocrite ... you’ll ever see ‘cos the market never lies and your ... conscience is so clear So take your ... badges off And do your show Then catch the next flight to leave Moscow So you played in

Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster - The mind of a grimes lyrics

down ready to end it all. Coming this far ... everyday, but we don't make mistakes. Martyrs this blood ... makes. Digging the graves for the Valleydale ... goodbye. Years brought me to this moment and these plans

Nightwish - The wayfarer lyrics

went into the wilderness with Uncle Walt ... I discovered the wild Learning to suck all the experience Seeing the world ... through cradle's bars The wild blessed me with an

Seraphim - To leave lyrics

of scary spindrift, leave me to the unbeknownst Shining pass ... infinitely Spatial finish end line, far away from ... my wings melt in darkness To leave, gathering sore reality

Oar - The last time lyrics

this sun that's fit for a king I ... m up against the rock I could have been ... anywhere else in the world I'm holding down this ... nothing looked good I'm out there on the edge On the toe of

Dark Nightmare - The batllefield caliing my name lyrics

talisman of my mother in my hands i hold tigh The ... are ready for attack I see the silent faces of my brothers ... awaiting to hear the sign........ The

Darkest Horizon - The hourglass lyrics

will ever be the same There's a the dark corruption ... our vains "Downward is the only way", she said ... "Lets aim for the skies", he replied

Evertale - The final page lyrics

now this tale is over We've come to journey's ... death In your fantasy, there's nothing you can't be To the ruin of it all Will the ... dark queen find her end Let the hero rise inside Their fate

Lucy Hale - Breaking up is hard to do lyrics

love away from me Don't you leave my heart in misery If you go ... be blue Cause breaking up his hard to do They say that ... breaking up is hard to do Now I know, I know that

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