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Anathema - The lost song - part 3 lyrics

that I found you Not gonna leave you World keeps on turning Spirit reflected My heart beats for you Outside my body Tonight, in my mind's eye I need you to hold on Promise the future Dreaming in colour Being together Spirit reflected Feeling is so real Bea

Anathema - The lost song - part 1 lyrics

I'm free So free For the first time I've seen New life New life Start to breathe And you came to me in some way And my life will never be the same (And one day you'll feel me A whisper upon the breeze) And that night As I dreamed And I s

Anathema - The lost song - part 2 lyrics

a lifetime, there's a moment to awaken To the sound of your heartbeat unbroken And you’re free now And I will remain Still dreaming Alive and aware The love that I once believed in And one day you’ll feel me A whisper upon the breeze And I’ll wat

Aaron Neville - The roadie song lyrics

know night after night these guys are setting up, hooking up, climbing past the sky. They don't really get no praise, so I wrote this song in honor of them, cuz without them there'd be no show. So get a roadie song, after all he ain't no bum Give

Saywecanfly - The last song lyrics

s new is new But that's almost impossible to understand When all I've known for quite some time Is how to hold onto you What's done is done, that's what they say But what happens when it won't go away Like a raincloud Hovering over a sunny day Right now I am je

Marky Mark - The last song on side b, part ii: go on (feat.. lyrics

Bunch – Ain't No Stopping The Funky Bunch at Last. fm. Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch was a hip-hop group led by Mark ..

Janick Thibault - The hell song (sum 41) lyrics

got their problems (problems) Everybody says the same thing to you It’s just a matter how you solve them (solve them) And knowing how to change the things you’ve been through I feel I’ve come to realize How fast life can be compromised STEP BACK to see what’s going on I

Skyclad - The wrong song lyrics

bad break - burst another bubble Another lost cause - here's another trouble Another heart ache - one more chance gone Another lost chord in yet another wrong song. Sometimes I feel like I'm standing on a hillside - Screaming at the world (only wishing it would hear). I can't d

Cockney Rejects - The new song lyrics

is a new song Out with the old This is a new way New truth to be told Don't wanna sing about a factory I ain't something that appeals to me Don't wanna be part of the disco craze And all them bands who wanna change their ways Don't wanna sing about The gove

All Caps - The nanowrimo song lyrics

you ever want to write a novel A lot of people want to write a book So sit down and focus cause it’s November and I’m gonna write a freaking book It’s only sixteen-sixty seven words a day given up your social life and stay indoors and forget about your g

Big Star - The india song lyrics

d like to go to India Live in a big white house in the forest Drink gin and tonic and play a grand piano Read a few books Far from what saddens my heart Trying to live away from it Find a new girl Who says she feels the same Get to know her after the trip Bathe

The Rabble - The coast song lyrics

s go! Well woke up in another year To burn in silhouette sky will broken And fallen trips upon my head Then I saw a dozen comes out of their windows From a building I broadcast open minds Knows who wonder radio did dance Oi oi oi When the sun put to fly your loyal

Demis Roussos - The wedding song lyrics

will love you forever I will love you from now, til the end of time And I promise forever I will give up my will for you I will fulfill all your dreams for you I would give up my life for you I will stay by your side To protect you and hide you

Aesop Rock - The tugboat complex, part 3 lyrics

could make 'em all dance, or I could sleep I could walk with a limp and make your step feel incomplete People are made of match sticks, light this bread a flames Note at the craft work door the last smirk of the the Damien mainframe My box cost siph

Asaf Avidan - The labyrinth song lyrics

rises, darkness threatens to engulf us all But there's a moon above it's shining and I think I hear a call It's just a whisper through the trees, my ears can hardly make it out But I can hear it in my heart, vibrating strong as if she shouts Oh Ariadne, I am

Peter, Paul And Mary - The wedding song lyrics

is now to be among you at the calling of your hearts Rest assured this troubador is acting on his part. The union of your spirits, here, has caused him to remain For whenever two or more of you are gathered in his name There is love. there is love.

Culture Club - The medal song lyrics

used to say Love and be loved All the time Till you discovered Fellings were a failure sign When it rains It rains so hard The tears begin to show When it’s raining in my heart I want the world to know Chorus: Life will never be the same As it was again Life

Evelyn Evelyn - The tragic events, part iii lyrics

Evelyn? I just had the most terrible dream. I was walking on a street in a huge city, but all of the shops and all of the cars were empty. It was so quiet, and I knew that something was very wrong. And then I realised... you weren't there. I

Peter, Paul And Mary - The house song lyrics

house goes on sale ev'ry Wednesday morning And taken off the market in the afternoon. You can buy a piece of it if you want to It's been good to me if it's been good for you. Take the grand look now the fire is burning Is that your reflection on the wall? I ca

