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Arsis - The things you said lyrics

it from my friends About the things you said I heard it ... from my friends About the things you said But they ... know me better than that They know me better than that They know my weaknesses I never

Depeche Mode lyricsDepeche Mode - The things you said lyrics

it from my friends About the things you said I heard it ... from my friends About the things you said But they ... know me better than that They know me better than that They know my weaknesses (I never

Die Happy lyricsDie Happy - You said lyrics

and dirty colors, you said Time will make them bighter, ... you said Poor and jealous people, you ... said Hide or come to the top, you said Wealth and ... perfect order, you said All that one could need, you

Flowing Tears & Withered Flowers - The day you took my breath lyrics

day you took my breath when all we ... built broke inside the day you took my breath when all the ... earth fell down for me the day you took my breath the

Nick Lachey - The chance you didn't take lyrics

the weight of the world on top of me Just ... t really matter anymore All the things you said I didn't see ... At the end of the day, end of the day Does it

Love - You said you would lyrics

you said you would, you said you would But, now you're gone ... Well you said you would, but you, you did me wrong Well you said you would, and now you're

Jackson Browne - The times you've come lyrics

we each are a part of one another We've lost as much as we ... us pain That hangs on to the things that we have done ... Still I've loved the times you've come When you went away

Gloriana - You said lyrics

said I'd never regret Having you lying here in my bed You told ... along but once in a lifetime You said a lot of things You said ... a lot of things You said it just like that You said a

Bed & Breakfast - You said lyrics

up lookin' for a smile Upon your face But all that I saw ... On my own I don't know The reason why Didn't wanna ... believe Your goodbye You said you want Your freedom back

Do Not Dream - You said lyrics

said, you will be there If I need some arms around ... alone With tears in my eyes You said, you are so happy And you never felt so safe But now I ... stand here alone A withering rose in my hand Now my

Michael Schulte - You said you'd grow old with me lyrics

t be sober I cannot sleep You've got your peace now But ... about me? Thought we had the time, Had our lives Now you'll never get older, older ... word One last moment To ask you why You left me here behind

Crash Test Dummies - You said you'd meet me (in california) lyrics

said you'd meet me in California You said you'd meet me in California ... Out on the ocean the mermaids are singing Out on the ocean the sirens are calling

P. Diddy - Thought you said lyrics

look at me I done cried from the lies It hurts so bad inside ... to me break me down to the floor til I hide the pain ... And to show you your girlfriend ....... What you

K-ci & Jojo - You bring me up lyrics

Yo, JoJo Isn't it funny The things you said and done to ... me You said you want me But now lady I wanna ... be free You lied to me You said you never would play me But

Madness - You said lyrics

said you're leaving, well that's ok, You said you've had enough, what ... for a week or two, But in the end, it's the same for me and ... sorry through and through. You said you're leaving, well

Matt Redman - The cross has said it all lyrics

cross has said it all, The cross has said it all. I can ... t deny what You have shown, The cross speaks of a God of love ... There displayed for all to see,

Pj Harvey - You said something lyrics

a rooftop in Brooklyn One in the morning Watching the lights ... I see five bridges The empire state building And you said something That I've ... against railings Describing the colours And the smells of

Jose, Julie Anne San - When you said goodbye lyrics

I know I watched you walk away Everything we had ... I’ve waited for so long You know you’re the only one I ... instead I want to be back in your arms I’ll walk a thousand

Destiny Potato - The build up lyrics

of the things you said that you are Oh my love Every time you said you will

Eric Clapton lyricsEric Clapton - The shape you're in lyrics

me she didn't want to go. I said: Come on girl, what's the ... matter with you? But I could tell by the ... that she'd had a few. I said hold on girl don't get too

Busted - You said no lyrics

so fit and you know it And I only dream of you ´Cause my life´s such a ... bitch But you can change it Maybe you need ... no money Chorus: I asked you to dance at the disco But you said no The whole world was

