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Semblant - The neptune effect lyrics

empty lives becoming dark The world is haunted and negative ... empty lives becoming dark The neptune effect over the earth ... Agony - the key to open the age that comes Whispering

Cage - The trigger effect lyrics

when it came they thought the safeguards remained oh no! They knew that others had told them so Anarchy in the streets ... begins to grow The blackness made all our morals

10 Years - The autumn effect lyrics

a cool breeze Supplied by the Autumn Question where it ... growth Autumn indicates the death of beauty as we know ... Autumn indicates the death of beauty as we know

Anaal Nathrakh - The lucifer effect lyrics

not available not available not available not available not available not available...

Scar The Surface - The snatch effect lyrics

drowning in my shit. But then I’ve come back smelling of ... I’ve been punched in the head. But I always bounce ... me down and laugh To hide the hate you have. But I’m the

Nothing More - The matthew effect lyrics

Asleep in your cradle Given the world You're still ... Safe in your cradle Given the world But somehow unable If ... talk is the game Then you take the title Your day

After The Burial - The fractal effect lyrics

pick yourself up brush off the ashes. Clear the smoke and ... soot from your eyes. Their word brings desperation ... you. Renewed vision reveals the lies. My truth will be my

After The Burial - The fractal effect (reissue) lyrics

pick yourself up brush off the ashes. Clear the smoke and ... soot from your eyes. Their word brings desperation ... you. Renewed vision reveals the lies. My truth will be my

The Butterfly Effect - The cell lyrics

for everyone I have judged the terms who is touched and who ... is harmed I remember well the nails that slide across my ... left alone and still remains the bitter taste of you Know

Cataract - The vulcano effect lyrics

beg for the big eruption, the renewal of mother earth Take ... from bleeding wounds Open the monster's gate and oceans ... will disappear Unleash the holy fire and burn this gory

Mechina - The horizon effect lyrics

essence Scattered beyond the sun Into a cosmic sea A ... skin of human life To touch the land In the absence of the ... sky The air collapsing my chest

Reasoning - The nobody effect lyrics

ll wite as the pages are turning so fast, ... making a journey from out of the shadows. That's taking us ... straight into the light. Another day dawns and a new moon

Lowkey - The butterfly effect lyrics

again and what would remain the same What would you give, ... I see an old lady holding the door As I tumble out my ... wheel chair and roll to the floor First thing in the

Darkthrone - Neptune towers lyrics

Enter to realm of Satan (Neptune Towers): Landscapes of ... here to describe and tease the minds of the fantasy kings ... of morbid climate Behind the Neptune hillsides They say the

Moonspell - The butterfly fx lyrics

I move You move with me There is this third body ... is new again (To be) each other spies we're condemned ... Everything is everywhere The butterfly effect And what

The Butterfly Effect - Sweet low lyrics

Sweet and low [x2] You put your fingers into my mouth Tastes good but look what's coming out This time we'll see what it's all about Its not like u knew Swe...

The Butterfly Effect - Pure lyrics

you have found Here in the anti I have gone Skin black

The Butterfly Effect - Black lung lyrics

what would you find Crave the truth like I'm craving mine ... save me now still my actions the same Line stop dead no air

The Butterfly Effect - Perfection lyrics

where you want me down with the fleas in the floor Still ... Here it's nothing For you there is nothing

The Butterfly Effect - Take it away lyrics

you making me sick I know the reasons why You cut to the ... time we'll see.. Here's the trip Yeah you think to much ... I know the reasons why Your so out of

The Butterfly Effect - The way lyrics

Discover Why you need No other It's all right with me ... it used to be No one waiting there for me That's how it is ... it was and always will be The way we were That's how we

Nada Surf - The voices lyrics

do i worry, what do they think? What is she saying ... to them? I can't ignore anything. ... m just like you, peel away the layers two by two. You're

Kublai Khan - The gift of blood lyrics

my life This is one for the ones who are unsung One ... believe it Witness my brother Kris His son Ryder James ... and enlightens me I’m the lucky one For all the self

The Butterfly Effect - The end lyrics

star Do we confide? Like the passenger Car crash collide ... If our freedom fails The world awake On our shoulders ... is gone Am I? Is this where the end will be? At the fall

10 Years - The recipe lyrics

swallow the infatuation Cleverly seduced ... Evil's in the stink of you Rise and fall ... we decompose Rest against the sore Push breath and pull ... night Unite and spread the heart apart And smile of

Despised Icon - The sunset will never charm us lyrics

Walking on broken glass The soporific serenity ... A soiled soul infects the spine during a segment of ... this almost perfect being The eye of satisfaction

Flogging Molly - The power's out lyrics

is secure, yeah Secure in the fact now that it's gone for ... So it should be gone by the end of the day Yeah, the ... power's out, is there no luck in sight? Yeah, the power's out, hope it's just

Ian Brown - Neptune lyrics

and gentlemen On our left is Neptune Wake up, you're going

S. J. Tucker - Neptune lyrics

your ripples submitting to the mystery of life beneath the ... your subterrain rocking in the opium embrace of Triton's ... breathing but I missed the kiss of air cut the waves

Dawn Of Oblivion - Neptune falls lyrics

away or turn into the madness You walk in the sky, ... so free Run away or run into the sadness Blinded by the ... lights of wisdom The widows' weeds embrace you in the night Burn out your candles

Desdemona (band) - Neptune the mystic lyrics

here By forgetting what they are worth You will love ... forgiveness For all of the sins you haven't committed ... evil meet and balance each other here This is the golden

Ancient - Neptune lyrics

instrumental... instrumental... instrumental... instrumental... instrumental... instrumental......