Billy Talent - The navy song lyrics

rolling along with the waves, A thousand miles away Holding you close in the rain, Seems just like yesterday Lost… hope in a faraway place And in my hand remains, A black and white print of a face, I’ll never see again I gave my life to sav

Sarah Brightman - The unexpected song lyrics

have never felt like this For once I'm lost for words Your smile has really thrown me This is not like me at all I never thought I'd know The kind of love you've shown me Now, no matter where I am No matter what I do I see your face appearing Like an unexpected song

Tone Damli - The bliss song lyrics

Eyes wide open still Goosebumps from the morning chill On your skin So I tuck you in You are A still a sleeping, sweet And we are Painted by matisse Let's lie until Time stands still And life is a song about you And finally I'm singing in tune I w

Mcdonnell Charlie - The birthday song lyrics

is a song that I wrote you for your birthday Because I couldn’t be bothered to buy you anything And I know that you might think that writing this song required more effort than going out and buying you something but I can promise that it didn’t I’m n

Rihanna lyricsRihanna - The last song lyrics

Here we are midair off of the cliff staring down at the end again but then again maybe we're finally on the road that's heading away from all your complaining o...

Nick Cave lyricsNick Cave - The weeping song lyrics

son, go down to the water And see the women weeping there Then go up into the mountains The men, they are weeping too Father, why are all the women weeping? They are weeping for their men Then why are all the men there weeping? They are weeping back at them This is

Jon Lajoie - The best song lyrics

is the best song ever made in the world This is the best song ever made in the world Other songs are good, even some are really good But they are not the best songs ever made in the world It has a lot of good beats and a lot of good singing And the music is so good, even scientis

Donovan - The great song of the sky lyrics

us try to keep in rhythm with the rolling of our hills For I'm sure it is the remedy to clear up all our ills And we'll seal a bond of family, communion of wills As we're arc-ing on our way, infinity As we're arc-ing on our way, infinity. Let us try to keep in har

Ian Dury & The Blockheads - The (body song) lyrics

foot picks steps with leisured dread Receives instructions from your head It's the body song It's the body song The leg, a source of much delight Which carries weight and governs height It's the body song It's the body song The flesh we've got beneath our skin Is

Jls - The last song lyrics

am I gonna do when the last song’s over I was out with my lonely heart First a movie and then to a new club I wasn’t planning on staying out long, then there’s this girl from dreams started smiling at me Went up to say hello, say hi and stereo, she whispered in my ea

Matty B Raps - The lazy song (parody) lyrics

The Lazy song MattyB- The Lazy song MattyB- The Lazy song MattyB- The Lazy song MattyB- The Lazy song MattyB- The Lazy

Mcfly - The last song lyrics

Danny] The time has come to say goodbye, The sun is setting in the sky, The truth turned out to be a lie, It's over, over Hum yourself a lullaby, This is the end, But baby don't you cry, [Tom] To take away the melody, And all that's left are

Otis Redding - The happy song (dum-dum-de-de-de-dum-dum) lyrics

I sing this song [I'm] Singing it for my baby She s the only one that can bring me joy Thats why, I sing these happy songs They go Dum dum baby de dum dum Dum dum baby de dum dum Dum dum baby de dum dum [Come on now] Happy song Happy song [now] On a cold rainy wind

Bizaardvark - The comeback song lyrics

No you didn’t It’s Paige and Frankie Sitting in science class I’m mind’in my own buisness Roby starts talkin’ trash He thinks that he can dish it! He’s like Nice glasses,did you get them from your grandma ?! Grandma Grandma So I’m like .

Chipz - The happy song lyrics

and girls all night long, come and sing the happy song Everybody are you ready? Boys and girls lets have some fun Clap your hands now, wave around now. We wanna see you dance! Are we ready for some fun? You and me and everyone This is the happy, happy, happy song.

Foo Fighters lyricsFoo Fighters - The last song lyrics

is the sound The here and the now You got to talk the talk, the talk, the talk To get it all out I listen I listen I listen But you're out of tune You're so out of tune This is the last song (This is the last song) This is the last song Th

Donell Jones - The best song lyrics

is the best song ever made in the world This is the best song ever made in the world Other songs are good, even some are really good But they are not the best songs ever made in the world It has a lot of good beats and a lot of good singing And the music is

Marilyn Manson lyricsMarilyn Manson - The death song lyrics

re on a bullet and were headed straight into god Even he'd like to end it too We take a pill, get a face, buy our ticket And we hope heaven is true I saw cop beat a priest on the T.V. And I know they killed our heroes too We sing the death song kids Because we got no future

Nightmare (fra) - The dominion gate (part iii) lyrics

Leaflet Note: We've found the key to a new world, where no one has gone before… In this new world, freedom is the key, life is sublime.... (The Dominion Gate - Part I) (The Dominion Gate: 2005) ... ,, We're realizing a dream, but do we know, this future is unreal? Shall we fly

Pink Floyd lyricsPink Floyd - The narrow way (part 1 & 2) lyrics

Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental...