Imogen Heap - The moment i said it lyrics

moment I said it the moment I opened my mouth ... lead in your eyelids Bulldozed the life ... out of me I know what you're thinking But darling you ... It's not even light out, But you've somewhere to be - no

Like Moths To Flames - The blackout

said this time would be the last Around in circles we go ... again Not holding back the way I used to A death in me ... is a death in you You said this time would be the last

Sarah Brightman - The last words you said lyrics

in time I know, Darling you'll come back to me. Roses ... feels like eternity. In your kiss it wasn't goodbye. You ... are still the reason why. I can hear you

Madam Adam - The story of us lyrics

And harder to forget All the times you said fate is just ... take my life forever And if you love me like you say Then we ... can't waste another day Somewhere between love

Bratmobile - You're fired lyrics

say the Silicon Valley boys are ... lonely and so are you But I don't care, 'cause no ... who are lonely too So now you know how to make a deal You ... band with sex appeal? But you can't even bring your wallet

Emblem3 - The best of me lyrics

heads grew tall Taller than the trees and now you think you’re above everything you did ... just what you knew not to do You let it go to your head You

Luca Hänni - The two of us lyrics

I know it hurts so much, that you are leaving Sometimes I ... wonder, babe I was your man And I cannot stand the ... hard to stay alone girl, when you're gone I still believe in

Ocean Colour Scene - The riverboat song lyrics

see double up ahead Where the riverboat swayed beneath the ... sun Is where the river runs red Like a king ... who stalks the wings and shoots a dove And ... instead It's more or less the same as the things that you said I see trouble up the road

Razor - The pugilist lyrics

said I was mad, you said I'm insane You said it ... couldn't be done You want me to lose, you want me ... to die Don't want me to ruin your fun I'm making a stand, I'm

Mangod Inc. - The flood lyrics

again in my head i know, the flood’s gonna bring me home ... i can’t forget the things you said your words will lead me ... through the night only the pain makes me feel alive

Orphaned Land - The path ahead lyrics

upon I am prepared to be the first to walk on shadowed ... That none has dwelled before The holy ones stand alert, they ... await if I might fall They who pass judgement upon us

George Strait - The breath you take lyrics

from second base dad’s up in the stands He saw the hit, the ... run, the slide there ain’t no bigger fan In the ... parking lot after the game he said “Dad I thought you had a

Archie Star - The truth lyrics

in cement and "F*** you, I'm Leaving" What she ... from our night spent at the lake" You know i will ... just to rip them up, except for the ones you said not to take And Here's The

Get Up Kids - The one you want lyrics

waiting around nails cut to the quick yeah you Broke what you fixed you're so underground ... what you waiting for? What you waiting for? It's said and ... But it's too late to turn your age around she's no the one you want One settles a score

Dead Swans - You can only blame yourself lyrics

re lying to yourself, just like you always ... have, the words you said never meant a thing, I could ... see it from the start, you just want attention, absent ... are all that's left in your life, everyday is like a

Famous Last Words - The dark you fear in the night lyrics

those condescending words you spew Your point of view is ... filtered through your ignorance I'm caving in! I ... knees and cry will I ever see the light again? Who could

Mase - The love you need lyrics

up? Yo I been tryin to call you all day man where you been? ... all day I been tryin to call you Word, umm, really? Yeah, I ... got the flowers you sent me to my job that was

Hanson - The love you save (the jackson 5 cover) lyrics

na, na, na, you better save me Stop! Stop! ... Stop! You better save me yeah, Yeah! ... played tag in gradeschool, you wanted to be it. You chased ... those boys, you testified, You crossed your heart, you quit.