Inme - Neptune lyrics

What I am today, This is the way forward, You are the way ... backward, I chose the way forward And left you all ... could communicate, Despite the fact you'd hate me anyway,

The Divine Comedy - Neptune's daughter lyrics

course has been consumed They withdraw to the drawing room ... Where the Schubert she plays with style ... Keeps her friends happy for the while But the memories are a

Manfred Mann - Neptune ( icebringer) lyrics

All I know is that mine is the fate To be man on ice, man

Fu Manchu - Neptune's convoy lyrics

I feel nothin'-I feel it all the time I feel nothin'-doin' ... I feel nothin'-I feel it all the time I feel nothin'-doin' ... just fine for the longest time been ridin' so

The Flobots - The effect lyrics

It's the F-L-O-B-O-T-S. What did you ... book, same page. Front on the range, where the beat's ... like film projectors. Bend the letters To find the nectar

Sleeping At Last - Neptune lyrics

a stained glass variation of the truth and i felt empty ... leak that i could, ’til the blame grew too heavy. ... rains. if i time it right, the thunder breaks when i open

Feed Her To The Sharks - Neptune doesn't have a trident lyrics

in the water Drowned by the sea She sleeps in a floating ... heart It takes a man to kill the beast (it takes a man to ... kill the monster) Lacerate, cut this

Siouxsie & The Banshees lyricsSiouxsie & The Banshees - Placebo effect lyrics

you to cure my ailments Another soul is saved With your ... Consult your research on the media See blue will calm my ... you to cure my ailments Another soul is saved With your

Gotthard - Domino effect lyrics

light a spark and you feed the flame The whole world’s on ... fire I say a word, then you say the same Now we're ... all in the choir And one thing’s for

Navarone - The red queen effect lyrics

Broken hearts bleeding red on the floor She is a hunter and ... s a howl and a scream All the roses are red in her dream ... You better paint them red You'll lose your head

Teena Marie - The once and future dream lyrics

I had a castle by the ocean A crown of jewels to ... place upon your head Then I'd build a dynasty From the north to south end seas And ... enough to wrap you in when the winter wind sets in Then I'd

Asphyx - The flood lyrics

his trident commands the howling winds guides the ... hurricanes onto the lowlands striking hard on the southern province wild ... ramming on entire coastlines the heavy storm comes in from the

Mirah - The river lyrics

you down If I could hold the wildest winds from blasting ... through my house Then I could shine a beacon whether floats, fine, yes, or drowns ... [?] But there was no heat, it all had

The Pack - The milky way lyrics

, bangcadlang yeah I'm off on the free, watchin booty bounce ... bop in the club wanna see?try me imma ... so much, four blunts, make the bay go nuts, and I'm yellin

Prince - The truth lyrics

if half the things ever said Turned out ... be a lie... How will U know the Truth' If U were given all the answers And U stopped 2 ... why But how will U know the Truth' Everybody's got a

A.c.t. - The effect lyrics

The Stairs, Through The Door, With The Wind A ... Call From A Floor, Through The Wall, To Her Room A ... Not Move At All She Wished The Dream Was Still Inside Her

Chuck Berry - The little girl from central lyrics

girl from Central that all the boys acclaim, The way she ... She turns down romances, but then who could blame, The little ... s got her heart on fame. The little girl's a scholar and a

Feist - The onliest lyrics

sailed the seas to Normandy He had the ... on his arm But no one sees the stars so bright No one swims ... him like a heart attack And Neptune won’t bring him back He

Folkodia - The tenth legion lyrics

raises sail Heads out to the sea Ready for the enemy's ... ready to board! Red churns the sea With enemy blood ... Trimeres sinking ablaze Neptune doth claim the dead! Black

Kottonmouth Kings - The joint lyrics

you gots the joint? Nah, I got the joint ... Yo, who's got the joint? We all got the joint ... all on point Yo, you gots the Joint? Nah, I got the joint

Lazyboy - The manual chapter 4 lyrics

welcome to everybody reading the manual The manual gives you the basic information About the ... ingredients and the six step easy to follow guide ... Please pay attention to the useful advice and the helpful

Run Dmc - The school of old lyrics

Run] Now the things I do to make me a star ... are [Kid Rock] Like a bum on the corner big boy in the car ... (car) see the ki ki Kid Rock with the ... s like that [Run] and that's the way it is [Kid Rock] Beats

Saigon - The rules lyrics

Saigon:] I wrote all them raps cause I was in jail ... my priority list This is the difference between me and them [Saigon:] Check New New ... Yiddy is back in full effect We the kind that don't throw

Cathedral - The voyage of the homeless sapien lyrics

Misty Mourn Black Tree Upon The Velvet Lawn Summer Faces - ... Doomed Man] I Am Society, The Ghoul Of All Mankind I'll ... Stone Will Become Of You, Withered Shall Be Your Pride

The Butterfly Effect - Crave lyrics

crave Hurts like slave More the pain Hold on when it feels ... like flies, oh, crawling their way through me cause I'm

The Butterfly Effect - Rain lyrics

wide open Take me back to the start With my eyes wide open ... here And we'll suffer together In your arms I'll lay me

10 Years - Through the iris lyrics

That brought forth these questions of Truth, love ... you're standing Is closer then I'd hoped Disappear and

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