Bowling For Soup - The breakup song lyrics

can't believe I hung around with you all this time You drove me crazy with your OCD girl you're out of your mind I'm counting on UFO's to beam me up I just don't know How long I can take this shit, I'm over it girl you gotta go It's over, we're over Just like in crimson a

Mary-kate A Ashley Olsen - The backwards song box lyrics

what is that gizmo? It's a backwards song box. You take a song. Feed it in this tube. Turn this dial. Press command B flat. And out it comes, backwards! Try some of our album. 'Double up, double up, two are in the middle, double up, double up' 'pu e

David Cook - The last song i´ll write for you lyrics

can tell something's not the same Cause we're both losing at the loving game We're hanging from words Your tongue is a fire And I can't keep putting out the flames There was a time when you could tell the world That you, you knew I would fight for you You k

Safriduo lyricsSafriduo - The bongo song lyrics

this song is not vocal .................. ..................................................................................... .............................................................................................

12 Stones - The last song lyrics

m sorry for needing you to carry me So simple sometimes when you're standing next To me You never change you never stay the same Like a picture perfect sunrise every time with One last song to sing Take it all away from me and tell me how you Want this

American Hifi - The breakup song lyrics

can't believe I hung around with you all this time You drove me crazy with your OCD girl you're out of your mind I'm counting on UFO's to beam me up I just don't know How long I can take this shit, I'm over it girl you gotta go It's over, we'

Emerson, Lake & Palmer - The endless enigma (part two) lyrics

part was played Though the play was not shown Everyone came But they all sat alone The dawn opened the play Breaking the day Causing a silent hooray The dawn will break another day Now that it's done I've begun to see the reason why I'm

Firewater - The monkey song lyrics

narrator) Right now, by the miracle of recording, we’re going to go to a happy song A song that they televised nationwide – we had so many requests for them to do it again that that’s exactly what they did So right now, by the miracle of recording, Sing the song t

Poison - The last song lyrics

I lost my way You were my light When the others wronged me You did me right When I look in your eyes Don't tell me lies You tell me the truth Your words, they get me through This is all I've got This is all I'd say If this were my last day

Big Time Rush - The mom song lyrics

here is a song that's just for you A card that says thanks for all that you do You know you're so special in so many ways And now that your here we'd just like to say Thank you for all of the love that you give me It stays inside and forever lives with me And

John Denver - The mountain song lyrics

came here from the city A thousand miles away I came just for a little while You know I never meant to stay I meant to take my pleasure Have a good time and be gone But I fell in love with a lady Now I sing a mountain song I listened to the music

Freygolo - The same song lyrics

again I put this record on There's nothing better for me That to listen to these stupid songs The years 've passed But nothing's really changed It's always the same song in my head It's the same song in my ears Music is here for so many years Why do you look for something new Y

Annie Lennox - The saddest song i've got lyrics

are you feeling The same thing that I'm seeing The troubles of the day Took my breath away Took my breath away Now you're no longer talking And I'm no longer listening There's nothing left to say Said it anyway Said it anyway And I want you not And I need you

Lm.c - The love song lyrics

m ready! Go stay gold! Ai yueni No more walls Itoshiki subete ni sasageru This is The Love Song Nanihitotsu nakusanai you ni kakaekonda mama ikite kita Te o nobasu kakugo ga nainara kore ijou nani mo tsukamenai Are you ready? Go! Stay gold kirameki kireigoto narabe Here we go! T

Secondhand Serenade - The last song ever lyrics

Wish my life was this song cause songs they never die I could write for years and years and never have to cry I’d show you how I feel with out saying a word I could wrap up both our hearts I no it sounds absurd and i saw the tears on your fac

Beta Band - The house song lyrics

it in your pocket for a rainy day Sing your song and you know you're wrong now [repeated*] I don't know why I can't think of a line [repeated*] Yesterday I found a day I know today I lost a day [repeated*] * these first three parts repeated over one anothe

Brian Mcknight - The christmas song lyrics

are sorry but we are not allowed to post The Christmas Song lyrics by Brian McKnight either for privacy issues or copyright protection

Onision Songs - The emo song lyrics

am Emo, don´t , don´t understand Just because I´m Emo, don´t me no bang on men I, I am Emo, don´t must understand Just, just because I´m Emo, don´t me no bang on men Plund, plund me, but only if you´re checked The bays of limits, if you have a ... Plund me, plund me, but only if

Sevendust - The last song lyrics

Not one thought for us but did you really think) Something was lost but could it be found again (Bite the hand that fed you all these f***ing years) You lie to my face (But what I really wanna know) Is how do you sleep at (night) Your still a f***

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