Samantha Jade - The golden touch lyrics

Turn away I don't see it in your eyes anymore Lonely nights, ... I feel like I don't even know you anymore Just let me know I ... We, fell apart Broken vows There's the mystery you said we'd

Levellers - The riverflow lyrics

met you in 82, over a crate of beer ... I cracked a can and so did you, we're going to change the ... world The ghetto kings of downside town ... that we found, and on the river flowed You'd take a

Anni-frid Lyngstad - The way you do lyrics

little thing's been said about it. How does it apply ... to you? Maybe I could learn to live ... without it. Where do you find, one of a kind, Playing ... for time THE WAY YOU DO? Every other day I

Anthony Green - The more you get, the less you are lyrics

s a bridge over the other side of town That I'd cross ... I need to see my friends But you burnt it down So I never ... saw any one of them again And in their place I

Annie Haslam - The day you strayed lyrics

the day you strayed into my life And ... was turned around Since the day you came into my life My ... full of sweeter sounds And the day's you've loved me in my

Jackson 5 - The love you save lyrics

Stop! Nanana! You'd better save it! Stop, stop ... stop, you'd better save it! Michael: ... played tag in grade school You wanted to be It. But chasing ... boys was just a fad You crossed your heart you'd quit

Ra - The first step lyrics

They twist and turn in me They rip and burn in me But a ... couldn't find a harder time You wouldn't want to see me ... else rejected (in me) And you know that I can't say A word

Sky Eats Airplane - The contour lyrics

blue and red, crawl up from the cracks, as I heard the words you said. You said, "Don't ... go! This place is dangerous they're hunting down tired souls.

Tom Waits lyricsTom Waits - You can't unring a bell lyrics

a bell Junior it'll cost you to get out of this one Junior ... big plans that don't include you take it like a man cause you you can't unring a bell ... sucker you'll need an attorney for this

Bonnie Tyler lyricsBonnie Tyler - The closer you get lyrics

that it's time Stop what you're doin' Meet those drinkin' ... First guy that called me on the telephone Said get on down ... When I'm lookin' at you Sleepy eyes on an angel's

Ciara - The way you move lyrics

Verse 1] He said 'Hi, my name is so and so ... Baby can you tell me yours? You look like you came ... (Set it off)' I started on the left And I had to take him

Michael Jackson lyricsMichael Jackson - The love you save lyrics

Played Tag In Grade School You Wanted To Be It. But Chasimg ... Boys Was Just A Fad You Srossed Your Heart You'd Quit ... When We Grew Up You Traded Your Promise For My

Phil Collins - The least you can do lyrics

awake last night, waiting for your call But if the rumours are ... true, that won't bother you at all I'm trying hard to ... What it takes to be your man Now I don't have to

Convictions - The mourning you changed lyrics

so perfect when we were in the garden. We flourished. We ... grew together. Like a rib taken from ... Adam, you were my Eve. You taught me how to believe. You were so beautiful to me. You

Novembers Doom - The dark host lyrics

host where green stands tall The emotion of Summer fades ... possession of fall This is the law, the law of the land ... Where Angels earn their keep The dark light, the

Marc Anthony - You sang to me lyrics

just wanted you to comfort me when I called you late last night you see i ... crashin' into love oh of all the words you sang to me about ... life, the truth and bein' free yea you

Brainstorm - The leading lyrics

fall into error, beresy, and atheism] [and don't allow anyone ... wars and massacres] betray your friends and regret your life ... for all the words you said you pull my string and cut the

Elvenking - The last hour lyrics

me I'm falling again The brightness in your eyes the ... silence of your cry is speaking louder Than ... the words you said to me The notes created for you There's something in between There's halfway you and me

Jamie O´neal - The only thing wrong lyrics

that loves me More friends then I can count Got that job I ... Still I've got somuch gone The only thing wrong in my life ... Are the arms that don't hold me

Persephone - The day you went away lyrics

birds hid in the trees There wasn´t the smallest breeze ... While the woods froze in nameless ... to believe that this would be the day... No more waves came

Say Anything - The words you wield lyrics

to go but up. To where you'll dine with foreign kings. You can't forget about our trist. ... And all those other fleeting things. And will ... they train you like a dog And will they

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